You Probably WON'T Be Able to Use Windows 11

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Gary Explains

2 місяці тому

Microsoft has drawn an arbitrary line and declared that PCs and laptops with processors from only a few years ago (even 2018) won't work with Windows 11. This is crazy and Microsoft should be ashamed of itself.

Windows 11 won't support Intel Core chips like the i3, i5, i7, etc that are older than the 8th generation or AMD Ryzen 3/5/7 processors before the 3xxx series. The Ryzen 3 3xxx only came out in 2019!

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boatnikdog 8 годин тому
Time to switch to Linux.
nami 13 годин тому
Even their thousand $ surface tablets from a few generations ago are stuck. I bought mine at the beginning of covid and it will not be supported.
Darius D'Silva
Darius D'Silva 15 годин тому
This is great for GNU/Linux.
Stephen k.
Stephen k. 18 годин тому
Quite possibly the most boneheaded OS launch ever-and this is in a world where OS/2 Warp exists.
begic13 22 години тому
This seems rather ironic considering to what lengths Microsoft have went just to retain the compatibility with the older hardware and interfaces in the past.
Alby Tastic
Alby Tastic День тому
I've already installed Win 11 on various machines, including Z800, Z600, Optiflex 3020 etc. I'm posting this inside a VM running Win 11 on my Z800 which is also running Win 11 build 22000.194 - none of these machines meet any of Microsoft's requirements.
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 4 години тому
Ok. So you are saying that Microsoft is saying one thing, but it really means something else. Interesting that you think it is lying to you and me, but yet it is big hearted. BTW I already have people telling me how their machines have been forcefully removed from the Win 11 insider program. I suggest you watch my latest video on thus very subject.
Alby Tastic
Alby Tastic 15 годин тому
@Gary Explains No I don't believe that - Microsoft is too great hearted to do that - After all this is really only Windows 10 with a bit of lipstick and some perfume!
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 23 години тому
Congratulations you are doing free testing for Microsoft. Your reward will be either a reinstall of Windows 10 or a version of Win 11 that won't get updated.
Antonio Pisano
Antonio Pisano День тому
We are fecked
RETUSAF1995 День тому
Buy a new computer.
Gargoyled День тому
i am so happy that i got into linux when building my kids pc's a few years back, not just because of this win11 requirements forcing people away from windows, but also because it's very usable, very user friendly, very easy to install and most importantly, very secure!
PandaHeroCommunity День тому
Whatever, i'm getting a whole setup upgrade anyways. That android feature is just gonna be loads of fun not to mess around with.
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 2 дні тому
Ah yes, my 4.40GHz 8 core CPU is simply not new enough for a "better performing, lighter OS" Makes perfect sense.
J.D. Crownover
J.D. Crownover 2 дні тому
WAIT A MINUTE! You were able to TURN ON your TPM through software? Can you tell us how to do that -- or more importantly how WE CAN TURN _OFF_ THE TPM THROUGH SOFTWARE? With the TPM turned off we shouldn't have to worry about having Windows 11 forced on us.
Polyarny 2 дні тому
First of all, you should never throw any electronic device away. You should take it to a place that recycles them, they are everywhere. 8th gen chips released in 2017, its not an unreasonable expectation for them to think lots of people have had an upgrade since then, and most consumer PCs in the last several years have been intel based anyway. Also, most of the people I know that aren't tech savvy wouldn't even notice there is a new OS until support ends for their current one, and maybe not even then. And people saying switch to Linux in the comments are overestimating the tech savviness of at least 50% of the userbase. Maybe Linux will become more mainstream now though, competition breads improvement and all that.
dokesz 2 дні тому
layout messed up badly.i cant find my apps my games easy.everything looks like apple or android os.ugly.
Christian Del Rosario
Christian Del Rosario 3 дні тому
After all these security shenanigans, microsoft will still be patching over viruses and vulnerabilities in windows 11. Android apps on windows? Whatever. I have android phone anyway, no person in the right mind would buy a new pc just to have android apps. Stupid xD I wish someone would hack win11 on day 1 and let's see if these "secured" 8th gen Intel would cut it.
dokesz 3 дні тому
u can bypass requirements.its only marketing pushing owners to buy more expensive hardwares.
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 2 дні тому
Hmmm. Searching the internet for tricks and hacks is not a solution. If you watch my latest video you will see the latest info from MS about this very question.
dokesz 2 дні тому
@Gary Explains no u stil can install it in dev mode without any tpm or bios security bs.i just got installed on my old fx 8320 bulldozer and am3+ board which has only tpm 1.0 reader.look around the net you can find many tricks to upgrade from win10 to clean os need it.but i heard win 11.1 already comming so i guess microsoft rolling back to win 8 storyline.
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 2 дні тому
Hmmm, no. Please read the pinned comment. Most of the by passes are being closed already.
IronVoice 3 дні тому
That's why I love linux, one can use very old computers and always run the latest version.
Solution Plus On Call
Solution Plus On Call 3 дні тому
Now I see….. I have a HP Elite-book with AMD R7 16Gb of RAM and got all those messages, turned on TPM, secure boot. Then it said processor not supported. 😡 Probably Microsoft will soon fix this.
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 3 дні тому
Sorry to hear that. As for, "Probably Microsoft will soon fix this." No, sadly it won't. You should watch my recent video about the latest from MS.
Miguel Espejel Mujica
Miguel Espejel Mujica 4 дні тому
I can feel Windows 12 around 2023/2024 coming around early to fix that, kinda of a Vista/7 manner
H A 5 днів тому
Micro$soft needs money, Empty your pocket for every single bit of m$window$
Wari Murphy
Wari Murphy 6 днів тому
Not even going to Debian on one, Linux Mint on another and Manjaro KDE on my Laptop. I wonder about Windows VM's in the future though...
D Reaper
D Reaper 4 дні тому
@Wari Murphy Good luck. But yeah, if I ever needed 11, I'd never use the stock image from Microshaft. ;)
Wari Murphy
Wari Murphy 4 дні тому
@D Reaper Thanks for that. I'm a bit of a novice wrt qemu/kvm, but I''ll certainly be looking into it...
D Reaper
D Reaper 4 дні тому
@Wari Murphy Well, from what I saw in QEMU, you can actually enable a virtual TPM chip. That may be of use to use you. But as for me, I'll be getting a slim copy of 11 from Team-OS should I by some miracle ever need 11; which has all the BS removed from the image. Then I'll treat the VM like I am keeping malware contained in it by making sure it has no connection to the internet; because, well, Windows may as well be considered like malware today. But... Me using 11? That's highly unlikely. You should check Team-OS out though. The modders there make some cool mods of Windows. ;)
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Me and my brother are already doing that. lol If your CPU and board supports IOMMU, you could just set up GPU passthrough on top of Linux. Then run Windows in that KVM. My brother just did that recently. Now he's using Linux as his host machine. Windows runs with a secondary dedicated GPU in a VM on his system. He primarily did this because he doesn't like the idea of games with anti-cheat having special privileges to the Windows kernel. Not only has it been known to cripple Windows installs in the past, but it can serve as a huge system exploit. So should Windows get messed up, he can revert via a snapshot. I even have GPU passthrough set up on my system. From my experiences, there's many benefits to be had with such a setup. Besides, apparently, 11 works better in a VM than on physical hardware. Quite the irony, isn't it?
KNorth2 7 днів тому
I dont see the problem personally. The new hardware requirements to upgrade to 11 are specifically to enable them to build upgraded security features into the OS. They are trying to actually move Windows forward in a meaningful way. They will continue to support Windows 10 until 2025, meaning, by the time it reaches end of life your computer would have to be 7-8+ years old to not have the required hardware. Until then, just don't upgrade.
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Or, go Linux. If it wasn't for Linux, and if 11 was the only option in 4 years, I would have to throw out 10 perfectly working computers; which my entire household take for granted and run Linux on. I sure as heck wouldn't have the money to replace all those computers even 4 years down the line.
ryry998 7 днів тому
I told microbillsoft to F--- off years ago.... Linux for the win. :P
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Eric Rounds
Eric Rounds 7 днів тому
You’d think they would list all of the requirements that your current machine doesn’t have, instead of all of these after you’ve already done each step just to get blocked again. Terrible on-boarding experience. This is another reason I use Apple products, legacy devices support new OS for years. YEARS.
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera 7 днів тому
Well mine is MSI an it has windows 11 on my pc an its 7gen men but i mean maybe they change it i don’t know but mine its a 7Ryzen processor
Sheldon Sookoo
Sheldon Sookoo 7 днів тому
Simple fix. Don't bother about it. When their sales tank they might wake up.
Alfred James Stewart
Alfred James Stewart 7 днів тому
Install Linux. It's free. Much more secure, don't need no anti virus bloatwear! More games are compatible, I have steam installed :) lovely.
Dave Lynne
Dave Lynne 7 днів тому
don,t worry Linus and his crew have hack it
slimybakertv 8 днів тому
Did you know you can run windows 11 in a virtual box on a windows 10 PC that doesn't support windows 11, which is just nonsense
Harris Ahmad
Harris Ahmad 8 днів тому
Use a godamn linux based distro like Ubuntu; fk windows
Nofer Trunions
Nofer Trunions 9 днів тому
It is foolish to think that a PC OS can be continuously upgraded without the hardware becoming obsolete. But this orchestrated obsolescence is no worse that the conversion to digital TV. And the very same thing is happened with ATSC 3.0 OTA tuners. 3.0 is out and they are still selling TV's with the obsolete tuner.
Nofer Trunions
Nofer Trunions 9 днів тому
I went from a Z80A CPM system to a Pentium 60. I still have PC's that new had XP, VISTA, and a couple 7's. Nothing newer. I have XP on my AMD Thunderbird still. And let's not forget the 10 XP PC's I've used to train neural networks. I have no problem with TPM provided one can still spoof location via VCM to watch stuff available in other regions. Any possibility of TPM in a PCI or PCIe card? Other than that, I'll just keep running XP, 7, and 10. Oh, I think there is a very smooth, stable VISTA PC around here somewhere... Or at least until I find an 11 in a thrift store.
Whiskey Lover
Whiskey Lover 9 днів тому
I installed Linux this weekend. Goodbye, Big Brother.
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
That's what I said over 5 years ago. ;)
BearZA_91 10 днів тому
Linux, use Linux in the future...
Botho Hohbaum
Botho Hohbaum 10 днів тому
the only windows machine i have running, is a non-activated win10 VM. i need it to be able to compile some projects for customers. it will do for that purpose for the next years. everything else around is linux. - run android apps on my deskops? check. - runs on older machines? check. - does everything i need? check. - won't come up with such silly decissions? check. ...and for newer projects i use Qt instead of WPF.... it is not the first time, microsoft cut support for old hardware to reduce their maintenance effort. i understand why they did it in the past and do it now once more again. that is just one more reason to get used to different solutions. sorry, i felt like i had to drop this little RANT after watching the video. my understanding for people who still torture themselves with this OS (and pay for it on top of it all!!!) is diminishing.... ;-)
Ofejiro Usiaphre
Ofejiro Usiaphre 10 днів тому
Ater using windows 11 beta for a day, i can proudly say that i'm going back to windows 10
Ofejiro Usiaphre
Ofejiro Usiaphre 10 днів тому
My laptop's 2 years old but it runs windows 11
law 11 днів тому
They are trying to turn the desktop model into the Iphone model. Want the latest buy a new one. BUT besides gaming why do people even use windows? Just do linux :)
Neset Ceri
Neset Ceri 11 днів тому
I have a 5 year old HP desk top which I won't be able to upgrade to Windows 11 because my motherboard does not have TPM..HP suggests I have get rid of my 5 year old desktop and buy a new one
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Or, save your money and install Linux.
Jonas Printzén
Jonas Printzén 11 днів тому
Forget it, go Linux, created by us, the consumers, for us!
Sepehr Hossein Nejadi
Sepehr Hossein Nejadi 11 днів тому
I'm using it
Mac Raghnaill
Mac Raghnaill 11 днів тому
I'm glad I started using Linux Mint when Windows 10 came out it's very like windows 7 and easy to use [I don't do gaming]
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
You can game pretty well on Linux today too. Not much of a milestone now. ;)
wizardseven 12 днів тому
As much as this sucks for upgrading to. It might mean the os can be more secure. I could just be optimistic though
ArsNova 12 днів тому
Keep calm and use Linux
Stephen Rowley
Stephen Rowley 13 днів тому
Simple answer, stop using Windows, problems solved.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris 13 днів тому
I have 3 windows PC's in my house, 2 are supported, one runs Linux now because it was originally designed for xp.
GregorSlav 14 днів тому
How to make Linux skyrocket:
Nemo Nada
Nemo Nada 14 днів тому
A lot of good equipment is going to be going to landfill during a tech shortage. Well done SoftMicro.
fmH Accord
fmH Accord 14 днів тому
Way to Go Microsoft, turning people to Linux and Mac great Job. Finally you did something right for the people.
Myl Ra
Myl Ra 14 днів тому
PROBLEM SOLVED: I downloaded Linux Pop! OS yesterday. I held a funeral service as Microsoft is now dead to me. 😅🤣
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Sounds about right. lol
Fernando Scherer
Fernando Scherer 14 днів тому
Of course my 2 pcs are not worthy..
Mike Bowker
Mike Bowker 15 днів тому
i will be going to Linux im not bying a new pc/ laptop because Microsoft said so
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
I wouldn't either. My entire household of 10 computers wouldn't be able to support 11. If Linux didn't exist, I would have to throw out all those perfectly working machines.
Fred Fred
Fred Fred 15 днів тому
I abandoned Microsoft with windows 95 … not a moment too soon …
bistique 15 днів тому
cannot detect old device..driver-bugs are everywhere.. Win 10 is much 11 consume all the memories..I'm using Linux distro
Philby1 15 днів тому
they are still selling new laptops with 32Gb storage ! A lot of people say move to Linux. unfortunately most of the software I need use does not run on Linux. Seems ill just be running unsupported computers in the future.
Lithiumbattery 15 днів тому
that's why Linux is better
JohnnY Bravo
JohnnY Bravo 17 днів тому
computers are for ppl, and ppl, are not for the computers..
17 днів тому
So much hate,, why?? Most pcs like 99 percent are compatible lolzz
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
@Gary Explains It's a troll post. Ignore them lol
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 17 днів тому
Eh? No 99 percent are NOT compatible, that is the whole point! 🤦‍♂️
MeeTube 17 днів тому
Hi Gary. Love your video. Big fondant! Dont know if you'll read this message, but is it possible to change your background screen from SOLID blue to something warmer? I watch it last thing at night and the blue light really doesn't help with sleeping on time. Thank you
rayn1ful 17 днів тому
i have made this comment many times, why doesnt microsoft just stick to producing software and let customers worry about there own hardware .
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 18 днів тому
Screw windows 11 use Linux or Mac OS
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Linux for the win! At least in my case for all of my household computers.
Secret Chest
Secret Chest 18 днів тому
Linux mint 💪
Question the Truth - Querzion [One]
Question the Truth - Querzion [One] 18 днів тому
Raenis Limenis
Raenis Limenis 18 днів тому
This is what happens when you just keep putting up written Microsoft's crap. Switch to a good Linux distro like Ubuntu, Manjaro, Fedora to name just a few a new user can learn relatively easily.
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
After Mint KDE, I settled on KDE Neon. ;)
Muhammed Mayer
Muhammed Mayer 18 днів тому
Me on Windows 11: 😳
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
If you can't use 11 on your computer, it's time for Linux.
Mark Sardar
Mark Sardar 19 днів тому
Reminds me of Windows 8 … another failure waiting to happen 🤨
stem50 20 днів тому
Linux RULES !
Robert Magnussen
Robert Magnussen 20 днів тому
What is the problem, MacOS have been like this meny years now.
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Problem is people don't have the money for this. Especially during a pandemic. Also, the Apple market share is smaller because their products are way too expensive. Not to mention it's a proprietary walled garden.
amohtash 20 днів тому
They copied Apple... the reason I stopped using Macs.
Rufi Romang
Rufi Romang 20 днів тому
I have been using ubuntu since 2018 and feel happy abt it.
russ bilzing
russ bilzing 20 днів тому
I have somewhat the same problem with Comcast Xfinity. Even though I've been more or less a steady customer for 20 years, they've raised the price for my service to where I can hardly afford it. Yet, though my bill is upward of $60 a month, they have a rate of $12.95 a month for those new to the service, for a year. No matter what they advertise for us older folks or whatever, they are never available "in my area". The only other company wants to run optical cable through the house at an exorbitant cost.
Shykai 449
Shykai 449 20 днів тому
You can install windows 11 regardless of the requirements if you do a clean install off a USB
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Um, no. The CPU you use dictates that.
Frank Allen
Frank Allen 20 днів тому
I can run it but I don't see any reason why I would want to do it.
Magdalena Reyes
Magdalena Reyes 20 днів тому
Nah not giving a monkeys I use Linux , not as flash but does what i want . 😎
Pouya Azadpeyma
Pouya Azadpeyma 20 днів тому
I bought mine for 2 years ago . I am pretty sure it will support it.
Jonathan Schneider
Jonathan Schneider 20 днів тому
The checker tool should have mentioned the 8th gen line at the beginning not made you watste your time doing BIOS and GPT stuff
Nico van Dyk
Nico van Dyk 20 днів тому
💯 agree: Best is, Intel Core 7th through to 10th generation are just refreshes of 6th generation (Due to the much publicized Intel manufacturing woes). So, completely right, the line is utterly arbitrary and not sensible. I have a very high-end workstation (64GB, 2TB M.2 SSD, Quadro etc.) with a TPM 1.2 and 6th gen Core. I have been holding out with that machine exactly because of Intel’s manufacturing woes knowing that 12th gen would be coming (Still on here) and I am stuffed as well. Yes, my plan is to upgrade eventually, but I will need to save for a comparable machine TO WHAT I HAVE CURRENTLY (As these also sky-rocketed in price). And not nearly that all 10th gen processors that are deemed compatible can nearly outperform a high-end 6th gen processor either (A i7-6820HK is still 4% slower than a similar, but “compatible” 4C8T i5-1035G1). Awesome. No new instructions, just a +++ iteration of the same processor essentially. Thanks!
Mike Leys
Mike Leys 20 днів тому
Looks like it will be Linux for me. I have been using Linux for years as my main machine. I only use Windoze for some relatively trivial things.
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
Apparently 11 works better in a VM than on physical hardware. Ironic.
MrVbedard 20 днів тому
won't even touche the new windows. i will be on linux before it even comes out. gaming on linux will be the future once they figure it out with the anticheats with some games.
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
@MrVbedard It's probably a good thing that you don't ;)
MrVbedard 5 днів тому
@D Reaper the anti-cheat of valorant is dangerous. ill never touch that game x).
D Reaper
D Reaper 5 днів тому
It's getting there. But for now, there's always GPU passthrough for those kinds of games. I play all my games on Linux without a problem. But if it's games like Valorant that have anti-cheat and require TPM 2.0, well, I would stay away from games like that anyways. I'd never in a million years want anti-cheat software running at ring 0 of my kernel if I were still on Windows. System instabilities and potential exploits isn't something I'd want on my system. Games like that are far too malicious.
AJ Labs
AJ Labs 21 день тому
I haven't tried the upgrade route but did a fresh install on a VM that does not meet any of Microsofts requirements and it worked fine apart from the long time it takes windows to install. My Specs were: ♤Intel i7 4th Gen ♧2GB RAM ◇60GB HDD See my installation video and review here:
nlmaster 21 день тому
I can't believe people actually believe this junk.
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 20 днів тому
Please see my reply to your other disparaging comment.
nlmaster 21 день тому
I've installed it on 8 different pcs made anywhere between 1 and 8 years old. Including Intel 4000 series and Ryzen 2000. This video is a load of crap lmao.
Gary Explains
Gary Explains 20 днів тому
Hmmm. Hi. Thanks for watching. I think you are a little confused. You haven't installed Windows 11 on anything. You have installed a beta or a dev preview that doesn't have the same requirements. Why? Because MS wants as many people to test it as possible. You are doing free testing on its behalf. I am sure MS is very grateful. When Windows 11 final is released then the restrictions will be stronger. I cover all this in the pinned comment. Plus I have a newer video which talks about Microsoft's latest statements.
Johnny 21 день тому
Isn't that a good thing? Microsoft's only use is to be encaged in a VM.
Moosh 21 день тому
my brand new laptop can pull it off, but my gaming pc with twice the horsepower is gonna be running linux in a few years
Cataylo Prince
Cataylo Prince 21 день тому
I say...It is cheaper buying a licensed copy of Proton or Crossover and donating to WINE than updating to Windows 11.
Garett Hobbs
Garett Hobbs 22 дні тому
Fak MS & Win 11 - Linux Mint is great!
Jack Django
Jack Django 22 дні тому
"Every feature is a restriction" - Angry Joe, talking about the Xbox One announcement Microsoft hasn't learned.
Anthony Pagenkopf
Anthony Pagenkopf 22 дні тому
When is Windows 20 coming out?
MaryandDale Davidson
MaryandDale Davidson 22 дні тому
More Linux in your future. I'm not a gamer so have been happily running Ubuntu for years. I mostly run Chrome for email, documents, social media, ect. Microsoft can suck eggs.
magrosi65 22 дні тому
Linux Manjaro here. Kick these arrogant scoundrels.
Zaro2008 22 дні тому
I wouldn't update anyways I don't like the design on Windows 11.
Eine Vertretung der Gattung Homo sapiens
Eine Vertretung der Gattung Homo sapiens 22 дні тому
You always have the freedom to move to the light side of the force ... ⤴️🐧 ... So you pays your money and you takes your choice ... Power to the people
Rover 23 дні тому
Windows: you need this security feature On your cpu because you are dumb and will install a virus. Me: am i dumb brother?
tedtheone1 23 дні тому
This all seems like Microsoft way to make it difficult to install Linux. Avoid windows install Linux it only takes less than 10 minutes.
John Milton
John Milton 24 дні тому
Built my PC in 2015, it’s had a new PSU, new water cooler, and new graphics card. Still has an I7. See no reason to change. It does what I want it to do. As do my old macs.
pred ater
pred ater 24 дні тому
haha you thought microsoft gave a shit about you.... haha thats funny man.
Richard Cornell
Richard Cornell 24 дні тому
I'm running Windows 7. So it is not supported, so what. Some Geek will come along and find a backdoor to the problem. But I have yet to see their code on the program so that I can do tweets to it.
Muttee Inaamullah
Muttee Inaamullah 24 дні тому
Me: Watching on Windows 11
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard 25 днів тому
When apple does the same with mac everybody is silent. When Microsoft tries to earn from every windows copy that’s being installed, people suddenly go crazy
Sam Campos
Sam Campos 25 днів тому
I really support this idea. Make people to use good OS (Mac, Linux etc.)
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