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well, Bobbi Short was right. i have heard various renditions of this story of the Bishop Campground in the 70's. Y
Dogman Horror & Scifi
Dogman Horror & Scifi 2 години тому
I wish these squatch families all the best. Sadly, we know their days are numbered unless their existence can be brought to light and the interests of mining and lumber companies can be put in the back seat.
Lee VanCleef
Lee VanCleef 3 години тому
Recording sounds very fake to me. Sounds like some dude calling out trying to sound like a Bigfoot. Im not buying this one.
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Figgie Figueroa 3 години тому
Thanks Lynn For the videos and the stories.
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I love this story....nobody tells it like Lynn...thank you
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2 yrs old and talking that way
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That’s an incredible story. And Lynn, nobody can tell it better than you. Thanks for sharing your talent.
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Figgie Figueroa 16 годин тому
Thanks for the videos. Sorry for the Chapman family. That was a agresive Bigfoot. Just walk in, without a care. Unbelievable
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I've heard this story so many times I've lost count. However, always make time to hear our girl retell it:)
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Shaun Hughes 18 годин тому
Just came from mrballens story on this..the lady that disappeared and was seen in the middle of the night naked climbing on all 4s up a cliff with a demonic look on her face was spooky as it gets..
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Good stories Lynn. You always manage to find good ones to share with us. That's sounding to me like either Dogman or Gugwe.
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Oh come on dammit this is some rerun bulshit!
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Bigfoot kills dogs now I hate bigfoot
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The word is mis-shapin
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The plural of Bigfoot, is crazy as it sounds. It’s not...bigfeet. 🤣😂🤣
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Ok, I nominate this guy as the world's worst cameraman. Now, the figure he filmed. Maybe it's a Sasquatch. They obviously could see more details of the figure than the crappy camera he used. It seems to be fairly tall and kinda thin and walks more like a human than a large apelike creature. But, I could be wrong. I hope it was a Sasquatch.
Victoria anne Basham
Victoria anne Basham 20 годин тому
I'm just not sure why anyone would want to hunt down and kill bears. Just leave all the creatures in their own backyard and no harm will come to you. Why bears tho? Do you want them for food or is it just because it's big so makes your ego feel good..
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It's so hard to believe he didnt tell his parents.
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Amazing stories. Thank you
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Sounds more like a dogman that got him. Rolling around on him & dancing around the dead body?
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I had an encounter with a sasquatch in Bankhead national Forest in Alabama
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@Derin Franks Out with it! Send it in & don't leave us hanging like this!! LOL
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Lean mountain ponies. This story is the first and only place i ever heard of lean mountain ponies. Probably no other literary work in the English language contains that three word combination. Lean mountain ponies. Would make a great band name. LMP baby!
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Those woods also had the kind of monsters who sets cruel traps.
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Every single bigfoot channel does this story, c'mon you're better than this at this point, this should be 1st through 3rd video when you start a channel if and that's if you're going to cover at all because everybody already has to death
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Great story about the Chapman family.
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Love President Roosevelt. Great man and great President.
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I would have loved to go on a hunt with Teddy.
Factory Bear
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Yup, way better President than the crippled socialist Roosevelt.
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Teddy is the greatest president
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Guy Owning Fishing & Guide Store. Says He Would Never Go Back There, Works Only By Computer Now Etc. But At The End Says He Will Gladly Give All Names & Take Someone There To Show Them? Sounds A Little "Fishy" Lol. Plus Hooking A Sasquatch In A 4ft Deep River? A Squatch That Size Wouldn't Need To Be Swimming Under Water, I Would Think He Would Just Stand And Scoop Them, Grab Them Etc. And NO Way It Was Hooked For 3.5 Minutes, That Is Very Exaggerated If Even True. Plus A Home Owner On The Very River, Paying Someone To Take Him Fishing In His Own Back Yard? Sorry, I Love These Stories And I Believe In Sasquatch. But Some Stories You Can Tell Are Made Up...
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Wow . what an Amazing story ! Thank You .
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To me it's a declaration of war if anyone or even a damn dirty ape kills my dog.
TexasRose 7 годин тому
Yes, It makes me so mad when peoole have sasquatch activity around their home and leave their dogs outside, sometimes chained up. The poor dogs are helpless against a sasquatch. It is pet owner's responsibility to keep their pets safe.
James Lundy
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Hell yes! Not my dog's!
Diana Watton
Diana Watton 2 дні тому
Why are so many so willing to kill bigfoot as soon as they come in contact with one? If they are not threatened by the Bigfoot they should back off and leave it alone.
Elementals by Miss Rhonda
Elementals by Miss Rhonda 2 дні тому
Ohhh wow. Im concerned because their population is building and so is ours. And I have them in my suburban back yard. I can see glimpses of them. I've documented them. We have protected areas... posted land that no one owns. I've checked. Just allocated private. Next to a neighborhood near my high-school. I've seen mutations similar to human problems. Like cleft lips and teeth anomalies in some of the puctures. Almost special needs looking. Downs syndrome similar. Could there be cross breed with human beings.
Ellie L
Ellie L 2 дні тому
I don’t think that it ever occurs to some people that perhaps they should doubt the truth of some of these stories. You have no idea who most of these people are and, sadly, there are way too many people who have no aversion to telling lies, especially those who feel the need to cause mischief or get attention and let’s not forget those who profit from their Bigfoot expertise. It seems that only the many violent encounters with the beast are questioned. A Bigfoot swimming into icy water to rescue a dog? Does that make the least bit of sense? There are hundreds of stories of dogs being slaughtered by the beasts and you believe that there is one benevolent Sasquatch that is willing to swim into icy water to rescue an archenemy?. Dogs are no threat to a creature like that. They could turn and swat the dog away without any problem but instead they break the neck or bang them against trees. There are many dogs that were tied out by their houses that have been found with their necks broken. Since most dogs cower if one of these beasts is around why would they feel it necessary to do such a thing to a dog? A chained dog is absolutely no threat. Bigfoot with a club? That is laughable! So many people say that these things are a form of human and yet they have not even reached Stone Age technology! That bear hunter is another piece of work. The blurry pictures that another Sasquatch “expert” has put out claiming that the people in the photos were hunting and slaughtering CLANS of Bigfoot in the Bluff Creek area were discredited during the 80’s. Do the least bit of actual “research” and you will find the clearer version of the photos and the article by a true researcher who interviewed the actual people in the photos. Of course, those who need attention have brought up the topic again since all the people in the photos are now dead. Dead people cannot defend themselves, own an they? They were not Bigfoot hunters, not one, not even the dog. Yeah, that is another book. People who think these things are Harry and the Hendersons clones are living in a dream world. Real life is not like the movies. On certain Native American reservations the people still have problems with these things harming their livestock and killing their dogs. Big gashes found on the horses and dead horses as well. Whole hogs carried off. Chickens stolen. I have no respect for man or beast that kills for the sake of killing. Even the Natives that say that the beasts are the “guardian of the forest” are awestruck enough of them to stay out of the areas that they are known to frequent. You call that respect. I call it fear. These beasts are brutal killers, not hippie vegetarians.
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Is there any evidence of these critters during the Civil War? Thank you
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Just wondering, have you ever heard of anyone sighting of Big Foot near Hume Lake, California? Love your awesome stories!!👌
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Shane Barber. 2 дні тому
My prayers for the loss of the family 😢🙏😥. Just encountering a Sasquatch can be terrifying.🦍👣🦍. Sometimes sasquatch have been known to come into people's houses 🏘️ for some reason? Thank you so much Lynn for sharing this story and God bless you all everyday 🙏
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Aileen Bremner 2 дні тому
RIP Chapman family. You have our respect.
thunder snow
thunder snow 2 дні тому
RatdogDRB 2 дні тому
Tragic that the whole family perished within a few years of their encounter. I'm glad their story is preserved, and shared with us all, so their memories are honored. Thank you Lynn.
Mark Pennell
Mark Pennell 2 дні тому
THEY ARE NOT ANIMALS. They are Sentient Beings with a culture and Language.
Mark Neeley
Mark Neeley 2 дні тому
No human-type hominid could survive solely off of vegetation with that much muscle mass to feed. They require a lot of protein.
Scorpio79 14 годин тому
Gorillas Do It Every Day. All Grass, Leaves, And Zero Protein. I Know It's Not A "Human Type" But Muscles Are Muscles, So Idk. I Eat Tons Of Protein, I Am Not Some Vegetarian Or Vegan, Talking Smack Either. In Bodybuilding, There Was Even A Mr.O Contestant In The Top 10, Who Was A Total Vegetarian. He Built A Ton Of Muscle Mass With VERY Little Protein. That Has Always Conflicted Me Regaurding All The Money Spent & Amount Of Protein I've Eaten Over The Last 25 Years... Genetics Is Only Thing I Can Come Up With.
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I’m going to BC end of August and touring Vancouver Island. Very excited. Hope i see something.
RenwickTheReturn 2 дні тому
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Les Baxter
Les Baxter 2 дні тому
I explored the sighting area this spring. It is located on a point of the Fraser River. CP/CN eastbound track is still in operation. Highway 7 now runs through area as well. There are homes at the foot of mountain the Sasquatch came down from. The long driveway that leads to where the Chapman shack stood is gated up. The area is an Indian Reservation now. No one there hardly knows the story. I was disappointed.
Jake Roark
Jake Roark 3 дні тому
Some of the best account's you can find on UKposts come from this channel and the narration is second to none. Thanks for all your work it's a pleasure to listen to.
Houston Texas.
Houston Texas. 3 дні тому
Michael Sanchez is not kidding. Livingston and Cold Springs, those forest are extremely dangerous.
Houston Texas.
Houston Texas. 3 дні тому
I believe this story. The Davy Crockett national park north of this park is very dangerous. My camping buddy and i was on the C trail one night last winter and we passed one area 4 miles in, once you cross that main rd, before you get to that pond, that has gators, before we heard a loud knocking sound, that was consistent, and we continued. Is was very loud. This particular camping trail is one scary fricking place. we continued to the 7 mile mark, got concerned and decided to leave and return to that one area. As soon as we got there, the hard loud consistent knocking started up again. This time we drew our guns. It was that loud and then something rushed at us, that was at ground level, stopped, then turned away, might have been a cougar. We are not morons are packing heat, have supplies. We don't give a ratt's ass what the camping rules say, we do not go into these types of places without a gun, period. We don't camp with pen lights and a pocket knifes like some of the idiots you hear about on Creappy pasta Camping stories. Cold Springs are Livingston is very dangerous. One trustworthy source i know told me cops told her about the area, that campers are vanishing in Sam Houston National Forest, Cold Spring and Livingston area, and that the cover story is that its cartels kidnapping people.
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Love all your stories ❤ thanks
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Northern Security and Consulting PSC 3 дні тому
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Hi Lynn, Thank you for the video! Good Stuff! Enjoyed as always! :)
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Kent Williams 3 дні тому
That last encounter sounds like a “Dog Man” from the description.
Bradwick1 3 дні тому
7:08 Very significant history. The "gurgling whistle" is rare except in this case. There is a Aztec/Mayan whistle called a death whistle that sounds like a scream. Its more raspy than gargling but maybe this sound was a warning to the family to be careful and they didnt realize its meaning.
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enjoyed this account a lot. great narration Lynn, ty. don't know how i missed this 2 weeks ago
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tony disibio 3 дні тому
How About the Video ( A Conversation with Bobbi Short ) 1967 Bluffcreek SASQUATCH MASSACRE
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the daily dan blog 3 дні тому
DocLarsen44 3 дні тому
Thanks for this video, Lynne. I had almost skipped this thinking, "I've heard of the Chapmans as far back as I can remember anything about Sasquatch/Bigfoot." However, I had never heard or, at least, do not recall hearing of the deaths of the Chapman family. This is significant in light of the First Nation's admonition concerning "The Hairy Man" and observing them. As always, this is a first rate video presentation, which I enjoyed immensely.
Bigfoot Anon
Bigfoot Anon 3 дні тому
Ruby creek creatures!
Robert Nation
Robert Nation 3 дні тому
Ivan T. Sanderson’s book “Abominable snowman legend comes to life” was in my schools library. I frequently checked it out starting at about age 10 two or three years before Patty was filmed. Thus began a lifelong interest in the Sasquatch people. Very good book! Apparently Mr. Sanderson had been on some of the 1950 T.V. talk shows and this exposure led to many letters from people all over the country describing Sasquatch encounters which were included in his groundbreaking book and giving me enough campfire stories that outlasted my youth.
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