Why Formula 1's New CURVED Wing is GENIUS

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Now, strap in for this one. This new car design is properly genius - so let’s unpack it.

Formula 1 unveiled a full-size version of the new car recently, and it looks radically different to the current cars. Now, a lot of this is about improving the looks of the cars but mainly to do with improving racing.

But despite the crazy livery, the thing that caught my eye was the rear wing. We have never seen anything like this before - normally wings are boxy rather than curved like this, and for good reason!

So is this new look an aesthetic change, or to do with actually improving overtaking. Well, it turns out, the reasoning is genius.

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The entire philosophy of this new car is about reducing dirty air, the major factor that makes it incredibly hard to overtake.

And on the current car the hundreds of complex aero surfaces create lots of downforce, but with the bi-product of dirty air.

When driving behind another car, your wings no longer work and you have to take different lines and work your tyres harder to keep up.

Wind tunnel research says that you can lose as much as 35% of your downforce when following a car within three car lengths, and as you close that up to one car length - you can lose as much as 57%!

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Joe Duke
Joe Duke 5 днів тому
I think your soft attitude is absurd. The car behind uses parasitic drag to distort the front stream and so screw up the front car, so... how about using the front stream to do the same? But not for you? Absurd. Not a warrior.
Jesse Brunette
Jesse Brunette 25 днів тому
Radical Місяць тому
it looks generaly nice, but those wheels are awful
Radical Місяць тому
it is just traash-tallking, they have been saying it for 15 years
Trippy Leo
Trippy Leo Місяць тому
Rear wing looks like kamel rizza’s design
William Ebrahim
William Ebrahim 2 години тому
Why do you insist on showing your face and cutting to clips where you are talking and moving your stupid hands around! Nooo one wants to see that just show more of the car and give us more content
Ngauruhoe zodiac
Ngauruhoe zodiac 2 години тому
It is so obvious that it is stronger, lighter and more efficient than the old wing.
Adam Balogh
Adam Balogh 4 години тому
So the "water curtain" in wet races is gonna be even bigger?
Nuovo 8 годин тому
I don't like the design, but if this leads to better races, I'm all for it!
Indica Dreamer
Indica Dreamer 8 годин тому
Closer for longer means more risk, surely? I love all the new design sure, and can't wait to see it in anger. But look at most of the big crashes we've had this year, they've all been caused by being to close to other cars. Now cars can get closer doesn't that increase the risk?
Ea&Ae 19 годин тому
Why don't they design cars with the intent that the wind will be turbulent from the car infront
blue circle man
blue circle man 20 годин тому
ground effect: you couldn't live with your own failure. and where did that bring you? back to me
hardanheavy День тому
Did you see those F1 cars? They have curved wings. Curved. Wings.
mirasga День тому
Managing dangerous driving penalties would be key during the 2022 season.
Devin Guerrieri
Devin Guerrieri День тому
Can you pls explain how drs will work?
A-abelase98 2 дні тому
I am not an expert, I am just an average enjoyer with probably silly doubts, but is there a risk that, becuase of these changes, it becomes theoretically too easy to overtake at the point that being behind gives you more advance than being in front?
Levi-LM 2 дні тому
the cars look amazing
andrew worrall
andrew worrall 3 дні тому
anyone else who doesn't like the wheel covers? 🤣
Alex Fracyon
Alex Fracyon 3 дні тому
What dramatic changes from just last year's car. Completely different looks and ways to improve airflow efficiency and function.
Alex Fracyon
Alex Fracyon 3 дні тому
The colors .....the paintwork of the full size F1 car are absolutely beautiful.
Sean Price
Sean Price 4 дні тому
Isn’t it good that the trailing cars are disadvantaged? Why make their life easier
Spectacular commentators
Spectacular commentators 4 дні тому
How will the DRS work with these new wings?
Ro Ye
Ro Ye 4 дні тому
You should call "dirty air" turbulance, because that's what is.
Jan PhD
Jan PhD 5 днів тому
How about shaping the vortices to form a coherent stream behind, that can be used to really screw up the car behind... SO DON'T GET CAUGHT THERE!
Joe Duke
Joe Duke 5 днів тому
Yes, he didn't mention the 'parasitic drag' that can really mess up the car in front, so screw it, don't be nice!
Richard Lim
Richard Lim 5 днів тому
is it the the current trick for Red Bull racing? making all the dirty air down to slow down their competitors
Krom1hell 5 днів тому
That time when in F1 is more important to be overtanken that to have downforce...... Are they trying to shoot everybody in the leg? Next they will use lower octane fuel and no filters :))......just to give others a change if the car breaks :))....
broken console
broken console 5 днів тому
What about drs
Cal1x OCE
Cal1x OCE 6 днів тому
Does this mean slipstream will be reduced aswell?
Andrew Shackleford
Andrew Shackleford 6 днів тому
So it took the FIA nearly 40 years to realise ground effect was the future. First they ban it, Now they mandate it. Morons!
Wagoo 7 днів тому
The funny thing is I think a lot of F1 aero engineers will be trying to subvert this system and kick dirty air at the car behind.. because being difficult to overtake is an advantage. So I hope the FIA police the airflow angles from the rear of the cars somehow
Sla Cachoro
Sla Cachoro 8 днів тому
Those cars are ugly
Azide Azidoazide
Azide Azidoazide 8 днів тому
I’ve watched this video at least 10times
an3k 9 днів тому
So it's basically todays drivers are crying because it's as hard as back in the day when we had real drivers. Yes, I'm talking about the 80's and 90's.
IQ Bang
IQ Bang 9 днів тому
Ok, that explains the benefits to the following car, but it did not explain what you get from the change?
Jordan Mendenhall
Jordan Mendenhall 9 днів тому
So no more DRS???
Des 10 днів тому
This is cool but now it makes drs extremely overpowered
CreamIsSus 10 днів тому
box=very closer racing (its a joke)
WIPE YOUR LENZ 11 днів тому
This will suck up lots of rain bring on the massive rooster tails. Also any damage sustained to the floor will have a real impact on the car 🤔
simon brown
simon brown 12 днів тому
Does it take the air away from the car behind ? Like will the car behind have enough air to suck itself to the track ?
Jasmijn ariel
Jasmijn ariel 13 днів тому
It looks way better. Finally cars looking cool... now engines again
The Chad
The Chad 13 днів тому
video starts at 1:30
ZeshXD 14 днів тому
and when it rains, bigger sprays! yay
P M 14 днів тому
Does that mean that they will finally remove DRS?
Xavier Windsor
Xavier Windsor 17 днів тому
Is there still going to have DRS?
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 18 днів тому
Its sleek
dolphage_machine 19 днів тому
Australian here. It's shit.
SPEC Matt 11O1
SPEC Matt 11O1 19 днів тому
the current cars look a lot better and more aggressive imo, but i’m happy racing will be closer
Der Steff
Der Steff 20 днів тому
Im just happy that drs will be history and real skill ist now more important.
Yo Ndak Tau Kok Tanya Saya
Yo Ndak Tau Kok Tanya Saya 20 днів тому
Koenigsegg: first time?
It's Me
It's Me 20 днів тому
We've had so many changes over the past 20 years that were supposedly going to change things that turned out to not change a damn thing... So I'm not going to get too excited just yet.
plataformas giratorias escenarios giratorios
plataformas giratorias escenarios giratorios 20 днів тому
nice video!! cleary explained!! congrats!!
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins 21 день тому
But wouldn't they want to create as much dirty air as possible? If I knew that it would slow down everybody who pulled up right behind me, I would want that air to be as dirty as possible
You Have One New Message
You Have One New Message 21 день тому
What i actually came to see is how the drs is going to work but unless it was a five second segment that i skipped due to the repetitiousness of the video, it wasn’t covered.
Jonas Simon
Jonas Simon 22 дні тому
Okay the car behind can follow closer through the corners but on straights the front car won’t give the car behind a tow. Let’s see how that looks like while racing next season.
A Child of God
A Child of God 22 дні тому
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T roe
T roe 23 дні тому
Really excited for better racing but I think the new cars missed the mark looks wise
Greg Sampson
Greg Sampson 23 дні тому
In seasons past a reduction in downforce, and air management to the floor, has only increased the dependence on making the most of the available downforce. Changing the design philosophy to embrace mechanical grip may not be this simple. It will be interesting to see how teams decide to work within the new technical appendix of rules.
SUNTZU Academy
SUNTZU Academy 24 дні тому
The mounting is ugly though. In early concepts it wasn't there or it was connected from the bottom side. Now that it's on top it ruins the wing's look.
David M
David M 24 дні тому
If I want to watch commercials I will watch TV. I did not watch this video because of that!!!
Art Pereira
Art Pereira 24 дні тому
Will we see DRS being eliminated?
Dave Allyn, Sr.
Dave Allyn, Sr. 24 дні тому
Reminds me of Catch-up Mode in linked racing arcade games 90’s to current. The real drivers get up after they realize their real skills don’t win anymore. Loss revenue in racing games means F1 is going towards losing its incentive for the best drivers to put it on the line anymore. It’s not racing either slowing down the leader or speeding up the tailer. Let the crowd get in the car and race then, couch potatoes.
Paul Oag
Paul Oag 26 днів тому
Liking the idea though.
Paul Oag
Paul Oag 26 днів тому
Just imagining the damage that larger kerbs and going through the gravel traps will have on the underfloor downforce.
Markus Wiedner
Markus Wiedner 27 днів тому
I really like the organic shapes
Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward 27 днів тому
The frontwing looks larger than my bathroom floor.
Kevin de best
Kevin de best 28 днів тому
but are there even things to adapt on the aero part at the car? like f1 was the sport where the cars are different from each other right?
ThisisBen 28 днів тому
i really hope this new generation of f1 are the fastest cars ever produced, otherwise i believe it defeats the purpose. . . cause it seems like theyre heading towards an indycar style format. . . which will ruin the point of f1, cause f1 is the pinacle of car racing speed and innovation. The team winning has the most advanced solutions. The more they regulate it, the more it becomes a generic series, and that never works, A1 gp and super tourers for example
DontFeedEm 28 днів тому
RIP the DRS sparks they will be missed
Manu14Smoke 28 днів тому
I don't like the idea and I don't like the look of the cars. F1 is the top category of motorsport. If I want the teams to have the same car, I would watch IndyCar rac6mģ
Henrique Mota
Henrique Mota 26 днів тому
But the teams wont have the same cars .... Its just a base build from FIA
Darce G1998
Darce G1998 Місяць тому
Fantastic explanation!!
Lovro Pablo
Lovro Pablo Місяць тому
It will be weird if the pressured dirty air that is aimed upward launches a front of the following car up, sending it into the air. Imagine flying Hamilton.
Sem San
Sem San Місяць тому
Seriously? are you wondering why ?! because Ross Brawn
Radical Місяць тому
it looks nice, but those wheels are awful
Kamil JJ
Kamil JJ Місяць тому
Nic nnowego. Zaporzyczone z samolotów. Napiszcie sobie w wyszulkiwarce winglets types i będziecie mieli odpowiedź. Kto wie może niedługo samochody w F1 zaczną latać?? ;)
Mr Musk
Mr Musk Місяць тому
just watch as teams will find loopholes and all these new regulations will be for nothing 🤣
Andrew Gleeson
Andrew Gleeson Місяць тому
How are adjustments made to the new wings? They look like a moulded structure
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Місяць тому
Very curious to see how the engineers will incorporate the DRS function with this curved design. Not sure how that will work.
Determinismo Місяць тому
"follow the contour of the wing" cmon the difference in air speed is what actually makes the downforce
Alvaro P.
Alvaro P. Місяць тому
It takes you a LOT of time to say the same thing in an over-complicated way, over and over and over. Ugh.
Travel Guy
Travel Guy Місяць тому
I saw the car at the Hungaroring. The rear wing is skew 😂
The Living Room
The Living Room Місяць тому
Will it be better racing or less skill? Some drivers (very few) are currently able to follow, if the grid had more of those drivers there's an argument to say we'd also have better racing
sir dave
sir dave Місяць тому
those ugly wheelcovers 🤦‍♂️😭
Pete Holder
Pete Holder Місяць тому
You're a marketer, your'e so scripted its embarssing
Homogeneous Social Unit #104226883698
Homogeneous Social Unit #104226883698 Місяць тому
Does this mean slipstreaming will be very much reduced?
Foxsake Місяць тому
The same dirty air is expelled when i enter my wife
waldo pepper
waldo pepper Місяць тому
yep, its motor racing which is all about who can go the fastest. so lets make the cars go slower shall we (face palm). perhaps each car could tow a concrete mixed behind it - that might work ? or perhaps we could remove the tyres - that might work. how about we just dont race at all. because at this stage, whats the point ?
Billy. G
Billy. G Місяць тому
With this new aero. changes I can imagine each car in a wet race throwing up giant "rooster tails " of spray. It should be a spectacular sight to see .
Andrey Loginov
Andrey Loginov Місяць тому
I don’t understand how the DRS should work with this rear wing. On the models rear wings looks solid, no junctions or anything like this on lower plate.
Stefandi Citrajaya
Stefandi Citrajaya Місяць тому
FIA: please reduce the dirty air for more fair race manufacturers: NU >:( SHARP CORNER WINGS WUSH WUSH!
Roderick Thompson
Roderick Thompson Місяць тому
The car looks terrible
Brendan Billingsley
Brendan Billingsley Місяць тому
Is there any information if the drag coefficient of the car has significantly changed? Excited to see racing with these changes!
peter-paul kutschlojenga
peter-paul kutschlojenga Місяць тому
F1, the last airbender
Supersonic™ Місяць тому
If dirty air messes up the car behind, wouldn’t you want that in your car so to not give tailing opponents an advantage? I’m confused
Jungle Mogley
Jungle Mogley Місяць тому
Every video i watch about the new design... its for sure function over form... Good looking is part, but functionality, races rules...
Dany Moutran
Dany Moutran Місяць тому
Where is the drs? Will it be out?
Ernest W
Ernest W Місяць тому
So the new cruvy wing throws disturbe air high up. Has anyone done a mist simulation to see how impossible the spray will be when running in the rain? Time to up the wattage/power of that blinking rain light so there's no boom boom crash.
A_SAUSAGE Місяць тому
Will there still be drs ?
European Center of Military History
European Center of Military History Місяць тому
I am wondering about where you did find something 'genius' in F1 (on the track and well as beside it)
Azhar Hadi
Azhar Hadi Місяць тому
I hope they perform tunnel test with lining up two cars
superfly_707 Місяць тому
I actually think the 2022 cars are much much more ugly than the present ones.
Ertugrul Oguz
Ertugrul Oguz Місяць тому
Will there still be DRS? I guess it will not be needed anymore right?
Orangeballs Місяць тому
how would drs work on the new wing? will we have drs next season?
alfa_w Місяць тому
Great explanation. F1 2022 should become a lot more exciting. Thank You, Scott Mansell!
noni_thebestjuice Місяць тому
I have a question… how will the new Formula 1 car use DRS if the rear wing looks kind of like it is just one piece.??
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