VESC (Best Open Source ESC) || DIY or Buy

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Prototype quality PCB ($2) & Stencil ($7) :
Previous video:
Make your own ESC:
Make your own Sensored ESC:
Facebook: greatscottlab
Twitter: GreatScottLab

You can get a VESC here: (affiliate link):

Useful websites which were shown in the video:

In this episode of DIY or Buy we will have a closer look at the VESC which is probably the best open source ESC. Along the way we will have a look at its amazing features and try to build our own in order to find out whether DIYing the circuit is cheaper.

Thanks to JLCPCB for sponsoring this video
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Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod

k yf
k yf 18 днів тому
Next time soldering components with many pins, use some flux and less solder. It will work like a charm !
Lehpurdz 24 дні тому
I do PCB design and bringup. You’ll have a much easier time with a microscope, quality tweezers, smaller solder, a flux pen and a quality iron with a micro tip. Everything on this board can be done without reflow. You really have to take your time under a microscope and make everything perfect for this to be worth it. Also that 3 hour time estimate is mighty conservative!
ndutrz Місяць тому
коммуна горно-велосипедная
коммуна горно-велосипедная Місяць тому
Nice try! UC from aliexpress can be defected...
Muhammad Ali Maskur
Muhammad Ali Maskur 2 місяці тому
excuse me, where can i get the BLDC_4_Bootloader file? which contains a hex file.
wakz ortega
wakz ortega 2 місяці тому find it in the comment.
Jesper Hansen
Jesper Hansen 3 місяці тому
I don't think this is a fair comparison, as, sorry to say, you suck at SMD soldering. (For future adventures, may I suggest you use a LOT less solderpaste, you have about 10 times more than needed.) However, with a price difference of only $2, the winner IS, of course "BUY". Even for a SMD expert, it takes time for ordering parts, sort, mount and solder. The REAL benefit of DIY comes when you modify the scematics and layout to suit your needs, enclosure or whatever.
Mo Bina
Mo Bina 3 місяці тому
Hope your soldering skills have gotten better since then. This board could easily be DIY.
Janos Peh
Janos Peh 3 місяці тому
wieso hängst du eigentlich dein s an worte die nicht mit s enden?
Vijay Korvekar
Vijay Korvekar 4 місяці тому
Can make a vesc fro me ,I'm ready to pay
Manuel 4 місяці тому
If you want to go at this lvl of electronics you should order soldering stencils. Apply solderpaste to the entire board and reflow cook it in your oven. You can beef up the Mosfets soldering later on if you need to.
john Money
john Money 4 місяці тому
I like this alot. Thanks for showing this
وحید م عبدی
وحید م عبدی 5 місяців тому
I always enjoy your video, good job man.. gooood job.
AmeliaBuns 6 місяців тому
why are the PCBs so expensive? you can get 10 for 4$ D: was it really large?
Mel Plishka
Mel Plishka 6 місяців тому
Well after soldering this project you must be a soldering master now lol
John Hall
John Hall 6 місяців тому
left-hander too
elofos0815 7 місяців тому
kauf dir mal ein paar spritzen voll flussmittel, dann gehts auch mit der Heissluft
Jesper Nygaard
Jesper Nygaard 7 місяців тому
Hi. You really need to try one of those mini-wave tips and do drag soldering. And remember to use _plenty_ of flux...
Jesper Nygaard
Jesper Nygaard 7 місяців тому
Like a T0054451199 for weller WPS80. YT won't allow me to post a link to mouser..
A Pao
A Pao 7 місяців тому
Can you trust me (Hex or bin) for me to load into SMT4F ( )
solomon henry
solomon henry 8 місяців тому
How come I never see vesc on big electric scooters or bikes like 5000w and more will vesc be rubbish
BOSS1234HG BROS 8 місяців тому
Justin White
Justin White 9 місяців тому
@GreatScott - If you're willing to send them to me, I'd love to take a poke at troubleshooting them, that is also, if you still have them.
Ron Moz
Ron Moz 9 місяців тому
thank you sir, for your sharing the information about ESC.
Ian Board
Ian Board 9 місяців тому
I made a simple reflow oven from an old toaster/convection oven. SMD parts are actually way easier than through hole if you do them this way. Just a suggestion. I really enjoyed your project.
ItsTristan1st 9 місяців тому
Flux dude, flux! The more the merrier.
Sajjad Golchin Poor
Sajjad Golchin Poor 10 місяців тому
Louis Rossman: "ALWAYS USE MORE FLUX!"
Ultra Powered Beast
Ultra Powered Beast 10 місяців тому
Man, Very nice video but you have paid too much for this video. That much I spend in 5 months :(
jim jimx
jim jimx 11 місяців тому
Stop the horrible music.
jim jimx
jim jimx 11 місяців тому
What is an esc? You talk about it 50 times in 2 minutes, but don’t say what it is.
意味不明 11 місяців тому
Mike Collins
Mike Collins 11 місяців тому
How many steps are there between 1mS and 2mS? In other words, what is the speed resolution?
evans yomu
evans yomu Рік тому
is it possible to connect 2 batteries in Parallel to a single vesc
Sami Hawasli
Sami Hawasli Рік тому
Doesn’t jlc pcb also make stencils? Spare yourself. Plus, you get to make a smd oven, bonus!
Michael Price
Michael Price Рік тому
Why the hell would you spend so much on shipping!
Bagi Badoo
Bagi Badoo Рік тому
A simple tip before first powering up any new circuit, first measure resistance between ground and Vcc! If you have lets say 2 Ohm you know it will release the magic smoke if you power it up without current limitation.
Mario Delgado Serrano
Mario Delgado Serrano Рік тому
Coul I build a bike trainer with a VESC? I see you can set a fix brake current, but I'm interesting in a variable brake current managed by an external program.
Zoran Paunovic
Zoran Paunovic Рік тому
About soldering... I see you have ersa i- con soldering handle. This is good soldering station only you must increase temperature. For that pcb with lot of copper and two side layer pcb, at least 350°C to set. I have the i-con pico (80W) and much better results when soldering smd components even with classic thin wire without extra flux. I use stannol thin 0.7mm thick. Sorry for bad english...
H2O- FPV Рік тому
Wao great video thank u
Bryan Joseph
Bryan Joseph Рік тому
You should revisit this topic with this:
MrNavenipreh Рік тому
I appreciated all the detail- especially on your soldering technique and complications. Thank you 🙏
Angel G
Angel G Рік тому
I have designed a much cheaper proof-of concept ESC, based on old ESC32 code and the "Bluepill" which has pre-soldered MCU. It lacks FOC though. VESC is more ambitious so it uses more external ICS like ADCs and a higher-end ARM CPU. My ESC32 clone uses only the built-in ADC channels of the MCU and one of the versions even skips the current control circuit. The BOM is under 8 EUR if you buy the components from China.
Amit Jangra
Amit Jangra Рік тому
Hey Sccott, you should have asked for stencil along with PCBs. It would have been easier to apply the right amount of solder when using heat gun.
Noan YoBiseniss
Noan YoBiseniss Рік тому
After seeing your soldering skills you should definitely buy pre assembled. ;)
werny d
werny d Рік тому
you mounted a white connector for programming the device - can you pls tell me the name of that connector. thx
evi1wombat Рік тому
Bro, liquid flux is your friend!
bixlord Рік тому
you should try the Interactive BOM kicad script. Check out the video "KiCad 5.0 - Interactive BOM " on the Contextual Electronics channel
bixlord Рік тому
it helps a ton in the manual assembly
Somaaa Рік тому
try diy option again since you now have that reflow oven
KFlorent13 Рік тому
0:58 Ugh, you're left handed...
Jay None
Jay None Рік тому
Wow. This had to take patiens. I would not attempt to do this.. Hats off to ya
Murat Aksu
Murat Aksu Рік тому
Please do the same with an e bike controller.. so much thing you can learn us also the e bike community needs this flexibility a lot.. there is so much limits and obsolescence cases on that subject.. Anyway thanks for your existence man!!!!!! Keep those coming.
DragonDeesNutz Рік тому
Get yourself a Controleo and combine it with a Pizza oven, add some insulation, maybe a nitrogen injection and you have a really nice reflow-oven. I added some IR heating elements to mine , to get a total power of 1600W. If you use black PCBs it works even better ;-)
Machine Shop
Machine Shop Рік тому
Best solder men😂
allyourcode Рік тому
Yeah... If GreatScott! can't succeed, I'm not even gonna think about trying. lol. Thank you for posting this! Probably save a few ppl many hours of frustration XD
Emanuel M
Emanuel M Рік тому
Thanks for trying, your channel is awesome!! One clue I've learned by pain: don't solder everything, do it block by block, if you know what I mean. Place each part, test, then build another block. That save a lot of time and money!
ajeeth suryash
ajeeth suryash Рік тому
Very informative video. Impressive work
Brawl stars player
Brawl stars player Рік тому
I think i made
MANPREET Рік тому This is more easier try making this
Ado Passco
Ado Passco Рік тому
yeah troubleshooting scaren me all time.. And sometimes on 3 board my microcontroler burn out and on next one work just fi e.. Never underdtand.
Kayboku Рік тому
that was a valid attempt! Well done on trying!
Linas K
Linas K Рік тому
I can see in video problem. If you are using oscillator, one of your pf range capacitors are in nF range due to darker color :D
Aidan C
Aidan C Рік тому
Just for the record, field is pronounced f-ee-yul-d :) I really appreciate the English videos by the way! This is great content and I love that you have made it available to so many people.
Startobytes Рік тому
Very cool Video.
Beef Ingot
Beef Ingot Рік тому
Next up, cheapo odrive
manoj prabhakar
manoj prabhakar Рік тому
Hello Scott,How much time did you took for this complete list of activities ? 😀
Smit Pandya
Smit Pandya Рік тому
please make self-balancing one wheel drive project .
Амаль Фарук
Амаль Фарук Рік тому
I really enhanced by the content you make. Чёртово искусство схемотехника с щепотью научпопа
Jaren Hudson
Jaren Hudson Рік тому
For later projects if you have an account with mouser they have a really flexible BOM import feature... I use it on a project here and there.
Carunya zx
Carunya zx Рік тому
Mads Рік тому
Everything is expensive in this kinda of equipament. Even components alone. WTF
Gu Si
Gu Si Рік тому
Good try, not many UKpostsrs that post real world problems and click bait. ALSO a word of advice with DIY soldering... Do Main IC's if first without or as little components required for USB uart spi connection and make sure the the main ics are alive, it's easier to troubleshoot
krishnan srinivasan
krishnan srinivasan Рік тому
Nice & Thanks :)
CXensation Рік тому
You need to update your soldering methods and techniques. Experiment with different types and amounts of soldering flux. The low viscosity (thin flowing) type is preferred. It has surprisingly huge effects on your soldering work. In the case of soldering the IC's first try lightly tin the pcb IC pads. Then clean as usual and flood the IC pads with flux such that the IC pad area literally is a pond (lake) of flux. Now do the actual soldering in the wet flux. You will see that the solder tends to automatically flow to where it should be. You can still use solder paste, but you must control the amount very accurately, as any surplus solder has no where else to go, than the nearest solder pad or pin and will collect there.
Keith Summers
Keith Summers Рік тому
Scott -- at this point you should be using a solder paste stencil to apply the paste. ALSO -- your PCB did not have masking between the pins -- that is not an acceptable quality board. Those guys in China will apply solder between the pins if you demand it. It cost them more time and money -- but you have to ask for it otherwise -- they take that value out of the deliverable.
cris san
cris san Рік тому
love this guys videos so well spoken...
Kuhny1 Рік тому
Should've used a solder stencil with paste. Atleast for the most expensive side
Ben Urban
Ben Urban Рік тому
Looks professional.
Amir Zia
Amir Zia Рік тому
what happend to THIS?! i cant believe it didnt work!
ASUS Micro
ASUS Micro Рік тому
Why don't you use soldering pastes for soldering ICs onto your board?
Djambo Рік тому
you should've used a stencil
Gary Crouch
Gary Crouch Рік тому
How do we build a high voltage high amp version? 120+ volts 200+ amps
Godfrey Poon
Godfrey Poon 2 роки тому
Is it an STM32? If it's an atmel it can go get bent.
顺德阿柏 2 роки тому
Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров
Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров 2 роки тому
Marcos Chaparro
Marcos Chaparro 2 роки тому
Maybe your next VESC project?:
Artemis-Arrow 2 роки тому
2:19 because of that I know were you live and I can ask locals about your adress not asulting or attacking but pay mor security checks just remove the frames
Olav Kokovkin
Olav Kokovkin 2 роки тому
Thank you for this video. I have been considering building my own ESC for more powerful BLDC motors. But seeing your experience made me change my mind
Angeline Geronimo
Angeline Geronimo 2 роки тому
Usee flux??
BlueHunter 2 роки тому
GreatScott have you ever tried to solder those tiny components with a laser diode obtained from a dvd driver?
BlueHunter 2 роки тому
@Bigatchu watch this. Another solution.
BlueHunter 2 роки тому
@Bigatchu I know that L.D is dangerous. But the lasers are used too for soldering.
Bigatchu 2 роки тому
This is actually really hard, because of the shiny surface that reflects the light instead of letting the light heat up the material. Additionally, lasers are very dangerous and you'd have to do everything with special goggles or a soldering microscope.
jonshouse1 2 роки тому
I suggest you buy some liquid flux. When you bridge pins on surface mount IC add flux, then place the solder braid over the flux, then heat with the iron, works well for me.
Ron Tan
Ron Tan 2 роки тому
Thanks for the wonder video on ESC'yer . 😆
Tom Bortels
Tom Bortels 2 роки тому
I appreciate seeing the failures as well as the successes. Good for you.
Rob Mckennie
Rob Mckennie 2 роки тому
Has anyone done a comparison between the VESC and the ODrive? I had a quick look but didn't find anything
3 minds
3 minds 2 роки тому
Noob here, any reading material/information you recommend for me? not to be completely lost and these videos. I'd like to know exactly what you talking about. 🙃
Simon Bethke
Simon Bethke 2 роки тому
Hey Scott, I got a question regarding brushless motors: I know that the KV velocity constant is retrieved by measuring the back EMF at a given RPM. My question: is it possible to run a motor at a given voltage with more RPM than voltage multiplied by KV?
Pine van Wageningen
Pine van Wageningen 2 роки тому
Hi, I'm currently busy with a project that uses a VESC - I'm not well clued up with the components used in a VESC, but I was told there are power resistors used to dissipate some regen power to help with braking (ESK8). Would it be possible to swop those resistors out for lets say 500W resistors (with the same resistance) to dissipate more power without recharging the battery used to power the VESC? Any firmware tweaks needed to allow more internal power dissipation? Any help from the comments would be appreciated. I have been to the ESK8 forum, but I cannot post a question and have searched for this topic.
remains memories
remains memories 2 роки тому
Can you please share your experience of using that orange longboard motor? Mainly voltage and current you ate using it with
Dsl Dsl
Dsl Dsl 2 роки тому
You can edit out the breath in, it's annoing
Etienne Esquirol
Etienne Esquirol 2 роки тому
You should buy or build your own « pince à souder » (I don’t know the english name ) for soldering SMD components.
José Coll Salazar
José Coll Salazar 2 роки тому
fixitmakeit 2 роки тому
I have a 12v 0.18a 3wire blower dc blower fan, I want to slow the speed down for long periods but need the full speed for initial start up for a couple of minutes. Can you advise me on which type of small speed controller I should buy for the well being of my blower. Have seen vids on transistor/ potentiometer methods but would rather buy the right tool for the right job so to speak. Thankyou. Great video.
fixitmakeit 2 роки тому
I have since bought 12v dc 0.18a brushless 2 wire fan. I bought a pwm controller to vary the speed but the fan did not even turn with the potentiometer in either position. Struggling to get any info even from suppliers. Can you advise what type of controller I need for this type of fan? Thankyou. Great videos.
Rnzdesign 2 роки тому
can this power 250w e-bike hub motor?
Rnzdesign 2 роки тому
@yakz ty a lot man
yakz 2 роки тому
it can power more than 4000w so yes it can
no thanks
no thanks 2 роки тому
Dude. solder stencil. send in your solder pad gerber to then just tape down the stencil, squeegy your solder paste across the stencil. Peal it off, apply your components, then hit it with the heat gun at high heat low flow. It's cheap and WAAAAAAAY easier.
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