This NatureHike Sleeping Pad is Terrible! - NatureHike "Ultralight" Two Sided Sleeping Pad Review

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This is the one sleeping pad that I would NOT recommend that you purchase!

It's heavy, it takes up a lot of space, it isn't comfortable and it requires a lot of fooling around to get it inflated.

This is the Agenda Free Review of the Double Sided "Ultralight" NatureHike Sleeping Pad.

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NatureHike Ultralight Double Sided Sleeping Pad - Review

Agenda Free Review :

Price : Retail is $70 but at the time of filming it is selling for $50.

Colors : Blue and Grey

Materials : 40D Nylon with TPU coating.

Weight : 2.1lbs

Dimensions Stored : 12” x 4.5”

Stated Dimensions : 76.77 x 24.4 x 3.1inch
Real Dimensions 1 side : 75” x 23.75” x 2.5” but with gaps in between air pockets

Half and Half : same dimensions but there are gaps in between air pockets are filled.

For best results inflate both sides equally; for me that’s roughly 7 breathes on each side.

Double Sided :
This is not a unique feature as there are some companies who have attempted this before. In case you haven’t seen a pad like this before, the pad has a divider in the center that separates the front from the back.

On the front and the back, you will find air valves and that’s because you can inflate both sides and you can do this in numerous ways;

Inflate all of one side or the other or partially inflate both sides.

Why you may ask? The thinking is this, let's say that you are out for a trip and you puncture one side of the pad, that side may go flat but the other side won't.

Again, this is not a unique design and in truth, while creative this functionality doesn’t translate to a comfortable pad and causes a great deal of fooling around.

Review Pros :
Quality is good.
Materials used are good.
With enough time, this pad can be made comfortable enough to sleep on.
Repair patch is included
Valve has an air release stopper so you can inflate and take breaks without the pad losing air. Also, this allows for quick and easy adjustments so you can make a pad softer if need be.
Quick air release valve works well
Inflation takes about 14 breaths, 7 on each side.
It is a long pad good for individuals 6ft and shorter

Review Cons :
Weight - NH loves to refer to this as being lightweight and ultralight; that is complete nonsense as this pad is heavy at over 2lbs. 2lbs might not sound like much but let's put this into perspective, NH has 1 person tents that weigh about the same as this pad.

The company also claims that it has a small size….that really depends on what you are comparing it to. For a summer sleeping pad, it is on the large size.

For the money, you can get MUCH lighter pads that are equally as comfortable or more so.

Talking about comfort, with both sides being inflated I had issues with my body touching the ground. While better than having one side fully inflated, the pad isn’t all that comfortable especially when you consider the weight. It would be a good thickness for an ultralight sleeping pad but that isn’t what this.

This is a 2.1lb sleeping pad that only offers 2.75” of cushion;
Let me put it this way, the lighter in weight you are the more comfortable it will be. The heavier that you are, the less comfortable it will be as your body pushes through the material into the ground.

As a frame of reference, I weigh 160lbs and as I move on this pad, I hit the ground in numerous spots.

Summary :
I’ve said a lot about this pad so I will wrap this up.
Do I recommend this sleeping pad?
No I don’t!

I said it earlier, there are less expensive pads out there that are just as comfortable or more so.

This pad requires too much time to inflate and has a high fiddle rating. I may have just invented a new category; in other words, to inflate this pad it takes a lot of time and a sleeping pad simply should be that way.

Also, a double sided sleeping really is a gimmick; over the last 10 years how many air mats have i had develop leaks? 2! One was a real leak after tons of use and the other was a defect with a product. That’s it!

For the most part, as long as you aren’t dragging your pad through a briar patch, you’ll be fine. If you have a pad and you have hiked the AT twice, then it might be time to think about it wearing thin.
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James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth Місяць тому
In my youth, inflatable pads had about as much life expectancy as a children's balloon. Thankfully, fabrics and adhesives have gotten many times better.
TheOutdoorGearReview Місяць тому
That is so very true! I have a sleeping pad from 1984 and it is still going strong today. It's heavy as h*ll but is going to outlive me I am sure. lol - Luke
Mystery LovesCompany
Mystery LovesCompany 10 днів тому
For the money, just get a Trekology UL80 & actually be comfortable.
Happy Knife
Happy Knife 15 днів тому
Naturehike have a reputation for their measurements being off, quite frankly it happens so much that they are trying to deliberately deceive customers.
Jonny Dee
Jonny Dee Місяць тому
Thanks for video as always! Love your outro music
Gifted Fox
Gifted Fox Місяць тому
My main issue if I get this is the breathing into the pad. I have lung damage from my time in service and only have 65% of my lung capacity. This really sounds like it is going to give me a work out and that in itself makes me not want to get this.
Steve M
Steve M Місяць тому
Good review
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb Місяць тому
Have you ever thought about doing a video of good gear for people to get into camping with?
Marie Joaile
Marie Joaile Місяць тому
I feel it would be an ok product for canoe camping where you can often get away with a bit more weigth, but space migth still be at a premium. And is cheeper than somethimg like my nemo.
Smaakjeks K
Smaakjeks K Місяць тому
Double-sided sleeping pads? Double-sided sleeping pads! Double-sided sleeping pads?? Double-sided sleeping pads!!
:ScRaMbLeS: Місяць тому
Have u done any review on eureka cobra tent
Arielle-Viking Venturer N Victuals
Arielle-Viking Venturer N Victuals Місяць тому
Great in depth review Luke. 💯❤👍
zero11010 Місяць тому
With these thumbnails there isn’t a reason to watch the video. Once I know what the product is and that it’s bad there isn’t really a need to find out why. I trust your opinion.
ally p
ally p Місяць тому
is there a budget one that you would recommend? i was think about getting this. thanks
S. Sagan
S. Sagan Місяць тому
I use my double-sided Sea To Summit pads for car camping. They are super nice. I don't consider it a gimmick, it's nice to have a bit of security if there's a leak on one side.
Timon K
Timon K Місяць тому
Why are there no pads with kevlar / puncture proof fabrics?
Scott S.
Scott S. Місяць тому
This is what happens when idiot marketing people are allowed free reign. I bet all the upper management for the company came up through sales and Marketing instead of Engineering.
Kris Hudson-Lee
Kris Hudson-Lee Місяць тому
I bought a similar pad to this. Absolutely not comfortable. I found the same effects as you experienced and I found myself in contact with the ground. I replaced it the very next trip with a tubular one.
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore Місяць тому
I thought the reason for two sides, is so that the air that your body has heated doesn't come in contact with the ground. Kind of like double pane windows.
Backpacking Florida
Backpacking Florida Місяць тому
I'm over halfway done with the Appalachian Trail and I'm using a Katadyn befree because of your reviews. It has not failed me yet. Thank you for your honest reviews.
vo1pwf Місяць тому
6lb sheeeesh....thats rough
Tjd Місяць тому
When i sleep on the ground with a thin pad i dig a small like 1 inch hole where my hip bone would hit and it makes a huge difference. Fyi
Guilherme Bianeck
Guilherme Bianeck Місяць тому
That's a good tip low, specially if you're looking to carry lightweight stuff
Broken Tangent
Broken Tangent Місяць тому
Speaking of 'comfortable'.... is there any chance you could possibly review something called the 'Helko Werk Waxed Canvas Bedroll'? It's done in the style of an old-world bedroll, meant to be used with a blanket (wool?) wrapped inside, without needing a tent at all! They're NOT at all ultralight, but instead are meant to be super durable, and last a lifetime (and expensive!)...but, a very interesting/cool product nonethless, that doesn't get much love on youtube! Love the videos as always!
Kenton Hammond
Kenton Hammond Місяць тому
I have 2 Thinsulite self inflating single size sleeping pads. It came with a strap system that would connect the 2 & stop them from moving around if needed. Totally waterproof & warm. Unroll them in camp, wait 3 minutes, 5-6 breaths , done, they are perfect. I've used it on a Glacier & never felt a thing ! I bought these at least 10-15 years ago, & they still look brand new. They weren't cheap, but I can't remember the price cuz I had $$$ back then. I still use one of them today on my couch where I sleep, 8/4/2021 because of my bad back from driving Big-Rigs for 30 years. When I was still backpacking in the boonies / Mountains I kept it on the top of my pack under flap & carried my REI tent attached to the bottom of my pack, or Visa versa depending. 15 years old, still using it nightly, still looks brand new, & will keep you dry & warm on a Glacier. You need a review on those, if they still make them. Love your stuff Bro. Enjoy what you do, the years go fast. I'm 68, still in fairly good shape for a 3 day hike, but my Mountain climbing days are over, too much weight for what you need to survive above 7-8,000 ft.
Jonathan Barringham
Jonathan Barringham Місяць тому
There harassment
Jonathan Barringham
Jonathan Barringham Місяць тому
Jeremy Moses
Jeremy Moses Місяць тому
There will be a warning label later like the other company stating no fatties 😆
dmkccR2ventureMade Місяць тому
Thank you! Very helpful as usual. I do not know a lot about pads. Thank you much for the info and honesty.
Zoe Watson
Zoe Watson Місяць тому
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Casa de Pistola
Casa de Pistola Місяць тому
"...I'm not trying to be hard..." I would not have subscribed to your channel otherwise. Keep hitting it hard. No agenda. Just honest opinions. Thank you for all your informative reviews. Best to you and your lovely wife, mate.
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner Місяць тому
At 6’2” and 225 lbs I don’t think this sleeping pad will be for me. Thanks for the review.
MrMcGoy Місяць тому
This pad would be useless for me. The only thing that potentially ruins my outdoor/camping experiences is the sleeping situation. I weigh 106kg at 6'2 (about 230) and have to sleep on my side to be comfortable. I have to carry a self inflating pad that is quite thick but unfortinately it is huge/heavy and needs to go external on my pack.
MrMcGoy Місяць тому
@Smashy You'll find people passionate for a product and equally against so yep, whatever works. Unfamiliar with the nemo pillow though. Thanks for the well wishes mate and the same to you ✌️
Smashy Місяць тому
@MrMcGoy ah that’s a bummer about the stores. I haven’t done much research into the big Agnes pads (although I love the tent I have from them) but people seem to be opinionated about them, either love em or hate em. And yeah if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Thanks for the info about the Aeros, it’s good to know you like it. I’m torn between that and the Nemo fillo elite. Keep on livin man! Good luck with future adventures my friend.
MrMcGoy Місяць тому
@Smashy I have a feeling our biggest retailers wouldn't allow testing and unfortunately the smaller retailers that may be more customer orientated and let you try gear only have a hand full of stores in their brand and tend to be in smaller towns where they don't directly compete with the biggest chains. I was looking at the big Agnes axl air a while ago but it would have cost me something close to $350 which I'm not willing to spend. I can make do with what I have for now anyway, but I'll definitely note down your suggestions for when I'm looking to burn more money lol. Btw, I have the sea to summit aeros pillow and it is quite good. Despite my lack of ability to inflate it just right 🤣 It packs down smaller than a baseball so if you wanted the larger version it would still pack down very small.
Smashy Місяць тому
@MrMcGoy Sure thing! haha the pillow is actually something I’ve been having trouble with as well. I use the trekology aluft 2.0 and I’m not sure I can get it to work with my shoulders. I’ve been looking at spending some more for the sea to summit Aeros I think it’s spelled. The pads I mentioned in the spec I mentioned are 25 inches wide, opposed to the (I think) 20 on your Astro, and that’s super nice for broad guys. I don’t keep mine at 100% stiffness, probably anywhere from 70%-90% filled with air depending on how I’m feeling. The baffles on the pure air pads are key to getting good comfort regardless of how filled they are and both of these have great baffling. Even though I have the tensor, I would recommend the ether light xt to you. It’s thicker (About the same as yours, or a little more), has kind of better baffling (and things to prevent you rolling off), and many people say it’s more comfortable than the tensor. I think there’s a slight weight penalty but for sleep, who cares. I would encourage you to go into an outfitter if you have one nearby and see if you can try them out. My local outfitter (not an rei, but I’m sure they would allow it although pretty sure they’re not in Australia) has demo pads out and is super lenient about letting people try stuff. I’m confident they would let me open a new one up to try too. The ether light also has nice valves that would be good for fine tuning your air pressure as well. I seriously considered returning my tensor for one but I figure If it’s that big a deal, I could get one down the line and have the tensor for friends. All in all, if you’ve got something you’re happy with and works for your use case, what does it matter haha. Just info to keep in mind.
MrMcGoy Місяць тому
@Smashy Cheers for the reply mate. I already have a nemo astro air that was my main pad for about 18 months and as far as size goes its good enough although wider would be better. I find that purely air (over air and inner core self inflating) isn't as comfortable for me. Do you find you inflate yours rather firm or leave it a bit less inflated? As I said before the one I am using is thick (actually 100mm) which is nice but just chunky. And considering I'm not a multi day or long distance hiker/camper it's a trade off I'm currently willing to make.The bastard cost me $250 Aud also. I do also feel though that inflating my pillow to the perfect height is hard to get right. If only I could just be comfortable on my back then all my (first world) problems would be solved lol.
Peter Pavlovic
Peter Pavlovic Місяць тому
I think I'll stick with my Finnish Sleeping Mat. A little large but I strap it to the outside of the pack. Indestructible, and comfy...
Patrik Nydensten
Patrik Nydensten Місяць тому
Looks like a chinese rip off of Sea To Summit Comfort Plus. Double-sided. Heavy. Similar baffles. Similar valve system.
ROY BATTY Місяць тому
Old time Outdoorsman and Survivalist here. I really enjoy your videos, especially the gear reviews. They are a big help in deciding what to add to the equipment list. Thank you!
Todd Evans
Todd Evans Місяць тому
Ya want to try out the best budget mattress try the vontox esp the orange mummy one. Ive slept on it every night for 6 months straight
Jauffe Jauffreson
Jauffe Jauffreson Місяць тому
With the way it holds under the person's weight it's a good thing they don't make them for people over 6 foot, unless they are a bean pole. I'd personally turn that into a pro.
David Johnson
David Johnson Місяць тому
I was wondering have you looked at the uk carp bivy. I love the look .but was wondering if there was a american version? Also what is your favorite tent under 300$ thanks love the videos
Patryk Plitt
Patryk Plitt Місяць тому
Very nice, I'd like to see more videos with Naturhike equipment. Especially the TEST's.
Bobo Місяць тому
Big Agnes Air Core all the god damn way!
Mike P
Mike P Місяць тому
Can you point us to a good pad
beeveedee Місяць тому
If I bought that pad, I would assume to inflate both sides without having to have instructions saying so. Sometimes it feels like you look to find things wrong with products... But your reviews are honest.
SwampDweller67 Місяць тому
Did you watch the entire video?
RT Steele
RT Steele Місяць тому
You seriously couldn't figure out that you needed to inflate both sides? Who would buy a sleeping pad like this and just keep one side deflated for a "spare". Duh.
Samuel Siedschlag
Samuel Siedschlag Місяць тому
sean coffey
sean coffey Місяць тому
Too much crap products, i would like to see more good products
JD SHL Місяць тому
The weight itself should already have been a red flag. For this weight you could have purchased a proper pad with 10cm thickness for full comfort, but you would be blowing air into it like crazy. Frankly, most people just get a pad under 500g and live with a little bit of discomfort. Better than the bottom of the tent, or worse, the cold hard floor. Even the ultralight pads from the named brands don't work well for taller and heavier people. Can't help taller people, but you can surely solve it for heavier people, up to a certain limit though if you know what I mean. You need to find a way to work around these ultralight pads. One of the ways is to have something like the Gossamer Gear Thinlight Foam Pad and lay it under the sleeping pad, and it does not add much more weight to your system. If your backpack requires a foam pad of sorts to give it support, then this is a plus to the multi-functionality of the foam pad. And then your sleeping bag, although not very thick, adds another layer of cushioning. And also there is the footprint and base of your tent. Of course it helps a lot if you set up in a grassy spot and not a hard place with a lot of gravel.
Donnie Phair
Donnie Phair Місяць тому
A bad copy of the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus. The Sea to Summit is a far superior pad. None of the downfalls the Naturehike seems to have. You should test and review it as a comparison.
Steven Bird
Steven Bird Місяць тому
Naturehike that’s a fail! I’ve had £15 mats from Amazon better than this!
Dennis de Melker
Dennis de Melker Місяць тому
I have an Exped ultralight mat which is triple the cost of this one but oh so comfy, very lightweight and has a tiny packsize. Quality costs money and this NH pad is in my opinion a nice alternative for people who only go car camping once a year and dont want to spend a fortune on gear. This is clearly not made for backpacking. 70 bucks is too expensive I agree, it should be around 30.
Pau Місяць тому
Could you do a review of the naturehike 30+5L ultralight backpack? that one does look interesting..
Beau Guthery
Beau Guthery Місяць тому
IDK the brand "NatureHike" just doesn't instill a lot of confidence with a name like that.
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons Місяць тому
Just discovered your channel and love it What is the ground sheet you are using in this video?
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson Місяць тому
A cheap piece of painters plastic
fire7side Місяць тому
I carry a Coleman convoluted foam pad. .8 lbs and never leaks. Kind of big though.
Ice Daemon
Ice Daemon Місяць тому
It looks cheap and not worth it :)
TPG - Trekking&Packing Gear
TPG - Trekking&Packing Gear Місяць тому
Seems like naturehike is a great tent company but the rest seems to need some more work done
Judy Verderber
Judy Verderber Місяць тому
Thanks Luke, I’m glad I don’t have that one.
TPG - Trekking&Packing Gear
TPG - Trekking&Packing Gear Місяць тому
Hey i appreciate that you do kg and pounds, could you maybe add inches and cm as well? Thanks and as always, great review! Greetings from Germany
Rob Pinter
Rob Pinter Місяць тому
I will stick to my Exped 9cm Down Mat...rated to -20 C and very comfortable, buy quality once, I have had mine for over 10 years without an issue. Or for lightweight tracking an Exped synthetic fill winter mat.
Alex Місяць тому
Cheap knock-off brand delivers what can be expected from a cheap knock-off brand.
Sandra Archer
Sandra Archer Місяць тому
I cannot comment here. I have never tried a double-sided sleeping pad. Still, I try to stay open-minded. It might be just the right model for somebody, you never know. For house tent camping, I use an ultra-comfortable carp bed. It was really expensive, but for the two weeks we do usually well worth the money. For motorcycle camping, I use a 12 cm thick, inflatable mat. I will try to get an additional ultralight stretcher on my bike. Might be too much though...
Uncle tom's cabin
Uncle tom's cabin Місяць тому
We trust you . If you say it not good, then we know it's not good
R V Місяць тому
Thanks again for an honest review.
Malik Haidar
Malik Haidar Місяць тому
I have the cheap one from naturehike around $20-25, it's uncomfortable, but it's cheap and it's better than an alumunium/yoga mattress.
Gypsyy Місяць тому
Hammock camping is best
Graham Kay
Graham Kay Місяць тому
Great review Luke as always I am very surprised that they even got back to you
Graham Kay
Graham Kay Місяць тому
I am still very disappointed in them how much I spent and what a waste of money
Carrie Young
Carrie Young Місяць тому
So glad you can give your honest reviews on items!
Tony Місяць тому
Yeah I think I will stick with my Klymit Static V. That Naturehike thing looks like a clunker.
Adrian T
Adrian T Місяць тому
Awe, swing and a miss for NH. They do ok with most tents though. I see several on trail. I even have one for when I do a short hike/camp with the dogs.
Clint Littler
Clint Littler Місяць тому
What sleeping pad do you recommend? I'm not too concerned with weight.
Nicholas Romano
Nicholas Romano Місяць тому
Clint- if you aren't super concerned about space/weight a good budget option is the Venture 4th self inflating pad. It's mummy shaped, has an R4 ish rating, and rolls into about a 1ft long roll that's about 10in in diameter. It's not quite 2in, but with the foam interior I find it fairly comfortable.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Місяць тому
I just take a inflatable mattress with me it’s small ,it’s not light but it keeps me off the ground & I really don’t care about weight because everything else I have is very light & you can find them with both 100% Denier sides if you look hard enough & a bag to blow them up with that doubles as the carrying bag . The dimensions of my mattress are 75 inches long , 24 inches wide & 4 inches of cushion .
Texas Roast
Texas Roast Місяць тому
Most of these pads die at the seam.
luster 5
luster 5 Місяць тому
You should get a go fund me account and design the ultimate all in one survival kit
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson Місяць тому
Right that's what I say but he's just too much of a controlling person
Rudy O
Rudy O Місяць тому
Have you done a review on the light speed self inflating 3" sleeping pad. Please advise.
William Wallace
William Wallace Місяць тому
I’ve been been pretty happy with my Wellax pad
Jock O'Hazeldean
Jock O'Hazeldean Місяць тому
Maybe fill it up all the way? Why wouldn't you?
Lon Місяць тому
it's like the weight and size of an insulated pad, same price as a few other insulated pads that size, but without the insulation. For that price why wouldn't you just buy a Klymit or Big Agnes that offer better lightweight pads for about the same?
Redsorgum Місяць тому
I guess in this case, nature did take a hike…..🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣
Michelle Ajema
Michelle Ajema Місяць тому
Bearded Member
Bearded Member Місяць тому
Recently purchased an overmont sleeping pad. It’s not ultralight, but its basically a thin air mattress small enough for motorcycle camping.
Chester Ogilvie
Chester Ogilvie Місяць тому
Seems like NatureHike products are mostly junk
Mark Perry
Mark Perry Місяць тому
That was a good and fair review. I have Naturehike stuff, and I like it, but I would not buy all of their products, some are more for glamping, and on their own (Chinese) Website they even have a section for glamping. Again, even though I am a fan of Naturehike (who doesn't love value for money) I see this is a very fair review.
Mostlyharmless1985 Місяць тому
Are there any pads that are good for big boys like me who weigh nearly 200 pounds? Just about everything I've owned required some kind of quilting on top of it.
Nicholas Romano
Nicholas Romano Місяць тому
Mostly- I'm over 300 and I find the Venture 4th self inflating a decent night's sleep. I gave more stats under a different response if you care to know.
Hello World
Hello World Місяць тому
Did you try inflating it more? Just curious if it can hold more air.
TheOutdoorGearReview Місяць тому
You could get a bit more air in it if you forced it but that would decrease overall comfort. It would be like sleeping on a rock. - Luke
m39fan Місяць тому
My two year old Klymit inflatable pad was half the price, it is TINY when stowed and is actually comfortable in the field! Will avoid Naturehike and its junk products. Thanks Luke
Dean Wood
Dean Wood Місяць тому
Don’t dismiss all naturehike products, I would say unless it’s a tent stay away from the rest 😂
Will Parr
Will Parr Місяць тому
Sounds like the company has an inflated opinion of itself. Thanks Luke.
Phil Mateo
Phil Mateo Місяць тому
i have the regular sleeping pad. cost around 30 USD because in our office our sleeping quarters are occupied all the time. for the cost it is reasonable. it is noisy but still acceptable. I am using in for over a year now.
Anthony Rice
Anthony Rice Місяць тому
Wow, that's expensive. I bought my Klymit Static V for less than this and at no time do I ever touch the ground. I think Naturehike will improve over time, especially if they listen to your reviews. Actually that's all they have to do to make quality products lol
TrailsEnd Місяць тому
I tried this one, and several others from Amazon. They all sucked. The best one, is the old military polly-pad. Get 1 or 2, at a Army surplus store, for less than a single "Gimmick" one from anyplace else. While stationed in Alaska, we tested many sleeping pads. The ones you put air in tended to crumble in the cold. Best of all are free. Leaves and/or pine boughs.
abdel djallil
abdel djallil Місяць тому
try decathlon mh 100 tent
Scotts EverythingOutdoors
Scotts EverythingOutdoors Місяць тому
Especially when you get a little older a thick pad is a must nomatter the weight!!
Biscuits Brown and the Sandy Cervix
Biscuits Brown and the Sandy Cervix Місяць тому
Half-decent tents,No point in the rest of their range.
Walter Dias
Walter Dias Місяць тому
Hey Luke thx for the review you just save me from a bad purchase, I was looking for the same sleeping pad but the couple version… BTW any tip for a couple sleeping pad? Hugs from Brazil!!!
Mike Nash
Mike Nash Місяць тому
Your reviews are getting more incisive, which is great to see!
Edmond Keshishian
Edmond Keshishian Місяць тому
I can’t believe your comment on vaccine and the way you think and act that taking it wouldn’t effect you or the people around you since you’re it in a close contact with others. And amazes me the most that you know a lot about the products that you are reviewing and the science behind it .
Garry Collins
Garry Collins Місяць тому
Invest in sleep and buy once, cry once.
M. T. Electric
M. T. Electric Місяць тому
I'm subscribed because your not telling us a product is good or not because you're paid to say it was good. I'd rather hear an honest opinion from someone that is actually using the item. And because your not bought and paid for you got my subscription. Stay real good Sir.
Michael Wangler
Michael Wangler Місяць тому
I think should test out adjustable lock poles set for tarps Has round tip cover holds or u can put in center tarp to raise mild from 3 ft to 9 ft or more I got a pair from Amazon check out
Neeman Callender
Neeman Callender Місяць тому
way too heavy and thin
Jan Tomasz Rogala
Jan Tomasz Rogala Місяць тому
195x62cm that is already long and wide version(77x25in)(6.4ft). the regular seize is 183x51cm (72x20in) what is neoair xlite R. Im 182cm(6ft) and I don't need big mat like this one, R seize is enough for me, BTW this long pad looks way too big for you, nonetheless as you said it's very heavy and big, not worthy to carry around, maybe car camping
R Місяць тому
I won't be buying this pad.
R Місяць тому
Is it worth it? Now that you said it isn't, I trust you.
_fisher _king
_fisher _king Місяць тому
Love the channel. Looking for suggestions on a good lightweight sleeping pad for through hiking.
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