UFC 269 Free Fight: Dustin Poirier vs Max Holloway

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

20 днів тому

Dustin Poirier became interim lightweight champion with his victory over then-featherweight champ Max Holloway at UFC 236 in 2019. Poirier looks to become an undisputed lightweight champion when he faces Charles Oliveira at UFC 269 on Saturday, December 11.

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Chris Vanderhoof
Chris Vanderhoof 36 хвилин тому
BOTH such great fighters.
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce 2 години тому
Max looked good. I feel like that could have been a draw.
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce 2 години тому
Honestly Dustin spitting on him doesn’t look good. Especially if you consider the things Colby was saying. Maybe it wasn’t all bull shit and maybe Dustin is actually a real person. I love him as a fighter, but the whole goody goody front isn’t believable. Dudes a nasty fighter, everything he throws is to kill you, you can’t do that without a little bit of bad intentions. I get he wants to make face for his charity, and that’s the biggest reason I respect him. He at least cares enough about what he does, to put on his “professional” mask.
Entertain Tube
Entertain Tube 2 години тому
Max can beat dustin
AFTECH 72 2 години тому
Poier was struggling also need a rematch
JohnnyDrumG 3 години тому
I hate that they were calling this fight like it was somewhat even when Poitier was just beating the hell out of Max the whole time.
AFTECH 72 3 години тому
Holloway tough just need chin down some head movement and shoulder to deflect those punches -and kick straight in the will catch that face of poier when he he attacks
Pun Pun TV
Pun Pun TV 3 години тому
Đánh hay !
Danny Milne
Danny Milne 4 години тому
Both staunch and have pride... but still respectful at the end of the fight.
chris hartzog
chris hartzog 4 години тому
Man Dustin Poirier is nothing like who he was when he lost to Conor Mcgregor in their first fight. He has truly been inspiring to watch.
MrChrispy777 5 годин тому
This was the fight that solidified my support for Poirier. Before, he had suffered losses that discouraged me from rooting for him. Now I can see that it was all part of his journey and growth, and I no longer question his heart.
Vi7Cz 5 годин тому
Never seen a fight where stay shoulder square and keep their distance close they aren’t trying to get away
Rede Word Power
Rede Word Power 6 годин тому
Holloway is not human...
juan francisco
juan francisco 7 годин тому
Chantha Teng
Chantha Teng 8 годин тому
Why does all these MMA fighters have tattoos? Lol . I can see every kicks and punches between these guys....
Robert Shaefer
Robert Shaefer 11 годин тому
Max takes waaaay too many punches. Does not matter how good your chin is because in the end they all add up!
Eightfiftysix 11 годин тому
Max still did well. He would be awesome at 155 if he beefed up a bit.
Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson 12 годин тому
1.01 crazy fast kick
Chris Osborne
Chris Osborne 13 годин тому
What a great fight to watch
FourDub Zero
FourDub Zero 13 годин тому
The thing that makes Dustin unique and imo the future champ is his southpaw stance as a right hander and his modified Philly shell/ninja block. He has incredible power in his jab and right hook because he is a right handed fighter fighting southpaw. He's almost ambidextrous with an equally powerful straight left and left hooking backhand shots. Makes it an extremely difficult puzzle for orthodox fighters to solve.
ملحد تونسي الاصل
ملحد تونسي الاصل 13 годин тому
The chin on holloway is amazing !any other 145er would've been in the shadow realm. But man dustin is good in all aspects of fighting
i559KiiNG 13 годин тому
Oliveira gonna smack!
Володи́мир Олі́йник
Володи́мир Олі́йник 14 годин тому
красивый бой!
Aaron C
Aaron C 14 годин тому
What a fight omg
Злой Барсик
Злой Барсик 15 годин тому
Держался, молодец, Конор и того не смог.
Philipp Steiner
Philipp Steiner 15 годин тому
how he tank so mutch ??wtf
Sandy Nongbet
Sandy Nongbet 15 годин тому
If Dustin lands Conor like this,he would have ko him in the first round.
dark forest
dark forest 15 годин тому
That was a great fight
LA MOVIDA 16 годин тому
25:06 This part gives me chills Dustins just like lets finish this right here And max just got up like bet lets do it
Henning Skovlund
Henning Skovlund 17 годин тому
plasminus 18 годин тому
This sport is like watching a human abattoir live. Holloway could lessen his future facial reconstruction if he developed more of a defence. They should taken instruction from defensive boxers. Guard your faces and keep your hands up.
Im a Bird Caw
Im a Bird Caw 19 годин тому
This is so crazy one of the best fight's I have seen so far just amazing performance on both sides :O
Christopher Jahn
Christopher Jahn 20 годин тому
Great fight
Scott Mescudi
Scott Mescudi 21 годину тому
Really weird to see Holloway in lightweight no disrespect but he looked in the worst shape of his life, I've never seen punches that slow.
Austin Sanders
Austin Sanders 22 години тому
I’m sorry but max should of had that Dustin ain’t even gonna stay feather weight and he gassed out half way thru
SSBPM MEW 22 години тому
BRUH, chills watching this fight from start to finish!! There is nothing that can be compared to the experience constantly being delivered by the UFC. God-like
Slickster481 23 години тому
Dustin was clearly the better fighter. Not sure what fight the commentators were watching.
Shivam Snehi
Shivam Snehi 23 години тому
24:05 was the best part 😃
Denys Kryvyi
Denys Kryvyi День тому
Вес разницой кг 10 . порье масивней
стамбул турецкий
стамбул турецкий День тому
заруба настоящих мужиков !!!!!!
p3g4s1 Erik Ramírez
p3g4s1 Erik Ramírez День тому
3:19 3:52 3:57
David Croteau
David Croteau День тому
Max better have gotten paid... 😤
Surya Nice
Surya Nice День тому
This match is clearly a Hall of Fame one. Fans need this Kinda of fight. Two legends of the UFC 👍✊🤛
- 18 годин тому
This fight was soooooo one sided, hardly a Hall of Fame one.
Tiktok Dance
Tiktok Dance День тому
GREAT FIGHT! Both Guys WINNING in This Fight💓
Tim Tremblay
Tim Tremblay День тому
Was a draw IMHO
CMEZRBRT День тому
Both bonjerm
joe Davison
joe Davison День тому
Whoever told Poirier to try and take the guy down is an idiot.
Yun Shotta Sim6a
Yun Shotta Sim6a День тому
Damn it’s kinda sad to watch one of my favorite fighters and one of the best just get beat so bad… respect ✊
Николай Спидченко
Николай Спидченко День тому
Кто болел за спортсмена?
Davina Mealoha
Davina Mealoha День тому
Nah what was those judges scoring off of? Just cause Max had a cut? Dustin couldn't even take him down. All I'm saying, is that you gotta knock out the Champ to be the Champ. Very close fight though...
MoMo-Chasse Hautes-Corbières Carreleur
MoMo-Chasse Hautes-Corbières Carreleur День тому
Holloway devrait mieux combattre avec les femmes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Pope
Joseph Pope День тому
Wow the respect between these guys is nothing but admirable
gavin carson
gavin carson День тому
Max won that fight
Hamlin Hobbyist
Hamlin Hobbyist День тому
What a battle !
Meat Beats
Meat Beats День тому
jeeeeez the way max eats bombs and keeps fighting is just insane
Konig Whetzel
Konig Whetzel День тому
No looser in this fight between two Warriors. Hard to watch at times these are both at the top of my list of favorite fighters
H K День тому
Poirier was safed by the horn in round 4 Holloway had him to choke him out 😳
wayne williams
wayne williams День тому
I love Poirier but Max is one of my favorite, fighters so it is really hard to watch this fight again. The power difference was to great and Max got lit up but he still fought to the end like a champ.
Death of the Ego
Death of the Ego День тому
Max landed more but Dustin was more emphatic. I want to see this one again but max gotta move up properly. Pack on muscle and take 3 to 4 months to let your cardio keep up with the muscle.
I want 2k subs.
I want 2k subs. День тому
Max Holloway trying sigma to the teacher of sigma, the diamond.
SOLO День тому
Holloway manque cruellement de puissance
xRedHawk День тому
What a Great fight. Holloway is a beast
aungmin Oo
aungmin Oo День тому
Riksi Pirdiansa
Riksi Pirdiansa День тому
Keren, sangat sportifitas
Ghossaan Hisyam
Ghossaan Hisyam День тому
looking at this fight makes me confident that porier will beat charles
Nông Dân MTV
Nông Dân MTV День тому
northfacegawd노스페이스갓 День тому
what a fight!
Nikita Gulyansky
Nikita Gulyansky 2 дні тому
Выносливости нет от слова совсем. Первая половина раунда, а они как боксеры в 10))
Hamdy Thalib
Hamdy Thalib 2 дні тому
How's gonna be if max train with Trevor wittman
P WHY 2 дні тому
Ms13 must be arrested by the police and put into prisons!!
MischievousMoønshine 2 дні тому
U can hear Rush yelling for max
Anton Voltchok
Anton Voltchok 2 дні тому
Dam one of those fights you want both guys to win
Jeff Samples
Jeff Samples 2 дні тому
Man I never watched this whole fight but max had the last 3 rounds, this fight was judged by the face of the fighters, three take down a temps in the last 3 rounds speaks volumes
Marco Poblano
Marco Poblano 2 дні тому
amazing fight, both warriors and that ref was on top of his sh!t love to see it
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith 2 дні тому
I forgot how great this fight was.
TRADER'S LIFE 2 дні тому
Сильная битва!
Joe Helvey
Joe Helvey 2 дні тому
It’s nice to see a humble champion in any sport today. I’ll always root for Dustin.
IgorAtFargo 2 дні тому
I might be drunk, but this is the best fight EVER!
Корона Вирус
Корона Вирус 2 дні тому
Да уж,хабиб уже б обоих задушил👏
Reuben Chuma
Reuben Chuma 2 дні тому
He did it
Shay Dumitru
Shay Dumitru 2 дні тому
Dustin deserve it , it's his time ! Congratulations 👏👏👏
Daner winde
Daner winde 2 дні тому
w/ max beating yair, and dustin fight oliveira soon, i bet if you asked them off record who the toughest grittiest guy they've ever fought they'd say each other.. i'd be willing to bet money on that
Video Hero
Video Hero 2 дні тому
наконец нормальные бои без одеял
Brandon Lynchock
Brandon Lynchock 2 дні тому
Oh how I love me a slugfest!
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 2 дні тому
This is the reason why ufc is worth so much money but thay r not paying these fighters what they deserve
rikkierikkie 2 дні тому
What a fight.
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya 2 дні тому
Max Holloway vs Conor Mcgregor should be Conor's last fight
Stiven Korneev
Stiven Korneev 2 дні тому
Holloway cmon!
Five Stars
Five Stars 2 дні тому
Two weak fighters!!
X 2 дні тому
Dustin earn this belt today! but damn Max have a heart of lion!
Jolius Kristus
Jolius Kristus 2 дні тому
Jolius Kristus
Jolius Kristus 2 дні тому
Tidak ada gunanya memiliki dunia ini tetapi kehilangan nyawanya ketahuilah ada di antara Lo tidak bisa mati sampai melihat kerajaan ALMASIH
jongmin hong
jongmin hong 2 дні тому
What a standing max... haha seem like a lion
Вока Петров
Вока Петров 2 дні тому
Пор'є має залізобетонні кулаки Макс молодець,але фізика...
Thanh Tài Nguyễn
Thanh Tài Nguyễn 3 дні тому
Đáng xem.
Joe Coonan
Joe Coonan 3 дні тому
What an absolute war this fight was!! Epic...!
Аку База
Аку База 3 дні тому
Dastin super 💪
Лионид Борисов
Лионид Борисов 3 дні тому
Пастанова это не бой
Silvio Pimentel
Silvio Pimentel 3 дні тому
Just BEUTIFULL! 2 classy fighters 👏 for sure but Justin is bigger so it was a bit of a slip! But pure awesomeness 👌 ✊
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