The Aliens (FULL MOVIE)

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2 місяці тому

A UFO believer must choose between the aliens above he has never seen or the mysterious guide who appears in his campsite week after week.

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Mladen Vujovic
Mladen Vujovic 2 години тому
Love the atmosphere in the movie, and the music, nice, really nice.
John adams
John adams 9 годин тому
so well played out it has to be true story....
Myriam Eroess
Myriam Eroess 17 годин тому
La mia recensione dopo averlo visto: Il film è in lingua originale inglese, ma si possono mettere i sottotitoli in italiano. Un bel film davvero, un uomo alla ricerca degli alieni aspetta ogni sabato nel deserto. Più che una storia di alieni, è una storia piena di umanità e poesia in un mondo che pensa solo al denaro, allo sfruttamento delle persone e alla violenza. Lo consiglio.
missfixit05 22 години тому
I almost didn't finish watching but am glad I did. What a wonderful movie. There is hope after all.
Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street День тому
Such a touching movie.
Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street День тому
What a difference from back then to now! She smuggles a few people but now they come by the thousands in the daylight and don’t even hide! But you all know that.
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos День тому
sin muchos millones ni rostros encumbrados, muy buena pelicula.
Rod Hanson
Rod Hanson 2 дні тому
A strange title for a movie that has no Aliens in it
REALTURKEY2 Operationturkey
REALTURKEY2 Operationturkey 2 дні тому
REALTURKEY2 Operationturkey Low budget or not my friend.... that was one of the best written / scripted and filmed and casted movies ive seen in a long while !!! high or low budget! But what i found best was the choice of actors/actress'! They where perfect choices for there characters !!! Naïve, but not dumb / Sexy, without being trampy/ Ditsy without being a totally Dentze / And everyone knows a gold digging sister like his !!! And all the "bad guys" where believable and acted so without always it seems thinking they have to over act to make there character believable !!! What a GEM?..... I SAY WHAT A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!!!! Thanks for that !
Ken Alvarez
Ken Alvarez 2 дні тому
Truly a great film! It is refreshing and full of love and hope!
K s h F i 3 d
K s h F i 3 d 2 дні тому
bumped to this wanting to see an movie about aliens, ended up watching a very nice movie. Worth a click :)
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 3 дні тому
Court five minutes into the film and no Aliens,just a love story about a lonely Japanese guy,the reviews below are estatic about this film,how come ,it's boring rubbish,no UFO s in sight,no Aliens,
Adrian Polley
Adrian Polley 3 дні тому
My brother sent me this link, so glad he did, a lovely story with great casting.
Land of Tears Official
Land of Tears Official 3 дні тому
Please deserve a Oscar this movie, excellent characters, history, everything, the best movie than all sci-fi movies! But no hahaha!
bohemoth1 3 дні тому
Is this another emlosgint tos movie?
Rose Trombley
Rose Trombley 3 дні тому
It's not in English, I've no idea what's going on.
Gary johns
Gary johns 4 дні тому
maria slept with men when she was married ,,,, hmmmmmm ,,,, cheaters is the way we are I guess.?
márcio de souza
márcio de souza 5 днів тому
Filme de alien sem alienigina.
Kathy Gurney
Kathy Gurney 5 днів тому
I loved this movie. I'm so glad I watched it. 👍
DocHoliday & OutLaws
DocHoliday & OutLaws 6 днів тому
Not exactly sure if the title fits the story !!
Cyan Blackflower
Cyan Blackflower 6 днів тому
Dir. Yee - Really should build up a following, by making a series of FILMS between 3 - 5 of them - completely different stories but with the same 3 characters. He, and his 2 buddies. If done well, and right - Guaranteed success.
Heidi Gremillion
Heidi Gremillion 6 днів тому
Is this about illegal aliens!?
Comoloco247PoliticalChannel 6 днів тому
Screw the ETs. Get the booty
Patricia Palmer
Patricia Palmer 7 днів тому
1985. Midday. Walked out onto my deck and something bigger than a major hotel hanging silently above the treeline. My whole body began shaking involuntarily in terror, which is far worse than fear I realized, and I was frozen with it. It stayed approximately 10 minutes and slowly moved off. Neighbors at work, children at school and the worst feeling I've experienced in my life. I don't scare easily. 2021
Ruby Bhatti
Ruby Bhatti 7 днів тому
Awesome movie i❤ 🇮🇳
Peter deLappe
Peter deLappe 7 днів тому
I love this movie. Byron Yee. Beautiful.
karen chubay
karen chubay 7 днів тому
What do. You know a movie worth commenting. Kinda. Violent but wonderful story
Ibrahim Ismail
Ibrahim Ismail 8 днів тому
Yes.... alien coming lol
Mrmaxito29 8 днів тому
Worst aliens movie ever 😡😡
RamiroUM 8 днів тому
El Chistozo123
El Chistozo123 8 днів тому
El Chistozo123
El Chistozo123 8 днів тому
Lady L Hermit
Lady L Hermit 9 днів тому
Oh yes, our government came out in 2021 that we had been visited from outer space. So that settles it for me I don't know about you. I do want to see the recipe books and have them translated.
Lady L Hermit
Lady L Hermit 9 днів тому
I really wish they had wrote that in white and somewhat larger letters watching something on a cell phone especially writing this is very time consuming by the time you get two or three words and it's gone. I think it's cute that a guy does what his dad does to keep the legacy alive wouldn't bother me one note just keep the snakes away from me and we're okay.
Jorge Solis
Jorge Solis 10 днів тому
Not to be racist but, they both could cheap chat Asian lenguaje, which might be something they might have in comon...
Fiona Mackenzie-Spence
Fiona Mackenzie-Spence 10 днів тому
I always read the comments before watching a movie, but with this one, quite honestly I don't understand them. Watching paint dry is more interesting for me than watching this movie. Don't be waiting for those Aliens!!
Sil Marillian
Sil Marillian 10 днів тому
Alien treatment with an amazing difference lost for words hello from Australia
David Bradish
David Bradish 11 днів тому
A nice movie. Something different without Hollywood in the way
oaz last
oaz last 11 днів тому
in hope one lives in hope one dies.
Wilson Loria
Wilson Loria 11 днів тому
Real bad acting. Could not watch it.
Patricia Ann Demello
Patricia Ann Demello 12 днів тому
I really loved this movie
Jaclyn Mormile
Jaclyn Mormile 12 днів тому
Dark Oblivian
Dark Oblivian 13 днів тому
What a great movie with a sad but great ending! Thank you guys for convincing me to watch it and thanks to you other guys for uploading it to your channel! And was it just me or did his sister talk waay to fast. I missed about half of what she was saying and she talked faster than the captions. Being obnoxious was just right for the character. 🇨🇱
Sandra Grant
Sandra Grant 13 днів тому
It's a beautiful movie. Truly special.
michelle watson
michelle watson 13 днів тому
I've seen this and its my second time to watch, it remotes the word alien... we are all the same no matter where we come from and backgrounds, I truly think that our ancestors were more aware of acceptance.
Jason K
Jason K 13 днів тому
I want to believe.
Terry Teague
Terry Teague 14 днів тому
I really enjoyed watching this movie.
Bruce Fillmore
Bruce Fillmore 14 днів тому
Having lived in the dessert places down at the New Mexico border for 20 years, this was quite realistic to me. Well done!
Arno Nuehm
Arno Nuehm 14 днів тому
Definetly worth a watch! Wonderful movie! Thank you
Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly 14 днів тому
Thank you mentioning the movie Starman. I love that film! Jeff Bridges was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for that movie and he really should have won it for his performance.
Ed Braun
Ed Braun 14 днів тому
its a romance not a scyfy
Daisy Angelica Sequea 2
Daisy Angelica Sequea 2 14 днів тому
Hermosa de una manera especial. Tienen que verla, gracias!
Izzynutz Restorations
Izzynutz Restorations 14 днів тому
Awesome story
Mark Ayton
Mark Ayton 15 днів тому
One of the best low budget movies I’ve seen in a long time, what a gem!
REALTURKEY2 Operationturkey
REALTURKEY2 Operationturkey 2 дні тому
Low budget or not my friend.... that was one of the best written / scripted and filmed and casted movies ive seen in a long while !!! high or low budget! But what i found best was the choice of actors/actress'! They where perfect choices for there characters !!! Naïve, but not dumb / Sexy, without being trampy/ Ditsy without being a totally Dentze / And everyone knows a gold digging sister like his !!! And all the "bad guys" where believable and acted so without always it seems thinking they have to over act to make there character believable !!! What a GEM?..... I SAY WHAT A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!!!! Thanks for that !
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 15 днів тому
What can I say? Just brilliant and moving. I did not expect this. Who needs flashy CGI when you can make movies like this. Pass it on.
ebayerr 16 днів тому
As Mr.Spock would say,"Fascinating".
Claudio Daniel Benitez
Claudio Daniel Benitez 16 днів тому
No pude cambiar al castellano,así que no la pude ver
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson 16 днів тому
Is this about Aliens or Aliens!?!
jayme peddycoart
jayme peddycoart 16 днів тому
Enjoyed the movie.
Espiritual me
Espiritual me 16 днів тому
Beautiful movie 🎥 👍🏻👌🏻Enjoyed every minute!! Thanks.
Sappho Culloden
Sappho Culloden 17 днів тому
A truly lovely film. I maintain, incidentally, that his two friends were actually aliens who had the job of guiding him away from the truth.
Joseph Rotello
Joseph Rotello 17 днів тому
Finally, a "B" cost movie that's well done, well acted and directed, excellent cinematography, and an engrossing story that makes sense. This is a rare masterpiece.
Vatr Weaver
Vatr Weaver 14 днів тому
Thanks, I'll watch it
ancient mariner
ancient mariner 17 днів тому
Yes slower than molasses
Happy Place
Happy Place 17 днів тому
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson say they don’t exist. Do I need to research more? 😆
calledofGodminister 19 днів тому
The old man's tragic speech around 3 mins in is potent stuff. Having the Holy spirit, I totally get it :)
Bella B
Bella B 19 днів тому
Great movie!
Randy Bradshaw
Randy Bradshaw 20 днів тому
Very nice.
shawn Griffin
shawn Griffin 20 днів тому
Loved it.......Maria is Beatiful
Martin D A
Martin D A 20 днів тому
All the comments saying this is a great movie....Ok, people need to watch better movies, this is a 3.5/10.
Fernando José Araújo da Silva
Fernando José Araújo da Silva 21 день тому
Great movie. Some how slow but great
Rose Garza
Rose Garza 21 день тому
I'm 30 minutes and 52 seconds into this movie and I'm starting to like it sometimes when you're alone you meet someone from out of the Blues and it's a wonderful feeling
Letz Padonna
Letz Padonna 23 дні тому
A better than you expect lower budget movie. Nicely done.
Expanding Knowledge
Expanding Knowledge 23 дні тому
Interested in Aliens? Check out Jacques Vallee and his book [Messengers of Deception.] These beings people call Aliens, really aren't what you think they are.
Moh Kh
Moh Kh 23 дні тому
the ending was fkd up
pete garssia
pete garssia 24 дні тому
Watched it with my wife. We both loved it. Not a Hollywood production by any stretch but it didn't need to be to be worth watching.
Denika Wilson
Denika Wilson 24 дні тому
great movie! thank you ☺
roadwarrior !!
roadwarrior !! 24 дні тому
Yes ..Elvis is alive...!
Gregg Galdo
Gregg Galdo 24 дні тому
What a WONDERFUL movie....I am a Horror Action Sci Fi kinda guy....but this is a GREAT Movie!...Thank You and CONGRATS on producing such an amazing MOVIE!!!...Bravo!!!!
Wm Neiss
Wm Neiss 24 дні тому
Illegal aleins
16nowhereman 25 днів тому
Excellent! Maria taught him to share love!
Julie Turcios-Avila
Julie Turcios-Avila 25 днів тому
The Attitude of Julie! They shouldn't have use that name! 🤦‍♀️
B C 25 днів тому
Al Beal
Al Beal 26 днів тому
Mr. Yee .... Thank you for making me Believe. Astounding story! AVB
Perola De Luz
Perola De Luz 26 днів тому
Será que daria p colocar em português ? Pó gentileza seria muito bom
Jeffrey Reynolds
Jeffrey Reynolds 26 днів тому
WOW! This Movie is NOT at all what I perceived it would be! For me the Title was enough to put on another Alien movie to pass the time at 3 am. trying to overcome Insomnia. Why do these Absolutely Fantastic Movies keep slipping by the Mainstream?! This one had the Best of Everything! If you choose to skip over this Film, it just shows how Mainstream Ignorant You are! Give Your Mind a chance to Grow! You will appreciate Yourself afterward. I hope this Channel holds some more Great Films as this! Going to check now... Enjoy!
DGOODWIN19 26 днів тому
A top notch movie, slow during the first half but still worth the watch.
Ann J T Farrington
Ann J T Farrington 27 днів тому
Not the type of movie that I normally watch at all but saying that I loved the whole video from the start to the great ending. If you're here on the comments to see if it's worth watching I recommend this wonderful movie for everyone from 8 to 80+, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Thanks heaps for posting another awesome video xoxoxoxo
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Vargas 27 днів тому
Luz brillante ….. no mames…..jejejejeje
Raymond Ortiz
Raymond Ortiz 27 днів тому
The old man at the end finally met the aliens, I guess he was beamed up, Nice movie Jacob was a sweet and lonely man, but met someone, very much like him
Yoram Alon
Yoram Alon 28 днів тому
Nice movie. Love has its strange ways. Now i understand. If i want to meet a pretty lover, all i have to do is wait for aliens, somewhere in the desert.
ausi u
ausi u 28 днів тому
They are right, if you are patient you will like the movie. Totally different to what you think.
Amber (Cinderz) Morthland
Amber (Cinderz) Morthland 28 днів тому
Thank you for the movie! Captivating.
Danny Toon
Danny Toon 28 днів тому
Utube channel and movies are becoming dull, boring, sleepy,weak,l could make a better movie,l could write a better movie. Nothing,in this movie, seems unreal, dull boring sleepy weak., please, show the movie Earth vs the UFOs Phonix forgotten The fourth kind Evil aliens 👽
Danny Toon
Danny Toon 28 днів тому
Sorry,no aliens 👽👽👽, walking around,. Just continuing to talk,talk, talk, very boring, dull, sleeping time,l fell asleep, during the movie. Please,try again, with something happening in the desert.
deivis34 Godoy
deivis34 Godoy 29 днів тому
Kelley Bittler
Kelley Bittler 29 днів тому
wow!!! I don't usually comment on movies but this was a wonderful movie.
Higinio González
Higinio González Місяць тому
Tanto que decir de la película, todo lo que refleja y enseña...mejor, decir nada... excepto GRACIAS!!!
Natalie Lozon
Natalie Lozon Місяць тому
I had been seing their spacecraft since I was a kid. Round one swirling like a beach ball way back 1967 seems like they were looking for something in the river. The last craft I saw was double diamond shape with green and orange light swirling. I was on an airplane in Asia way back 2014 just two days before the Boeing flight from Malaysia dissappeared. It was flying getting close to the plane I was in then zoomed fast out of sight. I don't care if people may think that I may be crazy. But I saw what I saw and more.
Péricles Mortari
Péricles Mortari Місяць тому
No Final, os ETs, eram Bolsominions...
Jeff Harper
Jeff Harper Місяць тому
DEEP SPACE BOABBIES WITHOOT END AN GALORE DADDY'O ! ! ! 🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽 🤚👍🤚👍👍👍🤚🤚👍🤚🤚👍👍👍🤚🤚
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