How To Access SECRET DOOR "A-000" in ROBLOX DOORS!

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The Latest Hotel+ Update features a secret Room with a door that can be opened!
Thanks to @zavaled for additional footage!
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@toiletdestroyer163 Рік тому
thank you so much me and my sister couldn’t figure out how to open the door because nobody made tutorials on how to open it their door was always open
@Lofto129 Рік тому
dayum bro thanks for the tip! this adds so much more lore to the game
@hamzedagoat Рік тому
lspalsh is keeping a secret for us
@foxanddolphinboy2845 Рік тому
A-60 is real now, I guess.
@bloonkyyytm4092 Рік тому
@@foxanddolphinboy2845 yes
@Crow-gp3ci Рік тому
they aren’t hiding a secret it’s inspiration from the game ‘rooms’
@becauseiexistlmao Рік тому
I lvoe lspalsh!!1
@yssssssss Рік тому
@@becauseiexistlmao mE tOo!11!! I *LVOE* lsplash!!1!
@theofficialwoohoogamers Рік тому
They litterally added the game it was inspired by. Also that glitched ambush is scary
@jamesbauzon1213 Рік тому
im pretty sad about lost light/curious light, since he was the only good entity in rooms(including glitch) in rooms, he doesn't know about three entities and players enters often on rooms
@badchef123 Рік тому
We can say curious light was before doors that's why curious light helps much because it has helped a alot of players in the past
@GhostedOn270FPS Рік тому
Your the only guy that actually Explains it! I’m subbing❤❤❤
@cub0id Рік тому
also apparently at the end there is a broken bridge similar to the one in the doors lobby which means rooms might be cannon to doors
i hope it is that would b the coolest thing
@uateme Рік тому
@bxgamer797 11 місяців тому
TYSM I was stuck on the gate part but thanks to you I can get to the rooms. I'm going to sub and like.
@thetorturedpoetsdept 11 місяців тому
THANK YOU SO MUCH! i needed this
@LarzarKadenYT Рік тому
Wow a calm Guiding Light? Great it’s not like the Doors Guiding Light it calm too
@puppet_is_awesome1 11 місяців тому
*Rages* I WAS AT THAT PART TODAY REEEEE thank you for this helpful video :>
@mursoftiscool5932 11 місяців тому
thanks for the help i was very confused how to open that barrier or fence whatever
@Didyoudourspanishlesson 11 місяців тому
Omg ty for the help i was struggling to open that stupid barrier
@RobloxYesFortniteNo4 9 місяців тому
It is possible for the lever room to spawn before the room with the secret door
@jumby152 Рік тому
2:19 man's not a simp but the way he looked outside when the neko died💀
@shockwave875 Рік тому
im kinda shocked they added the iconic blue flashlight from popular indie 2017 game tattletail
@paraable8110 Рік тому
please tell me your joking
@Gnarp_darp Рік тому
@eyes1 Рік тому
@realbilly122 Рік тому
Eyes omg
@mateussoares515 Рік тому
Omg thats so cool the devs form the popular horror roblox game doors, lsplash, would add such a reference to the 2017 horror indie game tattletail
@jackbeauchamp6716 Рік тому
This is going to stir soo much into the pot of lore for this game, matpat is going to have a fieldday with this
@wawawawaw264 Рік тому
This is isnt lore related I think since this is from another game and that specific game inspired doors
@Raylander935 Рік тому
@@wawawawaw264 yeah, That’s from a old game from roblox that got the same concept of doors but with a little few changes
@wawawawaw264 Рік тому
@@Raylander935 yea
@VMTCC_25 Рік тому
thank you so much!!! you are the best!!!!!
@quockyvietnam Рік тому
I just do it and met A-90(glitched ambush) and i already knew how to deal with it(maybe)
@becauseiexistlmao Рік тому
2:32 the zombies ate your goddamn brains
@sugondeez69 Рік тому
Ah yes this is nostalgic
@Rareblin243 Рік тому
the ??? badge might be when u complete the entire rooms secret. (its like 2000 doors might be less in here tho)
@murilo0001 Рік тому
it is 1000 and yes, that is how
@user-ev4ro7pi6p Рік тому
man i died at room 137 :(
@gmassaulteryoutube 11 місяців тому
i was on door 60, and i couldnt find any room like this.
@nubbyedits45 Рік тому
Yo variez. Ever since the top floor was burned it spread through the hotel leaving the painting I dropped from screech to burn :(
@gladosb5876 Рік тому
i liked the other guilding light music in doors rooms
@ambo.3768 Рік тому
too bad you cant just teleport to it from the lobby after entering it
@leslip5211 Рік тому
Yeah, I wouldn't waste my time then.
@Shadow-cv9dz Рік тому
A-60 is finally being added to doors it’s official
@TheReflectingWhiteHole Рік тому
They're added milked variant that kids knowing I'm 😭 like.
@mbfdi2033 Рік тому
It's not official to doors, it's just a reference to rooms which came out before doors did.
@elenarubio2696 Рік тому
I was in your stream when the count Down finished
@renrengottaken Рік тому
a-60 caught me off guard
@just-robloxallt4875 Рік тому
thanks i used it for my video
@whiterun9650 Рік тому
hey @VarieZ i got an idea to an video use crusifix on figure on door 100 bc when i was trying to do it on my video obs stopped recording i was on door 88 but there wasnt any closets so i died can you credit me for the video?
@VarieZ Рік тому
I already did
@whiterun9650 Рік тому
@@VarieZ oh
@whiterun9650 Рік тому
@@VarieZ when?
@grooveman3460 Рік тому
@aleenosama4286 6 місяців тому
@tamariikevin Рік тому
I alredy knew but ty
@Zachimation Рік тому
@JessicaCrawford352 Рік тому
I learned this from experience, Crucifix doesn't work on A-60.
@Dog_With_Drip 11 місяців тому
Thx, i couldn't find the lever
@MadokaMagicaAteUrBread Рік тому
New doors lore i see-
@GD_SetShred Рік тому
bros uploading like 1 million vids a day lol
@epic_devz Рік тому
Once you find the liver, you gotta pull it down right here - variez no offense
@gamersroblox1010 10 місяців тому
2:31 you must stop when that face appear in your screen
@thatonelem Рік тому
god thats a loud entity
@Axis-allies4728 Рік тому
bro i was looking i was told it was between door 60 and 63 and i fricking died to halt
@markussveiksans4231 Рік тому
Maxwell cat added in roblox doors update
@guesty506 10 місяців тому
Will it always be uhhh door 61?
@hafi2719 11 місяців тому
@sajidaayaz49-fz7nn 9 місяців тому
Yooo I died at a-70 and it was a-90 that killed me and I didn't even get a-60 once??
@elenarubio2696 Рік тому
I was with yellow hair going up i think and red hat and White shoes Black pants and Black shirt
@Stps872 Рік тому
My guy just tp'd to rooms but better
@elenarubio2696 Рік тому
I know i talked to much but stay epic VarieZ bye
@tatasinho0507 Рік тому
variez is inside figure's walls
@kljm2483 4 місяці тому
i was able to unlock it but theres this red barrier blocking it, can i not do this solo??
@susjohn6808 22 дні тому
You shouldn’t active any modifiers if u want to entre the room
@Local_Intruder Рік тому
I accidentaly found this. But i had only 1 lockpick and skull key. I was missing just 1 lockpick sadly
@gamersroblox1010 10 місяців тому
Me too
@kreb2059 Рік тому
I got the room and I forgot to buy the key at the shop
@elenarubio2696 Рік тому
It was my first time with a UKpostsr i maybe Will see you again in next stream if not =/
@PRIMEDITZ1880 Рік тому
Matpat has joined the chat
@25kxamount Рік тому
i think the blue flashlight is from tatletail lol
@eyes1 Рік тому
Incorrect it's not lol it's literally in the game rooms (which is where you go to but it's remade in doors)
@AndersonDosGames Рік тому
@@eyes1 well the gummy flashlight from rooms is based on the one from tattletail, so he is technically correct, but also yeah i do think you are "more correct" if that's a thing
@mbfdi2033 Рік тому
It's based off of a flashlight from real life. Tattletail didn't make it.
@eyes1 Рік тому
@@AndersonDosGames ah I see
@M1K3AndrewMUSIC 8 місяців тому
A-90 jumped at me even tho we were still at A-64
@finnsflipsandroblox1235 10 місяців тому
Bruh my game glitched and only one gate opened
@PRIMEDITZ1880 Рік тому
Reach room A-060 TO SUMMON A-60
@ItsLeeeroy Рік тому
is is infinite??
@elenarubio2696 Рік тому
Hi im pinochio611
@idk-np2zz Рік тому
Can you use the crusifix thing on this new entity?
@aboudi_gaming50 11 місяців тому
@aboudi_gaming50 11 місяців тому
You can't use crucifix in rooms
@aboudi_gaming50 11 місяців тому
Since curios light doesn't have the power to activate it like guiding light
@PlsDontDoxMeOrDMMeorUWilldieU Рік тому
ain’t guiding light
@NikoEdits5106 3 місяці тому
I cant find a the room in doors I can't find secret
@SpaceReii Рік тому
I'm confronting zavaled
@H3ro-fan. Рік тому
Is like rooms
@hafi2719 11 місяців тому
@Supermemeguardian50 Рік тому
The Rooms Is Actully Inspired By Me
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
@AndersonDosGames Рік тому
you aren't the creator of rooms, so it isn't
@mbfdi2033 Рік тому
You're not nicorocks buddy.
@vanhelsingsfirstfan Рік тому
I got 100 reasons to call ALL doors entities annoying.
@watahek Рік тому
bro cant believe is this real?!?!
@Thel_vadam2813 Рік тому
@watahek Рік тому
@@Thel_vadam2813 yeah it was real i died on room 102 :(
@juanwilsoncvega2871 Рік тому
A-60 was real wth
@pyps6000 Рік тому
I be blind tysm
@ezspeezy_ko419 Рік тому
Who else got the shaking flashlight reference
@Astreon123 11 місяців тому
@Ebiso Рік тому
why does the thing that killed u look like ambush?
@yangverse Рік тому
it does btw that’s a-90
@Ebiso 11 місяців тому
@@yangverse Ok thank you
@yangverse 11 місяців тому
@@Ebiso np
@elhadibenaziza1015 Рік тому
*_Why LSPASH Won't show the trail of this floor_* 💀
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
Bro literaly had a stroke💀
@AndersonDosGames Рік тому
because this is an easter egg and is not going to be used for the actual game
@slythecat1029 Рік тому
This is basically Floor 1.5 ngl
@HeiseiNerd Рік тому
it isnt a floor its a secret
@bloonkyyytm4092 Рік тому
I Died in Room A-383
@SpecFenn Рік тому
you were going for ??? badge? isnt the exit at A-222
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
@@SpecFenn an exit can spawn at A-200 however if you keep going there will be another exit at A-1000 and a camera
@SpecFenn Рік тому
@@HiThisIsMyHandle a camera? What does the camera do?
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
@@SpecFenn i dont exactly know but i think it gives night vision and it can find items for you but thats just all I know
@SpecFenn Рік тому
@@HiThisIsMyHandle permanent or just for the run?
@songbun4203 Рік тому
Ayo it cost only 10 coins not 10 Robux
@VarieZ Рік тому
The original rooms game charges you 10 robux
@baper.da.cow. Рік тому
how to get skeley key?
@CrystalII Рік тому
Buy it from Jeff after floor 50.
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
@@CrystalII FLOOR 50 CONFIRMED11!1!!!1!1!1!
@AndersonDosGames Рік тому
@@CrystalII it's door 50, you already got it wrong on the doors wiki and now you got it wrong on youtube comments
@sansfield_09 Рік тому
100persent real bro
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
It is
@justplayznsn Рік тому
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
@oldexr Рік тому
@Its_Techno_ 8 місяців тому
Its not a secret 0_0
@elenarubio2696 Рік тому
Search my name and thats me :)
@rush25545 Рік тому
@Billy10013 Рік тому
Hmmmmm ok
@HiThisIsMyHandle Рік тому
Hmmm ok what?
@TheReflectingWhiteHole Рік тому
I'm disappointed 👎. They're started to milk rooms and A-60 themselves and made out something ugly, I'm hope they're change to better way.
@TheReflectingWhiteHole Рік тому
They're should hire Silly Billy Studio instead of making themselves.
@mbfdi2033 Рік тому
Ever heard the word based off?
@TheReflectingWhiteHole Рік тому
@@mbfdi2033 Made something with less effort but having a money and even a merch, they're aren't based on Rooms they just killed original state. Yet for people who can't pay attention to quieter sounds atleast "guiding light" is pointless, and only helping which monster killed but not how avoid it, you're can't having a fear If monster is tooo easy audible, they're killed swapping faces of first monster that making it more unique and changed it in more popular "milked one with 2 faces" Rooms is punishing game and forcing to use a bigger volume and punishing when dying and not only by randomness. A Noonie who made a better and scarier than this, more based on a Rooms than a doors, yet some sounds loud but still can notice some things how they're actually works that guiding light won't say. A-25 (tutorial) first entity that would teach how to notice things A-60 Faster and quieter only buzzing nothing else helping. Can see only 1-2 faces when it passes but it having more. A-100 computer rooms are more paranoid, unsafer than it was Look at graphics tho.
@TheReflectingWhiteHole Рік тому
Not only Noonie made but still, they're better hire them to make it better.
@aguiyinwachukwu5721 10 місяців тому
@@TheReflectingWhiteHole this is an official collab with nicorockks (creater of rooms) though
@BAM942 Рік тому
@shivansh2673 11 місяців тому
Bro 4
@dembus Рік тому
@Linked27 Рік тому
I got shadow tryna do this lol
@kameyn Рік тому
how you play with fast camera? i played with super slow camera i can't normal play🥲 (but lol rooms in doors?)
@HeiseiNerd Рік тому
@@SNAPBACKTOREALITYYY it isnt edited soo
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