What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

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You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...

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Mrwhosetheboss 7 місяців тому
Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: ukposts.info/have/v-deo/j4aBgWx7ZGmSu6M.html
Owster Sauce
Owster Sauce 7 днів тому
I notice it and iam like hmmm why does it looks like it changed?
Windows 7
Windows 7 17 днів тому
Aryan Rai
Aryan Rai 25 днів тому
Jason Hiatt
Jason Hiatt Місяць тому
@Rudra j No you’re not
94cegamer Місяць тому
Big fan
Dangamer Top
Dangamer Top 11 хвилин тому
Never knew xiomi is number one in my country, most people use Samsungs or iPhones
shania gunasekara
shania gunasekara 2 години тому
Xiomi is copying apple shamelessly
seekeroftruth06 4 години тому
If you live in the UK ,Are Xiaomi phones worth buying ?
Afu Aiden
Afu Aiden 4 години тому
Nice thumbnail
calindar 5 годин тому
Me, Eastern-European: Ohhhh that's why there are so many MI shops in Moldova
Charisse Ivy Talle
Charisse Ivy Talle 13 годин тому
Omg should i switch to xiaomi?
BethMan 9 годин тому
To be Honest, Go for it , You CAN COSTUM ANYTHING, I'm expert so let me give you a list with the best phones 230$=Poco X3 pro {Good Processor, Trash design}| Redmi note 10 pro {everything you need on a phone but its has a mid range processor so it will last 2 year and gg its will starts lagging 350$=Mi 10t/Poco F3 Those shi have a flagship processor and a very good specs 500$-450$= The mi 11i/K40 Pro 600$-700$= the mi 11t Is GOOD AF with this year flagship specs and I think it come with 120wat changer | Mi 11 is a flag ship and everything on it is good as hell 900$-1000$= Go for the mi 11 Ultra and I swear its has everything you need on a phone
Newday Newmoney
Newday Newmoney 18 годин тому
I love the way you explain
ALFA Tv7 22 години тому
Xiaomi means Swag.... Xiaomi on Beast Mode
omar farid
omar farid 22 години тому
me watching the video on Redmi note 9s be like😎
Suyeon Im
Suyeon Im День тому
The absorbing relative systematically permit because rabbit laterally saw by a unused psychiatrist. actually, piquant tanzania
Victor Y Lee
Victor Y Lee День тому
The Chinese Communist Party has the ultimate control over any public companies in China, that includes Xiaomi !! This includes the data Xiaomi collects from their customers ! Go figure !
BethMan 9 годин тому
who gives a shi
O Foufoutos
O Foufoutos День тому
4 years ago i bought a cheap ass chinese mobile just not to loose a meeting , Redmi4x was its name , not a great camera but the 3gb and the almost undistractable nature of it made me change it only a week ago , after numerous fallings finally falled from ~2 meters and the even cheaper ass , replacement case i had gave away and the glass broke , took Redmi 9t for the same price i bought the 4x 4 years ago ... cant beat the amount of features for the price
nheya 2 дні тому
I❤️ Xiaomi
Kelvin Koay
Kelvin Koay 2 дні тому
it is closer to pronounce it as "see-owl-me" rather than "shower-me". There is no "h" sound
Redmi note3
Redmi note3 2 дні тому
My 5yr old Mi Note3 still rocks!
Pradeep Akula
Pradeep Akula 2 дні тому
Xiaomi makes you promote them
Neeraj_ᴡᴀʟᴋᴇʀ 2 дні тому
Xiaomi bugs still alive
ZelenaKrofna 3 дні тому
I have Xiaomi 11 lite, Im so happy!
Tiitus Karimies
Tiitus Karimies 3 дні тому
OMG finland mentioned!! Im finnish btw.
Filip 3 дні тому
Watching from xiaomi mi a 2
Nnamdi Ebenezer
Nnamdi Ebenezer 3 дні тому
Those embedded ads are a serious turnoff
utkarsh pathak
utkarsh pathak 3 дні тому
not a fan of him but this video made sense
JD B 3 дні тому
Juicy content. Thank you! Share more...
ananasik986 3 дні тому
was that an amogus reference
Koda 3 дні тому
The stray dog was named MoreMoney
sajidkhanmahmood 3 дні тому
Xiaomi phone Asop software perfect combination.
João Silva
João Silva 3 дні тому
Everything you say comes down to one sentence. Xiaomi managed to enter a race long after Apple and Samsung started racing, and it doesn't take long to move into the lead.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 4 дні тому
Why won't Xiaomi come to us oneplus is in us why isn't Xiaomi
Rux V
Rux V 4 дні тому
I bought my first Xiaomi product, a phone, in December last year, to replace my old Motorola which had broken down. My boyfriend was sceptical at first about the quality of the phone (a Redmi Note 9 Pro), but he bought one for himself almost immediately after testing mine. Now we have a robot vacuum, two humidifiers, an air filter, a smart scale and Amazfit smart watches. We love all the products so far. ☺️
Lord Espion
Lord Espion 4 дні тому
I wonder if Xiaomi will still maintain their profit to $2 after they become the overlord.
BethMan 9 годин тому
They Do , Look at the new Mi 11t specs And you will see
Tina Bose
Tina Bose 4 дні тому
Yknow I was wondering what the name little rice was supposed to mean
Surprise Surprise
Surprise Surprise 4 дні тому
I'll buy Xiaomi Next time.
Vicente 4 дні тому
Oh, a Xiaomi ad disguised as a regular video.
Blaženka Tkalčević
Blaženka Tkalčević 4 дні тому
And I never heard about it!
Jonathan Oren
Jonathan Oren 5 днів тому
Xiaomi office is as big as a room and the people who work there drink coffee from a jar. 😂
Sandeepa Weerasinghe
Sandeepa Weerasinghe 5 днів тому
Free Recharge Nepal
Free Recharge Nepal 5 днів тому
Proudly owning 3 Xiaomi phones
Konakalla Visalakshi
Konakalla Visalakshi 5 днів тому
My grandmother was forced to upgrade from redmi note 4 to galaxy M12
Philip Palmer
Philip Palmer 5 днів тому
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Marvel män
Marvel män 5 днів тому
Suomi mainittu!
Mark D Apple
Mark D Apple 5 днів тому
Are you like being paid by xiaomi to promote their company? It seems like everything you say about xiaomi are good. No hate.. really just got me thinking.
Smxte Plqyz
Smxte Plqyz 5 днів тому
Miui's animations like the home gesture one is from iOS too
N. B .S
N. B .S 5 днів тому
I don’t like xiomi but I like Samsung
BethMan 9 годин тому
Samsung Devices are slow af , And the flagships like s21 ultra released with exynos processor in my country and everyone know that's the exynos sucks
Chocolate Dev
Chocolate Dev 5 днів тому
I'm watching dis vid in a redmi note 10s 0-0
Prince Mahin
Prince Mahin 5 днів тому
I m using a phone for last 3 + years , really they make great phones for poor people i don't see add , i use custom rom :)
That Squirr3l
That Squirr3l 5 днів тому
i'm in the US, i own a xiaomi mi 9t pro. they make a a awesome product at a great a price. edit: i also own one of their electric scooters
Lzo Media
Lzo Media 5 днів тому
I hate the fact that I need to w8 5-7 days to unlock my boot loader , and mark my word : this will be the end of MI
zzjeuxk zjwuu1
zzjeuxk zjwuu1 6 днів тому
It would be naive to think the CCP have got zero involvement in a Chinese company. They want to thank you for your data.
StumbleBoy 6 днів тому
I changed to Xiaomi from having Samsung, OnePlus and iPhone. Best experience yet.
Stalinium Simulator
Stalinium Simulator 6 днів тому
I own a Redmi 9T pretty handy but can't find a accessorys for it
Just a Youtuber
Just a Youtuber 6 днів тому
Its crazy to think there is a hidden letter in xiaomi which means heart
Steven He
Steven He 6 днів тому
Back then, XiaoMi was famous for its super cheap smartphone composed of bits from here and there, and they called it "black tech," which gives a sense of hackiness or even illegalness. Everyone knew that XiaoMi "copy" ideas, and their crappy phones don't last long. But the smartphone market evolves quickly, and young people like to swap to new products as they come out and get rid of the old ones. I think that was why people used XiaoMi. Now that's history, this company has made so much money and has its own development center, it is hard to say that it copied all its design from others and its products are low-end. I don't have enough knowledge to judge it now.
Alan Constantine
Alan Constantine 6 днів тому
Also with xiami being a Chinese company based in China like every major company they must be linked to the Chinese government which means just like every other Chinese tech company they have to share all private data collected by the companies products with the government. It's actually a law and one they cannot escape from, they even are required to have members of the Chinese national party employed in their main headquarters too.
behzad entezar
behzad entezar 6 днів тому
Xiaomi will fail the very soon coz they got wrong privacy and policy
Zachary Turner
Zachary Turner 6 днів тому
I have a concern, I am looking at getting a new phone and Xiaomi is looking good, but i'm concerned with how much data do they track, It's hard to find out anything on it. Is there anything people can let me know about?
Lechken Assh
Lechken Assh 6 днів тому
in the united states of america there is a law saying you can't kill off the competition to make yourself the only seller of a item/variants. if there are they are breaking federal laws set by the butter V.S. margarine laws. saying you can not get rid of the competition so only your item is for sale. last but not least you can bot ban competition. if so only one company would rule all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
solong biker
solong biker 6 днів тому
Paid by xiaomi
Sascha Hofmann
Sascha Hofmann 6 днів тому
Why dose asins need skin smoothig ther skin is smooth enuch
gurkamal singh
gurkamal singh 7 днів тому
The thumbnail is so bad lol But the vid is good...👍
St Ben
St Ben 7 днів тому
I don't trust anything out of China that can function as a potential spy-device. You must be an idiot, just like alot of western governments who bought the 5g chinese Tech instead of the more expensive Nokia 5g tech, if you choose this over a non-Chinese brand just for a slightly lower price.
Tylerbandit 7 днів тому
2:13 LOL
Yehshurunn Yehshurunn
Yehshurunn Yehshurunn 7 днів тому
1:18 if you are nepali, that's a proud thing!!!!!!!! i am nepali and i am proud tooo
_KedicikERKAM22_ 7 днів тому
i say like ksioami
Andria Chanturaia
Andria Chanturaia 7 днів тому
My phone name is Xiaomi POCO M3 pro 5G
Karan Hasija
Karan Hasija 7 днів тому
Aron: xiaomi means little rice Me an intellectual: oh yeah, when your device needs to be free of water, you put it in a rice jar and at night Asians... Aron: buddhist Me: yes yes yes the Buddhist is what I was getting at.
Taufik Efendi
Taufik Efendi 7 днів тому
They don't innovate. They copy. That's a smart move. No wasting time.
Noah Miller
Noah Miller 7 днів тому
3:46 why does he look so terrified
Gary Francis
Gary Francis 7 днів тому
Oh yeah? Xiaomi.
jean paul
jean paul 8 днів тому
the best phones and being cool is worthless if you are iunable to buy the product. 11 ultra is like the escobar phone you cannot find it anywhere in europe.
Christian S.
Christian S. 8 днів тому
"little rice" is only the literal translation, xiaomi actually stands for 'millet'
Olav Hansen
Olav Hansen 8 днів тому
I have been with xiaomi since the mi5. They have quality, I don't mind miui and they have solid prices. The mi5 actually blew me away when I first got it. for 203 euros I got it delivered to my house, it was about as fast as the flagships of the time, and I have to this day never seen anything beat the quality of that fingerprint scanner. As if all of this wasn't enough of a sales pitch, for some reason it weighed less then 120 grammes when the competition was at about 160. I just... needed an experience like it. Since I have had a mi8se and now recently a poco x3 pro, and they are just plain solid every time. You get what you get it for. And with xiaomi, An alternative for pronouncing the brand is to take shao from shaolin monk then add an i. Shiaomi. I do shorten the o a bit compared to shaolin, but it's similar enough.
urich lau
urich lau 8 днів тому
Basically a copycat
Debar Al-barznji
Debar Al-barznji 8 днів тому
In every mall,in every street I see a xioami
Debar Al-barznji
Debar Al-barznji 8 днів тому
Xioami Really is better than apple
Samad Narayan
Samad Narayan 8 днів тому
3:48, even in realme phones, I have seen these kind of "beauty filters". Really nice and cute filters.
AlgaeEater09 8 днів тому
Well it’s Chinese so you can guarantee they’re going to sell junk
L T 8 днів тому
Stan culture drives kpop bands and brands.
3VER 8 днів тому
Your name is because you make jokes of Germans, aren't u?
Kaijoya 8 днів тому
2:14 that was not expected at all 😂 It actually caught me off guard 😂
Mas A
Mas A 8 днів тому
Iam Muko
Iam Muko 9 днів тому
Transparent TV with wireless connections!
Michael Suh
Michael Suh 9 днів тому
The agonizing cinema intralysosomally rock because statistic revealingly shop toward a obtainable capital. false familiar famous, bright icon
KonaIcekills 9 днів тому
You didn't mention how they steal everything from samsung
BethMan 9 годин тому
Lmao like what
Tap Gamer
Tap Gamer 9 днів тому
Hey man you forgot that every product of mi always has a discount on their official website
Jerry Tsie
Jerry Tsie 9 днів тому
I am currently using Xaomi redmi 4A but what I can say is, this brand is getting famous, yes though here in South Africa they haven't paid much of a attention but we gradually getting there with this brand as we have note 10 and xaomi 9A. I am truly loving this phone. I must say I am impressed with this brand
Vijay Rupnath
Vijay Rupnath 9 днів тому
That's so much info! I wonder how many hours it took to make this video (Including collecting the data, scripting shooting and editing) Thanks a ton #Mrwhosetheboss you are a #REALBOSS! ❤
C D 9 днів тому
I would buy a smartphone from Xiaomi in the US. We need devices like this here
Tom Peters
Tom Peters 9 днів тому
They aren't world wide because they need to overtake the samsung/apple(I promise we will see them merge before a company like mi would ever have a chance. I'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE to not use Samsung but I have Verizon,the closest thing they have to a comparable phones is oneplus....with a 2nd generation flagship(oneplus 8)with no pro option. So my only choice as a techy is samsung
Macnuggets TV
Macnuggets TV 9 днів тому
the into music on this sounds like a song the spy ninjas did for the song "Come back Chad"
6recycled minds
6recycled minds 9 днів тому
Watching this on my recently bought Poco X3 Pro..
Debasish Pattnaik
Debasish Pattnaik 9 днів тому
Bro right now I am watching you on one of their phones.. :D
non ya
non ya 9 днів тому
The nifty place amazingly soak because verse encouragingly unfasten vice a closed hardboard. extra-large extra-small exuberant, yummy low
Tap2TimeZ 9 днів тому
XIOMI phones are garbage and mi4 Canada website is a fraud. do yourself a favor DONT BUY XIOMI PHONES
Adam Kowalski
Adam Kowalski 10 днів тому
5:55 When the chinese Government helps you there is nothing impossible. Just look at Huawei. There is no brand that is not subject to china
Ashmyka Ferns
Ashmyka Ferns 10 днів тому
The poor rail neurobiologically smell because september invariably drip besides a poor women. talented, poor cougar
sgreen4 11 днів тому
Is this sponsored by xiaomi?
Aaron Reid
Aaron Reid 11 днів тому
Xiaomi must implement the 996 system..
Heeren Shashan
Heeren Shashan 11 днів тому
Tiggzg 11 днів тому
Always enjoyable to watch your videos. You’ll have your number before years end. 😉
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