It Looks Like They May NEVER Come Home!
Anna mae Kinder
Anna mae Kinder 19 секунд тому
I guess he's gone Good Whatever he said i didn't see But can only imagine Stay positive Kevin
Marguerite Schneid
Marguerite Schneid 10 хвилин тому
A puff adder snake is venomous.
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 38 хвилин тому
Do you know, you could leave that Twenky on that rock behind you come back 10 years later and that Twenky will still be there thats how many preservatives are in that Twenky thats not healthy at all for anything or anyone
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 47 хвилин тому
My Grandfather was born in Scotland at 1873 he came to the United States when he was 16 years old he bought a horse and rode across this country the ship dropped people off in Florida instead of New York when he passed away in 2000 we had a out door cremation I took his ashes back to Hood River Oregon to his siblings that was living on Grandfathers land then we spread his Ashes on Mt.Hood before he passed away he had 60,000 acres in North Dakota, 60,000 acres in Oregon along with three Gold mines still producing even today 50,000 acres in Alaska and four gold mines and owned 25,000 acres of timberland in Washington he was 127 years young when he passed, can you imagine all the stuff in history he saw when he came to the United States at the age of 16 born in Scotland in 1873, I will be 60 in December feel like I'm in my 30tys Doc says I have the heart of a 20 year old we all live very long in our family, but Grandma lived until she was 111 she died of a broken heart cause Papa was gone just before he passed the Celebrated their 85 wedding Anniversary they had 10 children 40 grandchildren and 25 great children to date so if I can live as long as my Grandfather I will be a very grateful man and with the God's help it could happen, I found the meaning of life along time ago and its so simple, I too can't tell anyone but just having this knowledge makes me smile
old cali r.e. broker
old cali r.e. broker Годину тому
Weeping willows are water hogs. They need a ton of it all the time. So if you get a drought.....
Christine Parker
Christine Parker Годину тому
1.47 group of trees to the pic right after the large tree movement across the group.
Christine Parker
Christine Parker Годину тому
Esp the dark tree in the middle
Christine Parker
Christine Parker Годину тому
4.36 looks like u got a couple of somethings looking at u round the third tree to the pic left about halfway up!
Lucille Flowers
Lucille Flowers Годину тому
You are so cute love you
Norma Love
Norma Love 2 години тому
That is awesome that you use dawn soap too!!
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez 2 години тому
17:38 you can see a black figure between the two trees and is moving slowly to the right of the two trees.
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 2 години тому
I would love to show you the pod over in the Molalla mountain range, I have had the pod with in 25 yards of me, I bring them boxes of fruit and vegetables from the local store they was throwing away there was nothing wrong with it so I took it to the pod and sat back and watch them eat up what was in those two big boxes, I know they are very curious about us so one afternoon I stripped off my clothes got out a brand new bar of Irish spring soap lathered up in the cool river water washed my intire body and even my head then raised off under the water, left the bar on the log sitting out on the bank, got dressed and went back to our camp, a few hours later while talking to some friends about what I had done, we all caught a whif of Irish spring around our camp, one of the guys said, I think they did what you did, so I said we got a clean pod of big foots watching us, that evening I went down to the river to catch us some salmon for dinner, I got two thats what your allowed per day, I layer them on the table went into my tent to get some spices and such, when I got back to the table there was 12 more salmon laying there, my buddy came over to me and said you caught all of them I said no just two these ones, What are you going to do, I said cook them all up for our guests, bet they have never had cooked fish before, he just laughed and walked off, So I built a nice fire gutted their salmon split them down the center layer them on the grill over the fire and cooked them all for our guests put very little seasoning on theirs, When they were done, Put them on some large bark I found and walked over by the big tree and set the fish down taking a piece and blowing on it to show them so the don't burn fingers or mouth, then took a bite and did the yummy sound then went back to the table to finish my salmon then the others came over to have dinner with me, My buddy asked about the other salmon told him what I did and pointed over to the tree and Salmon were gone with the bark I put them on, He said now you did it, I said whats that, you gave them cooked salmon, you going to show them how to make fire so they can cook what ever they catch from now on, I said maybe they already have fire in their cave they have, his eye brow came up and he grinned at me, so yes they are out there, and they want to learn from us, like watching me bathe in the river and using Irish spring, cause it sure smelled nice while were there two more days, I went to town and bought more Irish spring and put it down by the log, so if they wanted to they could use it again, my buddies say man you need looked after, showing them to use soap and what cooked fish tasted like, and what is wrong with that baby steps is all they need, someone just to show them what is possible, I could go on about the pod down at the coast maybe another day. Enjoy the day
William Daughtridge
William Daughtridge 3 години тому
Gt 2 look UP n the trees
Dawn Askey
Dawn Askey 3 години тому
This touched me deeply. I pray that you are able to find your path to wherever this road leads you. May God guide you in all wisdom and may He make us all willing to extend grace wherever possible.
livewireOr 4 години тому
I wonder who will play him in the movie version.
keith yount
keith yount 5 годин тому
you need a drone
Rayola Risner
Rayola Risner 5 годин тому
So sorry for your loss. You had potential maybe 3 or 4 deer walking in the woods.or potential big foot. Lol
Alison Lee
Alison Lee 5 годин тому
Hi Kevin,great story, thats very true, i always say " love and care for the people while they are alive" your words are always full of wisdom kevin☺️
tiz dick
tiz dick 6 годин тому
Got your channel recommended by you tube watched a few of you videos and so glad to receive this recommendation love big foot hunts and your videos are brilliant so thanks from new fan in Scotland
J Mac
J Mac 6 годин тому
Lady D
Lady D 7 годин тому
I wish I could purchase them all..maybe someday.. I remember hearing bout PJ before, he sounds like a man worth meeting. They are rare and I'm happy you had his influence in life, these are the experiences that make us who we are and I'd hate to think, if any one of the people from your past had been, did or acted differently then they had, you might not be exactly who you are. And I love who you are. Much love for my favorite YT family 🤗❤🙏🦋
Lady D
Lady D 7 годин тому
Sandrine Lewis
Sandrine Lewis 7 годин тому
Hi HOTG I was thinking ... if possible you could take off the lower branches and vines off some of the trees ... so that you have a clear view through ......
roger morgan
roger morgan 7 годин тому
at 11min 35 secs something moving to the right of the video behind you where you started waving your book about could be deer
Linda Carver
Linda Carver 7 годин тому
Kevin I'm so sorry y'all are having to deal with an idiot like that I do need your help though my husband bought me a weeping cherry tree how do I take a cutting from it so I can have another one?
Cynthia Maldonado
Cynthia Maldonado 7 годин тому
God just moved a mountain for you!
Mary Duff
Mary Duff 7 годин тому
Thank you I’m posting this to my Facebook.
Colin&Michelle R.F.C. ✌ 🐻
Colin&Michelle R.F.C. ✌ 🐻 7 годин тому
Sandrine Lewis
Sandrine Lewis 8 годин тому
Hi HOTG Have you thought of putting an ‘x’ through your meadow ... this might deter certain guests..... Have you given the drone any thought?? Apparently the presence of this odour is an indication of certain 8ft beings .... I hope you always have your ‘crayon’ with you at all times... Have you had bears, puma or such venture into your property.... I would be afraid to have livestock too far from the house..... I would have cameras everywhere and a 10-15 ft fence around the property, pur light detectors that come on when movement is detected.... I think I prefer the openness in the daytime... Stay Safe and Blessed🙏🏽 Don’t forget to travel with your ‘bear spray’!
Sandrine Lewis
Sandrine Lewis 8 годин тому
Hi HOTG How are you and Family?, hope all is well! I’m reflecting on your stories on 10.5.21, the one about the conch shell...., If the gentleman’s wife is now in another did they manage to escape with the physical conch shell ... if the door was locked ??? I’m baffled ......???
Lillian Renee
Lillian Renee 8 годин тому
Be careful out there. Some things want their stories told and some don't. You are putting yourself in possible danger and definitely aggravation if you ignore signs telling you to stop. Friendly advice 🙂
Roberta Mccutcheon
Roberta Mccutcheon 8 годин тому
Andrea Dingbatt
Andrea Dingbatt 9 годин тому
Thank you Kevin, that's so true, I had been thinking about this recently, but, sadly I've missed the boat, so to speak... I Do see something about the 10.30.Mark,,Potentially,,, and that's no deer, they just don't move like that, but I do see deer also! I am Still trying to get my hands on a book or three of yours, but with Jasper being ill, the car broke down, and, the road tax needing to be paid, it's a bit out of my reach just for now. However, I will be making a concerted effort, to improve my financial status, so I am going to be buying your books as a gift to myself, as soon as possible!! Much love from Andrea, Jasper and George the Pigeon. XxX.
Sandrine Lewis
Sandrine Lewis 10 годин тому
Hi HOTG How are you?, hope all is well👍🏽 I’ve just happened upon your channel ..... I was thinking would a drone help ... get an air view of your land.. or is the woods too thick?? I’m fascinated by your vlogs..... Keep up the good work !! Stay Safe and Blessed🙏🏽
Audrey Cullen
Audrey Cullen 11 годин тому
Keep living in Gods will, the Lord’s Prayer says “thy will be done” 2 thousand yrs of people saying that prayer, asking for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven , is going to be answered. We once lived in Gods will in the garden but we stepped out of His will and have been wondering the earth for generations to try and get back what we lost. All of nature and the universe is still in His will and works perfectly but we are messed up.
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee 12 годин тому
It's not bragging that you're helping ppl it's Testifying about the little miracles that happen to you by obeying God when he puts it in your heart to help someone in need....🙂
Diana Galaxy
Diana Galaxy 12 годин тому
Oh deer, for sure. I started seeing them (maybe four) around 9:00 in all the way to the end. Whenever a friend of mine say the same two deer on her land she believed they were her parents. The deer had never been there until her parents had died in an accident. The deer always appeared just as she was thinking about her parents. 🦌
Maria I Alegria
Maria I Alegria 13 годин тому
Hey brother just wanted to let you know you a amongst a few people that i admire and respect and Thank for being such an amazing influence in my life. I honestly almost gave up on everything i stopped drawing and painting and writing and playing my guitar cancer and chemo were just wiping the life right out of me. Then i found your channel and Brother i was hooked , you were not afraid to be yourself didn't care what people thought, dancing on the street without a care in the world, then i said "i can do that too!!!! ". Thank you brother for being you and sharing your life with us and Thank You for helping me find my way back to the real Me again!!!!! May the Good Lord Bless you brother and your wife Dearly and your Son Daniel. Mnch love your friend and fan Bella Alegria
Patrick B
Patrick B 13 годин тому
Back when the pandemic started, one year ago, I started watching, whatever, in my opinion, politics sucks, that is my opinion, that's all, I am so tired
THE Mrs Edmonson
THE Mrs Edmonson 14 годин тому
When I was a young adult my dad told me that the funeral is not the end. I didn't understand what that meant until my grandpa died. He went in for a routine angiogram and came out paralyzed from the neck down. My grandpa had a DNR. I was so angry about that. My family just sat around and watched while he died. The hospital kept him "comfortable". We all took our turn saying our goodbyes. His mind was completely intact. His breathing became increasingly labored until he couldn't. That was the end. Holding his hand and telling him how much he meant to me, that's all that mattered. I always thought the funeral was the end but his funeral almost didn't matter to me. I had already said goodbye. We had our final moment. Ever since then, I rarely go to funerals. I do my best to make sure the end is while we are both still living. Now as for weddings, I go If it is someone close to me.
aaakbrown 14 годин тому
Have you even tried to shoot it I’d be up in a Deerstand Man oh man
Randall Williams
Randall Williams 15 годин тому
you have deer or something in behind you to the left of where you were sitting they were moving around back there
Mariola Zataj -Ostrowski
Mariola Zataj -Ostrowski 15 годин тому
My condolences,God bless you and your family
Lisa Krysicki
Lisa Krysicki 16 годин тому
Sorry for your loss, love and prayers to you and your family.
Donna Jones
Donna Jones 16 годин тому
Just use a whole can of Raid for bugs..l think that chemical burns their bodies..
Lisa C
Lisa C 17 годин тому
At 4:45 there are some strange entities sneaking up behind you over left shoulder slightly more left. They’re hiding behind trees. I saw 2 or 3 of them. They look half human front part & back part looks like an animal. They seem to be on all fours moving around. I lost track of them bc you kept putting books in the way. I found them again at 14:00 way more to your left. But I believe you have a female something behind you in the tree to you far left. Actually the more I looked the more I could see. I seen like 3 guys just standing there. Weird stuff is right!
BUGMAN-22 17 годин тому
If I send you my copy will you do it for me? Thanks for the books, Im saving October Nights for the fall, But I have had to by pass a few Bigfoot Sasquatch I have found there are spoiler's in them for this book. LOL Oh and I do not go to funerals either wonder if it has to do with the service? Hey ever read any Churchill?
Elizabeth Riley
Elizabeth Riley 18 годин тому
Just went to support you and report 14 reasons and was happy to see they have been removed. You have support from down here in McKenzie Tennessee!!!!!
Michael Coursey
Michael Coursey 18 годин тому
Michael Coursey
Michael Coursey 18 годин тому
Gracey Hooker
Gracey Hooker 18 годин тому
You did a good thing, it's no telling what he's been doing. Glad you got rid of the problem.
Maria Laing
Maria Laing 18 годин тому
I just came upon your channel today. Saw the one about the trees to be replaced before I saw this video. If you have watched or heard of the ranch called Skinwalker there is talk of Saskwatch (Sp?) . Also I’ve been told that S is a shape shifter and possibly an ET. Undoubtedly you live near a portal and there are probably other portals in Virginia.
Mickey Day
Mickey Day 19 годин тому
A transient that had a little too much to drink
cindy roth
cindy roth 19 годин тому
And Kevin you do a wonderful job on entertainment. Love to listen to your story's, yeah sometimes it can drag on but it doesn't bother me what's so ever, keep on keeping on.
Kerrie O’Dea
Kerrie O’Dea 19 годин тому
A herd of deer? in the background, where you keep waing the green book.
Daniel Lipscomb
Daniel Lipscomb 19 годин тому
Great story good for you !
Kelli M
Kelli M 19 годин тому
Appears to be A LOT of activity going on in and around the woods before and behind you today! Born in October and having an affinity with the Autumn season and ghost stories, October Nights is the one for me. You and Dearly keep rockin' the world! The gain of strong feeling in the success you and Dearly have created through beyond beautiful smiles and stories have only just begun to flourish as more is upon the horizon! :) In your favor as well, Mr. Ables, honest and powerful as he is, sings his praise of blessing to you as the whispers in the wind pick up during your expression of gratitude toward him. <3
Lisa Ralph
Lisa Ralph 20 годин тому
RodGlen 20 годин тому
I was shocked at this tragedy. And I could not have imagined it.
Susan Gosling
Susan Gosling 20 годин тому
Hi Kevin, from about 10.. looks like deer, tho, some looked larger... or something!! It's always a nice surprise when someone pays you a complement and I know you have inspired many others including myself, thank you. Much love Sue Gosling Adelaide s.a
cindy roth
cindy roth 20 годин тому
Hello, well I seen one deer for sure walk through halfway behind you. Then at 13:30 or before something or multiple things are walking and running around from about the 2 o'clock - 3 o'clock. It goes on for several minutes then they run further back but way behind you. No I need to finish the last few minutes if the video
CF Patterson
CF Patterson 20 годин тому
At about 10.30 straight back slightly to your right...something low and slow.
Carrie D
Carrie D 20 годин тому
You are a great story teller books for sure but in person.. verbally you tell them great too. I love how you can tell a true story and make it tie in five or six different ways to another set of have learn from your story teller friend... very well. But... What's in those trees making so much noise?? It's not even October Nights yet and the spooky noises have already started...WOW. God Bless. Grab a cup of coffee and have a good evening.
Eunice Stone
Eunice Stone 21 годину тому
My daughter works for them. It's BRUTAL.
CF Patterson
CF Patterson 21 годину тому
at about 3 34 there something white peaking out out and running from tree to tree
Ayla Zelandonia
Ayla Zelandonia 21 годину тому
There is a lighted circle that looks like a large moon or large orb behind the trees in the middle of the video way in the back. It looks very so perfectly round. It is very strange, never seen anything like it in your videos before. Also thank you for your great books great family and cat.
Samantha Johnston
Samantha Johnston 21 годину тому
You should get yourself a parabolic speaker it will pick up the faintest noise
Gail Warnock
Gail Warnock 21 годину тому
Mark Twain spent a lot of time in New Zealand he loved it here he was amazing , just like you Kevin an amazing story teller . It's such a pleasure and fun listening to you spin your stories . Cheers from New Zealand 🌸
Bad Moon Ryzin
Bad Moon Ryzin 21 годину тому
No one else going to mention the deer 🦌 going through at 4:30 and 14:30?
Rena Ardalan
Rena Ardalan 21 годину тому
saw them too
pickupmandan 21 годину тому
Mortisha Adams out for a stroll.
Lucy Pinkstaff
Lucy Pinkstaff 21 годину тому
You are a great person Kevin, God bless you 🙏❤️
Deanna Valentine
Deanna Valentine 21 годину тому
I just got rid of wasp nests using Dawn dish soap. I saw people use Dawn with vinegar for weed killer. Lol. Great stuff
Peggy Green
Peggy Green 22 години тому
Hey buddy, ive always said " live your life to the fullest today cuzz you may not be here tomorrow". My family and i love your videos n love dearlys videos also. Y'all r awesome n we idolize you. And just love your storys ya tell. I cryed when dearly couldn't come home. And den i cryed happy tears when i seen on her video that she n daniel got home. I may not comment on all the videos i watch but i watch them. I would love to buy all your books cuzz i love to read but cant afford it cuzz going threw a ruff patch. And i salute you and thank you for serving out country. God bless you. My grandfather was in ww2 and he was the highest rank you can be. I miss him. But i agree with ya on telling a person while they r alive. And i want to remember them the way they was n not laying in a casket. Ya know. I hold n will always hold you, dearly , daniel on a high pestal n with highest respect ever. Love y'all 🙃
lou miller
lou miller 22 години тому
Such a profound message Kevin, thank you. Yes, telling those who have impacted you life (... And even forgiving those who have hurt you) is the way we should bless others so they know, while they still walk among us. I've been researching your book lists available... just need to see how flexible finances are after surgery Tuesday. You have a true gift of storytelling. Prayers for the loss of a friend and the influence he gave you. 🙏❤️
Lisa Richards
Lisa Richards 22 години тому
LMAO! May you and yours stay healthy and well.
Joni Angels R Real
Joni Angels R Real 22 години тому
Sending love and light your way… thank you for your service…. Just stumbled by ……glad I did…🙏🏼 From the glorious state of Michigan
Michael D
Michael D 22 години тому
14:15ish herd of deer 🦌 feeding!!!!
Chuck Parsons
Chuck Parsons 22 години тому
DEER at 5:04 Right of center screen.
Sherry Daniel
Sherry Daniel 22 години тому
Just got my autographed copy of October Nights. I read it last October and plan to make it a tradition of reading it each October !🎃🎃🎃🎃
🐾Mae Bella aka Mae🐾
🐾Mae Bella aka Mae🐾 22 години тому
Thank you Kevin, for telling us that story that will be the next book I will be buying from you. Be safe and have fun. I love the video Dearly put out earlier today, about your fruit orchard all those trees.