TIMELAPSE - Young Man Gets Laid off and Builds Tiny House CABIN from scratch.

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Jacob Harrell

2 місяці тому

From start to finish, the no talking story of my first ever build in timelapse form! It's been a hell of a journey, and I have loved every step of the way. So pour yourself a cup of english tea and watch the build from the ground up!

Welcome to the channel of a recently unemployed boat dwelling filmmaker. Follow my adventures \u0026 subscribe.

I go a little stir crazy without a project, so I thought I would document my idiotic challenges, buildings, and musings. Thankfully, life on the water, in a Dutch Barge that is half-built, throws all kinds of weird and wonderful things at me.

Check out some of my past films \u0026 Documentaries : www.jacobharrell.com

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Jacob Harrell
Jacob Harrell 2 місяці тому
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Julie Fizpatrick
Julie Fizpatrick 22 години тому
Very nice-how do u heat it?
Michele G
Michele G 3 дні тому
You did an amazing job! Will you get an air conditioner or is this just a place to get away on the weekends?
Paula Griebel
Paula Griebel 4 дні тому
@Cheryl Dirsa . I
Stephanie Mink
Stephanie Mink 4 дні тому
What was the total cost?
AnGi 6 днів тому
Just A human
Just A human 12 хвилин тому
all the dislikes coming from his jealous ex colleagues
Didy lpez
Didy lpez 3 години тому
You are amazing!!
Julia Shenandoah
Julia Shenandoah 3 години тому
Wow absolute INCREDIBLE - just one man alone building a house.
Lenno Horácio Filipe Francisco
Lenno Horácio Filipe Francisco 7 годин тому
nice job dude
Uthra Sriram
Uthra Sriram 9 годин тому
It's like a fairytale cabin! Love the attention to detail, the ceiling storage idea & the rustic green & white! ❤
myboringlife 15 годин тому
CaroJhb 15 годин тому
Admirable. Impressive.
Alice Soares
Alice Soares 16 годин тому
Hanh Nguyen
Hanh Nguyen 16 годин тому
N.S S.N 17 годин тому
Protects the forest, the forest is the lung of the entire planet !
marly rise
marly rise 18 годин тому
Great Job!
terri arheghan
terri arheghan 18 годин тому
Well done!👍🏽
Elizabeth McLain
Elizabeth McLain 18 годин тому
Great job, looks awesome, soo talented!!
Maroulio 19 годин тому
We enjoyed your journey and are very impressed with your skills and creativity that resulted in this fabulous house!
Iryna Kryvda
Iryna Kryvda 19 годин тому
Mary Dousi
Mary Dousi 23 години тому
You could make a living doing what you are good at
DKM PLAY 23 години тому
Debbie Dejohn
Debbie Dejohn День тому
What an awesome little home!! I just love it!!! God Bless always!!
Kanta Rani
Kanta Rani День тому
Dream house🏠.... 😍
Brian Reeves
Brian Reeves День тому
He ought to start working for "Dyson", brilliant, and set up a "mini homes" business!!!!
DesignerGirl День тому
Jacob, its June 2021. Where have you gone? Hurry up and come back! :D
Jacob Harrell
Jacob Harrell День тому
Don’t worry I am uploading a video as we speak!
Jan Ul
Jan Ul День тому
Gdzie kibel i prysznic?
Ann Ashcroft
Ann Ashcroft День тому
Where's the toilet and shower?
Marty Ningsih
Marty Ningsih День тому
gladys zannin
gladys zannin День тому
Where are you going to take a shower? And if you have to use the toilet? In winter and in the middle of the night?
Cyril Simon
Cyril Simon День тому
Not bad, tiny house, one lacking , there is no bathroom and toilet. Otherwise it a complete tiny house.
Easton Peterson
Easton Peterson День тому
Might be expensive to keep it warm when your glass doors are as big as your house
Slappy День тому
Only trash
Linda Pearson
Linda Pearson День тому
Where is the bathroom?
M S День тому
How do you get/ buy the land to build on??? More back story please.
Ana Maria Hernandez Ramirez
Ana Maria Hernandez Ramirez День тому
😍😍😍Lovely!!! Great job😊
Áster Almach
Áster Almach День тому
Sou apaixonada por essas construções😁👍💟🏡❣🙏
John Trapper
John Trapper День тому
The distinct breath maternally moan because pyramid simulteneously recognise against a orange wealth. hushed, wise feet
Stevey B
Stevey B День тому
Young man gets laid and builds tiny house cabin from scratch.
Arith Lima
Arith Lima День тому
Interessante 🥰👏👏👏👏👏
Sunderya Ilsjj
Sunderya Ilsjj День тому
Where is the bathroom???
Robin Peterlick
Robin Peterlick День тому
Oh! the carved knome latches are soooo creative!
Robin Peterlick
Robin Peterlick День тому
That helicopter was like "Hey! you got a permit for that???!" :P Beautiful job what kind of light source you got there?
Clive Simpkins
Clive Simpkins 2 дні тому
Craftsman, artist and perfectionist, all in one.
바넨커피 2 дні тому
우와 목수인가요? 잘하시네요^^
Sheila Young
Sheila Young 2 дні тому
Too cool, loved the tiny cabin
Любовь Пономарева
Любовь Пономарева 2 дні тому
Nils Löfblad
Nils Löfblad 2 дні тому
Oh, he got laid OFF. I thought he just got.. You know, and then built.. yeah.. Cool house though.
小梅 2 дні тому
Sparky Valdez
Sparky Valdez 2 дні тому
where do I get the flexible solar panels?
Arm K
Arm K 2 дні тому
Marie Kazazian
Marie Kazazian 2 дні тому
Just amazing. Much respect.
Deborah Ebeyer
Deborah Ebeyer 2 дні тому
This guy!
Amelia Mendoza
Amelia Mendoza 2 дні тому
Great job, such talent, love it..just fantastic...👍👏😇✨🌟🙏🤗😘
Darlene Mize
Darlene Mize 2 дні тому
Great job, but where is the closet?
Amanda Lyons
Amanda Lyons 2 дні тому
What wood did you use for around the sink?
Jane keleher
Jane keleher 2 дні тому
Bathroom???? Running water????
felicia maddox
felicia maddox 2 дні тому
Оксана Зюзина
Оксана Зюзина 2 дні тому
tradertobi 3 дні тому
What a talented young man! Woweeee
yooser naime
yooser naime 3 дні тому
Blokey bloke.
Kevin Mallory
Kevin Mallory 3 дні тому
JP Patches
JP Patches 3 дні тому
Fantastic job! I heard a little version of “That’s The Way” from Zeppelin in there. Great choice!
Ronald Adam
Ronald Adam 3 дні тому
Tiny house absent a tiny bathroom? No thanks.
tapashi mahanta
tapashi mahanta 3 дні тому
AtomicPlayGirl 66
AtomicPlayGirl 66 3 дні тому
22:50 the ceiling cutouts for extra storage.......GENIUS. ❤️
Patricia Sears
Patricia Sears 3 дні тому
This is how people used to be, but today’s youths have become non-creative after computers have robbed them of their creativity. Throw out computers and bring out the woodworking tools. My dad made furniture, and plastered walls in nice homes before Sheetrock was available, set tile in bathrooms in the late 1930s-40s. Kids need to do physical work.
Marya Love
Marya Love 3 дні тому
,(: Unbelievable!!!!! ... 🏆☺ (: "Home is where the ❤ is"!!!!! ... 🌈☺
Ori ebasta
Ori ebasta 3 дні тому
Wooooow from italia😍 i Dreams that...only a question : Where is The wc?😂
laura72 3 дні тому
good thing you don't fear small places. just watching i was saying not me nope no way i do fear small places. pretty though
Лана Велесова
Лана Велесова 3 дні тому
Спасибо! Большое спасибо за историю о том, как строили дом на природе. Удивляюсь - такой маленький дом и так много работы! Очень качественная профессиональная работа. Дом теплый и уютный. Превосходный :) Желаю Вам счастья!
TIJAH HASBI 3 дні тому
Verna Bryant
Verna Bryant 3 дні тому
Your very talented.
Chris Buhneing
Chris Buhneing 3 дні тому
That was a waist of a nice down payment on a real home...
Verna Bryant
Verna Bryant 3 дні тому
You have put a lot of work and thought into this.I love it.
Karla Olson
Karla Olson 3 дні тому
Gloria Coon
Gloria Coon 3 дні тому
where's the loo?
The Days of Noah
The Days of Noah 3 дні тому
That is truly a precious tiny house. I really enjoyed the video. That has been my dream. Do you build for others. Would love to have one thanks
D Collier
D Collier 3 дні тому
I would of rented a trailer😉. Amazing Carpenter!
Alessandra Pacheco
Alessandra Pacheco 3 дні тому
Elizabeth O'Brien
Elizabeth O'Brien 3 дні тому
You're awesome.
Stephen Perretti
Stephen Perretti 3 дні тому
Now build a few guest houses!!!
Extremotional 3 дні тому
In places such as these , there aren't any burglars or criminals in general?
Janet Landers
Janet Landers 3 дні тому
No bathroom or shower?
Mary Robinson
Mary Robinson 4 дні тому
Hey Looking good!! Share your ideas, it helps others. Thanks
Katrine Olander
Katrine Olander 4 дні тому
Fantastic , both the house and that you built it , by your self with just a little help at the beginning 🔨
Roni Joseph
Roni Joseph 4 дні тому
This young man is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G‼️
Carol Hieronymus
Carol Hieronymus 4 дні тому
Fascinating. Jacob did an amazing job. Compelling video. I’d like one of those cabins for myself.
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna 4 дні тому
Elaine Cannavo
Elaine Cannavo 4 дні тому
Screw these Jobs that lay off. Once you get them rich they do not need you. Bring on the next sucker. Whh don't you start your own tiny house building be your own boss. People like me would hirer you if I was in the market for one but lots of people are. If you can build this you can build a 1000 more .
Cal’s Talk
Cal’s Talk 4 дні тому
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 4 дні тому
Brilliant. Ingenious. Epic.
Maria. Luisa. Garcia
Maria. Luisa. Garcia 4 дні тому
Wow ! Es perfecta ! Me encanta ! 🌹 Felicidades !
Daily Dose Of Swag
Daily Dose Of Swag 4 дні тому
Florence Christman
Florence Christman 4 дні тому
Johnny Bee
Johnny Bee 4 дні тому
Wonder how much it cost?
Naresh Balgobin
Naresh Balgobin 4 дні тому
Hi buddy i dont see u postín any vídeos
Esther Rivera
Esther Rivera 4 дні тому
Where is the bathroom?
Sonia Oliveira
Sonia Oliveira 4 дні тому
An Amazing genius you are 🙏💛💐
Tawana Pierce
Tawana Pierce 5 днів тому
Nice art work
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R 5 днів тому
This was one of the best things I’ve ever watched… You did a fantastic job!!
Tony Caldwell
Tony Caldwell 5 днів тому
That's so stupid a strong wind comes by and you're in crap alley! It looks nice for camping but anything else unrealistic! And whose land is that that you put the house on?
Валентина Полищук
Валентина Полищук 5 днів тому
Это цыганам, современная кибитка.
Nitzia Martin-Vázquez
Nitzia Martin-Vázquez 5 днів тому
I am very impress with your work. You do not need those people, they... need... you! Start your own business and don't look back. Kudos to you, Jacob.
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