Simple off grid Cabin that anyone can build & afford

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In this video my wife Brooke and I build a very simple, very affordable cabin. With a simple single pitch roof and only 2 windows. While I was filming this building project so was Brooke. You can check out her first video featuring this cabin by clicking the link below. I'll see you on part 2

Brooke's video

john voght
john voght Годину тому
you didnt use any sil seal, gonna be a draft cold feet
Me Годину тому
I never thought of that sledge idea! Thanks for that.
Clem 2 години тому
"we should build our own stuff..." Amen to that !!!
Sebas Messages.
Sebas Messages. 5 годин тому
Look how happy little lasie is!.
Hugo Flores
Hugo Flores 10 годин тому
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s t
s t 12 годин тому
Anybody got a supplies/tools list? I'm a disabled vet on a fixed income and I wanna build this and live in. I think it would be therapeutic and it would help me financially. So if anybody knows exactly what I need let me know man I'd appreciate it
MUNRRA EL INMORTAL 14 годин тому
thank you, they gave me good ideas, but unfortunately "a lot of luxury for a single environment"
hitesh malhan
hitesh malhan 15 годин тому
BIG Like for your Grand Pa :)
Jesse Davila
Jesse Davila 20 годин тому
You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing.
truck gordon
truck gordon 20 годин тому
Absolutely love this I'm going to give it a shot and build my own cabin I have half acre in NY I'll try it
Michael Jeffrey
Michael Jeffrey 20 годин тому
This is awesome! The build quality is amazing, but so is the video itself. Love it.
J V 21 годину тому
Looking at land (somewhere) conservative friendly with a potential partner. Can see putting several of these on a dozen acres especially with a well. The value of the land would instantly improve as well even if sold later as hunting property.
Steve T
Steve T 22 години тому
Great video and cabin.
Ra День тому
that cabin is like 20k in wood prices alone rn. lol
Catherine Boo
Catherine Boo 21 годину тому
Just built my look alike cabin from his video instructions at 21, overweight and moving off the grid for the first time ever with my family. built this all by hand myself, I've hardly ever assembled a shelf together for a wall hang, but I did this and it costed me exactly $3,459.81 buying all of it together from a lowes in ohio last week. It's doable and there are always fixture shops or farm that sell this for much cheaper if needed. He got a lot of his stuff from the amish, and he built this around the time covid started, lumbar from imports had already started increasing. So you just need to find the right resources.
Maxxis День тому
Brilliant. This video is EXACTLY what I've been needing to plan my tiny home/woodworking workshop. On another note, you've got a great narrator's voice and the two of you look and sound like you lead very happy and rewarding lives. Kudos to you both and thank you again.
Rebecca Rorie
Rebecca Rorie День тому
I'll just order me a storage building and fix it from there with the price of lumber I probably can get one cheaper than I can build unless you have some leftover lumber or flats If you have a lot of land with wood you can just build it off the trees
MrJAC56 День тому
@VK take a break from the anti-government/conspiracy bs to enjoy a nice instructional video here. The view is very soothing. :)
Rudra Sharma
Rudra Sharma День тому
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R a d i o N e t 1
R a d i o N e t 1 День тому
Wouldn't you want to put rocks under each one of those foundation tabs? You leveled it without any weight on them and even just standing on it would change that, let alone a cabin.
Darren Benson
Darren Benson День тому
Beautiful presentation. Calmed and inspired me. Ended up watching all three and more! Woke up today researching available land. Do you have any tips on where to find good deals and also where your land in this vid is located roughly? Thanks for your time and effort
Beeughh Goodhuman
Beeughh Goodhuman День тому
Price of wood right now hell its not affordable to build a bike ramp.
sandra Please get to the story king
sandra Please get to the story king День тому
Beautiful dog
Outstanding! Anyone who voted this down is a moron or a know-it-all. Video A+, Story A+, Craftsmanship, A+, Common Sense A+
teme wond
teme wond День тому
Bushradical День тому
Gretchen Klatt
Gretchen Klatt День тому
I am sending a heartfelt thank you for this video - you gave me the confidence to build a sauna in my backyard this spring (still on-going as I am slow !) Your calm encouragement and "can - do" attitude using what's available gave me liberty to build it MY way just to suit ME and I have never operated power tools before. SO, THANK YOU for this video that was my template for a sauna using michigan white pine and white cedar !!!
Bushradical День тому
Good luck
PRS День тому
This looks cool as shit! But DEFINITELY NOT "Bigfoot proof" (or any other monsters-of-the-woods proof!)! 😬😨😰
Bushradical День тому
thatguyukno 2 дні тому
Your grandpa sounded like a cool ass dude. No doubt he like knowing you found use of his saw.
Bushradical День тому
he was the best
bella7687 2 дні тому
I’m in love with this cabin.
Bushradical День тому
Drick 2 дні тому
i highly doubt a poor homeless paraplegic could build or afford this
Bushradical День тому
watch part three
Dan Stringfellow
Dan Stringfellow 2 дні тому
Excellent observation on the fallacy that "only professionals should do stuff like this". Mike Rowe would certainly disagree and so do I. Learn to build it yourself! Thank you for a great video!
Bushradical День тому
Darwood68 2 дні тому
You enclosed the floor system with plywood covering the underside as well as the deck. Will the enclosed dead spaces mildew without any venting?
Bushradical День тому
John & Yasya
John & Yasya 2 дні тому
Not everyone can afford to buy a plot of land
wylatron 2 дні тому
it isn't the cabin that costs's the land
Bushradical День тому
Andy Guzman
Andy Guzman 2 дні тому
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ian forster
ian forster 2 дні тому
that notch is called a birds mouth notch
Bushradical День тому
Rise Fi
Rise Fi 3 дні тому
Your truck is bad ass in the background!
Bushradical День тому
J T 3 дні тому
Hey! You were on Alone! You guys rock!!
J T День тому
@Bushradical y'all were THE best and your videos are even more inspiration. God bless you two!
Bushradical День тому
yup. Thanks
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera 3 дні тому
I like the idea of a home way out in the woods or even desert but here in California because of urban sprawl, the nice wilderness areas are far and I'd be forced to get a vehicle (high transportation costs) and If I chose to live full time, I'd have to have 3 to 4 hour long journeys to get supplies (when I can currently just walk 5 minutes to a grocery store) or learn how to grow food (but it wouldn't be enough and still get things I can't just grow) and I wouldn't have running water, electricity and plumbing. So while it sounds nice, it probably wouldn't be for me and I'll just stick to metropolitan living.
Bushradical День тому
Eaziest E
Eaziest E 3 дні тому
Do those cookies have steel in them? I doubt they'll have those in the hardwares here in the Caribbean... So I was thinking of making some.
Bushradical День тому
No they dont....but you could make pads easy. Good luck
Sophie L
Sophie L 4 дні тому
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John palmer
John palmer 4 дні тому
I remember back in the day... we used to call them sheds Or wood shed
bobbie chavez
bobbie chavez 4 дні тому
I would love to spend a month or so in your little cabin!
Dox Anderson
Dox Anderson 4 дні тому
"Why not." Favorite quote.
John Doe
John Doe 4 дні тому
annnnndddd then lumber jumps 150% lol 2x4 is 22$ for a 12foot lol OSB PT is 135$ a sheet. its wild
superdoodjj 4 дні тому
Got a couple minutes into this video before I recognized you guys. Thanks so much for this!
Bushradical День тому
ModernUnit 4 дні тому
What’s the rational to using nails instead of screws for the walls?
ModernUnit 4 дні тому
@Bushradical I’m very new to woodworking, starting small before building a cabin on some land in Europe in the future. Here people use nails but some are adamant about screws because of high winds in the winter. Might be taken for a ride because they might just want me to spend money on screws. But do nails help with the house settling?
Bushradical 4 дні тому
Ive been in construction for 25 years and I dont know where this love for screws comes from.....??? Ive never seen a crew of framers putting up T111 with screws.
Julie Redl
Julie Redl 5 днів тому
I love that you make it all look simple, but your assumption that anyone can do this is very kind. I know how to hammer in a nail and cut in a straight line, but as soon as you mentioned the joist hardware things (and then bent them to fit your lumber!) you lost me completely.... most people do not have that skill set. You also know how to do the angles on the roof beam things and that is also not something that most people inherently know how to determine.
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Hey Julie. I think if you put your hands on a joist hanger and looked it over you'd get it right away. Same thing with the roof rafter.....get the walls plumb, and just mark the rafters like I did. Its always harder to "see it" in a video than to actually do-it.
Franco Dognini
Franco Dognini 5 днів тому
Nothing is simple. I go by my father maxim, bless his Soul: "experience is the most expensive thing in life" and I would go even further to say that experience is priceless, you can't buy it anywhere. So if you have never done work like this my advice is watch the video and enjoy the sweet guitar background track, because I think it is well made and inspirational. But if you venture down the actual experience be prepared for sweat, blood and tears, especially if you have never done something like this. I just finished a wooden base for a 60 square meter building and I can tell you it was a hell of a challenge and made all kind of mistakes for which I was not warned in the video. But I did learn a lot and I am quite satisfied with the result. Now I am actually trying a smaller cabin, more like the size in the video. I have made a solid base (after learning what not to do from the previous effort) and I have now lots of questions about wall insulation especially against the heath as my land is in an area of Italy where Summers are torrid. Hopefully I will get some good advice on this channel. Well done with the video again.
Bushradical 5 днів тому
xorkatoss 5 днів тому
nice video bro I like your attitude and you are right! people are meant to build their house by themselves! hiring a professional is for pussies
Thomas tom
Thomas tom 5 днів тому
Lovely video And amazing work Very well done and so helpful 👏
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Mmmm 6 днів тому
Well done Great seeing a build with hand tools and team work. Good Video 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Thanks 👍
Ralph Oswald
Ralph Oswald 6 днів тому
Great video! Brother, you’ve got someone that men have been looking for their whole lives. Brook is awesome! Brother, you a VERY LUCKY man! Thanks for the great video!!
Bushradical 5 днів тому
I appreciate that
thebeatonpath 6 днів тому
Found this video half way through my first shed build and so glad I did! Your tips and suggestions have really helped. And your wife could be my soul sister. Went to her channel and didn't know there were other women who loved the outdoors like I do!
Bushradical 5 днів тому
M Daniel
M Daniel 6 днів тому
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Mike Denton
Mike Denton 7 днів тому
You both have the patience of a Saint!
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Thanks 7 днів тому
Time to invest in some land.
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Kathryn Stewart - McDonald
Kathryn Stewart - McDonald 7 днів тому
What a great thing ! One thing I might have missed, are you using kiln dried wood?
Bushradical 5 днів тому
Nope. Rough cut lumber
ianjamieson 8 днів тому
Thanks for building this, I am hoping to build somethings similar in Guatemala
Bushradical 4 дні тому
Go for it!
Theresa Coy
Theresa Coy 8 днів тому
So I started watching this video & I was like that view & dog looks familiar , then I seen Brooke & realized that I watched her video when cabin was complete .lol.. I love watching Brooke's videos!! Thank you!!
MKNZ 8 днів тому
William Brown
William Brown 9 днів тому
now how do I find land with no credit?
Bushradical 4 дні тому
save money
Jan Viktor Haua
Jan Viktor Haua 9 днів тому
It is awesome! Your “My Shed Plan” is a complete guide that highlights how I can easily build a beautiful shed from scratch. the writer of the SHED PLANS has given detailed blueprints and step by step instructions that even a beginner can follow without any trouble.
Pure Australium
Pure Australium 9 днів тому
how long did it take to build?
Pure Australium
Pure Australium 3 дні тому
@Bushradical thank you
Bushradical 4 дні тому
a week ish
donald lawson
donald lawson 9 днів тому
I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a 42 year old father of three young awesome children. I have always wanted to buy property and build our own home. I never believed in myself or that it could be done. This video gave me so much hope and inspiration I just wanted to say thank you.
Angie Osborn
Angie Osborn 10 днів тому
Where was this cabin built?
jane romnicki
jane romnicki 12 днів тому
Woodglut has a lot of designs to choose from.
Cassie Weaver
Cassie Weaver 12 днів тому
Just found your channel, it's so helpful and motivating! I hope you don't let the negative comments get to ya. Quick question- how high do you think the stilts holding the house could be before it becomes unsteady/unsafe?
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger 12 днів тому
Important key note: “building always takes longer than you think” ….always. Even the multi million dollar projects too
Ashley Stroebel
Ashley Stroebel 10 днів тому
No Way Jose, it doesnt take 28 + 19.20 minutes? LOL
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger 12 днів тому
Important key note: “building always takes longer than you think” ….always. Even the multi million dollar projects too
O'Brien Brandenburg
O'Brien Brandenburg 12 днів тому
I love living outdoor and am going to be building my own cabin off the ground and hunting for your food your self and living outdoor for the rest of your lives out there
BT Live
BT Live 12 днів тому
Nice, but you guys have property
Edlyn Ward
Edlyn Ward 13 днів тому
You just build a shed. I am pretty sure you can buy these pre-made and have them delivered LOL.
Lifeless 13 днів тому
ive built a house with my builder friend, thank go for Nail Guns, but i was always taught never nail in the channels, ie the roof metal? just curious, how come you nail at the bottom?
a b
a b 13 днів тому
Thanks for producing this video.
JRose 13 днів тому
Love the no-BS style video and keeping your grandpa's tools going, thanks for sharing! Living with my dad and renovating his house for free rent while I work remotely as a dev so I can buy some acreage next year. These types of vids keep me going!
Xavier Alexander
Xavier Alexander 13 днів тому
I wanna build a small house like this I'm not to bright on my own first time....
TheGkimble 13 днів тому
That's a $100,000 shed with todays building cost.
Lloyd B
Lloyd B 14 днів тому
If only land was affordable. That's a beautiful spot but I'm not sure about it being under the pine tree. I'm wondering why you didn't extend the outside sheeting beyond the bottom plate, to cover the floor joists.
Terry Lowery
Terry Lowery 14 днів тому
Love the, Grandpa handsaw thing too ,
Terry Lowery
Terry Lowery 14 днів тому
The dog ,and guitar, the view, the echo of the hammer through the hills wow i got to get in my recliner and put this on the big screen and chill, and his voice reminds me of Tom Bodet? From motel 6? We'll Leave the light on for you, lol
Paul Gitonga
Paul Gitonga 14 днів тому
Hallo I like this video I wanted to ask if I can use the same foundation for a 12 by 24 feet cabin
MikkelRS День тому
@Paul Gitonga I think it may depend on how compacted the ground is, how much rain/washout you get. Im no professional, but logic says if you put something 2-4ft in the ground, like concrete footings, and build on it, youll be fine.
Paul Gitonga
Paul Gitonga День тому
@MikkelRSthank you but I am in the tropics (Kenya specifically) we dont have frost here ....but do you still recommend I do the 4ft deep pads
MikkelRS День тому
Would probably be better making a footing into the frost line, like 4ft deep concrete pads.
RegG 14 днів тому
But to build this I would need neighbor like you to daily inspire me
Jonny qwest
Jonny qwest 14 днів тому
watching this on a laptop, makes it easy to turn down the sound and bump through the video to get the idea.
Just Sayin'
Just Sayin' 3 дні тому
Maybe a self build might not be for you, if you don,t like noise lol
kubestudio 14 днів тому
Do you have a build plan for this by chance!?
KCBOBX 15 днів тому
That's a beautiful piece of property. I bet your Grandpa would be stoked to see you using his saw, especially after you gave it some love the way you did. I noticed when you were nailing the joists/band to the pilings, the 6x6s were moving around on the footings. This might sound crazy, but you may want to consider anchoring the pilings (6x6s) to the concrete footings. I've seen similar sized structures get "shifted" in 50-60 mph winds. Once it comes off the foundation, it is never fun getting it back right. Either way, that's going to be a sweet place to get away to. Enjoy!
Dubious 15 днів тому
First you need a property... starts at $100k, but probably need at least $200k, in Norway..
Snake Plisken
Snake Plisken 16 днів тому
It's all fun and games until code and building inspection shows up. How do you get a certificate of occupancy for that?
Z Z 16 днів тому
"Off grid" with your property tax and your gps cell phone. You ain't off nuthin.
Snake Plisken
Snake Plisken 16 днів тому
Correct. And because it's not a shed or outbuilding they still need a certificate of occupancy.
3DLasers 17 днів тому
No no no... Just measure once, cut twice and pound to fit... It's bound to work sooner or later... :o)
Carlos Alberto Murad
Carlos Alberto Murad 18 днів тому
That is a very nice video friend. You guys make it look so easy to do, that I feel like building one myself. Tks for sharing. (from São Paulo - Brasil)
Sanford Fahy
Sanford Fahy 18 днів тому
Brass tumbler cleaner with wiper motor for reloading ammo You can change a functional 5-gallon bucket into a mid-size hand-power or leg-powered laundry machine as well: Tilted it around 45-degree with the horizontal and let the gravity stabilize the bucket on those cartwheels while it is rolling. All my socks, undies, and a pair or two of jeans are washed with this in my balcony.
Shanelle Sigh
Shanelle Sigh 18 днів тому
Did I miss how the legs were fastened to the concrete pads?
Mary Quite Contrary
Mary Quite Contrary 18 днів тому
Thank you...I've been watching you and Brooke for a while now, and appreciate your wisdom. Can I build this over a basement? I'm looking for property further south and would do this but add a greenhouse, extending the high end of the roof sloping down the other way like you do on outhouses, and a basement only under the cabin half. I feel safer with storms having a basement, and cold storage. The south facing greenhouse to provide food and passive solar energy...and winter vitamin D for me. Please let me know any pros/cons for putting a basement under your plans...can it be done...what should be considered...? Love you guys...God's blessings to you and your family.
Samantha Brock
Samantha Brock 19 днів тому
Your voice is so calming! Thanks for sharing
Rosetta Mccoy
Rosetta Mccoy 19 днів тому
i dont own any land so i guess im left out of building a tiny house but i do havea 8x10 storage building
Rosilene Pinheiro
Rosilene Pinheiro 19 днів тому
Ameeeei a forma que vocês fizeram está cabana, fácil e simples. Parabéns,. Abraços desde Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
jane romnicki
jane romnicki 19 днів тому
Hi fellows. I think you need to take some time and take a fast tour on Woodglut website.
Alex C
Alex C 20 днів тому
(Jeremiah Johnson looks up from the creek and nods in approval) lol .... What a great video .... Thank you ! I've got a little more confidence for my rough carpentry endeavors now after watching.
Lonewolf Hatchet jack
Lonewolf Hatchet jack 20 днів тому
Hey guys great work 👍 beautiful cabin an scenery.
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