When You See Why He Goes Bigfoot Sasquatch Hunting With A Toaster It Will All Make Perfect Sense!

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Homesteading Off The Grid

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Except to Bigfoot Sasquatch!
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Jim Brown
Jim Brown Місяць тому
Kevin's new novel, The Lunatic, is seriously brilliant. I highly recommend it. 💙
Jim Brown
Jim Brown Місяць тому
@Maria I Alegria Ikr, how can one not love this man? Well, it turns out Ole Crazy Lake is an awesome writer. I can't wait to read the rest of his books. 💙
Maria I Alegria
Maria I Alegria Місяць тому
Can't wait to read it!!! Love that man he is awesome!!!!!
katden220 2 дні тому
I remember back I. The 70’s packs of dogs running the streets. You are correct we have come leaps and bounds.
Aliene Iasillo
Aliene Iasillo 16 днів тому
😂😂😂😂I absolutely love your stories ….you are a good story teller and funny. I am going to get your book.
turd ferguson
turd ferguson 28 днів тому
Haha I got to check out your other videos, any guy carrying a toaster in the woods, wearing a toboggan on the south in June, is worth keeping an eye on. As for this, what's the difference in this video and a dead prostitute? This video still sucks ! (but in the nicest way) lol
Kenny Zeleznikar
Kenny Zeleznikar Місяць тому
Seriously, who couldn't enjoy your humor, your stories, your creativity and just how awesome you are, what I enjoy most about you man is how you just live life to the fullest and enjoy being crazy lake and full of energy!!! But I will have to bring it up kev whens the Bigfoot sasquatch movie 2 coming hehe 🐵.. we all know the first one is the best ever we need another haha anyhow God bless kev and keep the toaster on ya 😂
Shauna Ohare
Shauna Ohare Місяць тому
4:56 as you say tractor over there figure goes from standing position to squatt position right by the toaster
Matthew Nazare
Matthew Nazare Місяць тому
Alice Ludlow
Alice Ludlow Місяць тому
So when Hollywood makes a movie of Capt. Kevin Crazy Lake pirate movie. Charles Laughton Capt. Kidd, or Johnny Drop playing Capt. Sparrow or Errol Flynn playing Capt. Blood?
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson Місяць тому
U always ❤make me 😃smile 😃😊🙂😀😄
Maria I Alegria
Maria I Alegria Місяць тому
Brother I always got your six!!!
Maria I Alegria
Maria I Alegria Місяць тому
Hello Brother, OMG I am so BEYOND happy I received a package from you today and I cried like a baby thank you so much for your book and the plaque it's the best thing ever!!! You and Stephen King are my favorite authors I have almost all of the Stephen King's novels and now I'm getting yours!!! Once again thank you Brother and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures I sent you!!! Much love your friend and fan Bella.
Pittsburgh girl
Pittsburgh girl Місяць тому
I wish your sisters were in your videos. Your sister that is afraid of pirates should help you hunt for bigfoot. It will help her with her fear. It would be great contents to watch
Patty Shannon
Patty Shannon Місяць тому
Love Dearly's family! Dearly's hair retread is beautiful!
Tammy Knight
Tammy Knight Місяць тому
Ok, So Hello Mr. Lake. Ive been watching for over a year. I'd like to commentate. When we moved to a 144 year old property. We accidentally caught shadow people. On video. And the haunting started. I had no idea there was a connection. But yes. So I have experience..on this subject. The first year, our phones would disappear and reappear. The TV remote. And jewelry and lighters. What I've noticed about your videos is I've saw people, or spirits from the past. And the shadow people. In the 1st videos I watched of yours, Your phone gets manipulated. I'm convinced they have power over electronics. The baffling thing is why are they obsessed with you and the wood pile. I've got the answer for you. They move in and out through a portal mainly the trees and the crossing of the limbs. RIGHT..THEY ARE CROSSED just like in the Blair witch. When you set up cameras and cut wood, your are interfering with their doorways.Or. get this Frequency. Tip to the wise...Burn sage where you sleep. In every room Dude. For your family's safety. And dont claim the curse. It's all scientifically leading you to the truth. They are Aliens. And they are apparently working on something. And they dont like you. Because you dont get scared. Be aware scare is their tactic. God Bless you and yours.
You had me laughing out load 🤣😂
Dave DeBoer
Dave DeBoer Місяць тому
Wow bra! You just started getting the outlaw eyebrows! lol Its crazy! I remember when i got my first one too. Good luck with that!
Jacqueline Noble
Jacqueline Noble Місяць тому
Hi Kevin, going into the woods with a toaster!!! Brilliant story had me laughing out loud, made my day thankyou. 🤣
Alison Lee
Alison Lee Місяць тому
Hi Kevin! Well you need to Embrace and respect your " Pirate Heritage" Kevin,its exciting. 😀😀 Your new Name " Captain Kevin" 😀😀 i think something is after your Toaster 😂😂😂 Great story Kevin 👏
Robbie Baker
Robbie Baker Місяць тому
Am I the only one wondering why Kevin always wears that hat inside out??
Robbie Baker
Robbie Baker Місяць тому
I finished Kevin's book The Lunatic on Tuesday. It's a great book. I highly recommend it. Keep up the good writing Kevin. Many good laughs from your book
Patrick B
Patrick B Місяць тому
I thought that tractor at first was a loud growl.
Laura Early
Laura Early Місяць тому
So, what are you going to do about that eyebrow hair?
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Місяць тому
I love your stories. I live in the country, we say holler too. I live in IN.
Terrell Місяць тому
Kevin, I tell ya, I just love you & your family. Love you & Dearly's videos. You had me cracking up so loud with that toaster 🤣🤣 brah... I appreciate you guys sharing your lives. Im sure all your viewers along with myself feel like family. Im so glad you reconnected with your sisters. So awesome!! Keep on with the videos. Ill ordering that book soon 👍
Daniel West
Daniel West Місяць тому
🐾Mae Bella aka Mae🐾
🐾Mae Bella aka Mae🐾 Місяць тому
Love Your Family Stories.Thanks for sharing.👍👍👍🤔🤔🤔💛💛
THE Mrs Edmonson
THE Mrs Edmonson Місяць тому
I can't get my husband to trim his wild eyebrow hairs. 😑 Do you have any recommendations on how to get him to? 😂 I found out some family secrets with my DNA test and we have one family member that doesn't want anyone to know what happened 2 generations ago. I don't understand it. Too bad your sister that doesn't want to be the descendant of a pirate doesn't want to be a UKposts rockstar either.😂 I got a kick out if your brotherly behavior, Kevin!😂🤣😂🤣
Judith Danish
Judith Danish Місяць тому
Just complete giggle time..again!! 😄😄
Geneva Henderson
Geneva Henderson Місяць тому
Hey Kevin. Entertainingly as always. Loved the video. Where’s your patch? Too funny. Have a great rest of your evening!!
He who Has no name
He who Has no name Місяць тому
A name
A name Місяць тому
I have a name
Alice Curtis
Alice Curtis Місяць тому
Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott Місяць тому
I got your six
Dan The Treeman
Dan The Treeman Місяць тому
May the toaster be with you Jedi 😃
Joyce Clark
Joyce Clark Місяць тому
Thumbs up, 👍🏻. Thumbs up 👍🏻 Thumbs up 👍🏻
Jean Rankin
Jean Rankin Місяць тому
i am recovered after reading your book and you go man bring on the next intrigue.
Joyce Clark
Joyce Clark Місяць тому
Hi Kevin, I almost died when I saw your eye come on screen. I’m still a newbie. Bear with me folks. I definitely knew what you meant when I first heard got my six. I love it. I may not comment all the time,but, I always hit thumbs even before I watch the video. Thank you, Joy. 🙋‍♀️ ❤️. ARROW *🎱
Kim Mills
Kim Mills Місяць тому
LOL LOL LOL! Sooo funny
Tracey Gail
Tracey Gail Місяць тому
Got your six. I started my summer break today. School’s out for summer here in Canada 🇨🇦! 😊 And, your book arrived today! Perfect 👌 How did I come to watching a crazy guy walking around with a toaster in the woods? 😂 see ya next time.
David Wagner
David Wagner Місяць тому
Lol always great videos
Donna Vaughn
Donna Vaughn Місяць тому
Thanks you
Carrie D
Carrie D Місяць тому
Man I've watched you tell some amazing stories both serious and completely falling down funny at times. But when you bring a toaster in the woods and tie it in with a scary curse story that's is talent. Don't ever stop telling and writing your stories. Drink plenty of water. We hope Dearly gets back soon her toaster needs her. God Bless
Tammy Knight
Tammy Knight Місяць тому
Haha they are both indeed brave. I've stayed here..on my lil my. 8 years. I'm leaving now. I've cried. 2 different people said why? Would your cry? After all the crap you've endured. The answer. My Dad was a Marine. I learned alot. And minus the scary drama. It was my home. Hes not crazy. He is indeed brilliant. God Bless Crazy Lake.
Libby Stutler
Libby Stutler Місяць тому
His humor has helped me through some really hard times. I'm so thankful I found him on here. Lol
Roseanne Thomas
Roseanne Thomas Місяць тому
For a minute there Kevin, I thought you were going to make toast for yourself from BFS by her, him, it, or their powers to turn in on. 😃 I like the story you told today….. you had me on the edge of my seat!!! Hope you have a nice evening…. 🌺 Roseanne 😁
Roseanne Thomas
Roseanne Thomas Місяць тому
@Alexander Bonnevie why do you say that when you don’t know me at all? What is your problem and why do you attack me with such negativity? You probably won’t answer my questions. Have a good live. I’ll pray for you. Bye bye!
Alexander Bonnevie
Alexander Bonnevie Місяць тому
No one likes you Roseanne
Cattitude Місяць тому
Oh, I LOVE Christine!!! One of my favorite Stephen King books!! Yes, anything can be haunted!!! Great stories tonight!! So glad the PBS S is back!!!!!
Alice Woodard
Alice Woodard Місяць тому
Irish pirates, Kevin? I guess that we all have interesting family history, if we go far enough back!👍✌️😃❤️
Timothy Howard
Timothy Howard Місяць тому
Its the PBS show !
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