Sam Smith, Kim Petras - Unholy (Official Music Video)

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The official 'Unholy' music video.
'Gloria', the album - out on January 27th.
Pre-save/order here:
Sam Smith 'Unholy' featuring Kim Petras out now:
Directed by Floria Sigismondi
Label: Capitol Records
Commissioner: James Hackett
Production Company: Scheme Engine
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
UK Production Company: Just Fred
Executive Producer: Alexa Haywood
Producer: Fred Bonham Carter
Producer: Maurizio Von Trapp
Director of Photography: Joel Honeywell
Choreographer: (LA)HORDE - Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel
Choreographer Assistant: Daniel Alwell
Production Manager: Amanda Tuckwell
Production Manager: Aidan Robert Brooks
Production Coordinator: Scout De Wynter
Production Assistant: Aleff Henrique, Simoes Correa
Casting Company: LANE Casting London
Casting Director: Hannah Ashby Ward
Location Manager: Adam Lancashire
1st AD: Chris Kelly
2nd AD: Lucy Kelly
1st AC: Lami Okrekson
Steadicam Op: Jayy Jaramillo Gomez
Key Grip: Jac Hopkins
Gaffer: Tom Nowell
Sound Recordist: Edwin Weiss
Production Designer: Arthur De Borman
Art Director: Anna Barnett
Prop Buyer: Ella Schlesinger
SFX Supervisor: Mats Rivenes
Stylist: Lisa Jarvis
Wardrobe 1st Assistant: Daniel Gray
Sam Smith Stylist: Ben Reardon
Sam Smith Stylist Assistant: Sadie Davies
Sam Smith Hair & Makeup: Sienree Du
Kim Petras Make Up Artist: Anna-Maria Negri
Kim Petras Hair Stylist: Ilham Mestour
Make Up Artist: Elizabeth Hsieh
Hair Stylist: Giovanni Iovino
Sam Smith BTS: Madison Phipps
Post Production: Bonch
Editor and Sound Design: Jarrett Fijal
Assistant Editor: Martin Deen
Assistant Editor: Samantha O'Brien
Sound Design Mix: Lawrence Rothman
VFX Supervisor: Max Colt
Retouch: Digital Beauty Work
Color: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Additional Colorist: Parker Jarvie
Senior Producer, Color: Blake Rice
Husband: Henry Davis
Wife: Maren Bjorneseth
Daniel Allwell
Aleshia Williams
Emily Haygarth
Jordan Boury
Megan Charles
Novaya Shey
Samuel Mena Garcia
Pfion Vince
J’Adore La Vie
Violet Chachki
Featured Cast:
Yuri Park
Nancy Violet Jolene
Brett Tatham
Louise Gibb
Nicholas Tredrea
Kitt Ibbott
William Darby
Lulu Kapansa
Fern G
Ego Valentino
Treasure Iyamu
Daragh Mccann
Lewis Walker
Paddy O’Brian
Amani Hussain
Miriam Veil
Max The Tribrid
Special Thanks:
Sam Smith Wardrobe:
Prada, Stephen Jones, Ed Marler,
Olivia Nutton, Kevin Geddes, Paul Rawson
Kim Petras Wardrobe:
Gucci, Angus Cockram, George Oxby,
Sonia Trefilova, Grete Henriette,
Ilia's Little Shoe Box
Gotmik Wardrobe:
Jean Paul Gaultier, Richard Quinn
Violet Chachki Wardrobe:
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George Oxby and Angus Cockram
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Prangsta Costumiers
Richard Anderson
Richard Quinn
Savannah Lingerie
Sonia Trefilova
Sorcha O'Raghallaigh
Vampire’s Wife
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Music video by Sam Smith, Kim Petras performing Unholy. A Capitol Records UK / EMI recording; © 2022 Universal Music Operations Limited

Silent Reviews
Silent Reviews Місяць тому
This song will definitely be in the next season of Euphoria it fits so well
R W K День тому
Loser watching euphoria L
Beliq День тому
oh pls no
DastardlyDave69 2 дні тому
@Uncle Elroy I doubt you’re the kind of person they made this for. I have a feeling your problem with it is the queer elements. As it’s well produced and choreographed. I doubt they care what homophobic people think of their work.
Uncle Elroy
Uncle Elroy 2 дні тому
Yeah. I'd been better off NOT SEEING the video
KWAPT 2 дні тому
Yeah it’s trash too😂
Rize День тому
This song grows on you, on hearing it for the first time, I thought of it as your average pop song but then the melody sticks to you and soon you are humming it and keep listening to it on repeat.
Therese Middleton
Therese Middleton 5 годин тому
I love it.
Therese Middleton
Therese Middleton 5 годин тому
Then you find out what the song is about.
Colvy Molv
Colvy Molv 12 годин тому
It certainly caught my attention, I don't even listen to this kind of music (I usually listen to deathmetal or slam lol)
vara lakshmi
vara lakshmi 13 годин тому
@Chimera ant o
ICEcold A-Grader
ICEcold A-Grader 16 годин тому
@acidicrain agree, but so are 99 percent of all other pop songs
Irene 11 годин тому
Qué fantasía de videoclip, no me canso de verlo ✨✨
Carla Sofia Garcia
Carla Sofia Garcia День тому
Gostei de toda a produção e representação da diferença sexual.parabens Sam
Christy Chapman
Christy Chapman 2 дні тому
I love Sam's music but they really outdid themselves with this one. The lyrics, music and the video. I'm in love with it.
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Advocate Годину тому
@Bulldogs and its always a team effort, the lyrics alone were written by multiple people
I Silver I
I Silver I 9 годин тому
Using they pronouns is a joke your either a he or she
Burrito Queen
Burrito Queen День тому
I broke your 111 likes
Bulldogs День тому
@Marko Hameršak Sam identifies as non-binary
Wolfie День тому
@soyeon is hotter than ur mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ami Ohto
Ami Ohto Місяць тому
It's the first time in YEARS I liked a pop song so much, they really created a masterpiece.
michael beacham
michael beacham 23 години тому
I have to agree
Richard 2 дні тому
This really ain't my type of music but I think it's very well produced
Cheese Honcho
Cheese Honcho 3 дні тому
Playboi carti better
Victor_Dakota 4 дні тому
Kermit 4 дні тому
The song is so trash
Idiot Hippie
Idiot Hippie 4 дні тому
Who would've thought they could make cheating look so beautiful hahaha. Great choreography, costumes, set designs, performances, everything!
CountessofMonteCristo 19 годин тому
It's shaming cheating. Even though this is a supposed "sex dungeon" they still look down on him betraying and making his wife look like a fool so they help expose him.
♡ cherry sprinkles ♡
♡ cherry sprinkles ♡ 20 годин тому
Kimberly Morris
Kimberly Morris День тому
Kakali Bhattacharya
Kakali Bhattacharya День тому
TechnoForever 2 дні тому
That looks 'beautiful' to you? Unoriginal trope of sleeze, stds and pasties; cheating and cheap sex is not beautiful, it's tiresome and disgusting. Time to leave Earth if this is the pinnacle of this generation's adoration and idea of beauty and culture. lol
Adriane Nunnez
Adriane Nunnez День тому
O que mais gosto dessa música além o melhor cantor é o tom que a música 🎶 tem uma batida árabe.
rocketsummer 2 дні тому
i don’t like pop music but this one caught my eye. there’s a story and concept here even without the music video, but the music video just amplifies it to the next level.
Aquarius Rattus
Aquarius Rattus 2 дні тому
Go to school, kid.
Acélio Queiroz
Acélio Queiroz 4 дні тому
Ainda bem que existem artistas salvando o pop atualmente.
Max melo
Max melo 10 годин тому
@Simao soares sabe nem escrever
Simao soares
Simao soares 20 годин тому
@L está música é um lico , cheio de auto tune
L День тому
Ainda há músicas que dá pra salvar, mas não é música d verdade.. vc entendeu
L День тому
Só que não. Kkkk pop só era pop antes dos anos 2000, após 2000 ainda havia cantores e músicas que preste, porém isso só foi piorando.
Macaulay Galchin
Macaulay Galchin 2 дні тому
Sydney Derick
Sydney Derick Місяць тому
can’t even imagine what they could possibly do for a live performance (on a stage) i hope they’re asked to do a big one because it’s literally a cinematic masterpiece
Renu 8 годин тому
@mop hazard lo
Federico Gori
Federico Gori День тому
No more to say
FM Izazul Fokir
FM Izazul Fokir День тому
Moha YC
Moha YC День тому
They show you who they are, they hide the truth in plain sight and y’all sheep still won’t notice it.
R. Avila
R. Avila День тому
Ur blind, this is so demonic and blasphemous towards God. Why target God in such a manner? Ur brain washed literally and u don't care
KanariTV 4 дні тому
I’ve known Sam Smith for years now and hearing something like this from now just hits the spot, really love this song 😎
Daiane Santos
Daiane Santos 9 годин тому
Adoro 🇧🇷❤️👏
Steven Ferruzza
Steven Ferruzza 5 днів тому
A dark pop opera that emulates a wild sinful debauchery of a ride. The video completely complementary to the lyrics. Visually creative. The choreography is full of thrusting sexual energy that can't be tamed. It makes my musical spirit(raising an eyebrow) go hmmmm. Thanks sam smith
Soul Dancer
Soul Dancer 19 годин тому
@Zee my pleasure
Zee 19 годин тому
@Soul Dancer aaaaaaah makes total total sense I feel stupid for not seeing that 🤣🤣. This song just resonates with me so much right now thank you for taking the time to explain it 💖💖
Soul Dancer
Soul Dancer 20 годин тому
@Zee being the last to bow in a stage performance is usually of the highest position, like producer/director/choreographer. So there's that plot twist... He thinks he's being sneaky, but he had no idea she was behind all these after all, and got him in the end... Maybe she didn't even want to hurt him or anything but because of his ways, be fell 'victim' to the trap that is the performance... That's my guess
Zee 23 години тому
I didn't understand the end though. The wife taking her jacket and wig off. Didn't get what that's supposed to mean
ThyAiim 2 дні тому
That’s exactly what It is. Dark, sinful, lustful. Etc everything to get you hooked
daniel payne
daniel payne 15 годин тому
Loving it it is Growing on me Love the Art Direction behind it as well And love the Cross over as well with it
Annika Christina
Annika Christina Місяць тому
I thought the song was already impressive but the music video was out of this world. The costume and set design, the combination of motifs, the modern play on old themes, and videography, all just so amazing. Such a refreshing music video. It's one of the best works I've seen in while.
Cheese Honcho
Cheese Honcho 3 дні тому
Playboi carti> this random
ツLisa 3 дні тому
@Hreb ziyani what does that have to do with being gay?? I’m not gay and I think it’s impressive too. art is for everyone, not just for people with a certain sexuality.
Joan Zolanski
Joan Zolanski 3 дні тому
Girl wbk it's not truth☠️
YaZz MaTaZz
YaZz MaTaZz 8 днів тому
@ysmodericci thank you I was thinking the hole time 🤔 I know this tune from somewhere.... ✌
Michelle 11 днів тому
That's cause you haven't watch BTS music videos
Anastasija Petrova-Wilson
Anastasija Petrova-Wilson 12 годин тому
Perfect song. Perfect visuals
Spacey Dreamer
Spacey Dreamer 17 годин тому
The fin sent me on overdrive thank you Sam. I haven't felt this giddy and drawn to a music video since I was kid staying up to watch MTV music videos at 3 am. So proud to see you from La La La to after art
QueeniePatra 20 годин тому
Magnificent song. Got me dancing real crazy and loving it 🔥
Adiel Noel
Adiel Noel 4 дні тому
Eu amo a forma como essa música me faz me sentir poderosa, dona de mim.
luvsanyja ★
luvsanyja ★ 17 годин тому
Se morre✋🏻.
Aves Coloridas E Outras Coisas
Aves Coloridas E Outras Coisas 19 годин тому
@Rafael Gontijo o que que tá pronto?
Rafael Gontijo
Rafael Gontijo 19 годин тому
@Miau Miau das Paranoiage oq?
Miau Miau das Paranoiage
Miau Miau das Paranoiage 19 годин тому
@Rafael Gontijo oque?
Jessika Lopez
Jessika Lopez 2 дні тому
então certo, é o mesmo para o meu
DeeDee.R Місяць тому
I love how playful their voice is. It jumps around dragging notes, going high to low. It just sounds amazing.
Luciana E.
Luciana E. 4 дні тому
@grace xxvs2
Crni mp
Crni mp 6 днів тому
Finally the clip we all wanted
Parker Corley
Parker Corley 14 днів тому
@Jordan Little he*
Jordan Little
Jordan Little 17 днів тому
@Onyx no it's they them
Jordan Little
Jordan Little 17 днів тому
@Parker Corley they
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 3 дні тому
I’ve listened to the lyrics and watched the video about 100 times in 2 days . This song has a message and I love it!
skscils598s09 9 годин тому
@joseph mccourt thanks. Understood about “daddy”. Didn’t understand about her… what does that mean?
Iná Santos
Iná Santos 10 годин тому
estava te olhando de longe
joseph mccourt
joseph mccourt 16 годин тому
@skscils598s09 daddy is visiting a body shop "trans strip or prostitution club" he doesn't know how to keep his bussiness clean 🤔 we k ow what that means. He doesn't have to "back it up" because she's been spending money on "rodeo" genital sex change so she can ride. Make it any simpler?
skscils598s09 День тому
@Jankers what message?
Nissa K
Nissa K День тому
@Carlos Gonzalez Please explain the message !
Sharon Pullen
Sharon Pullen 10 годин тому
This is so good I can’t even. Gimme more please 🙏😁♥️♥️♥️
Victor Goth
Victor Goth 5 днів тому
the fact that this song is so short is a crime Sam and Kim have done an amazing job, but I just wish there was one more chorus with them obliterating everything with their voices together stumbled across this while listening to Kim, but now I kinda want to check Sam's catalogue too
Ali 2 дні тому
This song is a masterpiece lyrics,singers choreography, theme and specialy the moves of sam is outstanding😊😊😊
Ryann iV
Ryann iV Місяць тому
This is one of them songs that you're not really sure about when you first hear it, but then really grows on you.
Amv City
Amv City День тому
Yeah Just about
ShaRena Moore
ShaRena Moore 3 дні тому
Rockfangd 5 днів тому
So true. Now I cannot stop playing it
Chris Champion
Chris Champion 7 днів тому
Lol hell nah loved it on the first play
Vinny briceno
Vinny briceno 10 днів тому
Nikki Alvizures
Nikki Alvizures День тому
really love this ❤️
Anby yanri
Anby yanri 5 днів тому
Te amo Sam, recuerdo que cuando oía tus canciones tenia miedo a admitir que era bisexual, hasta que tu mismo diste el paso de confesar tu orientación, y dije: estoy orgullosa de ti, me gustaría decir de nosotros, pero mi familia nunca me aceptaría y es por eso que aun no lo digo libremente, aun dependo económicamente de ellos, pero pronto no será asi, quiero ser libre, sin miedo🤧.
HAKER 2 дні тому
I do not advise you to do that. You think with yourself and you will know that homosexuality is not a common instinct, rather it is a satanic work, and in this world everything will end.
Carol Rameka
Carol Rameka 4 години тому
Sam smith... Always bringing out total bangers i looove this 😍
EMERSON SILVA 2 дні тому
Esse moço é demais 🥰
Adwaith 25 днів тому
Feels like one of those songs you’ve been jamming to for years but then you find out it’s only been out since October…
Joana Del Angel Perez
Joana Del Angel Perez 2 дні тому
LeesaDeAndrea 2 дні тому
@Alexia Whitecloud But I never watch TikTok. And rarely listen to new music.
LeesaDeAndrea 2 дні тому
Wow. I was thinking the exact thing. Why does this sound so familiar? Where have I heard it before? Surely this is not a new song?
Crni mp
Crni mp 6 днів тому
Finally the clip we all wanted
Grafton Monster
Grafton Monster 6 днів тому
Trump sang this song over a year ago lol
sv7ag 3 дні тому
Honey Santiago
Honey Santiago 5 днів тому
This video is AMAZING! I freaking love it!
beatriz cavalcante
beatriz cavalcante День тому
amo as musicas do Sam
mongojr 2618
mongojr 2618 2 дні тому
I'll never forget hearing this for the first time with my Christian aunt driving with my cousins in the back seat. I've never been so uncomfortable in my life.
kidneythief91 28 днів тому
Feels like one of those songs you’ve been jamming to for years but then you find out it’s only been out since October…
Nay 23 дні тому
@Christopher Asdfsd yes this here
Btsarmylover 23 дні тому
Fr tho it feel like the song came out last year a lot of people Listen to it
Erica Via
Erica Via 23 дні тому
So true😂
Katy Diaz
Katy Diaz 23 дні тому
Yess that's exactly what I was thinking I was like damn how did I forget about this song?? But it's like a month old
Crunch Wrap Supreme
Crunch Wrap Supreme 23 дні тому
The chorus isn’t unique. It’s wild how many popular songs are just using samples and formulas from older songs
Sai Jyoti prakash Barik
Sai Jyoti prakash Barik 21 годину тому
Just loved the song 🔥🔥🔥🔥
emma Murphy
emma Murphy 4 дні тому
I'm not a Sam Smith fan but this song is an absolute master piece 👏
Microtonal Milio
Microtonal Milio 10 годин тому
I’m so glad that people know amazing music exist like this song rather that stupid screaming metal stuff like Animals As Leaders or Periphery.
Teresa Christian
Teresa Christian 11 годин тому
Yessss slay queen
Marcel Fontana
Marcel Fontana 12 годин тому
agora vejo muito claro o violao
Faith Ruckdeschel
Faith Ruckdeschel День тому
@Trellie s.s. Rose Thank u for letting me know because it's important to me how to address each person? 🤗
Trellie s.s. Rose
Trellie s.s. Rose 2 дні тому
@unexpected vixen Nah 😏
OLBICHL День тому
XD I use to listen to this song at work... this is my first time watching the vid and from the music alone I knew it was gonna be a blast... it didn't dissapoint... great work
Daquan B
Daquan B 6 днів тому
The production, lyrics, sound, choreography, storytelling ... all amazing. This is what music is about. This is a classic ! 👌🏿
Hapless_RydA Місяць тому
The beat, the choreography, the charisma... I just love everything about this music video.💜 It's like a whole movie in 4 minutes.👏🏼 Salute!!
Chloe Greco
Chloe Greco Місяць тому
@Robin Skull who are you?
Hapless_RydA Місяць тому
@Robin Skull bro ur song broke my skull but good job for being creative!!👏🏼😁
Hapless_RydA Місяць тому
@Robin Skull where r your songs?
Robin Skull
Robin Skull Місяць тому
Big Mike
Big Mike Місяць тому
@Hapless_RydA I find the dance moves just basic. What you'd expect from amatures.
Figure 4 дні тому
1:08 this song is so cool I can’t stop singing this song
Aryan Gupta
Aryan Gupta День тому
One word for this one......‘ ADDICTED ’❤️🌺
KcoH 6 днів тому
That most replayed part with the first drop and those sam Smith dance moves are 🔥
Kathryn Kiffmann
Kathryn Kiffmann День тому
Wow! What a production! Brilliant from start to finish!
Jesse Mccormick
Jesse Mccormick Місяць тому
I can’t stop hearing this play on repeat in my head on a daily basis it’s very good and very catchy
Aquarius Rattus
Aquarius Rattus 2 дні тому
Would SUCK to live in your head.
pepe peps
pepe peps Місяць тому
full video kid evicted from home by step mom on his birthday finally here
AVAN ₩ HAVEN Місяць тому
I just made the remix on my channel and added a new verse. Check it out 🍓
Adam NZ
Adam NZ Місяць тому
It’ll be consumed in no time. Onto the next
Nicole Kear
Nicole Kear Місяць тому
Jesse Crowe
Jesse Crowe 4 дні тому
Bought the tickets for the show here in Atlanta in December. Can't wait. Definitely want this song live. I really loved the dancing also.
Ashton Marteniz
Ashton Marteniz День тому
You’re so lucky
𝓈 إلهة
𝓈 إلهة 5 днів тому
I play this at least 5xs a day it seems. Can’t get enough of this song. Love Sam smith. 💗
Varshini varshini
Varshini varshini 3 дні тому
Now my life mission is to learn the dance of this songg ✨✨✨
Ray Shults
Ray Shults 6 днів тому
I love the inclusivity of culture and style ❤️
Stephen Adu
Stephen Adu Місяць тому
The choir at the beginning is just amazing.This song is so amazing and especially how their voice keeps playing around beautifully.
Sykenn 3 дні тому
shy kai
shy kai 17 днів тому
@Iris Berlo omg why can't ppl just use "they" for Sam???? it's not that difficult to change 1 or 2 words in a sentence. besides, you use singular they/them everyday without realizing it. funny how singular they/them is only a problem when a trans person says their pronouns... it's almost as if this has nothing to do with English grammar and more about you needing an excuse for transphobia 🤔🤔
Iris Berlo
Iris Berlo 17 днів тому
@shy kai His******* :)
Iris Berlo
Iris Berlo 17 днів тому
@shy kai No, in that case it would be he\him
Anapel Canine Ultrasound
Anapel Canine Ultrasound 20 днів тому
@Angelo Diaz H. not in English. “They” can mean a group of people or a person/animal of no specific gender.
Late Night Humans
Late Night Humans 3 дні тому
Damn. This would probably have like 1 billion views already if it were 2010, really good song!!!
Queen  👑 Ayda 👑
Queen 👑 Ayda 👑 4 дні тому
Really very well done. Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏
Robin P. Staton
Robin P. Staton 3 дні тому
On my feed … now on my playlist. ❤
Alfred Habib
Alfred Habib 5 днів тому
the sound of the melody at some parts is so close to middle Eastern music I am a Egyptian American musician & i love this song so much 👏👏
Alexander Bihn
Alexander Bihn Місяць тому
The song officially just went #1 in the UK, Australia and Ireland, has been at #1 on global Spotify for 8-consecutive days and is debuting in the Top 3 in the US! An absolute SMASH! So proud of Sam and Kim! 🖤
Ari 10 днів тому
Taylor says hi
Veexith 10
Veexith 10 10 днів тому
@Jesus Saves! Hail Satan ✍️
Selena Crespo
Selena Crespo 26 днів тому
@Manda Chris I complimented his music video and am a fan of Sam Smith. Plus, there's mistakes made by autocorrect. You should try reading more books because you sound like you read it completely out of context. I was interpreting the story behind the music video he made. You're a bright one.
Manda Chris
Manda Chris 27 днів тому
@Selena Crespo their* and no their voices will lead to more than you could ever have
Manda Chris
Manda Chris 27 днів тому
@salted caramel nah very very well deserved of them
Gleydson Leandro
Gleydson Leandro 4 дні тому
Entregou muito! Kim petras 🎉🎉🎉
JOHN LANE 4 дні тому
Very symbolic and I don't think people catch whats this music video's message is. Wow. Ill let it be and let everyone determine for themselves.
Abeer Siingh
Abeer Siingh Годину тому
love the song! bravo!
OverrideGaming День тому
Watching over and over again, since their is so much detail. love it 😀
MeGirl191 Місяць тому
This was shot so beautifully. The outfits. The choreography. All of it. I loved it!
pepe peps
pepe peps Місяць тому
full video kid evicted from home by step mom on his birthday finally here
Rixy_Wolf//WolfosJR Місяць тому
Chase S.
Chase S. Місяць тому
Floria Sigismondi! So glad to see she’s still working. I think her breakthrough video was Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People (!)
TDC Dremar
TDC Dremar Місяць тому
Lynnette90 3 дні тому
Sam Smith and this video are so 🔥🔥🔥. Sexy Cabaret vibes all day long!!
Isabela Souza
Isabela Souza 2 дні тому
and very good I'm even learning to dance thanks for making a very addictive song 🥰
Anna Lowden
Anna Lowden 5 днів тому
This song always reminds me of my friend Sloan she always sang this song everyday! Great song sam! I luv it
Mona Sharma
Mona Sharma 2 дні тому
Keep listening on repeat.... Masterpiece
KayisX День тому
hfb921 Місяць тому
I wasn’t expecting the end at all. This reminds me of 90’s and early 2000’s music videos being so unexpected. Can’t wait to see it live in a high budget performance. Maybe the EMA’s?
Sylvia Branch
Sylvia Branch 7 днів тому
Yes that why I love this song.This from my time in the 1990s
Vicareyously76 13 днів тому
Exactly. And around 99-00 I caught a friend’s boyfriend cheating on her in a dance club. I told her about it and she at first said “omg thank you …etc” well she took him back and they both turned on me. 💁‍♂️ Never did I ever get involved again.
Aaron J
Aaron J 24 дні тому
​@Hamilton Fortuna Bautista Wait.... did some people think that was an actual woman? From the minute they pan and show them looking at the durex condom I was like thats a drag queen if I've ever seen one.
OlgatheGreat 27 днів тому
Yes! It's so familiar to all the millennials. Literally sounds like it's from early 2000's, but with deeper bass.
AVAN ₩ HAVEN Місяць тому
I just made the remix on my channel and added a new verse. Check it out 🍓
S!de 4 дні тому
This song is Stuck in my head when i go to sleep & when i wake up
TZ 4 дні тому
Musically speaking it’s a masterpiece. Unfortunatly it’s a short song
AmericanTS2 4 дні тому
Absolutely love this 😎😎☝️💪 MASTERPIECE ♾️
Beam Yadee
Beam Yadee 6 днів тому
This is amazing
lina Ha
lina Ha Місяць тому
This song is perfect for Halloween.. It's crazy Sam Smith never disappoint.. It's on repeat in my house and I'm finding myself walking around creepy and hiding behind curtains
Megan Fennessy
Megan Fennessy 9 днів тому
@vv no, I won't be. I'm a godly woman, not a demon who chose to live in a life of sin.good luck to you! ARE YOU Ok?
vv 9 днів тому
@Megan Fennessy everyone is going there, including you lol you’re not better than anybody
Megan Fennessy
Megan Fennessy 11 днів тому
@braveheart the warrior cat aj june the lion cat the mommy in the video is a dude!
Megan Fennessy
Megan Fennessy 11 днів тому
@Anthony Weather well, hell is scary, and they are all going there.
pepe peps
pepe peps Місяць тому
full video kid evicted from home by step mom on his birthday finally here
Maria Borga
Maria Borga 2 дні тому
obcecado por essa música 😍😘♥️🇧🇷
Irene 11 годин тому
Amo cómo se desdibuja la línea entre lo masculino y lo femenino.
Ingrid López G.
Ingrid López G. 2 дні тому
Wow me encanta!!!
Nichol Nixon
Nichol Nixon 3 дні тому
🔥🔥 That was Hot 🔥🔥😏😉. Definitely on my playlist on repeat 🔁
John Hoppe
John Hoppe Місяць тому
Never been a big Sam Smith fan but this song goes hard and the video is so jarring and beautiful at the same time. Love when music videos represent the art so well.
chazc 7 днів тому
@Merel van den Hurk “instead of projecting your own perspective on someone else” … “always be curious ;)” Your innocent happy go lucky attitude is immature and unreasonable in the real world. Not to mention the blatant hypocrisy. 😂 If you don’t see anything weird or dangerous or creepy with asking strangers ONLINE to disclose their intimate personal information…..well shit there’s really no point in me responding. No one told you to never share personal info online? And on a UKposts COMMENT SECTION…?? If you care that much you’d know no real connection or interaction happens on the internet, the place for that is face-to-face interactions in the same room as other humans. You’re clearly too young or naive to understand real life. Have fun on your holy self righteous journey sweetie.
Merel van den Hurk
Merel van den Hurk 7 днів тому
@chazc I was asking to learn why this specific person experienced it differently than I do, to learn more about the differences between humans and broaden my horizons. I know why there are differences in a general sense, I'm just curious what causes those differences in different people. I enjoy hearing from people who have different perspectives and experience things differently. Empathy, after all, comes from knowing how wide the human spectrum is, instead of projecting your own perspective on everyone else. As for "idk why you'd be curious as to...", always be curious ;)
chazc 7 днів тому
@Merel van den Hurkidk why you’d be curious as to WHAT makes people experience things differently. Pretty simple.. it’s one’s level of depth, maturity, moral compass, the state of your mind, the health of your soul, and intelligence level. 🤷‍♀️ some people can listen to this on the way home and never think about it again or let it inundate their brain and spirit, and most people CAN but choose not to. Cuz it’s cool to not take anything seriously and be numb. Apparently.
theEXalius 16 днів тому
@Saben Avey Our Last Night did a cover of this song and I quite like it.
Bairbre Diamond
Bairbre Diamond 17 днів тому
I’m the same. I think it really stands out cos it’s written in Phrygian mode, not found in chart toppers so much. Very cool tune
Deborah Outing
Deborah Outing 6 днів тому
Just happen to come across this song on Tic Tic...and have been addicted to it since. Love the video-which is well made!!! Welcome back Sam!!!
A D 2 дні тому
Sam Smith was depressing when he first started he’s killed it in the last couple years . Keep going !
Munmun Naskar
Munmun Naskar День тому
No doubt It's a masterpiece 👏👏👏👏👏
Staubatn 2 дні тому
No disrespect to the artists- When I hear this on the radio in the car, I could take this song or leave it. The video is what I love about this song!
maud quilici
maud quilici Місяць тому
Omg this is so cool. The drama, the setting, the choreo and outfits. Iconic, truly. It's unhinged yet not taking itself too seriously. Very cool.
Angela Arrington
Angela Arrington 2 дні тому
Love this.its so cool.
chazc 7 днів тому
Yeah that’s the problem . It’s “cool” to not take anything seriously and be numb. Y’all are super sad and embarrassing
pepe peps
pepe peps Місяць тому
full video kid evicted from home by step mom on his birthday finally here
🔥PRESS ME 😍 Місяць тому
Here is the final video
Vincent Ruvo
Vincent Ruvo Місяць тому
This is Sam Smith's and Kim Petras' most memorable song so far. I like Sam's sexy image in the video. Maybe, it's part of his new era in music.
Brittani Reed
Brittani Reed День тому
Love it ♥
Courtney K
Courtney K 4 дні тому
I love the beat so much.
Lady Snapdragon
Lady Snapdragon 5 днів тому
I’m asexual and I absolutely adore this song. I love all the subtle references to Cabaret and even the tarot reference (if you know what you are looking for you will see it)
Samantha Blaylock
Samantha Blaylock День тому
It's a nod to moulin rouge as well
Paddy Nhat
Paddy Nhat 4 дні тому
Nobody gives a flying fuck about your sex. And....Who the f*** starts a conversation like that? What we gonna do with that information?
Ninawjjjwn Ciobanasu
Ninawjjjwn Ciobanasu 4 дні тому
@Stine Albrechtsen sjjsyysphdlh
Stine Albrechtsen
Stine Albrechtsen 5 днів тому
The hanged man, I loved that part 🤩
crecendo com ana julia
crecendo com ana julia 2 дні тому
Alquem e brasilero? Amo essa musicaaa♥︎♡♥︎❥♥︎♡♥︎❥❥♥︎♥︎❥❥♡♥︎❥♥︎♥︎♥︎❥❥❣
Sabrina Aguirre
Sabrina Aguirre Місяць тому
Not very many songs give me goosebumps but this gave me all of them. Such a masterpiece.
Lincoln Oliveira
Lincoln Oliveira День тому
N M Місяць тому
Listen to Criminal by Taemin
pepe peps
pepe peps Місяць тому
full video kid evicted from home by step mom on his birthday finally here
Kory Kent
Kory Kent Місяць тому
thejman1990 Місяць тому
@Sweet Lucy garbage
niso73 5 днів тому
brilliant from all aspects, i hear it as an echo in my head
qlayS 6 днів тому
masterpiece. didnt expect the ending
ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɴɴʏ••
ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɴɴʏ•• 4 дні тому
I still remember that time when i played this music at school and it was later off when line Mommy dont know daddy's getting hot came.. geez it was the best experience the reaction of everyone was fucking wholesome 😂✨
Rob Roy
Rob Roy 6 днів тому
I cannot take my eyes off the dancers in this. Amazing work and great song
Thesupersatisfyinggroup Місяць тому
The choir at the beginning is just amazing.This song is so amazing and especially how their voice keeps playing around beautifully.
pepe peps
pepe peps Місяць тому
full video kid evicted from home by step mom on his birthday finally here
◥꧁M̷c̷A̷s̷h̷P̷l̷a̷y̷z̷꧂◤ Місяць тому
@Robin Skull nerd
Hi... Місяць тому
@a book reader oh i didn't know that. thanks.
Robin Skull
Robin Skull Місяць тому
a book reader
a book reader Місяць тому
@Ric Lucas Sam Smith uses they/them pronouns
Aiden Garza
Aiden Garza 2 дні тому
I remember listening to Sam Smith including that one song stay with me and they say I'm crazy and this song is the fire (also my friend never knew Sam Smith until unholy
gabizinha 2 дні тому
Eu gostei da música 😍
chloe 6 днів тому
Love this!😻
caylee archer
caylee archer 6 днів тому
This song will always live rent free in my head
AlternativeLifeTV Місяць тому
This entire video is a piece of art. The song is pure ecstacy, the look is 100% cohesive and incredible and props for including other lgbtq performers like Violet Chachki and Gottmik. Absolutely love this video
PopeyeFreeze 6 днів тому
Bruh 💀
chazc 7 днів тому
@beardedforlifeI don’t think they do and they rest of us should be very scared for what the future holds LMAOOOO BUCKLE UP
chazc 7 днів тому
@니키 민진and you should be embarrassed. Stop being offended for strangers it’s literally wasting your brain-space LOL ….confusing how proud people are to be creepy and stupid.
Syde Hitake
Syde Hitake Місяць тому
@beardedforlife Pedantic
beardedforlife Місяць тому
@니키 민진 being in a generation doesn't automatically make you more knowledgeable
King Vampire.
King Vampire. 4 години тому
😍😍😍 This needs to become a movie asap. Imagine Sam Smith and Kim Petra being undercover agents whose being given an assignment to assess and bring in their next target aka the guy in tux. They do their amazing act all the while he doesn’t know he’s being followed by their boss aka his ‘wife’. He’s wanted for serval bad crimes.
Cheryl 2 дні тому
Utkarsh K. Sahu IITBHU
Utkarsh K. Sahu IITBHU 5 днів тому
This song will be used in reels and shorts for eternity, op beats 🔥🔥
Denice G.
Denice G. 4 дні тому
I am so glad someone made a video/music lyrics to make people realize what is going on behind the scenes of everyday life! Love how they put that he was a cheater basically and in French on the car hood a nasty despicable human basically
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