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Sir how can we use it in real time.. I like to use this for petrol tank .. can I use it ???
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Hi. Very nice project, but where is the 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗷𝗲𝗰𝘁𝘀 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘀 & 𝗦𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗱𝗲?😊 I Can´t find it in the link you give.😊
Miguel Azevedo
Miguel Azevedo 3 години тому
@How To Electronics thanks, thanks, thanks.
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 4 години тому
It will be updated tomorrow.
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DiY Projects Lab 5 годин тому
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while was running the code it was getting error
Iyanuoluwa Enoch Oke
Iyanuoluwa Enoch Oke 23 години тому
Pls do Esp 32 cam with i2c lcd thanks
Saurabh Yadav
Saurabh Yadav День тому
Sir your code is working...but I am not getting any graph on Thingspeak Sir please help
Satyendra Kumar
Satyendra Kumar День тому
my data is not showing in Thingspeak Server can u help me out
Sumathi Pagadala
Sumathi Pagadala День тому
What type of motor used
Orhan Ovalı
Orhan Ovalı День тому
can i build this system with 4 loadcells? The critical factor here will be different weights in 4 loadcells. These weights will be displayed separately or in total on the phone or LCD display.
MR.DEEPNAIK 2 дні тому
Brother plz make a video like this but full explain slowly plz
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Satya tiny foods 2 дні тому
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張羿訢 2 дні тому
Hi sir, may I change the pin12 to another pin as a transmitter? If I could, how to rewrite my code in arduino?
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Jawad Ali 3 дні тому
sir my pressure is not changing
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Mamtaz Alam 3 дні тому
Awesome tutorial. Clear and easy instructions
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Must the esp be always connected to the computer
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Michael Johnson 3 дні тому
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Amirul Hafiz 3 дні тому
Where the rfid tag been saved? Is it on the sd card memory?
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The IoT Projects 3 дні тому
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Nelson Madel
Nelson Madel 4 дні тому
Will the sensor give an output of DO below 7 even if the temperature is set as 25 degrees?
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 4 дні тому
Need to check that practically bro
TacTacTech 4 дні тому
The mobile dashboard switch is not controlling the led in my case,or unable to change the variables
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 4 дні тому
It also happened to me sometime. I found variable assignment wrong.
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Dr. Kalyan Acharjya 4 дні тому
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dilshan kasthuri arachchi 4 дні тому
Hi buddy i was waiting for long until you do the rest part of the project of cctv ? Do you remember that it was told that you will make that cctv project with the ability of recording the footages ( recording the videos) so buddy why this is too late? Could you please do it?
dilshan kasthuri arachchi
dilshan kasthuri arachchi 4 дні тому
@How To Electronics ok im waiting until then buddy ok?
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 4 дні тому
I will do that in month of august buddy. My esp32 cam got damaged due to over voltage during video making. I need to purchase a new one again. I will do that do not worry.
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DiY Projects Lab 4 дні тому
Thanks For uploading this video bro 👍🤓
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Rahul Shimpi
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How many relays we can connect ? google firebase support for life long or we need to pay after some time?
Andy Swallow
Andy Swallow 4 дні тому
So you still have to be on the local network to view, even using Blynk? Isn’t there any way of making this more useful by viewing the video over the internet?
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 4 дні тому
There is a method. I will be making video on that very soon
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 4 дні тому
want to use nRF52840 connect to my house 's router .So does the nRF52840 has wifi chip embedded on board ?? 🤔
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 3 дні тому
@How To Electronics thanks, for your response, SO HOW CAN I USE NRF 52840 CONNECT TO WIFI ROUTER IN MY HOUSE ??🤔
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 4 дні тому
It has a Bluetooth chip not the wifi chip
Daniel Castilla
Daniel Castilla 4 дні тому
Is it possible to use the same code for a GY-MAX3G100 heart rate sensor?
Chandra Shekhar Gautam
Chandra Shekhar Gautam 5 днів тому
Can we do the same thing with Digilent Basys3 Board.
Romell Boligao
Romell Boligao 5 днів тому
Hello. Why cant i receive SMS and receive call? I can only make call and send sms
xz86 5 днів тому
thanks for sharing. Does the MLx90614 have a duty cycle? can it be left on for 24/7 for temp logging with out burning out the IR. thank you
Drone Flyte
Drone Flyte 6 днів тому
Also, the dht pin order (looking at the dht from the blue sensor side) was changed (right to left) to ground, voltage, data. After that, everything worked normally, both in the serial monitor and on
Drone Flyte
Drone Flyte 6 днів тому
I had to disconnect the data line from the dht11 to nodemcu board to upload sketch...
About instrumentation Only
About instrumentation Only 6 днів тому
Great work
Ranveer Saini
Ranveer Saini 6 днів тому
Sir my problem is i have one Airtel Wi-Fi dongle which uses the Airtel sim for data. This device create local hotspot which successfully gets connected to all the devices & have internet access. But with my NODE MCU it gets connected but couldn't get internet access thus it cant send value without net access to think speak. We also tried connecting Node MCU to phone WI fi with other network it worked absolutely good. But when this phone is changed with Airtel sim it could not send data same as above. Kindly revert with a proper solution for this. Ranveer Singh Phone number : 8791100095
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MD Tabrej Aalam 6 днів тому
Sir, why All relay HIGH after power cut off
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why your reading are incorrect? how to calibrate to get correct readings
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Plz electric bro make a video on making an artificial intelligence system inside Arduino
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Can it use esp8266?
Fathoni Anwar
Fathoni Anwar 7 днів тому
How if I want to measure 3 phase current and voltage using that sensor? What pin will I use?
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Why don't you learn how to draw a schematic?
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Electrical Coder 8 днів тому
hey, could you tell me what is the maximum range you got practically with this sx1278
kim doyoung is the sexiest man on earth
kim doyoung is the sexiest man on earth 8 днів тому
sir can i dip this in my aquarium for experimentation sir?
The Lonely Gardener and engineer
The Lonely Gardener and engineer 9 днів тому
I liked your project so much, also subscribed your channel. Can you tell me how to made this project with I2c lcd ? Please help me 🙏 Please anyone provide me the code that will work with i2c lcd display Please i need the code
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Hello ur video is nice i m goona do this..i have a doubt can i use this with ur finger print on bike projectt?
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I never knew I could get into someone's phone until I came across *Meshtoolz* on the comments section I can now spy on my babe's phone without her knowing..
Wisdom Valantine
Wisdom Valantine 9 днів тому
I never knew I could get into someone's phone until I came across *Meshtoolz* on the comments section I can now spy on my babe's phone without her knowing..
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson 9 днів тому
Thanks MESHTOOLZ, i now know the location of my wife whereabouts.
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson 9 днів тому
Thanks MESHTOOLZ, i now know the location of my wife whereabouts.
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Saurabh Pathak 9 днів тому
Can we use domain name instead of ip address
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Andzar Muhammad Fauzi 9 днів тому
Hi, how to code the bluetooth?
Technical idEas
Technical idEas 10 днів тому
Love it ❤️
Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez 10 днів тому
If I need to read the ph do you have any sensor?
How To Electronics
How To Electronics 10 днів тому
There is already a dedicated tutorial on Soil Ph sensor. Check the channel videos.
dawit dabero
dawit dabero 10 днів тому
cam i get GSM based Arduino code?
Cilene Gonçalves
Cilene Gonçalves 10 днів тому
Help me friends, i'm having a trouble with the sensor i bought. I read 20 ppm with the TDS meter i have and the new sensor is reading 2944 ppm. The liquid that is 240 ppm the sensor is reading 3109 ppm :( Is this a fault of my sensor ir that is something else i can do?
Cilene Gonçalves
Cilene Gonçalves 5 днів тому
Updating! I found out the problem after I bought another TDS meter... it was my ethernet shield. After i took it off, the right measure could be read by.
Mahammad riyaz 2001
Mahammad riyaz 2001 10 днів тому
Sir all connections are done . but the temperature is decrease when heating the temperature sensor what is the worng ??? Plz help me sir
Emanuel Giurgiu
Emanuel Giurgiu 10 днів тому
Great tutorial! I managed to implement a similar GPS tracker using this board but I am facing a big problem. When it's connected to the battery and I am adding a solar pannel, the board freezes. If the solar panel is removed and I am resetting the module, everything is working fine. Did you succeed in adding a solar panel and battery and have a stable working code? Thanks
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