What's the difference between RFID, NFC and BLE?

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Jennifer Huber

5 років тому

In this 16 minute video, I go over the highlights of the differences of the three technologies and describe different use cases for each of them.

Garrett Therrien
Garrett Therrien 5 місяців тому
That was incredible. Thank you Jennifer
Rafael Marchi
Rafael Marchi 11 місяців тому
guloguloguy Рік тому
chloe boylan
chloe boylan Рік тому
I just found a rfid on my Victoria secret bra can u give any logical explanation why 1 would be on individual bras
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber Рік тому
@Carol Grayson If there were a tag on a Victorias Secret bra that was capable of tracking a person - it would most likely be a GPS enabled tag. GPS enabled tags are larger than a box of matches, need a battery source and would also need clear line of sight to the sky to make contact with GPS satellites. It is not possible to use the RFID tag Victorias Secret uses to prevent theft of items - to also track a person wearing the bra. If a tag were added to the clothing after purchase for tracking a person purposes, it would still need a battery source and would be quite obvious that it was not part of the store bought clothing. It seems very unlikely to me that this is a plausible scenario.
Carol Grayson
Carol Grayson Рік тому
Jennifer Huber some articles were saying that these tags on Victoria Secret bras were being used in sex trafficking operations to track individuals for victimization. Any information as to whether this is a likely event, or just circumspect?
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber Рік тому
Often merchandise is tagged with small RFID tags so if the item leaves the store without being deactivated at the register, the alarm will sound. There are usually metal pillars at the entrance of a store - these are the RFID Exciters. They emit a signal designed to cause the RFID tag to "chirp" and if the tag chirps, it has not been deactivated (the item was not purchased at a cash register and deactivated) and therefore a security alarm is triggered. Make sense?
Nadeem Mujahid
Nadeem Mujahid Рік тому
I think it little confusing jumping from one technology to another
Leonard Lemaitre
Leonard Lemaitre Рік тому
ah so thats how I get the most accurate ads targeting ever.
mixme Рік тому
thank you mam now i know
Stay Positive 2019
Stay Positive 2019 Рік тому
Thank you for sharing.. So if we turn off in the cell settings "Always WIFI Scanning", Always Bluetooth scanning", the signal won't notice the cell entering a store? Or if a person has never connected to the stores Open WIFI, and turns on airplane mode will the cell be noticed walking thru the stores doorway where those security bars are set up for merchandise to set them off if not deactivated at checkout?
Stay Positive 2019
Stay Positive 2019 Рік тому
Also, have u seen anything about which phones will be 5g compatible when it's all said and done.. I started with MetroPC and find out they go off the GSM network which has terrible connection and signal strength. Plus it kills a battery quick. I would think it's from the continuas searching for the cell signals.. I used to go thru Straight Talk which I bought the phone for the CDMA network and loved it until I moved into a apartment complex and couldn't catch a signal to save my life..I'm sure all the congestion around the new place is what did it.
Stay Positive 2019
Stay Positive 2019 Рік тому
@Jennifer Huber Cant a person turn on wifi after airplane mode it turned on for android as well as apple? I work in retail and they have a few apps they want us to install which I refuse to. You can turn off all the permissions until the app needs to install a update for the app and sometimes depending on the app they could turn back on any of the permissions which some ordinary Joe wouldn't know they would need to be toggled off. And about the towers at the entrance and exit has gone off when the employee brings a row of carts inside once in a while. Weird huh. But then there are many ways to leave without it detecting even with the alarms are on the piece of merchandise...😠
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber Рік тому
If you turn on airplane mode, it is still possible on Apple devices to have WIFI and/or Bluetooth enabled (you can google this). If you turn off the WIFI and Bluetooth functions, your device will not be looking for or listening to WIFI or Bluetooth and therefore would not be detecting or detected by WIFI or Bluetooth systems. Those security bars you walk through at the entrance to the store are to detect security/anti-theft tags on merchandise that were not de-activated at the check-out register. They operate on a totally different frequency than WIFI or Bluetooth.
MosesChuka Рік тому
Evbott Mooswa
Evbott Mooswa Рік тому
Do you work for Microsoft? I'm just curious
Willie Battle
Willie Battle Рік тому
I’m in transportation industry. So with BLE (beacon) if my Bluetooth is on in the vehicle they can see what I’m doing in my phone?
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber Рік тому
That's not how Bluetooth Beacons work. A Bluetooth beacon device is batter powered and transmits a signal at a scheduled interval. The Bluetooth function on your phone (if it is enabled) will detect the signal ("beacon") that it can "hear" and if you have an application on your phone that makes use of that Bluetooth beacon signal - then that application can do something with that information. Bluetooth technology does not work in the space of "seeing what you're doing in your phone". Hope this helps.
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Danny Dawson
Danny Dawson Рік тому
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Zahid Latif
Zahid Latif 2 роки тому
Thumbs up
The Mad Cow
The Mad Cow 2 роки тому
Excellent explanation with practical use case examples. Thank you.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 2 роки тому
THANKS Jennifer for making such a good video on rfid
N.O.T. L.D.
N.O.T. L.D. 2 роки тому
Does the library system use nfc or rfid for its checkout system?
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber Рік тому
It is probably RFID as RFID tags are relatively inexpensive. NFC is often used in employee ID badges being used to unlock physical doors.
Leo Madrid
Leo Madrid 2 роки тому
Well done. I'm designing neuro-networks and will be using NFC as part of the system and this was very helpful in helping me understand how to utilize these technologies in tandem. I was a trainer in the Navy and by my standards this is a very high quality informational video. Thank you.
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 2 роки тому
@Jennifer Hueber Very informative video Ms. Huber. Do you think that RFID is the best technology for detecting if a movable object is out of range without, alternatively, using some sort of optical or proximity sensor?
David Heller
David Heller 2 роки тому
Why people think RFID is mark of the beast?
David Sanborn
David Sanborn Рік тому
@David Heller They think that because they were dropped on their heads in infancy.
David Heller
David Heller 2 роки тому
Affixton96 It doesn’t too vague.
Affixton Jetton
Affixton Jetton 2 роки тому
@David Heller If you read Revelation 13: 16-17, the RFID chip appears to fit the criteria to be used as the Mark of the Beast. RFID chips allow people to buy and sell, and it can be injected into the hand instead of being embedded in a card. That's why some people think it is.
FriendsoftheGerund 2 роки тому
Jennifer thank you for the helpful videoscope. We are all aware that your generation has been gypped in not havin had proper education, owin to the Skull and Bones infiltration of the educational system with the conscious intent of "dumbin down" America. That is not your fault. Now you have the opportunity for a segment of your knowledge base to be upgraded beyond what schoolin offered to you. "Tween" is a variant of the word "two". "Between two" and "among three or more". So if one says "between three things" it can be only "between" two of them, with the third one bein uninvolved in the relationship. "Datum is" and "data are". You wouldn't say "the birds is", would you Jennifer? Then pray don't say "the data is" but say "the data are" and "the datum is". Thank you. FriendsOfTheGerund.blogspot.com
Doug Lacerda
Doug Lacerda Рік тому
Dumbin schoolin bein all have a "g" at the end of them. "Dumbing" "schooling" and "being" talk about the dumbing of America and her generation like you're some sort of genius. At least she uses proper grammar and knows how to spell you degenerate.
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey 2 роки тому
Huber blood flows in my veins, from my Dad's side.
Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan 2 роки тому
Thanks for this. I appreciate the info.
Caio Gagliano
Caio Gagliano 2 роки тому
I have a question. If the only function of BLE is to send an UUID, is it a simplex mode? Cause Bluetooth has the capability to be even full-dulpex...
Travis Willis
Travis Willis 2 роки тому
Nicely done. It is great simple to follow explanation. I am constantly having to explain these three technologies. Fast forward to 2018 and things are definitely converging in use and capabilities.
Angelo Gabriel
Angelo Gabriel 3 роки тому
Not what I was expecting to learn, but good material nonetheless.
Kevin Joseph
Kevin Joseph 3 роки тому
Thanks a lot Jennifer for creating such an informative video.
Miava sas
Miava sas 3 роки тому
I like the vid
Lloyd Wilhelm
Lloyd Wilhelm 3 роки тому
You lost me at BLE do not understand how all those signals stay separate and don't interfere or maybe they do when at Walmart my cell drops calls.
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber 3 роки тому
The signals operate at different frequencies, in the same way that FM radio stations do not interfere with one another. Your cell phone operates at a totally different frequency than RFID or BLE does. They all are methods of communication that don't use wires, but they all operate at different frequencies and therefore don't interfere with one another. I hope this helps.
Patti Lacey
Patti Lacey 3 роки тому
This was very helpful. Thank you for your educational video.
Laura Money
Laura Money 3 роки тому
great vid, thanks!
Coflict LLC
Coflict LLC 3 роки тому
Jennifer, that was very helpful and professionally done. I agree that when one starts talking about EAS vs EPC, or EMV vs RFID, it can lead to a lot more detail that is useful to engineers or software developers, but can confuse the general public. With that said, I'd like to mention the business context of the various technologies at a very high level, which may be helpful to SMBs or individuals who want to think about the practical aspects of implementing for issues of tracking, theft control, etc. When looking at criteria that includes flexibility of use, affordability, and return on investment, the technology that stands out for SMBs is clearly passive RFID, due to the new breed of readers that get up to 30 feet of read range for about $1000, and use your mobile phones as tracking devices (iPod Touch for example can be had for $160), enterprise-quality apps for tracking assets and goods and maintaining workflows at low prices, and the latest fixed-reader IOT devices running about $700 each. Thus, for less than $3000, a small enterprise (or even a homeowner who wants to track items for their homeowners insurance), can now get a complete system including mobile reader, fixed reader, tags, mobile phone, and app for under $3000. Only five years ago, such a system would have required an ante of $20K or more just to start. Anyone interested can check out mobile devices from TSL, ASR, Zebra, or Alien, the first and only IOT fixed reader here ukposts.info/have/v-deo/oWJ5lm6drKh_sHU.html, and the new breed of inexpensive yet powerful tracking apps at supplyinsight.com.
Jan Geirnaert
Jan Geirnaert 3 роки тому
Very clear. Any pdf
Jessica Chauhan
Jessica Chauhan 3 роки тому
For more comparison on this topic you can refer the URL - blog.roambee.com/supply-chain-technology/evolution-in-supply-chain-visibility-barcodes-to-rfid-to-ble-beacons. Any doubts/queries on this topic is welcome.
Ian Hannant
Ian Hannant 3 роки тому
This video is incorrect and mis-informative about the excitation of security tags for theft prevention, almost all of these tags do not contain any RFID Components, the Square Coil Patches are resonant tank circuits and operate ~13.8MHz, if they are not blasted at the till, it interferes with the resonance of the gate and triggers the alarm. The larger plastic tags, just have a coil and capacitor in them. The lower frequency systems use a special type of metal and a magnet. These devices are resettable with an AC field. None of them are RFIDs. Hope this helps.
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Рік тому
Owen: which may be in our interest, as corporations are The Foe.
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Рік тому
By Jiminy!
FriendsoftheGerund 2 роки тому
Ian your comment is most informative and helpful, thank you. "None" is an abbreviation for "not one". As the expression "not one" is singular, we must use a singular verb to "agree in number" with the subject of the sentence. Therefore, when commentin, we key "None of them IS an RFID. Thank you for your participation in the intellectual foundation of the seed culture of the next age. FriendsOfTheGerund.blogspot.com
Angelo Gabriel
Angelo Gabriel 3 роки тому
Ian Hannant very good point, thank you for pointing this out, I do find this difference very important, and wouldn't have thought of it without you saying it. As I work with Access Control, the difference is quite important on the field. Thank you again!
Owen Videos
Owen Videos 3 роки тому
Don't forget this information is useful to future thieves ;)
Mr Mr
Mr Mr 3 роки тому
Great video, I want to have a permanent solution in my work vehicle so I can see if any tool is missing from within the vehicle. What method would you recommend? I’m an iOS user.
Margaret Inspector
Margaret Inspector Місяць тому
@Eric Brown I'll need your assistance in the Arduino aspect
Eric Brown
Eric Brown 3 роки тому
Rfid, you can build one yourself with arduino and get some rfid stickers for each tool. Write your own or find somebody online to write a program to display which tools are out of range. Hardware is cheap, and you can probably get someone to write the code for under a hundred bucks.
ThaliaSolutions_ Media2
ThaliaSolutions_ Media2 3 роки тому
Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing Jennifer
Anthony J.
Anthony J. 3 роки тому
Excellent video! Thank you very much for posting it.
Ryan Brady
Ryan Brady 3 роки тому
Perfect summary these three exciting technologies. Thank you!
Alex Vidu
Alex Vidu Рік тому
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William Hall
William Hall 3 роки тому
Good job thanks
Kay Barker
Kay Barker 3 роки тому
Is there a need to have something block a thief from stealing our credit card information from our wallets? If so, what would you say to look out for or is there something we can do ourselves to prevent it? It is the season unfortunately.
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber 3 роки тому
If your credit card is simply a chip enabled card and does not have a contactless payment method, then you do not need an RFID wallet. If your credit card has a chip in it and you insert it into a chip reader to use it, that is not something that can be compromised wirelessly in the same way that an RFID chip could be. I hope this helps!
Paul Locke
Paul Locke 3 роки тому
Very good presentation. I hope you will do more presentations on different subjects.
Legobeto Thegrreat
Legobeto Thegrreat 4 роки тому
Thank you Jennifer! This video was super informative and gave me ideas!
haginz 4 роки тому
Good job, thanks
Salma Mansoor
Salma Mansoor 4 роки тому
Very informative, thanks for sharing
aurenta 4 роки тому
Thanks Jennifer, great, clear, concise explanation. Thanks. Don't listen to some angry, sad guys around there.
Mohammad Alhashash
Mohammad Alhashash 4 роки тому
clear explanation, I have learned a lot with just a single 15 min video ! thank you very much
snnwstt 4 роки тому
Sorry, but "what is" is more than what we can do with. Near Field Communication sounds more like "do one and just one thing", such as opening a door, or confirm that I pay. No other user intervention than the only one action. Blue tooth can allow user interaction (multiple options, menus, many possible actions) while the "session" is potentially established (such as receiving a phone call in my car, or playing song from my cellphone, etc. while and my car, or my speakers, don't look like "beacons" to me, double sorry.) On the other hand, RFID are, well, much like NFC, since they don't generally imply a user "menu" or "variation" to the single thing they can do in response to the "burst" they can get. So, you see, I still have the problem to see why someone will use passive RFID instead of NFC? is it a question of range, price, THAT is WHAT the technology is, but you focused on what people do with it rather than what it is. Sorry, you use the wrong title, because it is mostly out of focus of WHAT is the DIFFERENCE between the various technologies. Not useful. Should keep on the focus of the title, or advertise that this is a list what people do with each technology.
Max Pawa
Max Pawa 3 роки тому
@snnwstt "chain of command"? you can do the same commands when your phone is connected to your home wifi. the ncf is only the trigger!
Angelo Gabriel
Angelo Gabriel 3 роки тому
snnwstt very good point! Her sarcastic answer doesn't change the fact that the video is not what the title said it is. I'm researching material about the subject, and this video was quite misleading in the end. Not useless, just misleading.
Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer 3 роки тому
I would say that you are picking on a well prepared presentation. Find something better to do with your life. Jennifer, thank you for sharing. We used this video for class and it was VERY helpful! I'm thankful you didn't go into such a deep detail, it would have been harder for someone with no background to grasp. However, this was perfect amount of information!
snnwstt 4 роки тому
There is already a great article, not by me, about the different wireless technologies, their pro and con, their comparison, and their actual use: www.link-labs.com/blog/complete-list-iot-network-protocols, there is no reason for me to do another one, or a video about it. Note that the difference between technology and protocol is that the technology is generally about the material itself while the protocol is about some agreement in how to use the hardware in order to communicate, but that is just one part of the story. As example, NFC with a magnetic card and NFC with a cell phone, that is the same NFC protocol, but an important difference is the use in that the cell phone being "intelligent", well, more than a magnetic card can be, the "reaction" of the cell phone to the NFC "ping" can be much more versatile. So the protocol is of marginal importance, in the end.. unless you are a technician.
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber 4 роки тому
I'm not interested in making an all encompassing video on all the things NFC can be used for. My goal was to describe a few different potential use cases for different "wireless" technologies that are often confused with one another. Again, I look forward to the video content you create for UKposts as you appear to have a masterful grasp of NFC/RFID technologies.
The Kerbal Way
The Kerbal Way 4 роки тому
Thank you very much for differentiating what RFID, NFC and BLE. I've learned a lot. But can NFC tags be used for attendance? for timing in and out of work?
Ciprian Donisa
Ciprian Donisa 4 роки тому
Thank you very much. I was looking for a well organized overview on this subject just like that.
Mahmut Subasi
Mahmut Subasi 4 роки тому
that wasnt exactly few minutes but thx
Doug Lacerda
Doug Lacerda Рік тому
Oh. Would you rather have had it shorter and not as informative? You're welcome to the information....
Rob Higgins
Rob Higgins 4 роки тому
An excellent explanation of the differences plus real world examples
Surfview 4 роки тому
Great explanation. Nice educational teaching voice. I learned a lot from it. Thank you.
b888 3 роки тому
Surfview A little too classroom voice, she can do better.
Shriram Vasudevan
Shriram Vasudevan 4 роки тому
Very well Explained and its complete in all aspects!
Siniša Tadić
Siniša Tadić 4 роки тому
Nicely explained! :)
ThatSkyGuy 4 роки тому
Very helpful and informative!
Aristotle Doria
Aristotle Doria 4 роки тому
very interesting video..
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 4 роки тому
what is the RFID reader used at shops called? the tall towers which has ads on it?
salle rc
salle rc 3 роки тому
Which would mean the tag on the product is an active RFID-tag right? (to be able to send information on a distance >10cm), or uses wifi for that. In any case that would require bigger and more expensive hardware, which would not be used on smaller products in stores. So what am I missing? Are you talking about bigger alarm-type-tags (attached to clothing in some stores for example) that is removed after payment?
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber 4 роки тому
That's typically called an 'exciter' because it causes the RFID tags to 'chirp'.
Jsia Chaparro
Jsia Chaparro 4 роки тому
Thank you! It useful the information!!
Paul Russell
Paul Russell 4 роки тому
You didn't say anything about the RFID chip on my debit/credit card. Can it really be read by someone standing next to me in an elevator with an inexpensive device they bought from Amazon or eBay? Can they drain my bank account with that info?
Paul Russell
Paul Russell 4 роки тому
How did these demonstrations work? products.cardsafeguard.com/misc-12760582
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber 4 роки тому
Actually, you are incorrect. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa and these chip based credit cards do not utilize RFID technology. These cards must be inserted into a card reader to be used. "EMV chip requires contact. Maybe your bank decided to use both technologies and your card has NFC also, but it is just the same: there is no risk in the information you can gather with a NFC scanner. It's equivalent to physically looking at your card." www.quora.com/Do-I-really-need-a-RFID-blocking-wallet-with-an-EMV-card Regardless of EMV dynamic or static, this is way above and beyond the purpose of the video I published here. My purpose of this video was to explain the basic differences between three different "wireless' technologies which are often confused for one another.
Paul Russell
Paul Russell 4 роки тому
Definitely--thanks! You're the first person I've heard address this question clearly, and I'm afraid the general public is wasting a lot of money on products marketed to that particular fear.
Jennifer Huber
Jennifer Huber 4 роки тому
If you can pay with your credit/debit card without inserting the card into the chip reader or swiping the mag stripe then that card uses NFC (near field communications) to transmit data. NFC card signals are detectable in a range of 2 to 4 inches, whereas RFID card signals can be detected at up to 25 feet away. The chip that is on credit/debit cards today is an EMV chip (not an RFID chip). This chip creates per transaction encryption keys (in the simplest of explanations). It is extremely unlikely that your credit/debit card data could be compromised in an elevator. Hope this helps!
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