Weld Metal Repair Paste Review 2021- Does it Work?

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2 місяці тому

❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM
This Permanent Metal Repair Paste can instead of seeking professional repair service, easily patch up busted pipes, leaky pails, corroded steel yourself to save at least $200 each time!

It’s an extremely tough mix that will breathe new life into your busted metallic surfaces!

Form strong, stable, permanent bond that lasts for ages. It can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilled depending on your needs.

DIY Fans
DIY Fans 2 місяці тому
❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM ❤Free Worldwide Shipping.
민달영 3 дні тому
@Bradley carilus э.
edgar guara
edgar guara 12 днів тому
Sou brasileiro, cadê o idioma brasileiro?????
memo cas
memo cas 28 днів тому
Que producto es ese, como se llama
DIY Fans
DIY Fans 29 днів тому
@Elmer Oloroso ❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM ❤Free Worldwide Shipping
Elmer Oloroso
Elmer Oloroso Місяць тому
How much ?how to orde?.
Frank Max
Frank Max 11 годин тому
No entiendo para que metes un explosivo que no explota, a quien quieres engañar?
Harold Givens
Harold Givens 14 годин тому
Praise the Lord
nikola markovic
nikola markovic 15 годин тому
Phil C
Phil C 15 годин тому
Who'd of thought lighting a tampon could do this
fabio zoni
fabio zoni 17 годин тому
Quando chiude i tubi il petardo si era già spento.
Double Dook
Double Dook 18 годин тому
This gave me an aneurysm
Robert Trezona
Robert Trezona 21 годину тому
And idea is an idea
Robert Nevill
Robert Nevill 21 годину тому
Что это за штука чем он мазал?
Lucca Ozório
Lucca Ozório 22 години тому
This isn't a firecracker, is a smoke bomb, to see if are any leaks in the pipe.
Anvar Azimov
Anvar Azimov День тому
Urbex Martin W
Urbex Martin W День тому
Warum liegt da ne Mörsergranate? 🤔
IVAN CRUZ День тому
El taladro esta en reversa
bas t
bas t День тому
drill spinning the wrong way🙈🤷‍♂️
KB MILLER День тому
That wasn't a firecracker folks it was an infusion charge...
KB MILLER День тому
If you can't drill into it or grind it why use it? Makes zero sense to use it at that point...
tonyStics День тому
What did that have to do with lighting a firecracker with a short wick?
Maddy Lustig
Maddy Lustig День тому
Anyone remember when ItsFunneh had this song as her intro?
Rene Laizer
Rene Laizer День тому
Set that mortar round off and see if that stuff will hold together....
jorge armando mendoza villeda
jorge armando mendoza villeda День тому
How can i take they paste out.
Whiskey Victor
Whiskey Victor День тому
Wow cant be penetrated by a backwards rotating drill bit after 3 seconds. Impressive.
Rudy Martinez Jr
Rudy Martinez Jr День тому
Damn drill is in reverse!
Dean Zinter
Dean Zinter День тому
So do I have to stick a firecracker in the broken pipe before I fix it
The Berb
The Berb День тому
UKposts Shorts were a mistake.
Surender Naik
Surender Naik День тому
metal paste: now no need of welding just use me welder: hold my beer !
Welllllllllll E6013 is better then this paste if u are welder or happen to read basic weld book u know what this number
Paaperfi glound
Paaperfi glound День тому
Wow world record 100 millions views short video
Rômulo Crispim Instalação de Portas
Rômulo Crispim Instalação de Portas День тому
Pensei que ia estourar uma bombinha (fogos de artifício) (Aqui no Brasil, tem bombinhas explosivas deste tamanho, apelidada de bombinha garrafão em BH/MG/BR)
Уσgι๛νєяѕє День тому
Why the firecracker?,
gumelini1 День тому
I think I'm going crazy because I could swear i just saw a mortar shell in there
Dimitris Andreou
Dimitris Andreou День тому
Hindu level: UKpostsr
板垣啓一郎 День тому
Deemole День тому
The smoke bomb didn't even go off. Didn't see a smoke or bomb this don't prove anything
Gilly _
Gilly _ 2 дні тому
Not to mention the smell of dead fish when this shit heats up when used to seal exhaust leaks
Ricks Typhoon
Ricks Typhoon 2 дні тому
Ждал, что ебанет. Разочаровал.
JDM Joelie
JDM Joelie 2 дні тому
That firecracker was a Dud, just like this product...
phil mcnutt
phil mcnutt 4 години тому
I think it was a smoke pellet
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 2 дні тому
Y is there a mortar shell right under it
Pyrokine 2 дні тому
Spins a drill against it with absolutely no pressure whatsoever to show durability.
Quillan Ethridge
Quillan Ethridge 2 дні тому
The drill is also spinning the wrong way lmao
He ran the drill forward first than reverse
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis 2 дні тому
He is trying to show us that the paste works because either the motar round explodes or he survives with his neighbors
snow ghost247
snow ghost247 День тому
Ballsie bet dont you think?
Altezza447 2 дні тому
I need thisstuff when i was in alaska my exhausted cracked. I just kept driving with loud noise
CJSmallie 2 дні тому
That firecracker stunt earned you a well-deserved dislike.
Jason Heller
Jason Heller 2 дні тому
Gotta make the firecracker blow and cut to the paste like the firecracker caused it...feel like that's what ur trying to do but got lost maybe...idk...lol
mark ts
mark ts 2 дні тому
Sorry... I do not understand what you mean by this video.......
switchspin 2 дні тому
W the F?
Jamona Trevino
Jamona Trevino 2 дні тому
Did y'all see the fire cracker he light up
Anthony Whelan
Anthony Whelan 2 дні тому
Why is there a mortar under the pipe, is this a suicide attempt?
Wiso Chiso
Wiso Chiso 2 дні тому
What the hell? Is that an RPG-7 rocket?
User not found
User not found 2 дні тому
And what was the point of the firecracker? 🤔
Jesse H
Jesse H 2 дні тому
What the dud doin?
Alex Lopinski
Alex Lopinski 2 дні тому
This is the worst thing I've ever seen
Opolon Draga
Opolon Draga 2 дні тому
А зачем мина ? В кадре.
Adam Schaafsma
Adam Schaafsma 2 дні тому
Looks great how does it stand up to heat though? Wondering if I can use it to repair my headers.
[D_NA8] 2 дні тому
I like how theres a missile or like a bomb underneath his hand lol
War Shadow
War Shadow 2 дні тому
I don't get the firecracker part but this would be a good idea to put that on a catylic converter to keep it from getting jiggered
G Field
G Field 2 дні тому
No one is going to mention the mortar bomb on their table no?
TroniX FiX
TroniX FiX 2 дні тому
What did he put in there?
Jeesvi TV
Jeesvi TV 2 дні тому
Edited. I saw how they did all those similar videos. Totally disrespect to faithfuls.
Денис Калошин
Денис Калошин 3 дні тому
А мина для чего?
Kuba Kuba
Kuba Kuba 3 дні тому
Od kiedy wierci się na lewych OBROTACH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
fiberrabit 3 дні тому
What is with people throwing firecrackers that don't explode, inside stuff and pasting it shut??
Wieslaw Poplawski
Wieslaw Poplawski 2 дні тому
Click bait.... And we both fell fell for it
Angelo Daems
Angelo Daems 3 дні тому
Im a welder and i can testefy this is bs
Mitch Reese
Mitch Reese 3 дні тому
Rinkia X
Rinkia X 3 дні тому
I'll take a pair of skateshoes made of this material. 🤔
Muhammad Ridho Firdaus
Muhammad Ridho Firdaus 3 дні тому
Is that an RPG ammo below the pole?
J. Salli
J. Salli 3 дні тому
Это все понятно, но какого фига у него там мина лежит????
Massimo Mastria
Massimo Mastria 3 дні тому
Haile Michael
Haile Michael 3 дні тому
Ok but does it work?
Matthew Thurber
Matthew Thurber 3 дні тому
Is the firecracker still burning...
Анатолий Семёнов
Анатолий Семёнов 3 дні тому
TheRammstein8 3 дні тому
No bang Wrong blade No builder would work like this or with this Everything in this video was and is shit Sry but that’s what it is
Артём 3 дні тому
мммм хуета
sabri amin
sabri amin 3 дні тому
l thought fire crackes insiden,hows the strengh,would it work asked the advertiser
Саша Хазазаз
Саша Хазазаз 3 дні тому
Она уже 100 раз успела взорватся
Pocholo Manalac
Pocholo Manalac 3 дні тому
Absolute garbage.
Goat Sinker
Goat Sinker 3 дні тому
What's the crappy firecracker for?
nathan earle
nathan earle 4 дні тому
Moral of the story, always use drills lighters and grinders above mortar shells. Safety first people.
mfamusic 4 дні тому
These are the type things civilisations do when they run out of real problems to solve
Ricardo Guarilha
Ricardo Guarilha 4 дні тому
am I still on UKposts?🤔
Rene gon
Rene gon 4 дні тому
Jajajaja todps esperando que explote, pero en realidad ese cuete es pura flama y es para curar por dentro y acelerar el secado de esa pasta
Jullian Laurence Moratillo
Jullian Laurence Moratillo 4 дні тому
Lol the drill was spinning the wrong way 😂
Adam Kendall
Adam Kendall 4 дні тому
Or you know, you can weld it.
Jorge Horacio Fernandez
Jorge Horacio Fernandez 4 дні тому
Todo es falso
Adam Balwinski
Adam Balwinski 4 дні тому
If you believe this. You should buy it.
Raphael Amete
Raphael Amete 4 дні тому
Whats the product name please
Frank Fodor
Frank Fodor 4 дні тому
What am I watching?
lukas misik
lukas misik 4 дні тому
Вячеслав Косенко
Вячеслав Косенко 4 дні тому
Mohamad Fauzi
Mohamad Fauzi 4 дні тому
Cool Ass Dudeman
Cool Ass Dudeman 4 дні тому
Derpy Pedro
Derpy Pedro 2 дні тому
Smoke bomb to show leaks
Eric Boone
Eric Boone 3 дні тому
Me Him
Me Him 4 дні тому
There was no kaboom powder in the kaboom stick.
Firesly1 4 дні тому
Oh yeah my mom took your bomb out
Jon&Maria Forney
Jon&Maria Forney 4 дні тому
Richard Domsicz
Richard Domsicz 4 дні тому
Not impressed why was the drill going backwards
ᅠᅠ 4 дні тому
since it's so tough... start making strong cars with it
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker 4 дні тому
Your surgeon gave you a DIY brain surgery too.
Dursun Sahin
Dursun Sahin 4 дні тому
this classifies as next level clickbait... and youtube fell for it
T-90A Tank
T-90A Tank 4 дні тому
Do what are we supposed to look at
Serdar xxx
Serdar xxx 4 дні тому
You must use C4 that welding in microseconds 👍😆
Aman A
Aman A 4 дні тому
This joint will quickly fail
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0m3n 5 днів тому
Great example of a UKpostsr hitting rock bottom with ideas. Keep up the shitty work. A bunch of us need clowns like you to laugh at 🤣
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