Lou Amundson
Lou Amundson 6 годин тому
- Steve -
- Steve - 12 годин тому
The usual white woman hair is attached to the skull.
Kaleb Schell
Kaleb Schell 18 годин тому
why, just why
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 20 годин тому
Any idea who the women on the couch is??
James Westerman
James Westerman День тому
Direct TV is the worst company of all time. We dumped them. Lying customer service, our bill was NEVER what it was supposed to be, always about 40% higher. 2 hours of call wait time. Do yourself a favor and don't get involved with them.
James Brinson
James Brinson День тому
Who is the woman on the couch? 😍
Rose Bride
Rose Bride День тому
...I *LOVE* Serena Williams, but Direct TV ought to be ASHAMED of themselves with that cheap looking, tin-foil costume they have her wearing. You've got _COSPLAYERS_ on Instagram who MAKE THEIR OWN replica costumes FROM SCRATCH that are MOVIE QUALITY. These cosplayers don't have the backing of a studio to fund them hundreds of thousands for materials, yet time and time again we are treated to GORGEOUS replica costumes modeled and created by these talented artists for 75.00 OR _LESS._ ...yet somehow, someone at Direct TV actually saw fit to APPROVE this awful, Dollar Tree Halloween looking costume. 😑
Good Grief
Good Grief День тому
Why is Mike Tyson wearing a Wonder Woman outfit?
Robot Mario
Robot Mario День тому
I hate the way these ads when they're on mobile games are formatted because the X never work
bourbon red
bourbon red 2 дні тому
Does Diect TV ever research the content of their ads? Serena Williams hates America and her father - coach is a rabid racist. Fact, do your own research.
theHedgex1 2 дні тому
Wb's algorithm show us this on space jam 2. Pretty bad. Total sellout home type of deal but hey she got paid.
jordanplair 2 дні тому
Who's the short hair actress? She's cute.
Cris Wayne
Cris Wayne 2 дні тому
There’s no black Wonder Woman Wtf?
DawnOfTheDead991 2 дні тому
Direct TV is crap so is that hippo cosplaying as Wonder Woman.
CrazyPokemonFan 2 дні тому
When the villain shows up is she should say “you’re going to take this away from me because I’m a woman?” and then she’ll continue to demand a apology
KalphaO 2 дні тому
Still better than WW84
Gino Guy
Gino Guy 3 дні тому
I give her credit for transitioning to a female, it can't be easy. People are leaving comments that she is a man or very masculine looking. I'm sure as she continues to take hormones and gets surgery to complete her transition that she won't look as manly. Until that day comes we need to focus on her strong points. It can't be easy constantly trying to leave her difficult years as a man behind her. Until she finally has her penis and testicles removed she is still going to show fits of uncontrollable anger. Testosterone always rears its ugly head even when she is taking large amounts of estrogen to combat 5 o'clock shadow and the like. So please be nice to her.
coach Horace
coach Horace 3 дні тому
I want to see the rest of the movie!!!!
kjt 3 дні тому
Why is a man dressing up as Wonder Woman?
Gino Guy
Gino Guy 3 дні тому
She is transgender obviously and trying hard to pass as a woman. It can't be easy with such a bulky frame and manly features to be feminine.
Verdox88 4 дні тому
Lol y’all remember when she got three warning coaching violations in one game and just one violation is a 5000 fine. Then blamed the gold star tennis umpire sexist cause she got caught multiple times yeah worse role model. Sure we need better role models for girls. Just saying.
Giovanni Rucci
Giovanni Rucci 4 дні тому
The girl on the couch is Puerto Rican and doesn’t know English yet..🤦🏽‍♂️
Frederick Kopec
Frederick Kopec 3 дні тому
Hmmm. She may be Puerto Rican, but her English at the end of the 1:00 commercial seems pretty unaccented to me.
Bamblam69 3 дні тому
What is her name?
DJwizz76 4 дні тому
Dumb commercial
fred derf
fred derf 4 дні тому
who's the short haired actress on the couch?
Giovanni Rucci
Giovanni Rucci 4 дні тому
Who knows but I bet her butt is so big because they are really trying hard to hide it lol
Lucas Tams
Lucas Tams 4 дні тому
0:06 Serena Williams x Wonder Women Serena Women
jason castro
jason castro 4 дні тому
Sal Goom
Sal Goom 4 дні тому
These comments are so retarded I swear
treacherousviper 6 днів тому
so the wife is sitting a weird and really uncomfortable looking way… does anyone even sit like that?
Yousef Kaldany
Yousef Kaldany 6 днів тому
Damn, now I want Serena as Nubia in a future Wonder Woman movie. Sure, we may need Serena to get an acting coach, but I think it can work, imo 😁😍😍
Phophie89 6 днів тому
Serena woman, Wonder Williams 😳😄🤣😂
Blood Eagle
Blood Eagle 6 днів тому
This is stupid
Northstar 5 днів тому
This is awesome
Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery 6 днів тому
If she could act, she'd be perfect for the role.
ducklingphallus 6 днів тому
Yeah yeah thats cool and all but who the hell is that short haired goddess on the couch!?
Enemy of Humanity
Enemy of Humanity 7 днів тому
So I’m the only who thinks the wife is hot? Her “Oh!” face is beautiful.
mrgremer357 3 дні тому
Would love to find her name. Anyone know who she is?
captqball31 3 дні тому
That's the reason why I looked up the ad. Had to see more of her
tony soprano16
tony soprano16 3 дні тому
She is very attractive
Giovanni Rucci
Giovanni Rucci 4 дні тому
I do too..imagine if she let her hair grow out? ..what is her real for real name?
Demetrius Sherman
Demetrius Sherman 7 днів тому
This ad features diverse Americans. There are Black, White, senior citizens and young people everywhere. Like Hamilton the ad does a good job of showing today's America. How could that guy act so innocent in the end? It was his clicking the remote so rapidly that sent Serena Williams into a worm hole and created a world of killer machines.
Mr Heisenberg
Mr Heisenberg 3 дні тому
How could anyone give 2 shits about diversity it's just an ATT commercial. Every Corp is the same they don't care they just want $$$
Conor Duggan
Conor Duggan 7 днів тому
Who is the actress on the couch!?
Giovanni Rucci
Giovanni Rucci 4 дні тому
Idk but When you find out let me know..
Christian 7 днів тому
Wonder woman’s white
Northstar 5 днів тому
Wonder woman isn't real
Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery 6 днів тому
Wonder Woman is Greek.
aishacampbell sloan
aishacampbell sloan 7 днів тому
Harley Morrison
Harley Morrison 7 днів тому
that was so funny! 🤣
DIRECTV 7 днів тому
Thanks for watching, Harley!
Mary Thornton
Mary Thornton 7 днів тому
forbiddenchocolate 7 днів тому
love this !!! you go serena!!
DIRECTV 7 днів тому
Grand slam of comments!
Sean X
Sean X 7 днів тому
The woman on the couch is fucking gorgeous. Anyone know her name?
Winson Thai
Winson Thai 7 днів тому
Maria Sharapova would make a much hotter wonder woman.
Winson Thai
Winson Thai 7 днів тому
Maria Sharapova would make a much hotter wonder woman.
Bradley Carroll
Bradley Carroll 8 днів тому
She would make a hot ass Wonder Woman 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Max Power
Max Power 8 днів тому
Anyone know the name of the actress sitting on the couch?
Jamie A2Z83
Jamie A2Z83 8 днів тому
serena dressed as wonder woman is so badas
DIRECTV 7 днів тому
Queen. 👑
Web Dev
Web Dev 8 днів тому
I bet this girl will be good at tennis. She should play for real
DIRECTV 7 днів тому
Captain obvious, should you not be selling us hotel rooms?
Thomas King
Thomas King 8 днів тому
When Wonder Woman identifies as a man
Northstar 5 днів тому
That doesn't make any sense
Ben 8 днів тому
The way she stares at him 🤣. Where can I find a chick that looks at me like that just for being able to navigate direct tv
yaya marii
yaya marii 8 днів тому
I was looking at how her attention went from him to Serena lol that neck scratch!
John Negrete
John Negrete 8 днів тому
Awesome ad. A bit pricey for 84.99 but only app that allows streaming from 3 different tvs outside of the home. Have my folks set up through roku on this stream so no complaints.
mercoid 8 днів тому
So many people saying the woman on the couch is hot…. I didn’t even remember the first part of the commercial,,, that’s how Unremarkable she is. I had to go back and look. Then I realized they’re talking about the boyish looking women on the sofa with the pathetically effeminate man. You people sicken me.
Ben 8 днів тому
He looks like a suicide bomber. Will YT not let me type this 🤣.
mercoid 8 днів тому
McEnroe…. I guess being a douche bag really worked out for him. Just goes to show you…… Be a douche bag! It pays!
mercoid 8 днів тому
I’ll bet if a segment of the population who saw this commercial were quizzed as to who the “You can not be serious guy is”, and what he’s famous for…, 70% would have no clue.
Paul Brownman
Paul Brownman 8 днів тому
Bet you it was Disney's call to make Serena a full blonde as Wonder Woman because she would have looked too good as Wonder Woman with black hair
Steven Brant
Steven Brant 8 днів тому
John McEnroe!!!
Jeff DeBoer
Jeff DeBoer 8 днів тому
Does John McEnroe ever get tired of saying "You cannot be serious!" in commercials? If I were him, I'd demand more money each time I'm asked. Also, the woman on the couch is absolutely beautiful.
豪宅玩具 8 днів тому
alext2963 8 днів тому
Totally annoying.
Steven Siferd
Steven Siferd 8 днів тому
For those who noticed her mole move from the left of her chin to the right, they flipped the image. If you look at the eagle's head on her costume, it's facing towards her right shoulder (which is accurate to the WW costume) when her mole is to her left. The one time the mole is to her right (@0:18), you get a millisecond to see that the eagle is facing towards her left shoulder.
Juan 9 днів тому
Probably a better Wonder Woman movie than the actual massive troll we got called "Wonder Woman 1984" .
Major VitaMan
Major VitaMan 9 днів тому
Serena looks.... lighter? 🤔😔
MrKratos31 9 днів тому
This is so disgusting and disrespectful to the Greek People and the the wonder women Character!!! GET this crap out!!
Northstar 5 днів тому
It's a cartoon character. Grow tf up. 😂😂😂
Me against ya'll simps
Me against ya'll simps 9 днів тому
That chic is hot 😍 , and im not talking about serena williams .
Me against ya'll simps
Me against ya'll simps 5 днів тому
@Northstar who ?
Northstar 5 днів тому
Looks like a guy.
al jarrell
al jarrell 9 днів тому
Can't do it on the court though lol
John Negrete
John Negrete 8 днів тому
She did it for how many years? Time takes us all out.
hr1meg 9 днів тому
I would have preferred watching Wonder Woman play tennis not Serena play Wonder Woman.
Northstar 5 днів тому
Says the guy who decided to watch the video to begin with.
fierro por la 300
fierro por la 300 9 днів тому
This is soo wrong in to many levels
Northstar 5 днів тому
Like your opinion?
Adriane Reeder
Adriane Reeder 9 днів тому
Who is the actress sitting on the couch?
GroverKent 9 днів тому
In the old day, the Williams sisters fame came and went in cycles: Venus would be famous for a while, then Serena would be famous for a while, then Venus again, then Serena again. Now it seems like Serena has been famous forever and Venus has just dropped off the face of the earth.
Jamie A2Z83
Jamie A2Z83 8 днів тому
Ive always remembered Serena more. serena has overshadowed venus most of the time. venus being number 1 for 11 weeks vs 316 weeks for serena is a clear distinction. although vs eachother its pretty close with Serena also ahead.
AJ's Wacky World
AJ's Wacky World 9 днів тому
lighter shade? 😂
mercoid 8 днів тому
She got the MJ disease
Mr. Meerkat
Mr. Meerkat 9 днів тому
Just like the Subway commercial but instead of soccer it's tennis, wow how original, stunning and brave. ❄
Undra Buchanan
Undra Buchanan 9 днів тому
Say whatever you want to Serena Williams looking sexy as hell in that Wonder Woman outfit
J PD 9 днів тому
‘Wonder Woman’ doesn’t complain about racism and sexism 😅
Northstar 5 днів тому
'Wonder Woman' isn't even real to begin with. So where was your logic there?
RedPugie 9 днів тому
I can only imagine how bad you smell
Raider Warrior
Raider Warrior 9 днів тому
Looks like one of the Wayan bros on that movie White Girls.
Randy John
Randy John 9 днів тому
Wonder Willams
Sean Mathews
Sean Mathews 9 днів тому
I must say. Serena Williams fills out that Wonder Woman costume very well. 👌
Force Calibration
Force Calibration 9 днів тому
First off I love Gal, second can she act?
Hope Maybe
Hope Maybe 9 днів тому
The outfit looks better on Serena Williams tho lol
Jamie A2Z83
Jamie A2Z83 8 днів тому
definitely looks more amazonian compared to gal. i feel like we should have gotten a more fit wonder woman by 2021.
Hope Maybe
Hope Maybe 9 днів тому
Nice try.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 9 днів тому
@Hope Maybe meh, pretty weak. You didn't even try dude.
Hope Maybe
Hope Maybe 9 днів тому
That's what you said to yourself when you looked in your mirror earlier
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 9 днів тому
You must be high
W. Dearth
W. Dearth 9 днів тому
That is a rough lookin' wonder woman.
Northstar 5 днів тому
Whatever fits your narrative
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 10 днів тому
This proves just how stupid humanity really is, they think this is a woman.
Northstar 5 днів тому
Mr. Smith. Agreed. That "woman" sitting on the couch next to the husband is actually a man. Who do these idiots think they're fooling?
RedPugie 9 днів тому
totally normal person who posts videos saying Christ is returning lmao
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 9 днів тому
Lissa Dawes
Lissa Dawes 10 днів тому
The actress in the commercial is a cute little hottie. 😏