The Forbidden WATER ENGINE is REAL | We created an engine that runs on hydrogen

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The Liberty Engine Project

The Liberty Engine Project

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The forbidden WATER ENGINE is a reality | We create an engine that runs on hydrogen.
Join us in this tutorial where we will create an engine that runs on water in a few simple steps. It has always been said that the splitting of H2O into its molecules by electrolysis is not efficient enough to be practical... But one team has developed an electrolyte capable of turning this technology on its head. And we show it to you here, before anyone else.
00:00 Start
01:02 Preparing the pieces to cut them
01:24 Cutting the 304L stainless steel parts
02:30 Drilling the pieces (One 6mm and one 11mm hole in each piece)
08:18 Polishing the pieces
03:58 Preparation of the Hydrolysis tank
04:56 Cutting the M6 ​​threaded rods
05:18 Assembly of the Hydrolysis reactor
09:20 Preparation of the Hydrogen security container
11:46 Manufacture of the support for the Hydrolysis equipment
13:12 Electrical connections
14:30 We remove the fuel tank and set up our Hydrolysis equipment
16:14 Preparation of the air filter
16:34 Filling the water and secret electrolyte tanks HH+
17:35 First test inside the workshop
18:05 Carburetor adjustment
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Jan Nowak
Jan Nowak 3 місяці тому
Silniki wodorowe są znane od lat nawet były po części wykorzystywane podczas 2wojny światowej przez lotników podobne systemy. Czyli silnik spalinowy i podczas walki powietrznej do komory ssącej doprowadzana była para wodna, która w cylindrach podczas wysokiego ciśnienia dzieliła się na wodór i samolot był bardziej żwawy takie turbo. Nie można było tego używać przez cały czas ponieważ silniki się psuły. Zbyt duże ciśnienie było. Ale ciekawy projekt był w Australii około 2012roku Plus minus, dwóch Australijczyków stworzyło generator prądu magnetyczny chyba 20kw na dobę. Pracowali nad tym kilka lat, mieli uruchomić produkcję ale wszystko nagle ucichło i nawet materiałów nie ma!
Валерий v
Валерий v 2 місяці тому
Для особо "одарённых" повторяю СОВЕТСКИХ ИНЖЕНЕРОВ! И для "одарённых" поясню 1969 БЫЛ СССР. І ще якщо хочеш що б тебе розуміли пиши на Великому і Могутньому Російською мовою. А то чё ты там пишешь не понятно и честно говоря не интересно. Я понимаю что "слепому" не покажешь, а "глухому" не объяснишь по этому отвечать не вижу смысла. ПОКА.
Oscar dos Santos
Oscar dos Santos 5 днів тому
Tremendo proyecto... Me encantó, felicidades...
nebojsa nesic
nebojsa nesic 2 місяці тому
Sir, I can only say that it's very well designed and even better fabricated...but that's like saying "The aliens did a good job on polishing their flying saucer" if it really does what you say it does. It's beyond amazing!!!
elite products
elite products 2 місяці тому
ria decirme la relación potencia eléctrica de entrada y salida , en amperios h , AC /DC Y y voltaje. Muchas gracias, me encanto el video.
azenil brito
azenil brito 3 місяці тому
Excelente! Quero ter um desse no meu terreno!
Brad Curtis
Brad Curtis 2 місяці тому
20 years ago I made an hho gen slightly smaller than this and put it on a 3.8ltr park ave, buick. The battery energizes the plates splitting the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. both very combustible. When the car is started the engine charges the battery. I used the HHO as a gas supplement and my average city/hiway miles went from 22mpg to 28mpg. My average hiway mpg went from 22mpg to 32mpg. I included a DC voltage pot to control voltage and a pulse width modulator to pulse the energy across the plates so the gas would release faster. It was smaller than the generator here. I used distilled water and baking soda as the electrolyte. I should have made a bigger one. I became ill and had to shelve it. It was great fun.
Alberto Sebastian Fernandez
Alberto Sebastian Fernandez 2 місяці тому
Yo también antes jugaba mucho con estos generadores. Hay tantas cosas que se pueden rescatar y cuidar el medio ambiente si contas con más tecnología e infraestructura
Cosme Fulanito
Cosme Fulanito Місяць тому
@Alberto Sebastian Fernandez También se pueden hacer cosas que realmente sirvan y no perder tiempo en otras que la física del secundario nos explicó el por qué todas estas estupideces no sirven.
Jorge Rodríguez
Jorge Rodríguez 3 місяці тому
El experimento es muy bueno, excelente, resulta muy económico con agua a comparación con la gasolina, a las expendedoras de gasolina no les conviene esto ni al estado, pues viven de los impuestos que generan la venta de combustibles.
Sergio Córdoba
Sergio Córdoba 3 місяці тому
Cuál es el electrolito? Gracias
Fabian Romano
Fabian Romano 3 місяці тому
@Sergio Córdoba esto es un engaño
Daniel Gómez Flórez
Daniel Gómez Flórez 8 днів тому
Buenas, excelente trabajo, pero, falta explicar que las platinas van intercaladas, van con huecos de 1/4 y 3/8, viendo otros videos me di cuenta que le colocan aislante en el hueco de 3/8, gracias.
Steven Williams
Steven Williams Місяць тому
Very clean setup! But we both know it would take many times more of a hydrogen generator to power that displacement of an engine!!!
Marek Maxx
Marek Maxx 2 місяці тому
Takie rozwiązanie na obecny czas powinno być zastosowane w przemyśle samochodowym i nie tylko jako że jest to świetne rozwiązanie ekologiczne problemu energetycznego dla wszystkich krajów
jorge vicente gallego rebollal
jorge vicente gallego rebollal 2 місяці тому
Se vuelve naranja porque usaron un acero inoxidable que no corresponde, el ideal sería AISI-316L, no hay inoxidables de baja calidad, hay inoxidable específico para cada uso, por eso cada uno tiene un número distinto, AISI es la sigla en inglés de Instituto Americano de Hierros y Acero y el número siguiente corresponde a su composición química que fue creada para un uso exclusivo y único, la L denomina la baja cantidad de carbono...
Fabian Fernandez Madero
Fabian Fernandez Madero 2 місяці тому
Hola. Disculpame que te moleste, pero vi que sabes del tema. Quería preguntarte, se consigue ese HH+ ? dónde? porque ellos dicen que se los pasó una persona que trabaja en una química pero que no hay patente para comercializarlo, o entendí mal. Gracias., Un abrazo
David Tribble
David Tribble 16 днів тому
You should show how much H2 is coming out of the generating container during the electrolysis, perhaps using a gas flow meter.
David Kennedy
David Kennedy 2 місяці тому
This is a Brown's gas generator. It is not separating the hydrogen from oxygen, it is just generating Brown's gas. If constructed as a hydrogen generator, the gases need to be captured from the cathode and anode separately and they will come off at a ratio of 2:1. Yes, the power stored in water is very potent but requires a lot of energy to release it into it's constituent gases. "There is no such thing as a free lunch".
Сергей Воевода
Сергей Воевода 2 дні тому
Совершенно "да". Согласен.
fabian herrera
fabian herrera 11 днів тому
genial! gracias por compartir tus conocimientos, saludos desde Argentina!
Nothing To see here
Nothing To see here 2 місяці тому
Interesting although i am bit concern if it really can produce the hydrogen at fast enough rate for it to be viable. Or weather the battery isn't being discharged faster that it could be charged back with the generator. But even then as a hybrid concept it would be great.
CalaHub Inc
CalaHub Inc 2 місяці тому
adding an alternator but keeping the engine cc's low enough to consume little might give a balance enough to give you days at a time, solar powered battery charging for hho production can also balance the source of power required to balance off, there's good potential, needs to work on filtered sea water with the salt being the catalyst for a bigger smile from me
Michael Fabrizio
Michael Fabrizio 2 місяці тому
This machine will initially produce hydrogen until (within an hour) the steel electrodes become foiled and hydrogen generation becomes less efficient until the reaction slows to a trickle . Delivering more power to the electrodes will only accelerate the foiling. As the (sacrificial anode) electrode become foiled the water becomes blacker as ferrous iron is precipitated at the bottom of the electo- cell. You can simply empty the solution as it becomes darkened, but the electrodes have to be bright and shiny If you want a continuous stream of (high output) hydrogen.
Chris Turnblom
Chris Turnblom 2 місяці тому
What they didn't use stainless steal? Stan Meyer used either 304 or 316 stainless as an economical alternative to platinum. I've used stainless to play around a bit & it seems to hold up.
Michael Fabrizio
Michael Fabrizio 2 місяці тому
@Chris Turnblom The reason stainless steel does not work well or very long (as an electrode) is because it's "passivfiezed" to prevent rust. But it's actually the released iron (FE+2) in solution is what drives this reaction. Passivation is the process of treating or coating a metal in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface. In stainless steel, passivation means removing the free iron from the surface of the metal using an Nitric acid solution. When the surface iron is removed, the other components of the alloy (primarily chromium, and nickel as well) are left behind as a surface layer over the underlying steel. This layer does not allow iron to migrate into solution.
Michael Fabrizio
Michael Fabrizio 2 місяці тому
There are electrode(s) made specially for electro-chemistry which are used in the plating industry to plate various metals. One cleaning technique toggles the plating current between the anode and cathode very quickly at a much higher current to "scrub" the electrode surface every 15-30 minutes depending on the amount of electrode degradation - which is measured by monitoring the current passing through the cell. As the (anode) electrode surface becomes more degraded - the current will drop - and (in this case) the amount of H+ production.
Chris Turnblom
Chris Turnblom 2 місяці тому
@Michael Fabrizio OK but I played around with it & seemed to have much better result than you are implying. Maybe it was the specific alloy. Maybe it was the electrolyte. Maybe it was the pulsed DC frequency that matched the over-all resonant frequency of the cell. etc. It's been years since I played around with this stuff but the only time I remember getting a significant build-up of dark muck on my plates was when I used rubber washers somewhere in there. ...wait. now that I think of it I did have the iron issue but it was more like 4 to 5 hours before I started getting current drop. It would be fun to play around with this again but this guy didn't have anything but a standard electrolysis set-up so one would expect it would take a hell of a lot of energy to make enough gas to run the motor with. I was also skeptical. I figured maybe he ran his battery down fast or something.
dvdjamc 3 місяці тому
Se ve muy real e increíble el proyecto, sería cuestión de investigar si alguno de los que ya han visto este vídeo ya lo hizo en su casa, ¿le funcionó?. Por lo mientras, pulgares arriba y me suscribo al canal. Saludos y bendiciones para todos desde México.
Achernars Cardozo
Achernars Cardozo Місяць тому
Espera sentado........podrías cansarte de esperar!
Arno Seitzinger
Arno Seitzinger 2 місяці тому
If you power the electrolyzer from a battery and then run a gen on it, you'd get wayyy more efficiency by connecting the bat to an inverter. I think there is a hidden fule supply because there is no way these few bubbles run the gen
keithfucius 2 місяці тому
Actually you would have even more loss if you powered it from a battery and connected it to an inverter. You dont gain power by upping the voltage via an inverter, in fact you loose even more due to the losses in the inverter.
КоммуНЯКА Кавайная
КоммуНЯКА Кавайная 2 місяці тому
Well, it's obviously runs on battery, while electrolysis is just another conversion, that only adds up to the total energy loss. For this to really work, you need to add more energy to the system, than it losses by heating up our universe :) It's not about efficiency of your electolysis bucket, it's about physics. And if you want efficiency, you should throw your combustion engine away :) But i am sure you know about all that 😏
1953Wes 2 місяці тому
Anyone who wants to prove to themselves that this doesn't work can do it very cheaply by just bubbling approximately that quantity of hydrogen through water and trying to start a decent sized motor on it. Way less work than reproducing all this and then finding out it doesn't work. I presume his "H++" is either just a salt or (if he is actually trying to make this work) possibly a polymer sulfonic acid. They've always got to throw that "unknown" bit in there to say "but you don't know everything I'm doing, ha ha ha".
Low Eel
Low Eel 2 місяці тому
You don't need battery if you use HH+ electrolyzer. Meaning, you put energy into chemical form. Of course, this is like having a battery, but , you know , people don't realize chemical energy may exist.
Uno Sanus
Uno Sanus 2 місяці тому
Изра Багаев
Изра Багаев 2 місяці тому
Когда я создам двигателей и генераторов типа БТГ надеюсь всех вас физиков лишить дипломов, на полном серёзе.
Pablo Cristancho
Pablo Cristancho 3 місяці тому
Que interesante ,hay unos modelos que del aire también transforman el hidrógeno x ese medio..
Mario Jorge
Mario Jorge 2 місяці тому
Muito bom. parabéns.
ern sailor
ern sailor 2 місяці тому
That's got to be the most fuel efficient engine ever made, just a few tiny bubbles is all it needs, remarkable, have you considered testing to see if it works on the moon, I'm sure if you save that super gas in a jar you could easily make a rocket to get you there.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 місяці тому
Sadly he has a bunch of subscribers just salivating to get their hands on free energy, when they should try getting their hands on a physics book:)
ern sailor
ern sailor Місяць тому
@Kevin Smith What makes you think they can read? 😁
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Місяць тому
@ern sailor well, they can post some comments, makes me think they at least understand that much. It's a start:)
ern sailor
ern sailor Місяць тому
@Kevin Smith Ai probably does it for them, apparently Ai can write a book so comments should be a walk in the park.
Jesus Torbisco
Jesus Torbisco 3 місяці тому
Que bueno lo lograron esperamos que ya salgo en venta felicidades SRS científicos Dios los bendiga
Achernars Cardozo
Achernars Cardozo Місяць тому
Son chantas, esto no sirve para nada.
Bendzi Zex
Bendzi Zex 2 місяці тому
You still need equal electrical power (from battery) for electrolysis (if we ignore internal losses). Instead of this complications you can simple use this electrical accumulator for battery tools :)
James Sutter
James Sutter 2 місяці тому
If only they could find a cleaver way to split the hydrogen and oxygen than the recombining of hydrogen and oxygen produces, then it could power itself.
Jonah Whale
Jonah Whale 2 місяці тому
It looks as if it's based on Meyer's Water Fuel Cell. It doesn't use traditional electrolysis &, hence, doesn't have the same power requirements.
Ernst Lessau
Ernst Lessau 2 місяці тому
@James Sutter ... was der #5,00 RON doch genauso ja gemacht hat !
Alejandro Sáez
Alejandro Sáez 2 місяці тому
Muy sospechoso que las rpm del generador no cambien con carga. Que sea posible no quiere decir que sea viable ya que la batería es la que crea la electrolisis. El rendimiento neto es inferior a la carga de la batería y la herramienta
Toro53 2 місяці тому
Este es un comentario serio e inteligente 👍 UKposts se detendrá con sus videos falsos y todos los tontos que creen en ellos (18'557 tontos)😅😆😆😅😂🤣
Serge 2 місяці тому
c'est de l'eau sans plomb 95 ou 98 ?
Rubens correa moreira
Rubens correa moreira 2 місяці тому
Não acho que seja sincero esse projeto eu fiz um bem parecido faz tempo, mas fazer funcionar o motor não fez.
Iván Ponce
Iván Ponce 3 місяці тому
Este lo construí hace 40 años atrás y aún lo poseo, claro lo hice pequeño y resultó, lo probé en un moto-bomba es muy efectivo aún si le pones agua del mar
triunviratoreal 2 місяці тому
me pasas los planos porfa?
Achernars Cardozo
Achernars Cardozo Місяць тому
En algunas religiones mentir es un pecado.
Geraldo Sóuza
Geraldo Sóuza 2 місяці тому
Já conhecia esse sistema, que é fantástico, barato e prático!
Jorge São Jorge
Jorge São Jorge 2 місяці тому
Muito,muito,muito,muito BOM!!
Charles Hugh Bryan
Charles Hugh Bryan 2 місяці тому
Great video !! Stan Meyers would be proud of you !! I've got his manuscript of several inventions and will build at least one this summer. Keep the videos coming and congratulations for this one.
Marty Josephson
Marty Josephson 2 місяці тому
Very interesting video, I would to build this but I would need a little more information, material of the squares, the size of the squares, hole sizes, length of the rod's, the washers used for insulators, etc. thanks in advance. Also is there an English version
A zene szárnyán
A zene szárnyán 2 місяці тому
For me, it's not enough to have a set of seemingly scientific props. As long as there are cuts in the video, as long as it is not possible to know what happened to the whole thing before it started, as long as it is not possible to see what is actually driving the engine, and as long as there is no explanation as to why the transparent cover of one of the cells suddenly changed, I will live with my suspicion that I am being taken for a fool. Számomra nem elég, ha van egy sor tudományosnak tűnő kellék. Amíg vágások vannak a videóban, amíg nem lehet tudni, hogy mi történt az egésszel az indulás előtt, amíg nem lehet látni, hogy valójában mi hajtja a motort, és amíg nincs magyarázat arra, hogy miért változott meg hirtelen az egyik cella átlátszó burkolata, addig együtt fogok élni a gyanúmmal, hogy hülyének néznek.
Greg Perez
Greg Perez 2 місяці тому
It is a fool not enough bubbles for make run this Engin it's simple mathematics
Victor kadylac
Victor kadylac Місяць тому
great video I like the inventions on this channel very creative I really liked the video of the power generator I'm going to try to make one like it someday I hope I get it I wish myself luck and thanks again for motivating my mind I want the channel to grow more and more
Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez 2 місяці тому
en la parte de carburacion como hacen para q el flotante del carburador quede en su posicion y no quede trabada la aguja?
Мифодий Всемизабытый
Мифодий Всемизабытый 2 місяці тому
Для питания болгарки или другого инструмента проще использовать аккумулятор и преобразователь постоянного тока в переменный. КПД будет в разы выше, т.к. многократное преобразование энергии ( электроэнергия-> энергия разрыва химической связи-> тепловая энергия-> электрическая энергия-> механическая энергия) заведомо проигрывает прямому использованию электрической энергии (электрическая энергия-> механическая энергия). Даже при использовании преобразователя напряжения.
Wayland Mayo
Wayland Mayo 2 місяці тому
Excellent! A few questions... Did you test the pressure in each of the containers during operation? If yes was it stable? Is the Hydrogen Gas corrosive to the carburetor bowl or seals?
leif persson
leif persson Місяць тому
dont fall for it...
Enrique Scolari
Enrique Scolari 2 місяці тому
Es solo una curiosidad de la fisica y quimica , antiguo experimento no aplicable como solucion energetica , pues la convercion consume mas energia de la que produce ... 😊
Claudio Sotto
Claudio Sotto Місяць тому
​Daniel Totalmente de acuerdo
Osvaldo Lanfranchi
Osvaldo Lanfranchi Місяць тому
Alcanza con conocimientos básicos de física para saber que esto es un grandioso engaño.
Neil Lickfold
Neil Lickfold 2 місяці тому
There is no way that amount of hydrogen is producing the kw/h to be running that engine like that on generated hydrogen.
Travis Capehart
Travis Capehart 3 місяці тому
The problem with on demand hydrogen generation is the massive current needed to perform the electrolytic process along with other compounds and not so helpful gases produced with this process. It is possible to produce a constant stream of crude hydrogen as depicted but impurities in the water will also undergo that process in parallel wich salt produces both sodium hydrochoride, and releases chlorine gas, and causes sodium to look for something to react with... water!!! Produceing hydrochoric acid wich interferes with the hydrogen production. Itcan be done but not for a long time and not in amounts large enough to be used in anything other than small engine applications
Manuel Benavides
Manuel Benavides 3 місяці тому
No funciona ... Problemas de temp.
cassidy snedeker
cassidy snedeker 3 місяці тому
Distilled water
Travis Capehart
Travis Capehart 2 місяці тому
@Steve Parkinson water can be generated from its components, but the process is slow, impractical, expensive, energy hungry, and generally not even considered for an everyday driver fuel source. For its cost the hydrogen fuel cell cannot produce enough energy and it is still the best alternate given all considerations
Sergio Adrian Diez
Sergio Adrian Diez 2 місяці тому
Muy lindo video ., Pregunta cuánto te dura andando el generador con esa cantidad de agua ... En vacío o con carga ? Sabes?
Никита Шафрановский
Никита Шафрановский 2 місяці тому
В принципе установка по добыче газа Брауна должна работать. Но есть два момента. 1) Хватит ли объема получаемого газа для работы двигателя. 2) Температура горения этого газа достигает 2000° по Цельсию. Отсюда долговечность ДВС снижается примерно минут максимум до 15. А дальше поршень расплавится .
NitraM Anul
NitraM Anul 2 місяці тому
La batería es de 12 voltios (de gel, libre mantenimiento). Se usa para estabilizar la carga del "sistema de encendido" del motor a combustión interna. Se carga con el alternador del motor (parecido al sistema de encendido que tiene una motocicleta, sólo que este alternador solo tiene un solo devanado inducido). El electrolito le da la cantidad extra de Hidrógeno que se necesita para alimentar el motor. El segundo recipiente que tiene al lado de la celda de hidrólisis se llama "apaga llamas" o "arresta llamas"; es una medida de seguridad, para prevenir que ocurra el incidente que una chispa produzca la ignición en el recipiente donde se produce la electrólisis. A demás de estabilizar la presión de salida del carburante y combruente por el mismo canal, impidiendo que los mismos se escapen una vez se pare o apague el motor del generador (siempre quedará un remanente de Hidrógeno, una vez detenido el generador). Este invento es PERFECTAMENTE FACTIBLE. Por lo que yo veo, los señores que opinan en contra, no prestaron mucha atención a las clases de química. Y el pedazo de cartón que se coloca entre el filtro de goma espuma en el receptáculo del "filtro de aire" del carburador, es para atenuar un poco el flujo de aire atmosférico (ya que se tiene una proporción de "combruente" u oxígeno, en cantidad suficiente en la manguera de ingreso al carburador) para el funcionamiento del motor. Es necesario tapar un poco el ingreso de aire, ya que el motor no arrancaría. Ahora, hago una pregunta : cuánto tiempo durarán los electrodos (varillas roscadas, tuercas y las placas de acero inoxidable), bajo un régimen de uso contínuo❔... sin que se forme una capa de oxidación (debido a las sales "residuales" disueltas en el agua de red o agua potable). Ojalá que el inventor me ayude con esta inquietud. Saludos 🇦🇷👍👋.
No way.
No way. 2 місяці тому
Así es, pero el electrolito se hace con agua destilada y potasa cáustica o sosa cáustica. Busca info sobre el electrolito para hho.
sofbeo bulser
sofbeo bulser 2 місяці тому
Neko je ovde u komentarima napisao da se može upotrebiti i koristiti PLOČA OD NIKL_A umesto ploče od nerdjajućeg čelika.
Eduardo Cintas
Eduardo Cintas 2 місяці тому
Estimado, con la mejor intención le recomiendo repasa física, en especial, las leyes de la termodinámica. El invento es PERFECTAMENTE FACTIBLE, si consume la energía de la batería, si se intenta alimentar del alternador. Va a estar consumiendo mas energía que la que genera y el motor se va a detener. Hacer funcionar un motor de combustión con HHO es bastante trivial. Y como el mismo ya es estequiométrico no necesita entrada de aire ambiental aun tapando la mitrad se "ahogaría por sobrar oxigeno en la mezcla, por lo cual seguramente este recibiendo gasolina además de HHO. Generar el HHO para el motor con electrolisis tambien es FACTIBLE, pero se necesita una fuente de energía externa para realizarla si se quiere usa la energía generada por motor para una carga útil. En cualquier caso, toda las conversiones tienen perdida en el mundo real, aca se tendría unas eficiencias de 90% en la carga de la batería, 70% en el alternador, 80% en electrolisis y MENOS de 40% en la combustión(se pierde MUCHAS energía como calor residual). Por lo tanto, dado los desgastes de las partes móviles, se tiene tambien poca durabilidad y alto mantenimiento. Sumado a la baja eficiencia. es mejor un inverso que alimente desde la batería directamente la carga útil. Y mucho mejor herramientas diseñadas para operar a batería. Que algo sea FACTIBLLE, no lo hace EFICIENTE. Por lejos no es la mejor solución posible para alimentar una radial conn una batería(que es lo que se ve en el video). El desgaste de los electrodos seria lo de menos, aunque serian mejor de niquel(creo). El punto es que si el autor logro que funcione, seguramente sabe todo esto y es mas probable que quiera embaucar inversores y/o compradores a que simplemente este equivocado.
Pablo Pugliese
Pablo Pugliese 2 місяці тому
Con el combustible que le queda al carburador ese motor funciona 10 minutos y los carburadores funcionan con líquidos ,si le pones gas se escapa por los respiraderos
Charles Galiko
Charles Galiko Місяць тому
Como la energía que produce el H2 quemando es inferior a la energía necesaria para producir la misma cantidad de este H2, el resultado es que el rendimiento de este aparato es negativo o sea que se va a descargar la batería hasta que se pare el "motor a agua". Es interesante ver como se llega a tal resultado. Gracias por el vídeo.
SERGIO COSTA 2 місяці тому
Sugestão : Faça tudo q ficar em contato com a solução eletrolítica exceto os eletrolitos ( podem ser de carvão ou grafite dependendo do q for a solução eletrolitica), em louça ou vidro
Bo Boy
Bo Boy 19 днів тому
Поздравления за видеото!!! Идеята за използване на браунов газ като гориво в ДВГ не е нова и никак не е лоша. Проблемът е в КПДто на газ генератора. Предполагам, че този тип (мокър) генератрор не произвежда повече от 0,5 - 0,8 литра ННО газ за минута, което не е достатъчно за задвижването на двигател с голям обем, Предполагам, че двигателя на ел. генератора е с работен обем 250-350 сс., при което количеството газ, може би е достатъчно. При използване на т.н. сух генератор с производство на ННО между 1 и 1,5 и повече литра за минута е възможно да се задвижи и ДВГ с по-голям работен обем. По мой лични наблюдения смятам, че ННО генератор съчетан с E-REX двигател е напълно възможна и доста ефективна комбинация, тък като Е-REX моторите дават около 120 к.с. при само 500 сс. обем на двигателя. Въпросът ми към автора на видеото е - Какво използва за създаване на електролита, защото не ми стана напълно ясно и от къде мога да си го купя (може да ми отговори на лични на моят канал)?. Аз използвам и монтирам подобен тип ННО генератори на автомобили, като помощно гориво, което реално намаля разхода и подобрява работата на мотора, при това с доста по-ниски вредни емисии.
Hernan M
Hernan M 2 місяці тому
Excelente, pero autonomía de unos 10 a 15 minutos ya que sin un controlador CCPWM puede pasar los 30 amperes de consumo, lo digo por que lo hice hace unos 5 años atrás y lo usé en un vehículo, hasta 50% de ahorro conseguí, por ahí lo tengo guardado desde que vendí el vehículo, pronto lo retomaré para ponerlo en una camioneta diesel que tengo. saludos
Achernars Cardozo
Achernars Cardozo Місяць тому
No agranden más la fantasía, bastante disparates ya dice el video.
Валерий Чиркин
Валерий Чиркин 2 місяці тому
Проходили такое лет 40 назад. Хотели водородную горелку сделать. Все по уму было сделано, но после пары взрывов (без жертв и разрушений) стало понятно, что вся затея ни о чем. Погоревали маленько, а потом с появлением газовых горелок жизнь наладилась. Току электролизер жрал море, а выхлоп был мизерный.
Pablo Luis Vrankovich
Pablo Luis Vrankovich 2 місяці тому
En la Universidad Tecnólogica de Rosario (Argentina), existe el prototipo de un motor que funciona con ese principio. Me lo contó un tío que se recibió de ING. Electromecánico, y posteriormente otros estudiantes que pasaron por esa casa universitaria. La patente del invento la compró una empresa ligada a industria de los combustibles fósiles, cuyo interés era seguir con sus negocios sin tener competencia de un modo ecológico de hacer que el mundo se mueva. Al menos hace 50 años la humanidad podría haber dejado los combustibles fósiles.
Achernars Cardozo
Achernars Cardozo Місяць тому
El cuento del tío,
Gatnos 2 місяці тому
The energy needed to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water can be captured by a combustion engine/generator. However, you will not recover 100% of that energy since some of the energy is wasted by overcoming friction and other factors that affect efficiency.
Alex l
Alex l 2 місяці тому
*_What is the efficiency (performance ratio) of this method? M.b. 50-60-70-80-90%? Well, let's say 50%. What is the efficiency of gasoline? 1) The presence of oil in the ground (In Germany it is not); 2) Mineral exploration; 3) Transportation of oil to Germany; (water is available in Germany); 4) the cost of refining oil into gasoline; 5) The fight for the environment when burning gasoline... etc. Credited? Plus, if you charge the battery, just to start the engine, free solar, wind, hydroelectric power, then in this case the presented method, for running an internal combustion engine on hydrogen or for driving a Tesla car... costs 3-4 times cheaper! (in Germany) Do you understand me?_*
Francisco Bento Almeida Urioste
Francisco Bento Almeida Urioste 2 місяці тому
Parabéns pela apresentação. Saudações do Brasil.
Fer C
Fer C 2 місяці тому
The PC Expert Amateur
The PC Expert Amateur 2 місяці тому
Hobbyists in Indonesia do something similar (and simpler) to this for their motorcycles to decrease gas consumption. They put a white, chalky material in the water chamber - I don't remember what it is. My ex-brother-in-law did it.
Robert Blahnik
Robert Blahnik Місяць тому
What he isn't showing you is an established run time on the grinder. Would have been nice to see that. Oops! it can't as the hydrogen burns off too quickly under load...
Zoltan Lengyel
Zoltan Lengyel 2 місяці тому
12 volt feszültséggel, egy lemez párral , 42 Khz frekvenciaával készítettem víz bontó készüléket . Minimális mennyiségű gáz keletkezett .
Eric Gyn
Eric Gyn 3 місяці тому
Gostaria saber mais detalhes do isolamento das placas, não entendi muito bem, se tiver vídeo deixe pra nós aqui nos comentários.
Marisela Perez Vivas
Marisela Perez Vivas 2 місяці тому
Me encanta este video hay que hacerlo ya nos aburrimos del humo de la gasolina y el diésel esto es lo maximo
Achernars Cardozo
Achernars Cardozo Місяць тому
Crees que un tonto video de estos puede solucionar uno de los problemas más grandes que tenemos en el mundo con la contaminación? Admiro tu credibilidad.
Fernando Maia
Fernando Maia 2 місяці тому
É bom para motores estacionários em que não necessita de variação de velocidade. Já para automóveis, onde há alteração de velocidade e aceleração, é preciso utilizar um sistema de acréscimo de combustível nas retomadas de velocidade. Por esse motivo, em automóveis, se utiliza o hidrogênio (obtido pela eletrólise) como economizador de combustível, mas não como combustível único.
Extraordinario y excelente proyecto. Y muchas Felicitaciones a sus creadores. Me imagino muchísimas horas de dedicación. Mucho esfuerzo, mucha constancia. Gratitud y Reconocimiento desde CHOTA-PERU. Y que sigan sus éxitos. Bendiciones al Grupo de Ingenieros.
Fabian Romano
Fabian Romano 3 місяці тому
Esto no es real. Es un engaño. La energía sale de ese polvo que ponen en el agua. Y no dicen a la gente que es el polvo. La fórmula química HH+ no es una fórmula química real que exista. Es un engaño
Herbert Simon
Herbert Simon 2 місяці тому
Forbidden? My dad made one of these in the 70s. Worked fine but very inefficient. Watch out for those pesky conservation of energy laws!
Gil Rand
Gil Rand 2 місяці тому
Of course there is a 'secret ingredient' so that if it does not work for you after all the trouble of building this, there is an explanation. It's all good (if you believe) right up to that part. Pushed the Hydrogen mix through a regular carb too, I don't think so. I can't see how you would get sufficient fuel delivery. Sorry not buying.
coachgeo 2 місяці тому
Secrete ingredient is likely a known simple catalyst. Catalyst speeds up the conversion process (in this case conversion= break apart bonds between Hydrogen and oxygen that makes up the water.) Different catalyst do it different ways. Think of it like.... some chemical is added the water that makes the electronic bonds in the water easier to break free from one another so the Hydrogen and oxygen separate without as much electrical charge needing to being introduced into the water. Every HHO type system uses a catalyst. Commonly it is Potassium Hydroxide.
Ricardo Mejia
Ricardo Mejia 3 місяці тому
Excelente ojalá lo difundan mas
Carlos Lima
Carlos Lima 2 місяці тому
Olá, e pra onde vai o oxigênio? Junto com Hidrogênio? Se for assim com a faisca do motor cria agua dentro da camera de combustão...
Raul Molino
Raul Molino Місяць тому
Se que habia un motor de un inventor Español, de hace muchos años, no se que mineral le echaba al agua y funcionaba, la patente pasó al estado Español y parece ser que ahi se quedó
Martin Dufka
Martin Dufka 3 місяці тому
I have an idea how to improve efficiency of this engine. In fact you can remove whole motor and generator and just convert 12V battery to 230V AC. Another step up in the efficiency would be to discard the converter to 230V and use DC converter e.g. to 18V and connect it to a battery tool. Obviously the most effective way would be to use 12V battery tools...🙂 Of course my improvements only make sense if the laws of thermodynamics do apply here. Otherwise you must believe you can produce more energy by burning hydrogen and oxygen to water (H2O) then waste energy to break H2O to hydrogen and oxygen in the first place. That means you have built a perpetuum mobile. Congratulations!
Юра Мальцев
Юра Мальцев 3 місяці тому
gotronic 3 місяці тому
Exact. Este o tampenie!!!!
Pete McWade
Pete McWade Місяць тому
It is doable for small engines but you are still limited on the amount you can generate on demand. The amount of electricity needed is high and you'd still be better off buying batteries and charging them up and use the electricity directly to power the electric motor if you need to do work in the field. It is a huge waste to use batteries to generate the HHO to power the little engine.
Mehdi Bizari
Mehdi Bizari 2 місяці тому
The battery is the power of the system. You need the same amount the energy to separate hidrógen form the water molecule, to use in the the engine and make it function. So you can use only the battery and a converter of 12 v to 220 or 110 v and do have the same result. you can use directly your battery to powered your machines! Good luck!
Vito Garraffa
Vito Garraffa 2 місяці тому
Jordan V
Jordan V 2 місяці тому
No, without the water part, it'd be much more efficient! It's a terrible loss to convert electricity into hydrogen and reconvert hydrogen into electricity...
Butalui Koluirev
Butalui Koluirev 2 місяці тому
Точно !
Juan Socias Bennassar
Juan Socias Bennassar 3 місяці тому
hola me gustaria saber cuanto tiempo puede funcionar con el filtro lleno
William Felton
William Felton 2 місяці тому
I could probably do it, from this video, but it would NEVER look as good! Thanks TLEP!
wanderson martins boa
wanderson martins boa 3 місяці тому
Merece um premio, parabéns.
Andrericardo mota
Andrericardo mota 2 місяці тому
8546Ken 2 місяці тому
Show me the total watt-hours of energy were consumed from the battery, and how many watt-hours the generator produced. Rube Goldberg would be impressed. It would be much simpler and more efficient to just run an inverter from the battery. But you still have to explain how the battery gets charged.
Ivan Paypa
Ivan Paypa 3 місяці тому
did you make any modification of the engine and what is the difference between HH+ and a sodium chloride?
Ugo Leonardo
Ugo Leonardo 2 місяці тому
TIROU ONDA PARABÉNS ACHEI TOP! Mais deveria ter na descrição o projeto para os mais bobinhos porém o vídeo é 100% didático👍😉🎂❗
Robert Blahnik
Robert Blahnik Місяць тому
Lo que no te está mostrando es un tiempo de ejecución establecido en el molinillo. Hubiera sido bueno ver eso. ¡Vaya! No puede, ya que el hidrógeno se quema demasiado rápido bajo carga ...
BioSaúde 2 місяці тому
Genial 😁 parabéns 👏👏👏👏
felicjan dulski
felicjan dulski 2 місяці тому
Konwersja jednej formy energii w drugą zawsze jest ze stratą. No tak, z zasilanego dieslem generatora dostajemy energię elektryczną, dzięki której rozbijamy wodę na tlen i wodór. Uzyskany wodór (który zakumulował część energii elektrycznej) spalamy w silniku termodynamicznym. Nic szczególnego w sumie, ale trzeba pamiętać, że maksymalna sprawność silnika pracującego w oparciu o cykl Carnota jest mniejsza od 50%. Może jednak akumulatory?
Хлебников Денис
Хлебников Денис 2 місяці тому
Энергия потребляемая для разделения молекулы воды больше, чем энергия выделямая при сжигании этого же объёма!!!
B 2 місяці тому
P.s. as shown in this video, do NOT use clear water filter cylinders as shown, they do not like sunlight, they do not like ch😂micals, they crack. Everytime. Use the pvc white non clear filter canisters.
Fernando Pizarro
Fernando Pizarro 3 місяці тому
Eso es verdadero, los motores a hidrogeno son reales, el motivo es la energía que se necesita para hacer la electrolisis del agua para separar el hidrogeno del oxigeno, en pocas palabras el problema radica en que se necesita mas energía que la que se produce. ?El generador eléctrico, mantiene la batería o acumulador de corriente con una carga de corriente continua? Si asi es, este video es perfecto.
maique coelho
maique coelho 2 місяці тому
eu fiz e deu certo !!! to usando numa maquina de cortar grama, nunca mais compro gasolina e já to num projeto pra colocar no carro....
vicarmon 5 місяців тому
Excelente y Genial video Mil Gracias por compartir
J. Jonas Cercatti
J. Jonas Cercatti 2 місяці тому
ira funcionar bem ate se esgotar a carga da bateria e a força morora nao conseguir suprir a demanda de carga necessaria para gerar hidrogenio 🥴
Alexander Banman
Alexander Banman 2 місяці тому
This isn't a water engine, it's an HH+ engine. I just looked up how much HH+ costs and it said $800 USD for 5 US gallons. How long does the fuel last? What is the energy required to synthesize HH+? Or does it need to be mined?
puntero laser
puntero laser 3 місяці тому
There is a difference between seeing and believing but you have shown with your inventiveness that you can be believed by seeing what you do. Excellent work now that we are in the energetic evolution: manetic, electrolytic and continuous thanks friend.
Cícero Cruz
Cícero Cruz 2 місяці тому
Onde encontro os materiais para fazer este motor?
Pedro Carrero
Pedro Carrero День тому
Deberias explicar cuanto tiempo produce hidrógeno y oxigeno los dos litros. el agua residual luego de unos minutos de reaccion ya no agua y lo que queda es un acido o una base.... pero deberia haber circulacion de agua limpia para mantener la tasa de produccipn de oxigeno. asi que cuantos litros de agua se requieren para 1 hora de hidrógeno continuo ?. esto lo hace viable ?
Silvio Pomin
Silvio Pomin 2 місяці тому
É impossível que este motor funcione com a quantidade de h2 que está sendo produzida.
Daniel yegzaw
Daniel yegzaw 2 місяці тому
I appreciate what you did on this project. but, I'm concerning that after the hydrogen gas is burnt out water will formed on the top of the piston. so, their is a possibility of water entering in to cylinder head. meaning after certain time ruining the piston and or the crank shaft could get tucked because a luck of viscosity. after your test what was going on regarding my question? please answer my question kindly. thank you.
PutItInHerDry69 2 місяці тому
Ive thought about this as well, my guess is the hot internal temps would keep the water steam until it came into the exaust. overtime i would assume it will cause water damage but only one way to find out. Plus in that time i would expect to go through plates of the stainless steel from erosion depending the caustic solution mix like potassium hydroxide for the electrolyte. some use baking soda but potassium hydroxide makes a lot better conductivity and also keeps the plates clean from and film, but will erode over time. it is a win loss. not free energy at all but just have to maximize efficiency and see if it outweighs the cost.
Yazichnik Місяць тому
А кто может объяснить (из тех, кто не прогуливал в школе физику и химию), что мешает сдетонировать гремучему газу прямо в емкости или трубке? И вообще, сколько нужно электроэнергии для расщепления необходимого для работы двигателя количества воды?
Steve 6446
Steve 6446 Місяць тому
Elektriku ani nie je tam batéria , to by šlo , lebo tam je alternátor na nabíjanie , mňa by skôr zaujímalo koľko to vydrží bežať , na ten obsah vody
Вадим Смирнов
Вадим Смирнов Місяць тому
Вторая колба с водой, это водяной замок
Serg Russ
Serg Russ Місяць тому
​@Steve 6446 Аккумулятор есть, без него бы не начала разлагаться вода на водород и кислород. Без топлива генератор работать не будет. КПД не может быть > 1, поэтому как только аккумулятор разрядится водорода не будет и генератор отключится. Мне кажется, что генератор и так работает на другом топливе, не на водороде, слишком уж мало его вырабатывается данной установкой.
Splendens Regan
Splendens Regan 2 місяці тому
A eletrólise da água gasta mais energia do que a quantidade de hidrogênio necessária para fazer o motor funcionar. Seria melhor trocar o motor a combustão por motor elétrico e, ao invés de gastar energia elétrica na eletrólise, gastaria alimentando diretamente o motor elétrico. A propósito, quem proibiu este motor de água?
olnim 2 місяці тому
Такие видео очень полезны, они учат людей работать руками, а после головой.
Nélio Aparecido
Nélio Aparecido Місяць тому
OLa Boa tarde amigos tudo bem? Este motor ele é movido a hidrogênio? ñ com água! um motor movido com água ñ precisa ter reagentes químicos pra ele ser acionado, basta uma partida ele pega entenderam. 💜👍
José Carlos Almeida
José Carlos Almeida 3 місяці тому
Para carregar a bateria de 20A 12V , teria que ter um carregador de 20A Hora, para gerar essa corrente neste conjunto gerador/motor gastaria 5 litros de gasolina ( foi o que usou para carregar a bateria }
Eduardo Nuñez
Eduardo Nuñez 2 місяці тому
falto el listado de las piezas mas pequeñas que se colocaron en la ultimo recipiente
Chris Z
Chris Z 2 місяці тому
Despite appearances, this is nothing more than a Rube Goldberg heating element, which will stop as soon as the battery is depleted. It would be a lot more efficient to simply attach an electric heater directly to the battery and toss the rest of the nonsense. Let me say it clearly so everyone can understand: water is not combustible. If you want to turn 2 H20 -> 2 H2 + O2 you can do that, but only by expending energy. And the energy you get back when you recombine 2 H2 + O2 -> 2 H20 will always be less than the energy it took to separate the gasses in the first place. The battery provides this additional energy, right up until it completely drains, at which point the entire system will stop. This is not a water engine. It is a battery powered heater.
ASF.Turbinada 2 місяці тому
Aqui no Brasil acho que foi no Ceará um camarada inteligente desenvolveu uma técnica que mistura os dois hidrogênio x gasolina e tá fazendo sucesso para reduzir gastos consumo da gasolina
raimundo serrano
raimundo serrano 3 місяці тому
Gracias por compartir esto se tiene que difundir
The Liberty Engine Project
The Liberty Engine Project 3 місяці тому
Gracias a ti
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Трезвость - Норма Жизни 2 місяці тому
Да, это работает. Ребята даже строят генераторы водорода, который подают в карбюратор автомобиля. Расход топлива снижается.
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