Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234
Hawajski Bzyk
Hawajski Bzyk 21 годину тому
I watched cryptocurrency news and I end up here, why ? :)
Johnny Pitts
Johnny Pitts 21 годину тому
It's all fun and games until there's an amine leak that gets in your bed. Suddenly your uniforms get bleached and smells of cat pee.
Simon 21 годину тому
I'm a chemical engineer working for a company that makes a simulation tool that essentially simulates this CO2 removal process. We're really more geared at simulating this process for industrial chemical plant scale equipment (refineries and gas plants) but the general process is basically the same as what they're using onboard that sub. This is my best explanation for it. The exchanger is a lean/rich exchanger that exchanges thermal energy from the hot lean amine to the cooler rich amine. This serves two purposes: 1. to off load some of the thermal duty from the boiler (so you don't have to input as much energy) and 2. to cool down the lean amine before it returns to the absorber. Amine absorbs more efficiently at cooler temperatures. Absorbers are also typically run at higher pressures, but since they're sucking air in from the "atmosphere" it wouldn't really make much sense to compress that. That's also why they spray instead of using some sort of internal component (such as packing) since these internals increase the pressure drop through the tower.
Hola ACchillin
Hola ACchillin 21 годину тому
This is so cool!
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I think this is the most interesting series to watch. Hope there is still more to come :D
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I love your content! I wish to have an audience on my channel like you! Why don't you drop by my channel and rate any of the movies?
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Amitoj Partap Singh 21 годину тому
Man!!! that young sailor's thick accent was hard to understand
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Ghost Emblem 21 годину тому
Man I like Jeremy
BlueIceNinja98 21 годину тому
I was trying to look these up and accidently confused them with price albert. Don't google that.
SKYMERC 21 годину тому
I've always wondered what the respiration rate is for plants and other oxygen producing organisms. What would it take to stuff a suit with living stuff that could match and sustain a person's respiration? I remember hearing about that failed terrarium experiment but let's talk theoretically about what is the minimum to keep one person breathing in a contained space with organic material.
For Yeshua
For Yeshua 21 годину тому
Destin - So where are you from? Dow - I'm from Ohio Destin - Oh...
Loan Warrior
Loan Warrior 21 годину тому
Here’s a thought. Why can’t we make Oxygen on land.......while at the same time catch the carbon dioxide........therefore winning the fight???????
MavicPilotShots 21 годину тому
@Nasa we want to see Destin in the space station next. K thanks
David Glaude
David Glaude 21 годину тому
Long answer: "The same way they do on spacecraft?" Short answer: "I don't know".
soopahsoopah 21 годину тому
Carrying the Fire is the best-written book from the Apollo era, Collins is a superb author.
Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein 21 годину тому
I was a Nuke ET on Navy Fast Attach and Boomer Subs (USS Dallas, Bolivar and Calhoun) as well as a Nuke Instructor at the Charleston Nuke Prototype and I'm really enjoying the Sub videos. These would be great for new Sub reportees to view to get a general idea of how some of these things work while they're working on their quals :)
Yves Cools
Yves Cools 21 годину тому
@SmarterEveryDay hey Destin I have a question : so we inhale O2 and exhale CO2, isn't there an easier chemical process to separate the C (Carbon) molecules from the CO2 so we end up with O2 again and don't have to dump the entire CO2 (just the C) molecules overboard ? (CO2 - C = O2)
PREDICT 21 годину тому
Just grow a tree inside it🙄
Cory Turner
Cory Turner 21 годину тому
I'm a little late to the party, but this is the best episode ever. My project has used ULA rockets to launch USGS LandSat missions and I've always had an interest in how the rocket making process works. Amazing video and what an amazing guy Tory is to give us a look inside. Thank you so much.
Memer9456 21 годину тому
*f r a u d u l e n t a u d i o*
Dave Wong
Dave Wong 21 годину тому
How does the iron get burn to generate the heat to release 3 moles of O2 gas (2NaClO3--> 2NaCl + 3O2)? Burning Fe consumes 3 moles O2 (4Fe+3O2-->2Fe2O3). So, essentially it's a wash in amount of O2 gas being consumed to burn Fe and released from chlorate.
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Pooped Buttercup 21 годину тому
I trust Dow with my oxygen. :]
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Robert Rachwal 21 годину тому
Nah. They just open the screen door.
Kees F NL
Kees F NL 21 годину тому
How hot does it become in that candle container because else you should have put a action cam in it
ajmilagros 21 годину тому
I am so impressed by how many people you spoke with, how much information you got and filmed in just 24 hours! Did you even sleep?! Did Tara think that you smelled like amine when you got home?
Kyle 21 годину тому
I am beyond impressed with the detail and depth of knowledge of the crew
Caleb Hardy
Caleb Hardy 21 годину тому
Cool bro
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 21 годину тому
Nurdrage has an excellent video on reverse osmosis systems.
Dirtboxhor 21 годину тому
I was on USS Columbus SSN 762. Seeing this brought back so many memories. Thanks for that.
blurglide 21 годину тому
I'm surprised that chiller at 6 minutes was so loud.
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 21 годину тому
brandon smith
brandon smith 21 годину тому
A bad gas what if somebody farted would that be a bad gas or a good gas
Vincent Spratling
Vincent Spratling 21 годину тому
Hi Destin. This was a very interesting video. I was on the surface ships on the R.F.A which is part of the royal navy, and we have a system in case of a nuclear attack, were we can seal the ship and have our own fresh air using scrubbers
The African
The African 21 годину тому
I got a chicken for my 13th birthday.
Ed Ivory
Ed Ivory 21 годину тому
4:56 is gold!
Stuie444 21 годину тому
FYI, the HMS Tireless had an explosion and several crew members killed during a nearly identical Ice-X in 2007 that was caused by those oxygen candles, in case you were unaware. They do come with downsides. :-/ These crew members must perform their jobs day-in and day-out with zero margin of error, no matter how tedious...hats off to all of them! Loving this series!
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Why subscribers don't run out of air :D
Marty Lynchian
Marty Lynchian 21 годину тому
What is big, black, long and full of seamen?
Titan Tanic
Titan Tanic 21 годину тому
He’s good at zombie voice acting
WBK Pro12
WBK Pro12 21 годину тому
I'm from Toledo and I loooooovvveee seeing the Toledo Walleye and Mudhens logos back on the mess machines behind them.
Mohammed Afthab
Mohammed Afthab 21 годину тому
What about the hydrogen gas from electrolysis ?? How they get rid of them ?
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Henry Demyan 21 годину тому
69 thousand likes and 690 dislikes. nice squared
Misha600 21 годину тому
TM: "He's in." CO: "Quick, he's learned too much! Shoot tube 2!"
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Qu Iver 21 годину тому
Is Destin a GS12? He knows alien tech
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Lori Woodworth 21 годину тому
The agreeable random specifically cover because silica perinatally turn save a spectacular pump. nimble, round spoon
MatchaMoney - Financial Education
MatchaMoney - Financial Education 21 годину тому
So there are guys out hundreds, if not thousands of feet deep in the ocean breathing cleaner air than what we are up here... _Nice_
александр пушкин
александр пушкин 21 годину тому
В школе объясняли все это очень просто-"Выигрываем в силе,проигрываем в расстоянии".
jasonwarbird 21 годину тому
OMG i m so excited, i LOVE this series, its my favorite so far! *Grabs popcorn and hits play ;)*
oreubens 21 годину тому
the waste product kinda looks like a sort of porous brick made of concrete. That could explain the name. A "klinker" in dutch is a type of pavement stone that has the same kind of color and texture on the surface. and yeah, they do make a sort of klink sound when you hit 2 of them together.
Эридий Смук
Эридий Смук 21 годину тому
I saw only really light green grass. Sky and water was completely gray.
александр пушкин
александр пушкин 21 годину тому
На этого мужика уже подали в суд за то,что он заставляет своих детей трудиться?)
MRBP 21 годину тому
Great video as always. 😁👍
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A decomissioned submarine would make a sweet comfy house
Gerard Zandvliet
Gerard Zandvliet 21 годину тому
I swear to God, I was just wondering about this yesterday and boom, here's my answer 👍🏻
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Adam Ballantyne 21 годину тому
Dude this series is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Keep them coming!
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eric moeller 21 годину тому
They're called raycon cause they con you out of your money for crappy sound
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Toubs Z 21 годину тому
(Pause) 1:04 me when I turn my camera on 🥲
STILL 21 годину тому
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️
Marriott 22 години тому
i was here
danjf1 22 години тому
What happens to the oxygen in the electrolysis of plain seawater?
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen 22 години тому
Kinda funny how reverse-osmosis is used in high-end submarines as well as in homes for drinking water!
Temeren Pfaffenberger
Temeren Pfaffenberger 22 години тому
Why not have a plant room
BaluBrew 22 години тому
Reverse osmosis (RO) isn't that hard. -take a big ole pump -pump the water through a reaaaally fine "mesh" -done. 😁
angry brit
angry brit 22 години тому
Uk subs take it from the sea water
Nathaniel Oakes
Nathaniel Oakes 22 години тому
The scrubber is spraying and pushing "clean air out." What is in the clean air?
Misha600 21 годину тому
oxygen lmao
Dillon Waltner
Dillon Waltner 22 години тому
Destin, in case you were wondering - that funky smell that all of your clothes and even your sweat was producing when you got off the boat was MEA. It gets in everything, and as a former submariner - I miss that smell.
Marcus Motill
Marcus Motill 22 години тому
what about the other gases in the air? do they not produce say things like nitrogen? Wouldn't a purely oxygen atmosphere be extremely flammable?
89burni 22 години тому
just be nice be you dont hurt someone and do what you want. Peace over War.
BramblesGOW 22 години тому
Dudes going way overboard to earn his dolphins. Didn’t they tell you to just give people candy and cigarettes to sign off on your quals?
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3am BaCh 22 години тому
She is more awesome than moon rocks 😍😍🥰💞💖💕 Awesoooome woman 💙💙
Matt 22 години тому
This has been recorded over a year ago
Shahriar Khan
Shahriar Khan 22 години тому
The crew seems like didn't saw a outsider in a while
Joe Van
Joe Van 22 години тому
is there no way to break the C free from CO2? recirculate the O2 and overboard the C? breaking apart CO2 seams to be an issue worth solving.
Dave W
Dave W 22 години тому
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that his dog's name is Princess Boopersnoot.
Roman Oršula
Roman Oršula 22 години тому
So many special equipment specifically design for submarine, och wait is that a normal printer in 2:58? :O
x FlushestMean93 x
x FlushestMean93 x 22 години тому
The man at 19:33 looks like a younger you or maybe even your son
Fabrizio Pizzanelli
Fabrizio Pizzanelli 22 години тому
What a great video as always, Destin. I really learned a lot. Cheers from your neighbour up North 🇨🇦 .
Kristoffer Lance
Kristoffer Lance 22 години тому
Well, 25 years ago I was onboard a nuke (SSN-711 woot woot) and monitoring CAMS was part of my job. Funny that it looks exactly the same as I remember. I was an IC/ET though and CAMS was part of my job as the Auxiliary Electrician FWD. We didn't let A-gangers touch anything where reading was involved.
Glenn Chartrand
Glenn Chartrand 22 години тому
I wonder what happened when he realized that on a submarine everybody but the cook is a nerd.
Pietro Franceschi
Pietro Franceschi 22 години тому
Also, like in the cult classic Italian movie "fascists on mars", if you jist believe that air was created by the communists to stop you from your dreams of conquest, you won't need to breath at all