The BEST Smartphones of 2021!

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4 місяці тому

Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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Mrwhosetheboss 4 місяці тому
I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:
Emmanuel Yelsung
Emmanuel Yelsung 2 дні тому
I need the Samsung not 20 ultra Am in Ghana can you please help me get one
trevroy lindsay
trevroy lindsay 3 дні тому
Love ur videos
Nirmala Shakya
Nirmala Shakya 6 днів тому
How many smartphones do you have?
lil fetacheese
lil fetacheese 16 днів тому
hey! loved your vid, but i'd love to see a video about the POCO F3 and i think a lot of people would appreciate it! .
Kill Vipe
Kill Vipe Місяць тому
Please suggest between OP 9 pro or IPhone 12 (128GB)? I'm planning to buy but can't decide which one to go for..
SM Ahanaf Tazwar
SM Ahanaf Tazwar 17 хвилин тому
Redmi note 10 pro sucks as a phone!
MasteRock87 21 хвилина тому
You didn’t mention the awesome Red Magic 6 pro!
Josip Cicmir
Josip Cicmir 2 години тому
He forget one Phone Xiaomi Mi 11 i 8/256 gb Snapdragon 888
Karl Marx
Karl Marx 3 години тому
Poko f3 in my country is 420 euros
Master Mirror
Master Mirror 2 години тому
@Karl Marx Might buy from other EU countries. It is 310 Euro in Germany
Ric ricky
Ric ricky 3 години тому
Xiaomi mi note 10 camera how do you rate it? Has it been updated since it's release?
das rasel william
das rasel william 4 години тому
Poco f3 & mi 11 x are same phones but different names in some region.
Marisse Ronquillo
Marisse Ronquillo 5 годин тому
Arun why so haaawt
真孤独 7 годин тому
crypt clown
crypt clown 8 годин тому
It all sounded good until found out Poco F3 has no SD card support. Storage fills up fast and not everyone is onboard the cloud everything/stream bandwagon. redmi doesn't have 5G.
The gaming rebel
The gaming rebel 9 годин тому
Good phones
Andre J
Andre J 9 годин тому
Basically best camera phone on the market now is the Samsung S21 Ultra! Love your vids keep it up! 🤘😃
Destruction Forever
Destruction Forever 9 годин тому
I bought surf shark it’s the best thing ever !! Best thing ever
Nikhil Edwin
Nikhil Edwin 12 годин тому
Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel 12 годин тому
Where is stand in iqoo 7 its not good?
AARON VITOR 16 годин тому
Rip realme phones
Ghonzhauri Gonzaga
Ghonzhauri Gonzaga 17 годин тому
Surprised with poco f3, redmi and xiaomi phones😳😳😳🤔🤔, poco made pixel 4a belongs to meseum
Frenalas Kent
Frenalas Kent 19 годин тому
I'd actually want one of these phones
Jon Burrows
Jon Burrows 20 годин тому
13:19 👍
Rodrigo Niz
Rodrigo Niz 20 годин тому
You've earned my Sub. Congrats ! I'm hard to Sub unless it adds value.
Teh Lok Hao
Teh Lok Hao 21 годину тому
My guy took out F3 from his keyboard just for poco F3
tanmay das
tanmay das День тому
How about IQOO 7 LEGEND sir??
Umeed Khan
Umeed Khan День тому
Boss I need one mobile from you
Zasaqua День тому
I saw this video and decided to buy the Redmi Note 10 Pro, thank you very much for recommending it, It's great!
Tomas Bartkevicius
Tomas Bartkevicius День тому
Callingraphy from our device network piano
Ruchir Gupta
Ruchir Gupta День тому
4:23 why do i want to loop that scene ?😂😂
kolluru saharsh
kolluru saharsh День тому
Where is Realme ?
Asfand901 День тому
Am I the only one who wants to buy the shirt he's wearing?
DARK PLAY День тому
2:22 gamers be like : ah yes an ultimate find with a bad quality camera
light talk 🤍💜
light talk 🤍💜 День тому
Mr whose the boss
עומר גולדהמר-להב
עומר גולדהמר-להב День тому
Me being a proud owner of a poco f3
Seraph День тому
So I could really use some help here, I’m an apple user and I got sick and tired of apple and how trash they are compared to other companies. I wanna switch to android and I really don’t know what to get, I don’t have a budget I just want a phone with great screen and battery, good camera too. I was thinking about s21 ultra but here in my country we don’t have the snapdragon version, any of you kind people would suggest something really good that worth the price? I can also wait for 2022 if even greater phones are coming out in the beginning of the new year! Much love
GamingWolf 18
GamingWolf 18 День тому
Can you point me to the N200 because I just bought one and I want to know the pros and cons thanks😀
Dan Saghin
Dan Saghin День тому
your pick of the Poco F3 was unexpected... and it validated my purchase 2 months earlier... and you are completly right... good video
sid gallpo
sid gallpo День тому
The half fowl quantitatively interest because armadillo rheologically open across a rigid angle. repulsive, rotten washer
Vee Zhang
Vee Zhang День тому
I watching youtube on my poco f3..
Hegel Huang
Hegel Huang День тому
Can it be used for more than 5 years? If not, why should I buy it?
Sakhawat День тому
Pogo 😂😂😂
Reagan Arun
Reagan Arun День тому
When u said not today milo right, I literally got a milo ad
konosuke Saikee
konosuke Saikee День тому
i'm happy xiaomi is getting the recognition it deserves. Since i used xiaomi from xiaomi mediatek note 3, i've never been deceived by each coming xiaomi. The value for money is above expectation
Cryptorise 7 годин тому
I am on my 3rd Xiomi. First was Redmi note 4, second was POCO F1 and I just replaced it with Mi 10T. I love the company. I have always owned 2 phones and the second one is always iPhone and hence I also own IPhone XR but I simply don’t enjoy iPhone as much as I enjoy Mi.
Mates День тому
if poco F3 has better camera ill take that.
WAKYTOKY День тому behind the scene
Robin Kumar S
Robin Kumar S День тому
Hi Mate, how many years I will have to wait if want to get iPhone without the notch ? It’s been many years I had se2nd after I used iPhone 7. Just thinking to get. Pixels 6 if iPhone would take two more years to remove notch.
Sawrab Samanta
Sawrab Samanta День тому
14:31 💯
Ginalyn Soyosa
Ginalyn Soyosa День тому
Thankyou for this, it helps me what kind phone I am going to buy for this year 2021.
Matt День тому worth reading
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Congrats you have being selected among our shortlisted winner 📲.📲W°h°a°t°h°s°a°p°p.
SpeadyFreak 2 дні тому
What no Galaxy Note?
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Plus One Eight Five Nine Four One Four Six Five Five Eight.
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Congrats you have being selected among our shortlisted winner 📲.📲W°h°a°t°h°s°a°p°p.
Gardriel 2 дні тому
Why does the oneplus 9 has more performance than the 9 pro??
Jayant Joshi
Jayant Joshi 2 дні тому
Thanks for the video 📱📴📲📳
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Congrats you have being selected among our shortlisted winner 📲.📲W°h°a°t°h°s°a°p°p.
Kishor Ingale
Kishor Ingale 2 дні тому
M51 has 7k mah
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Plus One Eight Five Nine Four One Four Six Five Five Eight.
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Congrats you have being selected among our shortlisted winner 📲.📲W°h°a°t°h°s°a°p°p.
Ahtiu 2016
Ahtiu 2016 2 дні тому
This i like bro redmi mi
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Plus One Eight Five Nine Four One Four Six Five Five Eight.
Unbox Therapy (Lew)
Unbox Therapy (Lew) День тому
Congrats you have being selected among our shortlisted winner 📲.📲W°h°a°t°h°s°a°p°p.
Samir Johar
Samir Johar 2 дні тому
Finally Someone telling APPLE IPHONE that they are not the Best anymore but more of a PATHETIC COSTLY SHIT
Buttery Bg
Buttery Bg 2 дні тому
iphony from passion fruit is best
lupu mihai
lupu mihai 2 дні тому
how about huawey?
Zoltán Szabó
Zoltán Szabó 2 дні тому
Idk bout yall guys but he rick rolled us
They Call Me The Wanderer
They Call Me The Wanderer 2 дні тому
Wow. What an eye opener. Was on the verge of going for a Samsung or Apple flagship, but hell no after seeing some of the bang for buck options here. Gonna' buy outright and keep my unlimited data £18.00 per month contract.
Jay Mason
Jay Mason 2 дні тому
This is the best quality tech video I have ever seen, props and thank you! My wifey will be getting a Google Pixel 4a soon
Fredrick Andoh
Fredrick Andoh 2 дні тому
So what phone will you go in for
number 15 has agõod camera
Mary Rose Benigno
Mary Rose Benigno 2 дні тому
I love this list! I love how you really considered the price range.
Patchu Lozada
Patchu Lozada 2 дні тому
Redmi Note 10 pro
Asif Shaheed NiLØY
Asif Shaheed NiLØY 2 дні тому
I'm literally shocked to view that two of Xiaomi phones are leading the #1 & #2😐
the_dominator 2 дні тому
I like the old nokia
Jedidiah Steele
Jedidiah Steele 2 дні тому
Great review...I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!
naven kumar
naven kumar 2 дні тому
You forgot to mention the Xiaomi 10T pro.Good quality ips lcd display with an adaptive sync 144hz refresh rate for battery efficiency. And the build of this phone just screams "premium" if you know what I mean. Either way, it's a good phone for it's price hands down. 💯🔥
Rom 2 дні тому
This video is the reason I got a Poco F3. My first non-flagship. I was sick of paying too much for very little improvement
Sarah Ebrahem
Sarah Ebrahem 3 дні тому
I actually trusted his review and bought the poco f3 and I'm so satisfied. So thank you 🥰.
Ryan Hanna
Ryan Hanna 3 дні тому
Can you use the Poco F3 in the US?
Pamza Luikham
Pamza Luikham 3 дні тому
Xiaomi do have the most annoying type of ads, ads, ads and more ads. Oh and I forgot .........bloatware. Have technically sworn off them. Cheaper and more processing power doesn't naturally equate to user experience. I find this too specs oriented judgement.
Meshari Al-Mohaisen
Meshari Al-Mohaisen День тому
Thats why I still carry around my samsung s10 plus to this day.
Thomas Tom
Thomas Tom 3 дні тому
Always great info, cheers mate!
SMGJohn 3 дні тому
Xiaomi really need to take a look at the Xiaomi EU community and sit down and make their MIUI the best that it can be, give it all the features of Samsung like DeX stuff and better tablet UI and feature setup, fix all the annoying bugs. Then they will pretty much be the undisputed king, no one can touch their prices.
Adrian Stefan
Adrian Stefan 3 дні тому
The S21Ultra must be at least 1 ori 2 place,best phone ever
Windfall7 3 дні тому
The best reviewer in the world 🌍👍✅👌
Kavita Hargude
Kavita Hargude 3 дні тому
#1 and #2 are Unbelievable,Well done Xiaomi 🤟🤟💪👌👍
The Kingpost Web
The Kingpost Web 3 дні тому
Send me a phone 🙏😂
Radu Michael
Radu Michael 3 дні тому
Try to educate yourself at least a little, Sony makes the best phones nowadays, despite what you kids think what the best în the market are.
Demetri Griffiths
Demetri Griffiths 2 дні тому
Ikro Afridi
Ikro Afridi 3 дні тому
Please Gv Me 1 Phone
Antonio 3 дні тому
the problems of the smartphones today is just about dimensions
Daryl Chiew
Daryl Chiew 3 дні тому
This video made me purchase my Poco F3, very happy with it.
Vladan Stojanovic
Vladan Stojanovic 3 дні тому
Im watching this video on my Poco F3 im so excited to see my Poco takes 1st place on a list..thak you man..🥰💪🤳😁
zulkafizal johari
zulkafizal johari 7 годин тому
I planning to get one for myself soon.keep money,tied stomach 😁
Ayush.p 3 дні тому
Nahi hindi seekh le
Faiz Kanan
Faiz Kanan 3 дні тому
You are corrupt.
Paul John
Paul John 3 дні тому
literally #MrWhoseTheBoss making a company tweak their cameras cause of a single video 🔥💯
SanёК 3 дні тому
That was smooth ngl 5:48
* 3 дні тому
There is a cat from no where not today milo
Antony Felix
Antony Felix 3 дні тому
One of the best phone ranking videos.. I had watched few of them but never got satisfied.. You have nailed it.. nice presentation.. Loved it.
Karen Ng
Karen Ng 3 дні тому
Sorry will not get a China Brand phone with spying technology with all personal safety and security in risk. ( Xiaomi, Red Mi and Poco)...And u are support by Surfshark...funny enough
Carl Tarder
Carl Tarder 3 дні тому
Just a suggestion add a durability rating I think that would be very helpful.
leugimrc 3 дні тому
Smartphone does not mesure for his camera quality. You want a good camera buy a dslr. I want a gaming phone for 200€ buy mi11 lite Or a poco f3. OPPO released a new beast, reno 6 pro. But too expensive
Top3se 3 дні тому
Bro can you make a video where you compare the battery life of older phones to see how they hold up? Especially the iPhone
Aether Ch. NEXT-en-ph
Aether Ch. NEXT-en-ph 3 дні тому
the phone i would get is the iphone 12 pro max.
😱 OMG, 8.m subscribes, how did manege this. Happy for you
Strale 4 дні тому
But why are s21 ultra amd mi 11 ultra respectively not max on performance but poco is i do not understand
Ke We
Ke We 4 дні тому
Poco F3 with PixelExperience custom rom and gcam is basicly perfect.
1988ThomasD 4 дні тому
Just gained a new sub great video
Samuel Gachiri
Samuel Gachiri 4 дні тому
Please give me one of these phones. I would really appreciate it
Arjya Akrsun
Arjya Akrsun 4 дні тому
I use galaxy a50s
billa. mohamood333
billa. mohamood333 4 дні тому
I think sony is the best.... Im using sony xperia xz premium from 2017... Still advanced... 19mp motion eye camera, predictive capture, AR, 960fps, World first 4k resolution display, triluminious display, bravia engine, snapdragon 835 processor, Sony G lens camera, water proof
Tison Tan
Tison Tan 4 дні тому
buying poco f3 soon
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