Running Lego Engines with Air

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Brick Technology

Brick Technology

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Building and testing different types of Lego Pneumatic Engines that run on compressed air.
00:00 Concept
02:13 Starter Motor
02:35 Modifying Parts
03:20 Sliders
04:00 i2
05:06 Crank Radius
06:00 i3
07:15 i4
08:00 V6
09:27 V8
10:24 R12
11:26 Experiments
11:55 Montage
Bicycle Pump:
Tire Compressor: (12V power supply needed)
Laser Tachometer:
Silicone Oil (for rubber):
BuWizz Motor:
Camera used for this video:
Microphones used for this video:
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Brick Technology
Brick Technology 2 місяці тому
Air Powered RC Truck:
Johnathan mandrake
Johnathan mandrake 3 дні тому
Get rid of friction and see the power differences. Graphene dust or silicone lube could work.
OGERTEC 17 днів тому
Can you demonstrate an H-4 next?
Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando 22 дні тому
Beautiful sound of v8 engine
Player Unknown
Player Unknown Місяць тому
I am in awe of the amount of funding you possess to have that many pneumatic pieces.
averag Місяць тому
build an air powered rc boat!!!!1111!1!!1!1
Feddy Zeddy
Feddy Zeddy 5 місяців тому
With each video we are getting closer to having a lego rocket sent to space.
Nephilim2001 3 дні тому
@〘 Hengem 〙 This is Lego Elon Musk
Moldovaball_shitposts,roleplaying&animations 3 дні тому
​@Michele Mehelean m e t a l b r i c k s
Drache /member of ACO
Drache /member of ACO 4 дні тому
Not a rocket but a figure
Drache /member of ACO
Drache /member of ACO 4 дні тому
That already happened
Andrew science
Andrew science 4 дні тому
Yea, just have to wait 6 more years
SkorpyoTFC 3 місяці тому
I love how each engine, despite being air powered Lego, maintains a similar sound to its real-life gas/diesel counterpart.
Brundin Grabe
Brundin Grabe День тому
@Windhelm Guard You seem to be confused about how this works and are attached to one part that you know. The flat vs crossplane dosen't really affect the sound profile on this because there is still a piston discharging pressure at the same point in time that it would have previously. Honestly you should have taken more issue with the fact that it's a 2 stroke instead of a 4 stroke. Or the fact that just listening to the audio does, in-fact, sound pretty similar to an I-4 diesel....
Windhelm Guard
Windhelm Guard День тому
@Brundin Grabe it still wouldn't sound like any four cylinder diesel engine, because they're pretty much all flat plane.
Brundin Grabe
Brundin Grabe День тому
@Windhelm Guard That's advantageous when you have a counterweight, and are talking about a lot of mass over a distance. The mass is negligable to the power here, so it's more advantageous to go with 90 degree timing.
Windhelm Guard
Windhelm Guard 2 дні тому
@Tony which is weird because the 4 in the video is in a cross plane configuration, whereas modern diesel engines are almost universally flat plane. what this means is that the cylinders in the video are 90° out of phase, which is a terrible configuration because it generates a lot of imbalance. in a flat plane configuration they're 180° out of phase, which makes it so that the two middle cylinders and the two outer ones are always moving in opposite direction, thus cancelling each other out.
Toboter XP
Toboter XP 9 днів тому
@GreatCentralGlory Some are, but everything that actually tries to produce high efficiency will inject steam on both sides of the cylinder, to avoid loosing energy from the cylinder cooling down.
Heaven Potato
Heaven Potato 2 місяці тому
Dude literally explained one of the engineering courses with Lego, absolutely genius!
Alex Blair
Alex Blair 26 днів тому
Without really speaking.
lucki Місяць тому
i seriously LOVE this guys channel no annoying tts or voiceover just PURE video and subtitles
Jinxman729 Місяць тому
As a mechanic, I can almost smell exhaust fumes if I listen to this with my eyes close. Amazing work
Alex Weiman
Alex Weiman 3 місяці тому
This is something that should be implemented in ALL public grade schools. The way this could be taught to kids is nuts. I grew up on k'nex which I contribute my thought process and how I figure out things purely thanks to the things I learned working with k'nex. If more kids could learn through this would be huge. Teaches just how mechanically things work, which can be used towards sooooo many things in life.
Lex Kek
Lex Kek 11 годин тому
Classes that delt with trades like woodworking, car mechanics, and others we slowly phased out over the years. You can blame whoever cut the finding.
Reverie Planetarian
Reverie Planetarian 2 дні тому
Now I'm just remembering that time I built a model V8 engine out of K'Nex. I can't remember if I built a crossplane or flatplane crank, just that both were possible with my layout. That beauty took up a whole shelf spot as a conversation piece for a while.
trading_crypto_trader_fx 22 дні тому
Lol you think schools are for education 😂
Matthew 20 днів тому
When I was young I tried to do a science experiment that would make an engine that runs off of air. I was told it wasn’t possible. I believed that. Thank you for doing this. 👍🏼
DarkBlade51224 2 дні тому
@ArcOsprey how far can a tank of compressed air get you? On that note, if a tank of compressed air I could get you a reasonable distance. Rather than gas stations, how about compressed air refill stations. . . Idk lol
Rafael Muñoz
Rafael Muñoz 6 днів тому
It's amazing what small pieces of plastic and air can do. Imagine what could be done with pieces of steel and hydrogen combustion. The energy and technological interests are evident.
ArcOsprey 9 днів тому
All you need is a powerful compressor powered by a battery, but there you’ve got an electric car
Simon 1998
Simon 1998 5 місяців тому
the fact that he's getting the engines to vibrate and behave, even slightly sound like their real life counterparts is astonishing
Demonslayer20111 2 місяці тому
@jroj assengard an engine is nothing but an air pump my man, so... Yeah. No difference. Just louder.
Simon 1998
Simon 1998 2 місяці тому
@pyropulse well you have a good point but as you said yourself, as soon as the lengths or even the shape of individual exhaust manifolds differ you can hear a faint but noticeabal difference. this is the case for a lot of engines, different shape with transverse engines, different length for longitutanal ones. it's a huge difference furthermore if we have two cylinder banks (mainly observable with V8s) and two exhaust lines. when you equally fire left-right-left-right (1-5-2-6-3-7-4-8 or 1-6-3-5-4-7-2-8) it's quite harmonic but for most american models you go left-right-right-left-right so you have two cylinders firing right after another in one bank and in one exhaust-manifold and -pipe (e.g. 1-5-2-6-7-3-8-4). that's a big part of the gurgeling "american muscle burble" sound. also as pointed out before your firing order in essence comes down to the structure of the crankshaft which in turn brings different secondary imbalances which requires more or different additional "counter-shafts" and while the difference is slight and nothing you can put your finger (or ear) on it is noticeable.
Simon 1998
Simon 1998 2 місяці тому
​@JNaWK what? xD where the hell did you get that from? sorry, but that's the most ridiculous thing I've read this week. what happens in an internal combustion engine is an explosion very much so. the kicker is how fast your "plain old fire" happens (up to 4000 times a minute or 67 times PER SECOND) and more importantly that it happens with a huge increase in volume and/or pressure. if that doesn't satisfy the definition of an explosion than god knows what will. there are even see-through builds which pretty much makes the argument redundant.
JNaWK 2 місяці тому
if you are having literal explosions in your cylinders, you are having a bad day. in regular operation, its just plain old fires, many times over and over.
TheSilverShadow17 3 місяці тому
@Benjamin Watson Pneumatic air pumps basically but turned up a notch
Dead HospitalSushi
Dead HospitalSushi 3 місяці тому
When they’re idling, they really do have some sort of hypnotic quality. You’ve tapped into something familiar yet fresh. The way they sound and look, just the overall aesthetic is really pleasing and impressive. So when are you throwing these in a car and running some tests?
Christian Letzerich
Christian Letzerich 3 місяці тому
A Lego pneumatic engine kit like this would be a great tool for showing people all the basics and timing of making an engine run. Instructions for different configurations and detailed visual and written explanation of all the components could definitely supplement the set well!
Miku Kumi
Miku Kumi 2 місяці тому
Even at lego scale, the sound of a V6 is incredible. Amazing video!
whanowa 3 місяці тому
I'm amazed at how similar to the real deal these engines sounded when they were running fast. As a non-technical guy I'm awestruck.
Nature Sounds Australia
Nature Sounds Australia Місяць тому
Its just amazing how these sound like a real motor…. Really makes you appreciate the design of engines in every day cars.
Noirloo 5 місяців тому
I like how the engines sound like their vehicle counterparts except with alot less 'bass'
Wafity 2 місяці тому
That's how they made the sound effects for hill climb racing probably
CJ 2 місяці тому
@Michael Ambrose The v6 sounds more like a v8
Parasitize Neuron
Parasitize Neuron 2 місяці тому
Yes, I also noticed the sound! it's like starting up after a long downtime. The inline four is the most balanced, but the sound of the V-shaped engine is something incredible!🤗
Zayd Abbas
Zayd Abbas 3 місяці тому
exactly, this sounds very similar to the sound you get at idle with the hood up, hearing all the higher pitched valve click and stuff you normally don't hear
nathan madden
nathan madden 4 місяці тому
@Michael Ambrose you said it before me, but i commented the same thing essentially
oddballlw 3 місяці тому
The sounds of the more complex engines are wonderful! Beautiful demonstration of the principals.
Behnam G
Behnam G 3 місяці тому
i never thought that you can make such deep adjustments with lego technics this is so epic
Jozef Krupka
Jozef Krupka Місяць тому
The straight 4 in the montage sound like a 1,9 TDI. Truly magnificent.
Bill Lucas
Bill Lucas 5 днів тому
I came here to say the exact same thing. 1.9 PD clacking away
Donovan Lavinder
Donovan Lavinder 2 місяці тому
That's essentially the same way the classic steam trains worked, just very clever and simple way to move things with pressure alone. And the I2 sliding engines reminds me a lot of the old school opposed piston diesel engines.
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez Місяць тому
What I find fascinating, is that they sound like their real world counterparts.
A Dissenting Opinion
A Dissenting Opinion 5 місяців тому
This video has everything. Extreme serial escalation, fully lubricated modded parts, decent mechanical principle teaching moments, immaculate build sequences, totally unhinged (heh) non 90 degree designs, and a radial engine that I was terrified was going to be a wankel, somehow. The car module? The *skid marks*??? Sublime! Animations! Pieces breaking! This is like the epic film genre of Lego builds.
Harjinator Constipator
Harjinator Constipator 5 місяців тому
Someone made a Lego wankel engine that runs on compressed air.
fishy38t 5 місяців тому
I love me a good radial engine
Wilfried Klaebe
Wilfried Klaebe 5 місяців тому
@J024 TWO cats!
Steve Vernon
Steve Vernon 5 місяців тому
remember, the skid marks were NOT from the engine torque overcoming the grip, it was from the mass of the car overcoming the grip
J024 5 місяців тому
And a Cat, dont forget the cat!
kramer26 2 місяці тому
Very good demonstration of secondary vibrations in IC engines. This is why many V6 engines have a balance shaft. Really cool ideas you have!
Bone Man
Bone Man 23 дні тому
I’ve learned more about mechanical engineering in a 14 minute video about legos than in 12 years of school and I happily enjoyed every second.
JenDearingVA 23 дні тому
I'd love to see them made Full Size. That would be so cool to see.
Orzorn 2 місяці тому
I'd love to see one of these engines powering a remote controlled lego vehicle.
luis valencia
luis valencia Місяць тому
I think this is what really sets Lego apart from basically all other “building” toys the fact that they can be more complex than just “toys” this is a prime example of the true complexity achievable with legos
Joseph Greeley
Joseph Greeley 3 місяці тому
As someone who's done a lot of work with steam engines, I am in awe of your air powered motors. I had no idea legos had come so far! The radial engine is especially impressive.
cheetor5923 26 днів тому
@Ty There's a good answer to that... You can have a radial engine air cooled, You can't air cool a V-12. Without the added extra complexity of coolant and radiators an air cooled engine tends to be more reliable in aviation applications.
Menno van Lavieren
Menno van Lavieren Місяць тому
Radial engines were used on airplanes for decades. Only got competed out on the high end by turbo props and on the low end by cheap mass produced car engines. So they can't be heavy for the power they give or planes would quickly change to better designs. Number of pistons space and center of gravity could be factors for why they were not populair in cars.
Amru Mubina
Amru Mubina Місяць тому
@Cool things in games! the main topic of the creation is still lego so
Cool things in games!
Cool things in games! Місяць тому
He used a drill and glue to make it work. This is not 100% lego.
WYs Rayum
WYs Rayum Місяць тому
@Ty If you build in real life Round engine would use too much space and weight and eat up too much fuel while those supercar always try to reduce weight and can't use too much space for engine. and as far as I concern for now V and W engines are enough for those sport car on a normal traffic or even on race track. so other types of engine such as round engine would just hardly appear on some heavier duty vehicle such as Tank which need more power and don't care much about space,sound.
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper 3 місяці тому
I just recently stumbled onto your channel. I love it and I love that you show the process. I'm not smart enough to do this but I'll gladly watch someone else lol. Thank you!
Benjamin Schmidt
Benjamin Schmidt 3 місяці тому
This is unbelieveable satisfying to watch. Thank you for this entertaining and at the same time teaching video. You just improved my basic understanding of engine machanics by like 1000%. Greetings from the number one car counry Germany!
Typhon 11 днів тому
bro i appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos keep on the hard work 🔥
JP Jipper wong
JP Jipper wong 2 місяці тому
It would be awesome to see a follow up with some other engine designs to see how it effects vibration. Like looking at a boxer design Vs a v8 and looking at how much it shakes when you really crank it
Kappa Bravo Music
Kappa Bravo Music 13 днів тому
This is insanely awesome!!! Wow. The last engine is just outstanding!!!
OneBiasedOpinion 5 місяців тому
I love the fact that no matter what the format or fuel is, engines will always have the same kind of sounds when they operate.
Dove 4 місяці тому
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Zapstone 5 місяців тому
@RCP-1136 yeah and how efficient is the battery?
OneBiasedOpinion 5 місяців тому
@John Freeman I didn’t think I needed to clarify “internal combustion engines,” but here we are.
John Freeman
John Freeman 5 місяців тому
I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to argue with you on that one... STEAM power makes almost no sound when it's brought to just about the pinnacle of generation/application of power/recovery. If you look up Jay Leno's video on his Doble Model E steam car, you'll find that even HE refers to the power of the Model E as 'the Hand of God', because there is NO indication of where the power is coming from. The engine is almost completely silent, and when the inner wheel of the driver's wheel is turned (to allow greater steam power to be sent to the cylinders), the force of the acceleration is like the hand of god is pushing you back into your seat, because the engine makes NO additional sound to indicate it's pushing harder. This from a car that's running superheated steam in a recycling system, so there's no 'hiss' of released steam (since it's being run out through the condenser in the front - that looks like a radiator, but acts to cool the STEAM, not the engine, then returns the 'cooled' water to the boiler system) as the car runs. Truly an amazing vehicle, and the last of the great steam engines.
Impending Joker
Impending Joker 5 місяців тому
@RCP-1136 Most inefficiency lost in internal combustion engines is due to the friction generated by its own parts, not noise. Noise is the by product of friction being over come and fuel being detonated. If you put an engine in a vacuum(with oxygenated fuel) you won't hear any sound at all but friction will still have to overcome. And who told you electric motors were silent? I've worked on a LOT of electric motors and they are incredibly noisy things. Now compared to internal combustion engines yes, they are a lot quieter but they make a lot of noise because friction is and always will be a thing, and don't try to at me with, "It's the bearing and the drive shaft making the noise" argument, because that is still part of the motor. All moving objects have their efficiency reduced most by overcoming their own friction, which is why turbine engines are way more efficient than reciprocating engines, especially at higher altitudes where the air is thinner and the engine doesn't have to over come the friction of moving thicker higher pressure air and get even more efficient at higher altitudes.
Quintin 3 місяці тому
No matter what you build an engine out of the noise is always so pleasing to me lol. From just lights that make noise to the real thing they all sound remarkably similar, that includes your lego analogues
Michael Місяць тому
I love how these actually sound like a diesel engine. Great work!
MozzaBurger 2 місяці тому
Have you thought of a lubrication system so the compressed air carries a tiny amount of lubricant through the hoses to the cylinders ? That way you'd never have to worry about the wear. Look at systems for air tools like used in workshops, they'd probably work great.
Benjamin Hess
Benjamin Hess 3 місяці тому
I reckon if you increased the diameter of the air supply line, you could possibly get more power out of the larger engines. Especially if you paired it with an air distribution block.
Phil Teale
Phil Teale Місяць тому
This is one of the most satisfying, relaxing and inspiring UKposts channels I've ever seen! 😁
Ya Girl Jessica
Ya Girl Jessica 3 місяці тому
The sounds they make are so fascinating. It's intresting how reminicent the sounds are to their real world counter parts
Reid Hanson
Reid Hanson Місяць тому
Important to know that this isn't a toy. He actually made steam engines.. They sound like the real thing because they are the real thing. Just made from different material.
noah lol hacker🇨🇵(NATO supporter )
noah lol hacker🇨🇵(NATO supporter ) Місяць тому
​@FrostyDragonVRE for me i was hearing an AK-47 sound
Honkmaster 5000
Honkmaster 5000 2 місяці тому
They work like real engines except without the controlled explosion, so I'm not really surprised.
CJ 2 місяці тому
@Luca Ceccatelli Yeah they definitely sound like a v6 and a inline 3
Demonslayer20111 2 місяці тому
An engine is just a fancy air pump. So recreating it with air pressure will make similar noises at similar times to the real thing. The tempo of sounds of these models are spot on to the real thing, especially the radial. Sounds exactly like one minus the roar.
CMDR Quillon
CMDR Quillon 3 місяці тому
Would be awesome to see how fast you could run them with elevated air pressure, and maybe see them as a powerplant for other mechanical things. Brill video.
Ryan Koch
Ryan Koch 29 днів тому
Have you ever tried using multiple lines for the input air along with multiple “throttle switches” in sync? The line probably can’t supply the volume of air needed for the bigger engines to operate at peak torque. You can also see the psi gauge needle bouncing which indicates a drop in line pressure. Kind of like in pneumatic shop tools where you can see a difference in performance with different size air lines.
Keln Місяць тому
I'm in awe at what I'm seeing. This is great explaining of actual engineering.
Government LAB
Government LAB 2 місяці тому
I've seen a lot of Legos so far and I can say this is definitely in the top.
MoLassessss Місяць тому
Impressive! I’ve never seen a radial 12 engine other than in my car.
RAHMX145 4 місяці тому
I really enjoyed how similar the harmonics of each Lego engine are to their corresponding real life engine. Great stuff.
Christopher T
Christopher T 3 місяці тому
Can confirm the I2 engine sounds like my old 90s clapped out Ninja sport bike 😂
iivin 3 місяці тому
Yes the sounds connected dots in my head.
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 4 місяці тому
@Tiltorn What you're hearing (and the reason it's so similar to how the irl counterparts sound) is due to certain frequencies matching together. The actual constituent rattles of the lego doesn't have such a low pitch of course, but if you repeat that sound at the same frequency as a low pitch noise, it's gonna create that low pitch sound. This video shows something like that happening.
Tiltorn 4 місяці тому
I think the sound was modified on purpose. I can hardly see tiny Legos producing bass sounds like that.
Wind of change
Wind of change 4 місяці тому
Yeah i was thinking the exact same thing, especially when I heard the v8.
Stefan Lüttenberg
Stefan Lüttenberg 29 днів тому
The sound of the engines are incredible! Fantastic video!
1_Newton_Satrya Adjie Rahardani
1_Newton_Satrya Adjie Rahardani 28 днів тому
Inline 4 sounds like a diesel locomotive
Rails of Forney
Rails of Forney 3 місяці тому
From 11:56 to the end is my favorite part…it showcases just how powerful this is.
SESADAM 20 днів тому
6:28 - That "idle" sound is amazingly beautiful!
Ukrainec9000 Місяць тому
It’s crazy how’s realistic this sounds 😮
Bobsyth 14 днів тому
This looks really cool! Wouldn’t “timing” help the efficiency by reducing the vibration?
Kadir beneath Mo'Moteh
Kadir beneath Mo'Moteh 5 місяців тому
The engineering is obviously impressive but I'm also always jealous of the parts bins these guys must have, and always in such uniform colors.
Taitohaukka 5 місяців тому
@J O Buying parts seperately from either bricklink or from Lego!
J O 5 місяців тому
How does one even go about obtaining these sort of parts without collecting 100 unrelated sets and using a handful of pieces from each?
Daniel 5 місяців тому
he even reinstated how expensive some of these builds are
Tom Biby
Tom Biby 5 місяців тому
I know. If I did a channel like this, there'd be Ninjago lime green and neon orange in the mix.
The Superkat
The Superkat 2 місяці тому
Late, but a flat 2 or 4 would’ve been cool to see in addition to all these. May work really well especially when it’s in the sweet spots and has all the cylinders working for it at the same time
The Superkat
The Superkat 2 місяці тому
Nvm, just read your q&a part. Still think it may be worth, especially with a flyweight to see how high you can get steady state rpms
Smiler 2 місяці тому
*_TIMESTAMPS_* 0:00 | Concept 2:13 | Starter Motor 2:35 | Modifying Parts 3:20 | Sliders 4:00 | I2 and Alternate V2 Engine 5:06 | Crank Radius 6:00 | I3 Engine 7:15 | I4 Engine 8:00 | V6 Engine 9:27 | V8 Engine 10:24 | Radial-12 Engine 11:26 | Experiments 11:55 | Montage
Lectric Goon
Lectric Goon 12 днів тому
I really enjoy your videos and have been a bit inspired. Is there a good set to start with (motors, structural supports, controller, etc) or are most of these individually bought?
mike walling
mike walling 3 місяці тому
Actually amazing work what you did here, helps me understand car engines more 😁
Peter Wobacz
Peter Wobacz 20 днів тому
I love the sound of them. Like real engines almost.
SONZ-INA 5 місяців тому
There are some amazing stuff done with lego but this is definitely the coolest one i've seen so far
Eclipsemantis 5 місяців тому
@qwert asdf Very true, my original comment was a bit harsh
qwert asdf
qwert asdf 5 місяців тому
@Eclipsemantis cool either way, even then, the commenter hadn't seen it yet so it doesn't matter that they have been around for a long time.
Ice Man
Ice Man Місяць тому
a very nice illustration of the different engine types. I never fully understood it myself, but now I do 😊
Michele Spinolo
Michele Spinolo Місяць тому
Man, your videos are awesome. I love 'em💪🏻
Pennies & Shillings
Pennies & Shillings Місяць тому
The patience to do all this... very impressive.
Pierre Jacquemant
Pierre Jacquemant 3 місяці тому
You are officially a Lego Grand Master. This video is so educationnal on how motors work. Thanks !
Saicharan Місяць тому
Great idea and great implementation. A great salute to you.
WhiteAce3 5 місяців тому
It's a pity that LEGO does not provide us with sets like this. This is a perfect Technic set.
Scientist Walter
Scientist Walter 5 місяців тому
@DOGE >young >doge pfp Sure thing grandpa
DOGE 5 місяців тому
@Scientist Walter are you mad you’re too young to be on there?
DragonAce 5 місяців тому
@jnkara or maybe because they would cost 1000$ then, because Lego is a shitty company
Jannik Heidemann
Jannik Heidemann 5 місяців тому
@Spicy Dong They're all right. Every website I can think of, of the top of my head right now, has been a victim of the side effects of succes.
Anonymous Approximation
Anonymous Approximation 5 місяців тому
@FauxFaFox Reddit has a little bit of everything. If you're interested in something, chances are there's a subreddit about for you to interact with like minded individuals.
Chase B.
Chase B. 3 місяці тому
This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Thank you for making this
Jesse Meijering
Jesse Meijering 3 місяці тому
This is wonderfull! I love how the sound of the different setups actually matches the sound of the corresponding combustion engine.
ScarHydreigon87 2 місяці тому
As someone who’s just started college for mechanics these things are a joy to watch!
ニワトリの悪夢と富山市のKFCレストランの最高の顧客 3 місяці тому
12:58 this is the sound you can hear coming from a regular car, amazing!
RubricalChain25 2 місяці тому
I would love to take a similar idea, and build ship engines, and make scale models of ships (main one I would like to do would be the RMS Titanic) to the scale of the engine! With it being a working engine, it theoretically should work like a ship! I think that would be super interesting to see
{ Bruxinth }
{ Bruxinth } 5 місяців тому
Amazing how even in lego form, the engine still has its familiar roar.
Jarrett 4 місяці тому
Right?! I could hear the rough cam idle as he added load to the |2
Arn 4 місяці тому
i understand nothing cuz i don't know anything about machinery
Halicus Nguyen
Halicus Nguyen 5 місяців тому
@Dennis Ferron fascinating!
Dennis Ferron
Dennis Ferron 5 місяців тому
I read an article about a visit to an engine building shop that, in addition to a dyno, has an engine test stand that can just forcefully spin the engine without it actually running (using compression, just no fuel or spark). They also tested just valve trains this way (spinning, no compression). The author was struck by how much of the characteristic running sounds of each engine were still recognizable.
linuxd 3 місяці тому
this is so insane. you're incredible at building you're amazing. I guess at some point there will be industry grade Lego parts and we can all build our own house, cars, and machinery
Verum 3 місяці тому
I love how these things sound like actual steam engines in slow-motion.
Brick.constructions Місяць тому
So contagious to look at these mechanisms, it is cool
Menon 2 місяці тому
I love how you display explainations for the mechanisms!
Judah McGalla
Judah McGalla 21 день тому
I can’t believe there was a time in my life when I hadn’t seen this video. Incredible.
IstasPumaNevada 5 місяців тому
I think the engines might run more smoothly if you altered the air delivery; instead of having a single air line with a junction branching off for each cylinder, splitting the air evenly (one air tube leading to a t-junction that splits the airflow into 2, then each of those lines splitting into 2 lines, before feeding into each cylinder of the 4-cylinder engine, for example). Though of course that would involve more pipes.
Shirixae Na'Eoshahn
Shirixae Na'Eoshahn 5 місяців тому
It will reduce airflow and torque, you need more pressure or wider channels to take advantage of this scheme.
Scarrax01 5 місяців тому
@Lumen3 definitely. In the end this is what flywheels are made for. Would probably also help for the 12 cylinder radial to put another one behind it with half a rotation offset to minimize vibrations. And it would be super cool if you could pull the cylinders further apart and create a hollow axle in the middle kind of like on those fighter planes where they then put an autocannon in the middle. But those are probably just dreams in terms of Lego feasibility...
Bachaddict 5 місяців тому
the limiting factor is generally friction in the valves and pistons
Lumen3 5 місяців тому
@Scarrax01 Also i think some kind of flywheel would help make them run smoother.
Morgan 5 місяців тому
yeah or even like for the v8, using one tube for each half
Roscius 3 місяці тому
This engine evolution was impressive, should be an engineering module.
atmb82 Місяць тому
I like to think that Lego designers are watching your videos and using your ideas into their projects.
Romulo Gomes
Romulo Gomes Місяць тому
hey! I love your vids! Have u ever tryed dry ice? inside of a bottle it can produce a lot of pressure =D Love the vid! Help me to understand engines!!
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 2 місяці тому
I’m a software engineer who is extremely fascinated by mechanical engineering; as a result, these videos are like crack to me. Thanks for making them!
Scott Ashe
Scott Ashe 2 місяці тому
The first one is free
Matt Berg
Matt Berg 2 місяці тому
A little graphite would be a mess but would probably improve efficiency. These are very impressive
Jacob Piccolo
Jacob Piccolo 5 місяців тому
i love how this guy always just casually makes an engine of some sorts out of Legos and somehow it seems normal
Algebra 5 місяців тому
@BrowncoatInABox HOLY SHIT, The V8 version has the V8 sound to it.
BrowncoatInABox 5 місяців тому
It's sounds like an engine
Michele Lopez
Michele Lopez 3 місяці тому
amazing piece of engineering on YT. keep up the good work
The Metal Butcher
The Metal Butcher 3 місяці тому
I love the 3 cylinder. Sounds exactly like a inline 6 idling, which sort of makes sense even though it has twice the impulses.
Nothing but cringe
Nothing but cringe 2 місяці тому
The fact that it sounds like a real steam engine is awesome
Starwars Experte
Starwars Experte 3 місяці тому
3:10 is this not speed up at all? If not, this speed is insane! Didn't expect that Air flow could be so good
redryderaus 2 місяці тому
Very impressive. My favourite was the 135deg V8, so smooth .
Volvith 5 місяців тому
3:35 I love how it went from 'sad and struggling piston' to 'mid 20th century German belt-fed machinegun'. It really sounds terrifyingly like one, and i love every second of it. The engine is cool too i guess. ;)
Fernando Marmito
Fernando Marmito Місяць тому
the MG-42
Steven c.
Steven c. 5 місяців тому
Diese Unterstellung weiße ich im Namen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zurück! Aus einem DEUTSCHEN Gewehr strömt der Klang des Sieges und nicht solch ein jämmerliches Geklapper! Just kidding. I laught my self dead.
LilRed Wagon
LilRed Wagon 5 місяців тому
@Unus Annus what about the mp40?
LilRed Wagon
LilRed Wagon 5 місяців тому
@Mr Confuse ok well what about the MP40?
Lasse Brustad
Lasse Brustad 2 місяці тому
would like to see how efficient the engines are, like how much air can it recompress, if it's even able to do so, or if there's a generator, can it produce enough power to pump some air back? would be interesting because of how the engine industry is atm
Blockistium Місяць тому
Now I'm wondering if it would be possible to build Theo Jansen's wind-powered Strandbeests out of LEGO elements.
1st_riddick 17 днів тому
Had a great idea the drive shaft add a gear that turn a pump that adds psi back to a secondary air source, making the car version more viable also having two or more psi tanks to use and fill the switch when one is empty might not make it a forever machine but pretty close
TANEM315 3 місяці тому
As a professional engineer and scientist, I can confidently say this man is a truly passionate engineer!
LarkShadow 22 дні тому
Even with air a Radial engine has such a unique sound
NoobsCoopsies 4 місяці тому
I like how all of them sounded exactly as a real combustion engine on idle
frutt56 3 місяці тому
@Game Seeker This series of development started off in the stage developed by James Watt. What followed were quite similar engineering mistakes, plus their respective solutions (and failures). Each 'stroke' is a sinusoidal movement. Depending on the properties of the mounting frames, these movements translate into vibrations of which many transform into sounds.
Game Seeker
Game Seeker 4 місяці тому
Is this because piston strokes don't have a perfect circular motion? Or rather, perfectly constant movement during the stroke?
Ray Man
Ray Man 3 місяці тому
Amazing video! Engine sounds very similar to real diesel and gasoline engines. 👍
zimman56 3 місяці тому
I like how so many of these engines sound like old Diesel truck engines which I love.
BB49 Місяць тому
Amazing. I guess the only problem is that the compressed air still has to come from somewhere.
Joao Zago
Joao Zago 3 місяці тому
No other Words. Just amazing job mate. Thank you!
Ramila V Patel
Ramila V Patel Місяць тому
Inline engine's sounds were amazing and perfect🔥.
The Melon Man
The Melon Man 5 місяців тому
Just waiting for him to build a fission reactor out of lego.
Robert Espinoza
Robert Espinoza 5 місяців тому
As a government official I can confirm he's already on a watch list for beginning work on one xD jk
Davi SDF
Davi SDF 5 місяців тому
@IstasPumaNevada Anti-Lego reactor when?
IstasPumaNevada 5 місяців тому
Or fusion, combining 1-stud bricks into 2x2 bricks.
cat_rebellion 5 місяців тому
Ya that would be great vid
CobbleBompster 5 місяців тому
That would be a sick video though.
Darth Memeious
Darth Memeious 3 місяці тому
the fact that these sound like their irl counterparts never fails to amaze
Kiwi Місяць тому
the sound of this video is surprisingly amazing
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