Super Bowl LIV Mic'd Up, "I'm a BEAST down here... HIT ME!" | Game Day All Access

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Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs mic'd up.
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sebas sebas
sebas sebas 6 годин тому
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jaylen detorres 6 годин тому
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Fazeen I 23 години тому
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The bro’s channel
The bro’s channel День тому
Me to
Elijah Mora
Elijah Mora 2 дні тому
Is no one gonna coynt how many times patrick/mahomes said les go baby
Elijah Mora
Elijah Mora 9 годин тому
@Joey Hawkins lol
Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins 20 годин тому
Is no one gonna count how many times Brady has thrown a fit and cussed out his teammates and coaches
Reaglbeagl Curtis
Reaglbeagl Curtis 2 дні тому
atleast this super bowl the chifs o line wanted to win
Super Man
Super Man 3 дні тому
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Dennis Pfeifer
Dennis Pfeifer 3 дні тому
Million dollar idiots...I never knew football players were this simple minded...! But, hell they are killing the rest of us, so what does that make up...? Super idiots? Apparently so...
Dennis Pfeifer
Dennis Pfeifer 3 дні тому
Ya can't help but notice this jive talk is from simple minded people...
Chris Colum
Chris Colum 3 дні тому
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Daddy Iwan
Daddy Iwan 3 дні тому
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null null
null null 4 дні тому
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Phinal Flash
Phinal Flash 4 дні тому
It's still hilarious to me that Kyle Shanahan was such a bad play-caller, he got outcoached by Andy Reid.
Avi Akbar
Avi Akbar 4 дні тому
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Richardzard 5 днів тому
It’s so funny what he said, only for it to come to past this Super Bowl 😂😂😂
Audrey’s Right Hand Goes To The z00
Audrey’s Right Hand Goes To The z00 5 днів тому
23:29 woah tyreek 😩
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom 5 днів тому
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Donte' Payne
Donte' Payne 6 днів тому
Every time mahomes makes a speach they make a comeback
Faisal Kamel
Faisal Kamel 7 днів тому
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WHISKERS wow 7 днів тому
Anyone else concerned how much he sticks out his tongue while playing? 8:27 for example.. it’s so scary especially since he’s not wearing a mouth guard
Lynard Skynard
Lynard Skynard 7 днів тому
So much for Jimmy Garoppolo being better than Brady! But he is better than Cam.
Tony Diaz
Tony Diaz 7 днів тому
Lol just look now
Khanh Vo
Khanh Vo 8 днів тому
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Khanh Vo
Khanh Vo 8 днів тому
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Elina75 Alice53
Elina75 Alice53 8 днів тому
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Cackie 8 днів тому
I cry every time I see this 🤧
Kaithlyn Lisbey
Kaithlyn Lisbey 8 днів тому
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Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 8 днів тому
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Jennifer Lawrence 9 днів тому
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Luis Enriquez 9 днів тому
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Eleni Giannoutsos 9 днів тому
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Kenyetta Lancaster 10 днів тому
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Martha Lizarraga 10 днів тому
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Christa Cole
Christa Cole 10 днів тому
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SubVet 8286
SubVet 8286 10 днів тому
Seems like every team has adopted Brady’s “Let’s Go”!!!!
Audreau McKenzie Street Photography
Audreau McKenzie Street Photography 11 днів тому
Mahomes: "I'm a BEAST down here... HIT ME!" That did NOT age well....
Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins 4 дні тому
He's still a beast. And this year wasn't his year. Just like Brady went 10 years with no Superbowl wins 🤷🤷😂😂
Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins 8 днів тому
You're just jealous 🤷🤷🖕
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 10 днів тому
LMFAOO facts
Gil Edwards
Gil Edwards 11 днів тому
The 9ers have had the worst luck ever lately when it comes to SuperBowls
oneee clickk
oneee clickk 11 днів тому
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Mark Boardman
Mark Boardman 11 днів тому
arrogance is never good. Unless you tom brady....lmao
ThiagO Arre
ThiagO Arre 11 днів тому
How many times Tom hit you with the rings 🤫🤫🤫🤫 7 times 😂😂
Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich 11 днів тому
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Coniglio della morte
Coniglio della morte 12 днів тому
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OngItsZLO 12 днів тому
Niners my favorite team and look how they talk to eachother they got each others backs
Juan Rosales
Juan Rosales 12 днів тому
But this is not a boring superbowl
Jonathan Marin
Jonathan Marin 12 днів тому
Chris Collins
Chris Collins 12 днів тому
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 12 днів тому
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Kelly Baker
Kelly Baker 13 днів тому
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Kelly Polsinelli
Kelly Polsinelli 13 днів тому
Who likes the Chiefs
Sava Gavrilovic
Sava Gavrilovic 14 днів тому
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Marve Mottola 14 днів тому
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kd on height .
kd on height . 14 днів тому
3:36 they look like Vikings bro
代行2 supreme
代行2 supreme 15 днів тому
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Carolina North
Carolina North 15 днів тому
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Frannie Mac
Frannie Mac 15 днів тому
Man wouldn't believe this same team gets spanked a year later in the Super Bowl
Fernando Carreno
Fernando Carreno 15 днів тому
I feel like 49ers should've won the Superbowl
Eberle Luke
Eberle Luke 15 днів тому
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Desman Ford
Desman Ford 15 днів тому
You can tell the COVID messed up everything this game was more hype
G. W.
G. W. 15 днів тому
09:09 - (Inner musings of the dude with mouth open) - Why is water clear? What actually is water? Why am I here?
JEREMY GUERRERO 15 днів тому
2020 super bowl was riged for Patrick mahomes.
Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins 13 днів тому
This year was rigged too🤷🤷
Kaithlyn Lisbey
Kaithlyn Lisbey 16 днів тому
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Nathan Farr
Nathan Farr 16 днів тому
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Roger Scheeren 16 днів тому
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Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen 16 днів тому
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Diane Elhard
Diane Elhard 16 днів тому
The Chiefs will be back. Mahomes and Co don't take losses and let it get to them, they learn. They learn and they return.
Pmocte 01
Pmocte 01 16 днів тому
pat: it's gonna be a great story, they'll be talking about it forever me: literally forgot they were down 10 points.
Joel Rosas
Joel Rosas 16 днів тому
calidas de grabacion el exeletes
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey 16 днів тому
jets qb BYU daft day
ben yosep
ben yosep 16 днів тому
Nobody wearing a stupid mask 😷.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 16 днів тому
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Jalen Williams
Jalen Williams 16 днів тому
Bro why haven’t y’all dropped the SB 55 one it’s been 4 days now
PRODBY. Miless
PRODBY. Miless 16 днів тому
“IM A BEAST DOWN HERE” the bucs: *hehe...*
wanjiku Njihia
wanjiku Njihia 8 днів тому
💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀
Victor Awosanmi
Victor Awosanmi 13 днів тому
Ax E-Z Films
Ax E-Z Films 15 днів тому
Think you meant Brady and gronk not the bucs
Jimmy Phan
Jimmy Phan 17 днів тому
6:22 looking for something to pawn
patton303 17 днів тому
“That was dumb”. -George Kittle
Tj curtis
Tj curtis 17 днів тому
does anybody notice the father and son at the bottom right of the show pawn shop tv show at 6:22
TheFitz 17 днів тому
Jimmy G is still trash in 2021...22...23...
Mena Skywalker
Mena Skywalker 17 днів тому
This clip didnt age well into 2021 🤨
Van Wilder
Van Wilder 17 днів тому
This chiefs team is too comfortable being behind to be a great dynasty
Van Wilder
Van Wilder 17 днів тому
Ayo Chiefs fans how were the Refs in this one?
Van Wilder
Van Wilder 17 днів тому
Devin White watched this video n said say less
Albert Fish
Albert Fish 17 днів тому
Tom Brady should Get his own Halftime show Like joe Use too.
Kevin Robinson EC
Kevin Robinson EC 17 днів тому
this video it´s golden on pure ..... i love it
maxwell an
maxwell an 17 днів тому
nobody: George Kittle: Beyonce is there
JayGoCrazy -
JayGoCrazy - 17 днів тому
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sky killer2205
sky killer2205 18 днів тому
Alec Frampton
Alec Frampton 18 днів тому
Who’s here after the 2021 super bowl
Random Dinosaur
Random Dinosaur 18 днів тому
1:33 who said who tf is that
Zac Zac
Zac Zac 18 днів тому
The blushing shake electrophysiologically surround because shampoo frustratingly paint after a tangy lead. fat faulty, agonizing spot
Nayem Chowdhury
Nayem Chowdhury 18 днів тому
Who here after the chiefs lost the Super Bowl against the goat
ThuginLikeAYoungin 18 днів тому
Dam my boy was throwing dimes against the bucs but no wanted to catch
Soap A
Soap A 18 днів тому
Tampa Bay has entered the chat.
Jacob F.
Jacob F. 18 днів тому
Kittle is goofy 😂. I can see why the Chiefs won this they seem like their life depended on it. The mentality from both teams is highly noticeable.
Michael Zheng
Michael Zheng 18 днів тому
The pricey haircut quickly coach because yogurt periodically scribble athwart a delightful hole. male, cloudy ostrich
Matthew Wang
Matthew Wang 18 днів тому
"They gotta hit me" Well apparently the Bucs watched this video
Arch Hades
Arch Hades 18 днів тому
Chiefs are the best team in the league over the last 3 years. 2018 : Lost AFC Championship in OT 2019 : Won Super Bowl 2020 : Lost Super Bowl Damn if it wasn't for freakin Tom Brady it would be a Chiefs dynasty. I really hope this group has a few more years together. Such an exciting team Andy Reid has built. I think A dynasty is still possible.
Daniel Molloy
Daniel Molloy 18 днів тому
Mahomes doesn’t complete a 3rd and 15 they don’t have any
Zach Pasanen
Zach Pasanen 18 днів тому
Well mahomes asked for it. Tampa bay hit him alright
Zach Pasanen
Zach Pasanen 16 днів тому
@Daniel Molloy lol fax
Daniel Molloy
Daniel Molloy 18 днів тому
Turns out he wasn’t a beast down there
Robert Bulk
Robert Bulk 18 днів тому
This feels like life in a different era
fren 18 днів тому
I came back to this bc I couldn’t handle that super bowl loss that the chiefs had
Mathijs 12 днів тому
Me2 man
Mind Heart Soul
Mind Heart Soul 17 днів тому
It was such a disaster it was like not even watching the same team... Not my home's fault either as plenty of people of pointed out he was practically horizontal to the ground and throwing lasers. Faso disgusting to hear the the game describe as if suddenly my homes lost the talent there's a lot of factors that go into a football game I mean 2 TEAMS to start with.
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