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This channel is dedicated to encounters with the elusive creature, Bigfoot. Some people that have had experiences, encounters and sightings with these creatures have a hard time talking about it, they get ridiculed, laughed at, occasionally even by family. Lynn Smyth, our professional narrator, will tell your story, just the way it happened, you can use your name, or not, the location it happened, or not, anything you want - it is your story.

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Visit Sasquatch Canada, this website contains current and authoritative information on sasquatch and other homins. Our main objective is to get more scientific involvement in our research and hopefully resolve the many questions we have on these intriguing beings:

Bragg Joseph
Bragg Joseph 15 днів тому
Sounds like they need lit up when they get out of hand.
Gwelf Cosmos
Gwelf Cosmos Місяць тому
What child?
Grammy 3G
Grammy 3G Місяць тому
Kids are young and tender...and they can smell them from far off...and hearing kids yell and laugh while playing also attracts them...they will hang around and watch the kids...and opportunities to take advantage. These also could be the fae that mimic bigfoot. They are worse than bigfoot.
Jeff Joyce
Jeff Joyce Місяць тому
Since I started listening to Lynne, I try to save one or two for when I'm winding down and her voice, as well as the stories, are soothing to me. Thanks for the great work you are doing and don't ever stop.
ANGEL SHUTT Місяць тому
Lynn, I went to link and subscribed to The Bigfoot Project. Excited to hear more stories.😊
memomorph Місяць тому
Brave dogs for going after that thing! This took place on a reservation, right? Those dogs are built different. Hope they didn’t suffer for chasing this monster
Southern Sasquatch
Southern Sasquatch Місяць тому
Hi Lynn, Love this stuff! Thank you! :)
The Little Green Ball
The Little Green Ball Місяць тому
Great narration! Subscribed to the other channel! Thank you!
J M Місяць тому
It's interesting that those dogs were not afraid. Usually dogs are not only afraid but the Bigfoot kills them.
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain Місяць тому
It's see-atch, bee-atch! *Drops mic*
The Little Green Ball
The Little Green Ball Місяць тому
Michael Wayson
Michael Wayson Місяць тому
Excellent !
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
totally worth a 2nd listen. thanx lynn. much luv. 💞 😙
RatdogDRB Місяць тому
Children are always being said to tell stories from highly overactive imaginations. Sometimes I wonder what percentage of those stories actually ARE simply from an over active imagination... and how many of them are stone cold truth told by the best efforts of a youngster with a limited vocabulary, influenced greatly by a flood of emotion felt at the time? Thanks Lynn.
Marten Miedema
Marten Miedema Місяць тому
I'd say, not just limited vocabulary, but more like limited experience, combined with lack of fear of being ridiculed.
sarah a 56yr old   kitten
sarah a 56yr old kitten Місяць тому
That's scary! poor dogs!
Lastkingof33 Місяць тому
I call it bee-atch
Terrence Barber
Terrence Barber Місяць тому
I listened earlier on the projects channel. Ty again great encounter
10ft5x Місяць тому
Very good 👍 Thankyou Lynn.🌲
u tuber
u tuber Місяць тому
that was intents!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😅
Lee Barnhart
Lee Barnhart Місяць тому
He couldn’t have found a better narrator than you for his channel.
Lou Bowen
Lou Bowen Місяць тому
Took a look and sub'd
Verna Johnson
Verna Johnson Місяць тому
More native accts of BF
Scott Hull
Scott Hull Місяць тому
really enjoying The Bigfoot Project too Lynn, thank you!
james guralski
james guralski Місяць тому
More sasquatch! See-atch, saba, shyman, etc
Lawrence Ferrier
Lawrence Ferrier Місяць тому
I'll check the TBP out!
Matthew Heiser
Matthew Heiser Місяць тому
imagine if a highly trained marine tried his very best to live in the forest, and not get found.. Then, imagine that his training was his entire life.. bet ya cant find'em.. i think they are people. not some dimwitted ape thing.
NoMerc Місяць тому
@MiE MarTine You just hit the nail on it’s head! There are bad ones just like in our societies! Most just want to be left alone and be able to raise their families! These beautiful beings out class us by so many levels we don’t stand a chance against them!
cameronb76 Місяць тому
Well stated
MiE MarTine
MiE MarTine Місяць тому
Some say they are Nephilim, descendants of Angels sent to earth, to cleanse out the Wickedness of men. As written about at the beginning of Genesis Chapter 6. Though like wicked men, some of them went rogue. While others, are just trying to protect their right to life. As they watch over humanity.
Veldtian1 Місяць тому
No amount of training by the government can give you superhero levels of speed, strength and all sorts of other hyper-overmatched/enabling personal combative traits.
Sonny Hensley
Sonny Hensley Місяць тому
Thank Lynn great story love your channel God Bless you and your family
Paul Collis
Paul Collis Місяць тому
Its BFRO isn't it?
Andrew Mroczenski
Andrew Mroczenski Місяць тому
Jeremy Good
Jeremy Good Місяць тому
Figgie Figueroa
Figgie Figueroa Місяць тому
Thanks for the videos
cha5 Місяць тому
Bob Gymlan has a memorable account of a boy being terrified by a female Bigfoot that went into a tent in his back yard that he was sleeping in one night and gave him a really terrifying nighttime experience.
cha5 Місяць тому
ANGEL SHUTT Just do a UKposts search for ‘Bob Gymlan: It Came Into the Tent, A Bigfoot Encounter’ I try to never reveal spoilers if I can help it. 😉
ANGEL SHUTT Місяць тому
And ... And. Don't leave us hanging!
Mark Neeley
Mark Neeley Місяць тому
Sasquatch are different according to their environment, just like we are. Some will protect children. Some find them an easy meal in harder times. They're not supposed to eat us-especially children. Because they are a people too.
hypnotic computers
hypnotic computers Місяць тому
More awareness is always welcome - thanks
Mitch Witten
Mitch Witten Місяць тому
Thank you Lynn.
Privatepilot Місяць тому
Fe, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread. May be some truth to that.
the daily dan blog
the daily dan blog Місяць тому
Awesome stuff
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell Місяць тому
Love you and your videos . But can't find the link on how you are parter up with . Hope it's not BFRO
Andrew Mroczenski
Andrew Mroczenski Місяць тому
It's not...
Please join me on THE BIGFOOT PROJECT
Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan Місяць тому
Bigfoot ULTRA MARATHON - Over TWO HOURS of True Bigfoot Encounters!
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