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fiddlebiskits gaming
fiddlebiskits gaming 20 годин тому
Dude I love you and your music u and nova keep kicking ass man
Kathy Borthwick
Kathy Borthwick 20 годин тому
Hey Tom! Viva La Canadian 🦅🙋🏽‍♀️🦅☀️🦅🇺🇸🕊❤️🕊
yammy motoguy
yammy motoguy 20 годин тому
The 2.6k who thumbs down bitch made
Gamer World
Gamer World 20 годин тому
Wow made me tear up loved you since the beginning tom you've given me hope in these dire times much love man
Gwendolyn Scott
Gwendolyn Scott 20 годин тому
Cancer does not discriminate.
Ash Ash
Ash Ash 20 годин тому
Im mexican born in Arkansas, and I get Mexicans, salvadorean and others confused. It's true.
LosLS2 20 годин тому
Yall better get out and vote!!!!!!!! Sleepy Joe and Communist Kamala are ready to take all your shit.
Ash Ash
Ash Ash 20 годин тому
This songs reminds me of biden voters
THE NORMAL KID 20 годин тому
I thought comments would be turned off cause there's a minor in the video.
Captain Coleslaw
Captain Coleslaw 20 годин тому
Whatever happens, you will be rewarded for your courage. Love your message, keep up the good work bro. Keep spreading this message. Big pharm and govt "the system" "the matrix" is the devil. Keeping us docile and submissive and stupid. Much love dude!!! You really speak to me. Love your message.
sad boy
sad boy 20 годин тому
Hopsin and tom spits the truth for real. ❤
filth 303
filth 303 20 годин тому
That was fucking beautiful Tom. Thank you. Thank you for being such wonderful a strong person. Thanks for being so giving of yourself and wanting nothing in return for it.
Dy1an wi11iams
Dy1an wi11iams 20 годин тому
Mate your not good enough to remix em
Brandon Lebel
Brandon Lebel 20 годин тому
I have been blessed to not have lossed someone to cancer but I feel for those who have I could not imagine what you go through. Family or the victim. And as stupid as it sounds all I can say is stay strong everyone here has your back family friends even stranger
Joe Momba
Joe Momba 20 годин тому
Tom MacDonalds should do a song about Adverse Childhood trauma the hidden killer of millions
vap3 lyf3
vap3 lyf3 20 годин тому
I have tried to avoid this video since it came out... I lost my grandmother to breast cancer 2 months ago and just yesterday I got her last heartbeat shaved in to my head. I miss her, Thank you Tom -Edwin
Roach Splf918
Roach Splf918 20 годин тому
Ppl tryn to push tabs on me rn. Iv been sober 7 years. Im tryn to fight this. Ima wreck rn. Yall prey 4 me
Jenae Simpson
Jenae Simpson 20 годин тому
It's called a Shadow person and I have also seen one. In my old house, walking, in the DAYTIME. Freakiest thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank you for sharing your story Tom!
Brian Still
Brian Still 20 годин тому
My grandmother recently turned 70 and she's fighting breast and lung cancer, the hardest thing is explaining to my children why her hair is gone and why she looks so small now, she's a fighter and uses humor to get by, thank you for this song
Aj 20 годин тому
Heart felt in all ways I give it to all the people going thru cancer seriously... I lost my grandmother to it and it sucked.... I hope everyone going thru it can fight thru this shit it's a POS
Gary Palmeri
Gary Palmeri 20 годин тому
Love to you Tom Jesus is the afterlife!!! Love Love Love your Spirit!!!
Dean Monroe
Dean Monroe 20 годин тому
be your self
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine 20 годин тому
This song hits home for me my wife and I just found out that she has ovarian cancer and it's been hard man but 😭😭 thank you man it's all I can say is thank you
It’s Brad
It’s Brad 20 годин тому
Allena Dorman
Allena Dorman 20 годин тому
That's right HOGS got your back we will always have you they just don't like truth that's all but we do much love Tom keep up the good work 💯🎶💕
King Ross
King Ross 20 годин тому
Tom MacDonald: Makes a song called people are so stupid. Tom MacDonald: ....believes in ghosts. Me: Smdh
xXryy nooXx
xXryy nooXx 20 годин тому
Thank you Tom McDonald
THE REAL BIG RED 20 годин тому
My wife's a 2 time cancer survivor. TOM IS SPITTING FACTS! 👏👍💪🙏✌🇺🇸
Brian 20 годин тому
this song hits home from 2016-2019 i watched my mom(60) both my uncles(50's), my aunt(40's) and grandma (85)all died from cancer.
ad as
ad as 20 годин тому
My husband was just diagnosed with myeloma a week ago. He has two years or less. He will never go into remissions. This song...just...😭
Dominic Salas Sr.
Dominic Salas Sr. 20 годин тому
It's so weird how the Universe works I swear I find Tom just a year ago became of my my favorites and I'm a 80s baby its his talent his message not many like this man and I have Cancer thank you for touching on this subject God Bless you Tom McDonald and thanks for being a voice of the voiceless the sick the weak the outcasts the Love you posses God is with you man and his light is bright with you as it is with us all if we let it shine no matter how sick I get my light won't ever dim
Max Mibang
Max Mibang 20 годин тому
My momma is facing this disease 😭 n now our family r facing a lot of problems 😭😭 Btw thanks for the song Tom❤️
Mike dill
Mike dill 20 годин тому
Hey Tom, I am a up and coming Podcaster and I am creating a Pod cast called Passions Pay Profits; I am interested in using pieces of this song because I feel this is an AMAZING song for uplifting people. I believe life for many people can be considered cancerous and it is time we stand together and help one another to be the cure to this madness we call our lives! I would really appreciate the opportunity to use pieces of this song as a intro to my podcast. I am asking directly because of copy right infringement and plus I am a hug fan! Hopefully you will take a listen one day! One love Tom!
Dan Hast
Dan Hast 20 годин тому
Emmax ximum
Emmax ximum 20 годин тому
All those who put a thumb down are so sick how could you.
Amos Spurling
Amos Spurling 21 годину тому
23 thousand triggered
Mystic Nights
Mystic Nights 21 годину тому
Thank you so much for this. I lost 2 uncle's to cancer and my aunt battled breast cancer and beat it. This song is really heart felt
T Mil-79
T Mil-79 21 годину тому
The fucked up thing about this is that it caught me in the feels. My mom had cancer (even thought we didn't get along) and my GFs daughter had cancer to and she beat it. So this song is pretty personal and IM NOT CRYING!!! I have onion cutting ninjas hiding somewhere damnit!!!
Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz
Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz 21 годину тому
It’s just stupid because they closeing stores for no reason
Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz
Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz 21 годину тому
Thx it’s still not real covid19. Not real
Petros Kostianis
Petros Kostianis 21 годину тому
This was raw. It's hard to listen to in 1 sitting.
Alex Schlafer
Alex Schlafer 21 годину тому
No words
TheKallious 21 годину тому
this song cuts me deep on a emotional level since today is the day i lost someone who i love to cancer. it's hard to sit at work and try to be strong after being told that the person is gone when you just want to sit in a corner and just fucking cry
Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz
Donald trump needs to win the election Plz plz plz 21 годину тому
Thax it’s good they have but it’s covid19 is not real
Andrew Huot
Andrew Huot 21 годину тому
We just found out my dad has pancreatic cancer 2 days before this came out. Thank you tom hard times right now. My dads my hero!!!! Life changed in the blink of an eye.
Matthew Jamieson
Matthew Jamieson 21 годину тому
Lost my dad to cancer just wanna say thank you im not much of a cryer but I'm not ashamed to say I am wiping my face dont think I've had a song hit this close to home in a long time thanks man much love keep doing your thing this is what it looks like when an artist is not controlled by the machine
Aaron Camus
Aaron Camus 21 годину тому
Tom Tom Tom... you fuggin NUTT. Truth though... I'm hungover right now, and this was JUST what I needed/.
Seth Haskell
Seth Haskell 21 годину тому
My Dad was just diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I felt numb hearing him tell me over the phone. He is on opposite ends of the country, I cant see him, only hear the fear and sorrow in his voice. I clicked on this, expecting another gem, but 30 seconds into it i broke down in tears. I love all Tom's songs, but this one really made a difference. It helped me process this news, and provided a bit of hope against this future. Thanks man.
Alexios Ellis
Alexios Ellis 21 годину тому
Tom you are a beautiful soul my man keep making music fuck the haters
Emroy Cardinal
Emroy Cardinal 21 годину тому
Still grieving the loss of my baby brother, he died years ago from stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer, right before his third birthday when we had the make a wish foundation set up for him, Rip Greyson Tavaris Cardinal🙏
Leo Eschauzier
Leo Eschauzier 21 годину тому
people: we want straight white men to acknowledge their privilege Tom: *acknowledges his privilege* people: no
Isreal Logan
Isreal Logan 21 годину тому exactly
GreasemonkeyTV Peek
GreasemonkeyTV Peek 21 годину тому
I was in tears the first 15 seconds and im not that type. My wife has been fighting cancer for 2.5 years. She is a fighter. Great song. 100% true
Aaron C
Aaron C 21 годину тому
Just lost my mom 2weeks ago form stage 4 Brain cancer...I wasn't ready for this one Tom..Damn that hit hArd. Shouldn't have watched this at work, lol