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jasmine yvonne
jasmine yvonne 42 секунди тому
JACLYN I LOVE YOU! I'm in the same boat girl I loved this video its so raw I love you jaclyn. YOU GOT THIS BABY !
Leidy Ambriz
Leidy Ambriz 2 хвилини тому
You probably won't read this but I really hope your relationship with food is something you get further help on. Being at the stage you're at and going through it, I know the struggle personally and feeling good only when you're eating just chicken and green stuff is NOT healthy and will not bring long term results. You shouldn't feel so restricted and you shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying food. Its SUPER hard and it's a never ending journey, but totally doable.
Mayra Martinez
Mayra Martinez 2 хвилини тому
So real!! You’ve got this queen! A lot of us can relate so much! Keep going!! 💙
Samantha Lehmann
Samantha Lehmann 6 хвилин тому
Thank you for this ❤️
Nikole Sparks
Nikole Sparks 9 хвилин тому
Changing your diet is always a hard process. Dont be too hard on yourself. I think its important to find a balance so that you can be successful with it, like including healthy carbs and things you find really yummy in moderation. If you get too strict with it, it becomes like a horrible black hole. I find without carbs i feel exhausted and horribly depressed. I need to have carbs in my diet, but with lots of veggies and protein and i actually feel good :) and the healthy way of eating becomes sustainable. You just have to experiment and play around with it to find what type of healthy diet makes you feel the best and not hungry and irritable :)
エミ 12 хвилин тому
Omg I used to watch this and think this is what I want this is what it looks like to marry your best friend... I hate what happened
Mari Amador
Mari Amador 27 хвилин тому
Why don’t you hire a company to meal prep for you?
Imalsha Abeysuriya
Imalsha Abeysuriya 31 хвилина тому
Let me tell you… your partner looks like one of the best things that has happened to you. He seems to be anchoring you very well and being such great support. I love your evolvement and who you have become through all the drama. A book said, life is hard. Everything is a struggle. It’s a matter of choosing which struggle is best for you. Looks like you have made an amazing choice. You got this ❤️
Jazmin Kristine
Jazmin Kristine 44 хвилини тому
I would love to see this as an actual show on tv.
Kiara Himmelstein
Kiara Himmelstein 53 хвилини тому
"And last but not least, fupa"
Kandice Pena
Kandice Pena 57 хвилин тому
One tip I can give is don’t get on that treadmill it’s boring . It’ll make you never wanna exercise! Grab some weights you’ll burn more then on the treadmill . It’s a tip a personal trainer gave me and I’d never look back!
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez Годину тому
Love you Jaclyn!!!
Jazmin Kristine
Jazmin Kristine Годину тому
Life with Jaclyn
Erin Noon
Erin Noon Годину тому
These "The Hills" transitions are EVERYTHINGGGG
Jessica Valladolid
Jessica Valladolid Годину тому
Nothing wrong to have cheat meals
Sabrina Годину тому
That was so nice of you. I am sure you just made those girls year.
Sabrina Годину тому
The only time I ever felt full was when I was vegan...but it wasnt really full it was just I never felt hungry.
Sabrina Годину тому
I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life. 186...I was 138 two years ago. Marriage was crashing and gained 50 pounds.
Crystel MckinneyRod
Crystel MckinneyRod Годину тому
I get you 💯 percent. I need to lose weight to feel better about myself. I was very skinny before I had kids. I was a size 6 now 10-12. I was 220 the heaviest I’ve ever been after my last baby I lost the baby weight but I still have weight from my 2nd child. It’s insane how hard it is to lose weight. But I’m with you girl you can do it!!! I will continue to try even tho it’s so hard to find the time dealing with work and kids house stuff. Thank you for sharing this journey.
MarketTab Reviews
MarketTab Reviews Годину тому
Jac’n Around :D with Jaclyn
🦋DivineAngel444🦋 Годину тому
Sending you so much love and beautiful joy🌷🦋 You’re a bestie at heart! So proud of your transparency. Lots of love and hugs girlfriend 😘
Emily Brennan
Emily Brennan 2 години тому
I’m sure this comment will go into the sea of others but I promise you this is so so so so so so important for some of us to see. I have been through this exact thing since 2015 and still have not broken out of the cycle. You are inspiring and raw and real and crying over lack of dinner while Jordan plays video games is seriously the most relatable thing I’ve seen on the internet in years lol. Good luck!
Big Sexy
Big Sexy 2 години тому
Please name your series "It's Not About The Numbers", because Jaclyn, it is not about the numbers. You will drive yourself crazy, if you concentrate on the scale so often. Sending you strength, and blessings.♥️
Melinda Hicks
Melinda Hicks 2 години тому
Love this for you!
Omesha Miller
Omesha Miller 2 години тому
Have you thought about maybe doing plant based substitutes in your savory/sweet dishes so that you can have the healthier versions of your cravings? That way you can still have the taste of the foods you crave without making unhealthy choices. This is a life changing journey and you still want to at least be happy when enjoying a meal. You should at least check out some vegan soul food dishes and restaurants!! I wish you the best on your new lifestyle journey !!
Melinda Hicks
Melinda Hicks 2 години тому
Love this video! New subscriber ❤️
Lindsay N23
Lindsay N23 2 години тому
people are assholes
A Piece Of Me
A Piece Of Me 2 години тому
She looks damn good weight gain and all!!!
Ali Winne
Ali Winne 2 години тому
I’m in the same situation and the same age and finally feeling ready to start taking care of myself again. Thank you for sharing! Ignore the haters and you got this! ❤️
Behavior Works
Behavior Works 2 години тому
We are ROOTING for you miss thing! Time and good decisions are the only thing between you and the body you feel happy and healthy in! Keep it going girl.
Cruz Cruz
Cruz Cruz 2 години тому
I like how open she is like Lalala I weigh 177‼️‼️lol
Brooke Gustafson
Brooke Gustafson 2 години тому
Can I go on this journey with you????? I'd keep count and everything
Brooke Gustafson
Brooke Gustafson 2 години тому
You deserve it
Brooke Gustafson
Brooke Gustafson 2 години тому
Awe I love all the support you have Jaclyn
Felicia Salna
Felicia Salna 2 години тому
I’m doing this too!!! Yay can’t wait to follow your journey!
Aging Gracefully With Noelia Soto
Aging Gracefully With Noelia Soto 3 години тому
WOW!!!!! I feel the same!!!! Girl you got this!!! WE got this…
Ali Winne
Ali Winne 3 години тому
So relatable! Thanks for sharing the start of your journey 🤗
kendra beavis
kendra beavis 3 години тому
Girl. You got this. Have you tried anti inflammatory foods? I've had great success with keto and intermittent fasting. And therapy helps too. Because eating isn't just a compulsion... It's a mental addiction
Aging Gracefully With Noelia Soto
Aging Gracefully With Noelia Soto 3 години тому
This is motivating!!! Thank you :)
Hannah Chancey
Hannah Chancey 3 години тому
Omg send me some please!!😂 I would love to try some of your products!!!!💓💓
Gael Hodges
Gael Hodges 3 години тому
I recommend you check out no sulfates fast hair growth shampoo.
Auburn Adwell
Auburn Adwell 3 години тому
Weight loss isn't linear my friend. *hugs*
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 3 години тому
She's not even obese she's perfect beautiful wtf is going on with society!
AdeBananas 3 години тому
This is so motivating. I’m going to start with a 20 min walk.
Joy Jones
Joy Jones 3 години тому
I have not been on here for about 2 years and really, I didn't know this was Jaclyn. The change is so huge. I wish you the best on your way to emotional recovery.
Ney Rose
Ney Rose 3 години тому
I mean this in the nicest way possible, you are a BEAUTIFUL person naturally, please dissolve SOME of your fillers.
Autumn Nicole
Autumn Nicole 3 години тому
Ppl are ridiculous you can eat the things you love in moderation the key to living a sustainable healthy lifestyle isn’t to restrict yourself from every carb in site, it’s about mindful eating! Do not let the internet beat you up! Your health and fitness journey will have ups in downs and it’ll be challenging but once you see changes it’ll all be worth it. Don’t restrict yourself too much
Melanin Barbie
Melanin Barbie 3 години тому
Hmmm so I never really watched her and only reason I’m here is because UKposts played it and I was to lazy to turn. I heard she was a b but ummm she’s funny and relatable I’m rooting for her and subscribing
Sydney Kylie
Sydney Kylie 4 години тому
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Erin Dilley
Erin Dilley 4 години тому
You don’t even look big, it looks like it’s just your face, like inflammation or something
Elisha Anderson
Elisha Anderson 4 години тому
Did u really say sitting Indian style !?
Cynthia Farias
Cynthia Farias 4 години тому
Jaclyn!!! Girl I’m loving this series! And I love how ur just showing us all of it, ups and downs… I appreciate it that cause it makes me feel that I’m not alone!!!
Christina Hatton
Christina Hatton 4 години тому
Your breakfast sandwich is a very healthy great balanced meal. Ignore the haters!
Elisha Anderson
Elisha Anderson 4 години тому
I used to get red cherry #43 because of you !!!
Nancy Greidanus
Nancy Greidanus 4 години тому
I love you !
Joelah Rodriguez
Joelah Rodriguez 4 години тому
wow girl this has definitely been my favorite video of yours in a while! I love how you were so real about your struggles and you recognize that the number on the scale does not matter as long as you FEEL GOOD and HEALTHY! you’re already doing great I’m proud of you! very excited to see the rest of your journey❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lovely channel
Sitara 5 годин тому
One thing I learnt whilst I was dieting was drinking 3L of water a day. I was on a calorie deficit and in one week I lost 3 kilos that was just water retention/inflammation. I felt amazing. Once that was gone it was easy for me to loose weight. Start small, walk 10,000 steps a day, get an Apple Watch/Fitbit to help you track your steps and it motivates you.
Dav P
Dav P 5 годин тому
I haven’t caught up on this channel in awhile, but I thought the weight gain was from drinking? Mind you, that leads to bad eating habits - anyways, glad to see healthy food options being added into your diet
Elysia Jackson
Elysia Jackson 5 годин тому
It’s hard but you got this. You’re doing amazing. Great job girl
Brianna Lowther
Brianna Lowther 5 годин тому
You are doing great!!! Everyone starts somewhere, every BODY is different. Ignore the negativity and those who don't know their a$$ from a hole in the ground and do you. Love you Jac!!!
Abigail Williams
Abigail Williams 5 годин тому
Jaclyn you absolutely MUST be aware of your menstrual cycle and the impact on your weight from day to day. Never compare your weight from one week to the next. Only compare week 1 to week 1, 2 to 2 and so on. The best thing I every did was realise that my cycle impact everything from my weight, to my mood and even my strength. I was going to the gym and wondering why I was lifting 20kgs less than the previous week. But understanding my follicular and luteal phases in the month has made a huge difference.
Charlie Westfort
Charlie Westfort 5 годин тому
I hope you keep uploading this journey.. bring back regular vlogging for youtube
L 5 годин тому
Good luck on your journey! It won’t be easy but it will be worthwhile. You’ll realize how strong you are.
Julie Atwood
Julie Atwood 5 годин тому
Hang in there you are doing great
Bruja Linda
Bruja Linda 5 годин тому
Look at that botched face 😂
Mary Wright
Mary Wright 5 годин тому
I clicked on this because I thought it was going to be a funny meme video. It’s actually jacklyns account. 😂 that’s my bad boo I paused it and ima head out
DEFEAT THE ENEMY 6 годин тому
Girl go back to that fire red hair. It was gorgeous on you.
Izzy 6 годин тому
Honestly I like to see this side of you :) thanks for sharing
Cindy levron
Cindy levron 6 годин тому
I could only imagine how people can be mean, be nice people
KAT 6 годин тому
Check out the Galveston Diet with Mary Claire Haver
Valentina Margiotta
Valentina Margiotta 6 годин тому
honestly although its been so tough for you, i've been watching the whole video and i'm in the same boat where if i'm bored i will just eat and this video has taken my mind off it so thank you so much! I can't wait to see the rest of your journey and i know you'll push through!❤️
Esmeralda Bustos
Esmeralda Bustos 6 годин тому
You should try kick boxing to get the anger and stress out!
Bianca Vie
Bianca Vie 6 годин тому
You’re a human and a public figure. It’s ok to say haters annoy tf out of you. Most of us only have one or two and we lose it. So hundreds of thousand of ppl talking shit , would get to anyone . Don’t ever apologize for being human. Ppl shouldn’t be so fkin rude
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith 6 годин тому
Can I just say girl u r so gorgeous! But I know first hand what u mean by just uncomfortable I gained 42 pounds and everyone says omg u look so much better I am 5'6 and was 118lbs I liked myself I hate my body now so I am on this journey with u girl we got this and trust me it's soooo hard!!😭 But hang in there we can do this .Please know u r so gorgeous at any size .!!
Lily 6 годин тому
this video was incredibly boring
Samantha Franco
Samantha Franco 6 годин тому
This is the most relatable video!! We don’t see celebrities or influencers do the “dirty work” we just see the end results. And it’s almost like they roll out of bed and transformed overnight. This is raw and the real side of living a better lifestyle. And I know it isn’t easy with JORDANS COOKIN 🤤!!
spicehurls 6 годин тому
Girl food addiction is no joke! You’re doing the damn thing tho.
Vim Evan
Vim Evan 6 годин тому
Not to be mean but why does it feel like every time she posts a new video her face just seems to get wider and bigger.