Twin Supercharged 4 Cylinder Nitro RC Engine

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Warped Perception

Warped Perception

2 роки тому

I build a twin compound supercharger system for the mini 4 cylinder nitro RC engine.
I've seen people on UKposts recently trying to make boost with these mini superchargers, with very little boost being made, all I can do when I watch these videos is shake my head, so I decided to show them how it's done!..
I made about 3 PSI of boost here which some may think is substantial but I think is pretty elementary, I'm looking for some serious boost pressure in the future.
in this episode I build the entire compound supercharger setup, and at the end of the video I tear the entire engine down.
originally I was going to include the full tear down video but I decided not to because I found it boring but if you decide that's something you want to see, just let me know but in the next video with this engine where I use the toyan L400 engine For an upcoming project I'm probably going to build the entire engine from scratch and make some modifications along the way.
tell me what you think about this video and below please find the links to the engine I use in this video as well as the app Text To Shop.
thanks for watching and if there's any additional information you want to see in the description here let me know and I will include it in the future.
Toyan 4 Cylinder Engine:
Other Toyan Engines:
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00:05 Intro
00:40 SuperCharger
00:45 SuperCharger Build
04:26 SuperChargers Finished
06:06 1st Test Run
06:52 2nd Test Run
09:49 3rd Run With Boost
10:48 4th Run Max Boost
13:27 Text To Shop App
14:42 Engine Teardown ( Bonus Footage)
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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !
Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka

Warped Perception
Warped Perception 2 роки тому
Alot of people asking about the WaterJet I use, heres a link:
Mathaw Dott
Mathaw Dott 9 днів тому
How have you got these propellers for the superchargers ? Did you made them ?
Chad Thomas
Chad Thomas 2 місяці тому
Btw those are terbochargers not superchargers
Kuffulluficusdurvusnecomekailamarie 6 місяців тому
@Mobile Phone no the are centrifugal turbochargers
Kuffulluficusdurvusnecomekailamarie 6 місяців тому
@Joshuareed Budzik turbos ain’t defined by exhaust gasses they are defined by a turbine
Kuffulluficusdurvusnecomekailamarie 6 місяців тому
@Life of James mcwilliams there actually centrifugal turbochargers
JohnnyQ90 2 роки тому
Insane! 3 psi on that scale is monumental! I agree, going bigger should bring even better results. Also, double check all connections for boost leaks. I thought I sorted that problem out, but it was still there. Can't wait for the next part!
Nathaniel James
Nathaniel James Місяць тому
@Nathaniel Hatley FI doesn't make boost with no load on the engine. This is a fun looking setup but its not really making boost. The psi you see if from the fuel pump.
Tomatoe Man
Tomatoe Man 4 місяці тому
this is the biggest comment war ever😂
Andrew "WindMind" Dutton-Topper
Andrew "WindMind" Dutton-Topper 5 місяців тому
​@Tez I can see someone building that and please for the love of God, when they do, build a live steamers town and railroad around it. Then put a tiny billboard up by the side of the actual road and offer dyno tuning services.
zülfukar turkel hussein
zülfukar turkel hussein 7 місяців тому
I’m s big fan :’
☺MTZONELIONESSR(Rindang Agusrina1979) 🌟
☺MTZONELIONESSR(Rindang Agusrina1979) 🌟 7 місяців тому
Josh G
Josh G Рік тому
Love the channel. One thing though. In a compound setup, your low pressure compressor should be roughly twice the size of your high pressure compressor. Have both compressors the same size doesn't yield any pressure gain and generally increases your charge temp witch costs you power.
Aladdin 9 місяців тому
right on the money
T Рік тому
Thats what I was thinking. I think he would do much better having separate inflows and combing them which might be an easier fix.
j p
j p Рік тому
Yeah lol not really sure what he was going with here
Sml132 Рік тому
You could probably also change the speed that they're spinning at as well, couldn't you? To get the gains that compound setups should get you
233kosta 9 місяців тому
When you run two stages of boost like that, you need to size your compressors accordingly. They can't be identical. When they are, either the first stage is overflowing or the second is starving. The first will necessarily need to be bigger than the second. I've run some numbers for you: - The engine displacement is 14cc - Maximum rated speed is 13 500 rpm - Total volumetric flowrate (ideal) at that speed is 1575 cc/s (call it 1600 or 100 ci/s or 3.34 CFM). You can't fill the cylinders that quick, but that's the goal anyway. - Your compressors have a pressure ratio of about 1.68 (10psi overpressure) - Assuming adiabatic compression (no heat loss), that means a volume ratio (inlet to outlet) of 0.69, or sucking in 1.45 times more air volume than what comes out. You'll obviously lose some heat, but this should be close enough - This means that the second stage must suck in roughly 2300 cc/s, which means the first stage must be able to supply that at its outlet - Assuming the same pressure ratio, that means the first stage must be sized to flow about 3400 cc/s at its inlet You also need to mind the heat here. Keeping to the assumption of adiabatic compression (because the air moves fast enough to lose very little heat), and assuming your workshop is at about 20°C (68°F), your first stage outlet temperature will be about 67°C (152°F) and your second stage - 121°C (250°F). Obviously some heat will be lost to piping/environment/etc, but at those pressure ratios your cylinder inlet temperature will still be upwards of 100°C which may or may not be too much for the engine. I'd check with Toyan. You might need intercoolers to protect it (either at every stage, or just before the manifold). If you do, it's worth recalculating the sizing for the compressors, because the total volume ratios will change.
DragonFire Місяць тому
oh my lord man, im doing aero 1st year now, you are literally the kind of god engineer nerd that sciences the shit out of normal things i want to become. I am trying to make rc airplanes as a hobby now (they dont fly that well cause im just starting to learn stuff, not only through college but also from books and stuff i read online). Thanks for that comment, it really helps when you see what you can achieve. Just starting thermodynamics in our physics 2 course now, cool to see a term i recently learned being actually used! I should get back to studying. Sorry for bad english, im from spain.
233kosta 4 місяці тому
@Tomatoe Man Oh my...
Tomatoe Man
Tomatoe Man 4 місяці тому
@233kosta yeah but like right now i have 15 ebay orders for small Toyan engines to play around with so ye help my bank acount.🫥
233kosta 4 місяці тому
@Tomatoe Man I'd hardly call myself a nitro engine enthusiast, just a bored inginerd 😉
Tomatoe Man
Tomatoe Man 4 місяці тому
@233kosta i am the exact opposite of a nitro and engine enthusiasts 🤭
Beefpanda TM
Beefpanda TM 9 місяців тому
I am seriously impressed, the welds, the programs it takes to do this, the expertise, the measuring. Definitely earned my subscription!!
Zachary Evans
Zachary Evans Рік тому
AFR's are massively important to keeping the engine cool while running aswell. Fuel "cools" the combustion cycle. so a richer mixture may not produce quite as much power, but it will massively improve the temps you're seeing and how fast it gets up to temp. Super cool video though, these little motors are super cool.
William Allen
William Allen 8 місяців тому
@tilldeathdoesmepart Extra fuel is being added via the preasure reference to the fuel tank. As boost preasure increases the preasure in the fuel tank increases. Which in turn adds more fuel delivered to the carburetor at an amount directly related to the amount of boost. So it shouldn't be running lean at all.
tilldeathdoesmepart 9 місяців тому
I know it's it's old video, but I came to say this as well. He's adding air but he didn't talk about increasing fuel. And the Temps and overheating seems like it was running very lean. Which is great for power but not for the engine
Ryan Nolan
Ryan Nolan Рік тому
You sir are super talented & honestly a genius of course it has to be nice to have a waterjet & lathe at your fingertips. All you need is a vmc. Nonetheless to have all your skills, programming, welding, knowledge of electronics, machining, engines, etc. I'm in awe. Being a machinist all my life your skills are 2nd to none. I stumbled onto your channel by accident with the jet go cart. I'm so glad I did. You have a new subscriber. I'm intrigued by your genius. Keep up the great work. I'm enjoying your vids. Thank you.
Project Farm
Project Farm 2 роки тому
Amazing job with the superchargers! Looking forward to seeing more!!
Tank Місяць тому
Those are turbochargers
Popk1ller Рік тому
nex PF video: running a lawnmower with that engine :D
Iowa5.56 Рік тому
@Cal Rod Wrong. Turbochargers are driven by exhaust gasses. Superchargers are driven my mechanical force via belts from the rotation of the engine. Many superchargers are screw/blower type, but they can be centrifugal like seen here for a simplistic way to boost (although not as linear as a screw/blower with a cog belt).
Cal Rod
Cal Rod Рік тому
They're turbochargers, not superchargers. 😓
Iowa5.56 Рік тому
"This supercharger claims to make 3 psi. WE'RE GONNA TEST THAT!"
EAGLE YT Рік тому
Can I just say that those welds were very impressive I'll give you props on that
SpoolySnail 32
SpoolySnail 32 9 місяців тому
I really want them to make an inline 6 version of this. I would definitely buy it
Adam School
Adam School Рік тому
This is absolutely incredible. Love the workmanship.
Warped Perception
Warped Perception Рік тому
Thank you
Bruce Fredrick
Bruce Fredrick Рік тому
Tim, love your work! Really impressive. Have you tested the center main kit for the L400? Let me know if you are selling the kits. I have another new crank coming and would much prefer going back with a center main.
Scott Paul Hubbard
Scott Paul Hubbard 9 місяців тому
It's fantastic how you are able to go out and get one of these little engines and be able to show your children how an engine works in real life without having to take your car to bits . I'd also love to do a build with one to make a R.C controlled car or boat . What a great build this would be and I would love to see what the potential you could get from this
Muff-Waggle-B Рік тому
I’d love to see this in an absolutely insane RC dragster
Noah Miller
Noah Miller 11 місяців тому
Guys. Ofcourse electric is faster. Still with the proper gearing Ina transmission it would be an absolute blast in a crawler or boat. Once he figures out the over heating issues that is 😛 probably do pretty well in a boat tho with water cooling
Lol U Died
Lol U Died 11 місяців тому
It wouldn’t be very fast, the engine is just for experimental purposes, I’m sure if you properly design the engine from the ground up and twin charge it while keeping it light and fairly compact, it would be very quick
Dealspeed 11 місяців тому
@RXTuning Inc I've seen people put these in large scale cars and I was very surprised how slow they were
RylanHere Рік тому
@GritsnBeans that not The point but ight
Alexandru Constantin
Alexandru Constantin Рік тому
A rally one.
guyisku58 Рік тому
Wow, extremely glad I ran into this gem of a video. Excited to tune to future videos! Great engineering!!
Christian A
Christian A Рік тому
The things you do are insane brother!! So glad I stumbled on to your channel
XxItz_Pr0gxX 6 місяців тому
This is so freaking wicked!!!! Thanks for making something so cool, and showing all the programming it took to build all of the brackets and other parts!!!
Ben McReynolds
Ben McReynolds 7 місяців тому
Man that 3rd time you ran it sounded so nice 👍🏻 this is insane the level of work you do man. As someone who has done lots of unique remodeling carpentry/hardscaping projects, I respect the heck out of the work you do. I took 2 welding classes and absolutely love welding and tinkering with stuff. The level of the stuff you do is unreal though. Plus the scale you are working on is CRAZY. I applaud you.
A Burnt Cheeseburger
A Burnt Cheeseburger Рік тому
Your engineering skills are beyond incredible! Great video!
TJ McLaughlin
TJ McLaughlin 2 роки тому
Incredible and insane at the same time. Something about the scale makes this even more impressive.
One Fast Slim Jim
One Fast Slim Jim 2 роки тому
Mxrider2627 7
Ryan Walquist
Ryan Walquist Рік тому
Love your channel man! Your content and editing skills are a joy to watch🤩
Fuzzy BMW’s
Fuzzy BMW’s 8 місяців тому
Any updates on this project? I’m really curious to see where it went and how the process has developed
Tyler Smith Music
Tyler Smith Music Рік тому
You’re an incredible machinist
Jax Rhapsody
Jax Rhapsody Рік тому
That's a dope lil engine. Would love to see how it'd do as a full size engine dropped in a miata or foxbody.
Simply Wonderful
Simply Wonderful 2 роки тому
The "compound" idea is flawed; the pressure isn't additive the way you're calculating it. That's why you're getting so little pressure overall. It wasn't the boost pressure pushing out the intake pipe - it was the vibration. You have a bad bearing in your idler pulley. And you're running your fuel mixture way too lean, which is why your engine temps are rising so fast; your "increasing the air charge" isn't all that you need to do!
Day Trader
Day Trader Місяць тому
@RI Outboards there are a lot of auto SC kits That use regulators and bog pumps over stock injectors. It can be done to a certain degree. Eventually injectors can only deliver so much even with forced pressure.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson Місяць тому
Spoken like a Top G...
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Місяць тому
Yeah! What HE said!
Justin Nestlerode
Justin Nestlerode Місяць тому
I'd say the logic is mostly there, but the application needs more testing and modifications to be viable
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 2 місяці тому
@buzzedo1 everyone debating are correct in some aspects and incorrect in others. The biggest flaw I see here is comparing a TT//BT, or SC/T system to a parallel twin scroll or root charger system. Apples and oranges
TheWopper78 9 місяців тому
I just can’t get over how interesting and informative this channel is. He’s a beast of an engineer and machinist extraordinaire, welding guru mad scientist lunatic! Love this man!!!!
Dorian-Mark Keating
Dorian-Mark Keating Рік тому
Amazing machining and design! Well done!
M Wing
M Wing 9 місяців тому
Cool . The pipe bending was interesting . Wonder how this would perform in an RC car . At the current scale you would have to have a large area for testing . :O)
this man really just made his own intake manifold AND supercharger big props to you
Samuel Stacey
Samuel Stacey 4 місяці тому
Perhaps you need to make a larger cooling system in general. That way, if you’re making them, you can use it to cool your supercharges as well. Or up the cooling system for the engine and make your superchargers with some sort of provisions for running oil through them with an oil cooler/reservoir to keep cool oil running through their bearings and jackets. I’m not an engineer or mechanic, just a thought. Love your content, keep it coming!
itay ben-yosef
itay ben-yosef 2 роки тому
Man I follow you for years, it blows my mind the level of improvement in your "metal work" skill. Really impressive stuff!
Res Ress
Res Ress 9 місяців тому
...Он не чувак! Он "дорогой"!!
Warped Perception
Warped Perception 2 роки тому
Thank you, I've always been pretty skilled with that kind of stuff I just haven't brought any of that to UKposts. It takes time and I was focusing on other things up until about a few months ago.
TrevLord 686
TrevLord 686 Рік тому
Can I just say that Ive always wanted to custom machine for a while now. This is awesome to watch!
jeremiah white
jeremiah white Рік тому
3 psi in a small scale like that is nuts. my old skyline only pushed around twice that in stock trim lol that's crazy. very very cool man your very talented.
Richard Dutton
Richard Dutton 7 місяців тому
watching people make custom performance parts for these little Toyans could be the most entertaining and fascinating videos iv ever come across down the rabbithole
theredbaron057 10 місяців тому
@8:50 the way that pulley flies off and how it spins off axis but then has moments of balance, then back to off axis - really fascinating to watch.
uNkLeRaRa4 Рік тому
That opening build sequence was hypnotizing
Alpha Mods
Alpha Mods 2 роки тому
*Nice work!* 😎 I think a small turbo engine war has begun 😂
SEWER_01 Рік тому
Dalton LEGENDARY Рік тому
If this were a little bigger it could fit a civic
Владислав Осташевский
Владислав Осташевский 2 роки тому
Альфа! И ты тут,друг)
СПАНТАНО 2 роки тому
Skinii 2 роки тому
Ooo, alpha mods какие люди
nick Рік тому
Good luck to you and your endeavours buddy! Your an inspiration
Warped Perception
Warped Perception Рік тому
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes 9 місяців тому
Damn bro….I can’t believe you made everything from scratch, well done!
James Trotter
James Trotter Рік тому
Compound turbochargers are used on petrol too, common usage is a small turbo feeding into a large turbo. Small turbo spins up way faster but only provides a little boost, big turbo spins up slower but gives massive boost. Helps to even out the power curve compared to having just the large turbo on its own in a performance application.
HighStakes Рік тому
I would love to see one of these in a power wheels with a little transmission and drive shaft too!
Parents of Twins
Parents of Twins 8 місяців тому
I'm glad someone finally made an app like that. I thought of that idea years ago but wasn't sure how the heck to get it done so props to you and your sister for knocking that out.
Modna89 2 роки тому
I think you need to 1) shorten your coolant hoses and 2) increase the hose diameter. You have a lot of resistance to flow through those long little hoses. You can see when the bubbles go through them how fast the water is trying to flow. Fast water = lots of friction loss
Gary R
Gary R 2 роки тому
@MrHillfolk fluctuations in engine conditions require fluctuations in the cooling system, only a operational thermostat can provide a constant cooling temps overcoming those fluctuations. Thermostat is nothing more than a valve controlling the flow to maintain a certain temperature. Sure you could run it without one, but without the proper cooling system setup, it'll either run too hot or too cool. In this case cool might be better since he damn near blew that engine up. In a real engine though, you really should have a thermostat, engines are designed to maintain proper temperatures for optimum fuel efficiency.
MrHillfolk 2 роки тому
@Gary R that's why in a car , there's a right way and a wrong way to remove a sticking thermostat to get you home. Don't just throw the whole thing out , you need to gut it like a fish and reinstall it. Cut the pellet and spring part off , and place the disc back in , it's the restriction you need to maintain the right flow and pressure throughout the system. It doesn't necessarily need a thermostat, it needs to have the correct flow and pressure on the system.
Gary R
Gary R 2 роки тому
@speeddemon1092 that sounds like the setup it needs right there.
speeddemon1092 2 роки тому
A larger radiator wouldnt hurt, either. A cheap 120mm aluminium PC watercooling radiator is like $10-$15 on ebay, tops. A 240mm radiator would be around $20ish. A chunkier fan to draw air through it would also be needed. 3000-4000rpm Delta or Nidec fans would do the job quite nicely and aren't too expensive.
Gary R
Gary R 2 роки тому
And faster the water flow thru the radiator means less time for the water to cool down, plus it doesn't have a engine fan. Also, I highly doubt this engine has a thermostat... a setup for disaster.
Historyjunky Рік тому
That looks insanely fun creating these miniature engines
M340 Рік тому
This is so wonderfully insane. Unreal craftsmanship!
Marc Gambone
Marc Gambone Рік тому
I just discovered your channel and I have to tell you that watching you fabricate and build is the coolest thing on UKposts
K Kafu
K Kafu Рік тому
Love this, just the ingenuity in one video is amazing. I’m subscribed!! Good content man!
SkilledShots 6 місяців тому
when running that, wide open you could try submerging the cooling rad in a large bowl of ice water or like a Coleman ice chest full of water and ice, we have done this for overclocking CPU's and it works excellent (high powered CPU can reach temps of 90+ Celsius) so should not be a problem for that little 230F engine, another note maybe use a larger 240 or a 280 mil radiator and keep it elevated to reduce air pockets in your engine
David Uprichard
David Uprichard Рік тому
the amount of work and detail you put into this is unreal, LOVE IT!
Chevy boy For life
Chevy boy For life Рік тому
I would absolutely love to have access to trust half of the tools you are able to utilize to make something like this
Terrance Adrian
Terrance Adrian Рік тому
Wow. Now that was trick. You have some amazing skills sir. It was a pleasure watching you build that motor into a boosted monster! 👌
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill 5 місяців тому
This is just so insane... I love it.
Marcos Balli
Marcos Balli Рік тому
I cant imagine how insanely smart this guy is😳
Gregory Golden
Gregory Golden 10 місяців тому
Awesome!! Mechanical mad machinist. You have some talent brother.
Tristan McPherson
Tristan McPherson 2 роки тому
The engineering here is so awesome. Love this stuff man, been a big fan of this channel for a long time.
Green MarineFive-O
Green MarineFive-O Рік тому
This one sounds even better and smoother than the first one.
Jack Durden
Jack Durden Рік тому
Damn! I didn’t go to MIT so I’m enjoying just watching this incredible matching process! It’s Beautiful...
Mike Wacker
Mike Wacker 3 місяці тому
Having the tools and knowledge to make the turbo system is pretty cool
Barteau Motorsports
Barteau Motorsports Місяць тому
First off! Super cool!! Amazing craftsmanship. Either make 2nd supercharger impeller push more air, or larger 2nd or increase the rpm on 2nd vs the 1st initial turbo, if you haven’t already compensated for the that already. Or best just run independent air from each to the intake
Great King Rat NZ
Great King Rat NZ 10 місяців тому
There are cool videos on getting these running and tbh I came here from a video where you left a comment on it saying that they got theirs out faster….best part of your videos is that you take everything to the next level.
klava88 2 роки тому
The engineering alone... Wow
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis 2 роки тому
@Warped Perception WP. I’m sure you noticed this already but just in case you didn’t, your beautiful little exhaust gasket seems to be leaking. Love your use of the plasma cutter. Makes we want to save up for one! Keep ‘em comin’, man ;-D
Warped Perception
Warped Perception 2 роки тому
Thank you
Jack Winemiller
Jack Winemiller 9 місяців тому
DUDE YOU HAVE SOME MAD FABRICATION SKILLS, wish I had a shop equipped like yours
Roger Parker
Roger Parker 5 місяців тому
Dude as a speaking as a coded tig/mig welder you got some insane fabrication and machining skills. Life goals in a nutshell!
Jimmy Oller
Jimmy Oller 3 місяці тому
Any guess on how much hp that little thing puts out? If it makes 2 that’s amazing
rob wells
rob wells Рік тому
I hope you're parents tell you you are amazing! Have you built a dyno for your creations yet?
TK Рік тому
It looks great, fantastic job on this build it makes for a great video. Thanks for sharing.
Adrian Radulescu
Adrian Radulescu 2 роки тому
The editing here is insane, the engineering even more so! Great video!
greenemonster637 Рік тому
Very have machine skills bud
KillsAllTires Рік тому
Is it harder to work on the smaller stuff vs real size like 1" or 1.5" pipe welding? Very nice work btw.
Layback209 FixOrSmash
Layback209 FixOrSmash Рік тому
Subbed! Epic work! Learned a lot, fantastic fabrication skills, thats some pretty small stuff.
malcolm carter
malcolm carter Рік тому
What a beautiful engine. What he does here is just brilliant! Compound blowers on an L 400 ! WoW!! When I hear " compound engines" I always think of WW 2 aircraft powerplants and the big Pratt n Whitney and Wright compound Turbosupercharged radials .9, 18, & eventually 28 cylinder.
Light Рік тому
I honestly think this guy is the coolest, most badass and straight forward person on youtube, none of his content is clickbait, and everything he does is cool
AppleJuice 6 місяців тому
Why are you celebrating the bare minimum of human character
jono 10 місяців тому
@Light just saying mate, can't I have my own opinion and express it like you have in your comment, I find his videos interesting just don't really like the guy
Light 10 місяців тому
@jono thats your personal opinion, im not gonna criticize you or anything about it, but if you dont like this guy, then dont go in his comment section talking trash, your wasting your time and everyone who reads ur comment
jono 10 місяців тому
I find him really annoying, how he sounds and looks, would enjoy it alot more with someone else
Skippy Рік тому
I think the first thing you need to do is make a pumped oiling system for the top end that drains into the sump onto each "not-main-bearing", then suck out the bottom like a dry-sump. The drip feed from the top end should be enough to keep the big ends going fine if they are currently just operating from the blow-by. Between that and the already pumped cooling system you then have top-end cooling and continuous operation potential. Also the oil will actually accumulate over time and not be consumed. Then you need to make a turbo, because precision tiny bearings and belts for the supercharger concept are hard, and a floating bearing for a turbo is not so hard when you now have oil supply and drain. Also N/A tuning this thing would be hard. My engine sims won't go down that low
michael b.
michael b. Рік тому
Just found this channel and subject matter by accident. How COOL is this ? Love it.
TheWingsoffury 5 місяців тому
Just for the shear amount of work you put into this video liked and subbed! and a super fun video!
Mitchell Guyon
Mitchell Guyon 9 місяців тому
Your welding skills are out of control!! Wow, very impressive
ISPY4ever Рік тому
People like you are saving this world one day.
Techman1969 Рік тому
I have been an ASE certified master mechanic and emissions specialist for 35 years and I just stumbled across your channel. I love watching you do your thing. Thank you so much for what you do.
MANN Рік тому
Cool story bro.
BRS RC Рік тому
Bro that's some mind-blowing craftsmanship on that intake manifold!
calvin liggett
calvin liggett Рік тому
Awesome tools and work,i wish i had all that machinery and skill at my fingertips!!
John Jerrehian
John Jerrehian Рік тому
That was the coolest video I have seen! Awesome the creativity and build you do...
Moath's Art Workshop Vlog
Moath's Art Workshop Vlog Рік тому
your designing technique is incredible
Doug Robinson
Doug Robinson Рік тому
This is so excellent! It brings me back to when I was working with model engines as a teen, mostly those little .049 cu in airplane two-stroke ones, and I bought something slightly larger but never got it to work. Curious - what would be the approx power output of this 14CC, as is ( no supercharger or turbo)?
Justin Griffin
Justin Griffin 8 місяців тому
3hp i believe...
Carlo Vlogs
Carlo Vlogs Рік тому
Damn this is badass, glad there's people that know how to do this stuff, because this is the cool stuff nobody else wants to actually build, but if someone actually knows how, it's absolutely epic.
skm M
skm M 9 місяців тому
Sounds absolutely incredible
5280 SKYWATCH PHOTOGRAPHY 5 місяців тому
Bro what you did in this video is fucking sick I really enjoy your videos and you know you do some of the best videos in this kind of category I guess you'd say then you're better than anybody on UKposts you got some mad skills bro and keep up the good work
LJaysPerspective Рік тому
Dam this is just insane! I'm loving what you just did brother. OMG I would've luved to of seen this engine in a car or truck. Def nicely done👍👍
Necromorphicon Рік тому
Would be fun with a power gain with the superchargers installed versus stock
SHADOWHAWK -100 5 місяців тому
Look the engine looks beautiful! I've never seen a twin supercharged v4 that small before!
My Name Is Hello
My Name Is Hello 2 роки тому
After seeing a couple UKpostsrs fail with their forced induction and me recommending they try out a compound setup, I'm happy you decided to do it! :D Also, I don't know if you would consider this or not, but I remember watching EngineeringExplained's video on a turbocharger which had a mix of axial and radial compressors on the inlet. So at the very entrance there was like a superchargers screw that helped keep the turbo from surging (giving it a compound effect and therefore raising the possible boost) and after that screw was the normal radial turbo wheel. They reported improvements of about ~20% increase in pressure, if you would be up for the task of trying to build something similar, that would be awesome! :D
Njoy420 Рік тому
My best friend is a machinist as well. And the stuff like this just blows my mind. Some part don’t exist… build it. That amazes me.
Artistic Creations
Artistic Creations Рік тому
You are an amazing engineer, Great vid content.
clifton james
clifton james 3 місяці тому
I had no idea that superchargers and turbochargers even work at that scale. Thats awesome
Kevin Ortiz Vanegas
Kevin Ortiz Vanegas Рік тому
New to the channel, it’s crazy that you have all these machines to do this lol. Very expensive hobby I presume
jay butterfield.
jay butterfield. 10 місяців тому
You are crazy talented in so many facets including vidiograpghy. You have insane creativity, skill and, among other things, understanding how to put together a smooth flowing, entertaining video. I absolutely subscribed and will be watching more. I will even try the app! Well done!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Warped Perception
Warped Perception 10 місяців тому
Thank you ! I really appreciate that.
kblaze4 Рік тому
You know my guy likes to party when he got missing fingers
Ev Fred
Ev Fred Рік тому
Really good engine to put in rc car
Ev Fred
Ev Fred Рік тому
He has 1 missing finger
tati-anaroseee🥀 Рік тому
@mutha trucker that dog will just reach back and bite the hell out of you. If you're breaking up a dog fight generally you wanna grab under their neck and push up since they can't bite you from that angle and they will likely figure out pretty quickly they they can't do anything
jsnel43 Рік тому
@mutha trucker you need to rethink that my friend. Listen to ol boy about the broomstick
mutha  trucker
mutha trucker Рік тому
@Thicok45 always grab both back legs and lift them. They let go as they can't wheelbarrow and fight
Seabee Patriot
Seabee Patriot Рік тому
That's the SICKEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!! I'm a heavy equipment mechanic and that engine is so little!!! Your work is awesome and I can't wait to see the end result.
Harry Bartlett
Harry Bartlett 11 місяців тому
Bro I think your build is insanely awesome!! I want to see more, and I can’t wait to see what or if you put that hot little Ferrari engine in to an rc car that car handle it!! Great video, my wife and I enjoyed it very much, thank you 😊
Ler Rhann
Ler Rhann Рік тому
Exactly one minute in and i just want to say this, "MY DUDE YOU ARE A BEAST!" That is all.
Larry Ahee
Larry Ahee 9 місяців тому
With your skills I'd build an RC car out of it and see how fast it goes.
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