Sneaking Up On A BIGFOOT Resting Under A Tree | SASQUATCH ENCOUNTERS

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Please enjoy these Sasquatch encounters!


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David Thompson
David Thompson Місяць тому
7.40 There is proof that these creatures exist..... the Patterson & Gimlin footage and this film was taken in 1967. My wife and I luv your channel and narration. Brisbane Australia
Mark Carlson
Mark Carlson Місяць тому
hello all the big foot issue seems to be reinventing itself first info on this was in 1958 to current using the same technique as I do looking for missing children in the wilderness I proceeded to see if bigfoot is a natural from earth creature or a device made like animatronics fir keeping the masses or a specific group out of area While I'm still collecting data and info. I'm truly disturbed about something in northern Canada it the bears for about 3 to 5 years the population has been getting less For me to notice that is crazy .... but something is definitely going on there seems to be a sinister motive by man that is probably behind all you see there are millions of acres that are off limits but hold a vast amount of value in minerals and the fact that people, especially heavily armed hunters who claim to have had encounter. if I was a experienced hunter it would be my only priority in life to bag a big foot ...its the ultimate trophy.... and you cant explain why they didnt period
Mr. J
Mr. J Місяць тому
I use to think that Bigfoot was real, then I grew up
Omega Man
Omega Man Місяць тому
Rougarou is French slang for werewolf.
Melissa Seitz
Melissa Seitz Місяць тому
The "What the hell's a Rouxgaroux?!!" made me laugh! 🤣 (no persecution on the spelling please...being from the deep south, I know we like our extra silent letters tho...😬🤪) Thanks as always for more thrillers, the last one being my favorite today!😃
Walter Lish
Walter Lish Місяць тому
Great stories once again. Thank you for sharing them. Keep um coming. 👍👍👅
Digga's Crypto Awareness Down Under
Digga's Crypto Awareness Down Under Місяць тому
How in the heck did you stay in that house with a dogman or werewolf? Now way this little black duck!
Karen Collins
Karen Collins Місяць тому
WOW!! Thank you so much for sharing these terrifying encounters with us!!! I can't believe that guy who saw the dog man and I wonder if he kept his family there or moved!! It was contacting his little daughter in her window...😳😳😳 Well you did it again!!! I'm scared 😳 You are the best!!!! I love you 😘❤️💕 I'll be waiting tonight.... For more scary stories.... With the lights on...........😳 Please take care and stay safe and healthy 💕💗💖🎶🦋
Toby Mckimmy
Toby Mckimmy Місяць тому
Lov my S S ..Sue you rock. .thanks T
David Thompson
David Thompson Місяць тому
Charles Jenkins
Charles Jenkins Місяць тому
Thanks Sue I enjoyed those encounters. Hi-ho all.
earl Wright
earl Wright Місяць тому
Who you calling a ho? Lol, I'm just playing
M. P.W.
M. P.W. Місяць тому
Hi-ho CJ 👍
M. P.W.
M. P.W. Місяць тому
🔥🔥🔥 👣Ss 😱
Bruce Sharpe
Bruce Sharpe Місяць тому
Morning sue thanks 😘👍🏻
Antinette Buffalo
Antinette Buffalo Місяць тому
Thanks for the everyday Sstories. I really enjoyed listening as always. I ❤️👂👣📖
Tammy Thomas
Tammy Thomas Місяць тому
They are dandgerious people step stupid
Tammy Thomas
Tammy Thomas Місяць тому
They exist
J Bos
J Bos Місяць тому
Thank you Sstories!
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
💕💓 💓💕 💞 😙
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