The BEST Secret Base in Minecraft!

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The BEST Secret Base in Minecraft! There are Zombies everywhere!! This Base will keep us Safe! SUBSCRIBE!


Building with Redstone in Minecraft is fun. This Secret Base is what Dream could need in the Minecraft Manhunt! Also the Thumbnail is inspired by Dream. Sapnap and Georgenotfound would definitely loose the Manhunt if Dream uses this Secret Base! I love to build these Ideas with my friends or prank my friends on a Minecraft Server. It is always funny and we laugh a lot! Minecraft: 10+ Simple Redstone Builds! This Video is the same style like the Minecraft: 10+ Zombie Redstone Build Hacks and also the Among Us and Fortnite video I am planning to upload!

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Stay Safe Minecrafters! BBlocks!

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Little Brother
Little Brother 5 днів тому
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Jolanta Pociene 5 днів тому
Lei Come
Lei Come 6 днів тому
can you build other secrets? i will subscribe :)
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@Hydramong usツ You should join the membership of bblocks channel to get the stickers ..since bblocks is the owner of this channel, he can use the stickers
Arman Haris
Arman Haris 57 хвилин тому
Me making a base and think I am playing solo
ThePattybob 2 години тому
you or so cool i can hied my stuff in the furnace trick
Nouna Suiji
Nouna Suiji 6 годин тому
You are the most genius one in the earth Because you use pickaxe in creative mode
Smart Tv
Smart Tv 7 годин тому
How is bblock saying like or herobrine I wanna spawn herobrine
Crystal cream
Crystal cream 7 годин тому
Earl The Gamer
Earl The Gamer 8 годин тому
I have Spawn Alligator in Minecraft!!!!😨😨😱😱😱😱😱🐊💚
vijayveershetty 8 годин тому
I like this so much
Flamez 9 годин тому
Tip: Make another base BUT outside: At the tree, place some ladders and pretend that is ur REAL base 😏 Thank me later... (btw how can I do the secret room with the trapdoor on MCPE???)
Lauren Teh
Lauren Teh 9 годин тому
Sangita Das
Sangita Das 9 годин тому
BBBLOCK is real lol
Real facts
Real facts 10 годин тому
made everything bigger to make it more epic
Edeno Asim Sangma
Edeno Asim Sangma 10 годин тому
I can make
ethannthetic 11 годин тому
dude your the best builder! I built this base today and my friends were so impressed!
christopher willams
christopher willams 11 годин тому
THANKS me and my friends are in a fake smp war and they always find me
jancy gracious
jancy gracious 12 годин тому
Me: I think I am a god at minecraft After watching this video: I realise that I am not even good at this game
Owen Stephens
Owen Stephens 4 години тому
Nasal Naiha
Nasal Naiha 12 годин тому
Super home 😍😍
Suborna Sinha
Suborna Sinha 13 годин тому
I know bro you copied wieder dude😀😀😀
Aufa Nur Zahra Uzir Huzairi
Aufa Nur Zahra Uzir Huzairi 16 годин тому
Is the f mean fail?🤔
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 18 годин тому
I’m watching all these Minecraft decoration videos and I’m pissed that I don’t even have minecraft
Tomino Balzaretti
Tomino Balzaretti 20 годин тому
Very Very good
Simmi Austine
Simmi Austine День тому
In Java or in bead rock this work
Doreen Douglas
Doreen Douglas День тому
I love this video
Vieber Jiang
Vieber Jiang День тому
bookshelves for a hidden enchantment room? >:0
Christina Tin
Christina Tin День тому
ur my FAVOURITE youtuber
arlen aparri
arlen aparri День тому
Dude your video is cool and thank for sharing ♥️.
Dinesh kewat
Dinesh kewat День тому
kieran. День тому
5:18 maybe use that painting to hide your valuables like diamonds and stuff :/
Agent213 gaming
Agent213 gaming День тому
In thumbnail I think I open dreams channel
Ashish Mungad
Ashish Mungad День тому
Where we have to place lever for lock on which block
Ophelia Malfoy
Ophelia Malfoy День тому
He’s using some of his old building hacks for this vid! (The bed in lvl 100)
Sebbo День тому
I can’t build the lock!
luca roblox
luca roblox День тому
Thank you for the tutorial
Pushpa Latha
Pushpa Latha День тому
Raul Estoperes
Raul Estoperes День тому
Romel Teodosio
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perike john sunand
perike john sunand День тому
nice bed 😁😎
Karthikeyan KV
Karthikeyan KV День тому
CHOUTZYツ День тому
B**ch it's soooooo COOOOOL 😎😎😎😎😎
YASH TOMAR День тому
Zombies are dumb you can stand just three block up from them and they cant do anything wait for sunrise and zombies are finished . These types of base are made bcoz of freinds coz some of them can destroy them
Carl Patrick
Carl Patrick День тому
And I sub
Carl Patrick
Carl Patrick День тому
I did all of them but I put the last one different
Vinplays Roblox
Vinplays Roblox День тому
wow i love this
Julie Meyer
Julie Meyer День тому
I like how he uses a pickaxe in creative
WagnerPlayZ День тому
🖕people who disliked
Olivia Evans
Olivia Evans День тому
It’s so sad when these videos are over :(
Thegamerha День тому
3:35 me, a skywars player: (bridges all over it)
LUKE eddleman
LUKE eddleman День тому
I’ve seen the bed on Tik tok 😒
Eli Landers
Eli Landers День тому
but what if your friends find the base but then try to cook something? you don't want to use up a potion every time you leave or enter your base.
Riley Foster
Riley Foster День тому
how come i can't get through the tv
AA Fiesta
AA Fiesta День тому
i can’t find sticky piston
sparkable День тому
For the lvl 10 tunnel you can make a secret passage on the side!
ivan 2 дні тому
0:01 there was zombies in the morning
謝宜樺 2 дні тому
Gregory Sharp
Gregory Sharp 2 дні тому
You could also use moss carpet in 1.17 to hide the lever
BRAXY 2 дні тому
patrickjan million
patrickjan million 2 дні тому
Wow cool
FORTw 2 дні тому
i love your videos
Nards Cañaveral
Nards Cañaveral 2 дні тому
John Rosh Natividad
John Rosh Natividad 2 дні тому
Bruh how did you crawl in the last part 100 level secret
Gawronik 2 дні тому
Vidya Kapase
Vidya Kapase 2 дні тому
What a great idea he have done phd in minecraft
LegoMineCraft123Gamer Fornite
LegoMineCraft123Gamer Fornite 2 дні тому
Lf this id sooooo col
Yoyoman plays games
Yoyoman plays games 2 дні тому
I think that shulkercraft. And Blocks are same
Inayah Miah
Inayah Miah 2 дні тому
Thx I want to make it in Minecraft this day but I’m in my cousins house for sleepover
Emily Wang
Emily Wang 2 дні тому
I like how he says “the red stone is simple”
Earl The Gamer
Earl The Gamer 7 годин тому
Streaming Gt Says "devil" not "revil"🐊🐊🐊💚
AG▪︎GAMER~9 12 годин тому
Bageshwari Kumari
Bageshwari Kumari День тому
Truly its so hard to make 😁
Sreamings Gt
Sreamings Gt День тому
He voice revil?
Lian450 2 дні тому
Chinstar Entertainment
Chinstar Entertainment 2 дні тому
It looks like a real bed to me
DrowsyDaisy 2 дні тому
3:34 they can just build over it can't they?
Lei Anne Tajanlangit
Lei Anne Tajanlangit 2 дні тому
To. Bad. i. Kant. Bild. Dat
Tonni Dhar
Tonni Dhar 2 дні тому
This is awsome I did it in earth Craft You are super cool man
Aisha Kiran
Aisha Kiran 2 дні тому
Stone ⛏️ pickaxe is too much powerful 😂😂😂 1:34
CJ Ortiz
CJ Ortiz 2 дні тому
Mine craft is the most generic and satisfying games in the open-world concept game, Imagine if this is more realistic by using #node
SUMIT SHARMA 2 дні тому
Aba zombie tera kya bigar laga tu to creative ma khal ra ha
Blink Tashfia🖤❤️
Blink Tashfia🖤❤️ 2 дні тому
Amazing Video 😯🥰 Just WOW!!!
Shuang Zhu
Shuang Zhu 2 дні тому
Wow is a cool
Precious Mijares
Precious Mijares 2 дні тому
❤ Blüë Føx ❤
❤ Blüë Føx ❤ 2 дні тому
Me after building the secret exit: WHERE IS THE LEVER TO MY HOUSE AAAAA
•MinecraftAmyPlayź• 16 годин тому
lol XD
xMR CRAFTx 2 дні тому
There is no one speak about The Video picture , THIS IS "the old" DREAM " speedrunner vs hunters " Videos PICTURE!!
Sue Little
Sue Little 2 дні тому
FATBOY 2 дні тому
Thank you for sharing an idea
ruth laureano
ruth laureano 2 дні тому
Why trapdoor like vent is not working in my minecraft? Caves and cliffs?
Bianca Costea
Bianca Costea 2 дні тому
Great, where did you learn from?
Hai Le
Hai Le 2 дні тому
Yo this rocks.
ahmad slim
ahmad slim 2 дні тому
Nobody: Noob: finds the exit and take diamonds
Wyatt Stevens-Wolfe
Wyatt Stevens-Wolfe 2 дні тому
ummm, they can use ender pearls, or build across the lava.
And0400 Gema
And0400 Gema 3 дні тому
Not Herobrine
Rachael Hall-Payne
Rachael Hall-Payne 3 дні тому
I love to play minecraft 😊
Calvin James Matias
Calvin James Matias 3 дні тому
honestly cool bro
Noob Pubg
Noob Pubg 3 дні тому
okay am herobine :)
harier Yaje
harier Yaje 3 дні тому
Lance Cheng
Lance Cheng 3 дні тому
the "real base" is the second distraction because who expects it and you make it look great so they will burn while while your in your under ground mansion
Fab Kym
Fab Kym 3 дні тому
10/10 bro insane
Psi Edward Franz Fabricante
Psi Edward Franz Fabricante 3 дні тому
Does anyone notice that the thumbnail looks like a dream manhunt video?
Basically Minecraft
Basically Minecraft 3 дні тому
Using a pickaxe in creative mode would be like 😂
Basically Minecraft
Basically Minecraft День тому
@Neeta Rani okay
Neeta Rani
Neeta Rani 2 дні тому
He do this to show that all builds work in survival mode.
Danny Vythilingum
Danny Vythilingum 3 дні тому
Very good minecratf wow😂😂😆😝👌👍👏🌺🌹🌹🌹🌈🌈☀🏘🏘
Nick Tomais
Nick Tomais 3 дні тому
8:18 are sure about that?😂
Gaussia Anwar
Gaussia Anwar 3 дні тому
I have a question ,when ever i put something on red stone it dosen't works ,why???
Иван Кацаров
Иван Кацаров 3 дні тому
Dude your using a stone pick
Siddharth Kumar
Siddharth Kumar 3 дні тому
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