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AVE BOYS 20 годин тому
Really goes dumb !!!
Kapri Thomas
Kapri Thomas 20 годин тому
BbyFacedPunk S.S.K
BbyFacedPunk S.S.K 20 годин тому
this song belongs to Ogmanman
Tana Wrighton
Tana Wrighton 20 годин тому
After battle
Beyonca Birts
Beyonca Birts 20 годин тому
Who here after the verzuz?
Bulaboii 20 годин тому
Smart for dropping it again
Ky Lo
Ky Lo 20 годин тому
He should of just left this song alone
Nova Seven
Nova Seven 20 годин тому
Who is this song about?
King Jr
King Jr 20 годин тому
Who here because of the vesuz
Trent Gonzalez
Trent Gonzalez 20 годин тому
This shit so hard
mac drip
mac drip 20 годин тому
On good this a classic fuck u talm bout ✅
NBA Beats
NBA Beats 20 годин тому
2020 anyone?
Lil Cash
Lil Cash 20 годин тому
boogz_600 W2
boogz_600 W2 20 годин тому
I remember this tune ohh shit
Young Dommy
Young Dommy 20 годин тому
Classic .
504 AppleSt.
504 AppleSt. 20 годин тому
I like dis old Gucci idk dat new nigga he's different
calvatronic 20 годин тому
Lmao holy fuck he reuploaded it
Giz 20 годин тому
🥶 🔥🔥💪🏽
SHELLY QUEST 20 годин тому
Eeeeek....he spilled tea, called names, called him out, dissed his woman and said he's a shitty father. -_- He got personal.
Eat With Audrey
Eat With Audrey 20 годин тому
M𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖔 20 годин тому
This the real Gucci you a never be like him
Champagne 20 годин тому
Really re uploaded it 😂😂
NBA Beats
NBA Beats 20 годин тому
30 your are mufucking fool for this one killed the beat is to much
Leader Filmz
Leader Filmz 20 годин тому
He on bullshit 🤣😭😭😭😭
Anthony Barnes
Anthony Barnes 20 годин тому
Gucci you a wild one for this 1!
Frank Bankz
Frank Bankz 20 годин тому
Donald Gibbs
Donald Gibbs 20 годин тому
This alot of y'all 1st time hearing this
Morokkan King9
Morokkan King9 20 годин тому
Jeezy won
Duh Dummy
Duh Dummy 20 годин тому
“ they done fucced up and freed ghost 1 step on his shoe I’m dumppin till you hit the flo” - REAL DEAL STEPPER
Nikki Minaaj
Nikki Minaaj 20 годин тому
I lost it when he played this he won man
Mike Dean
Mike Dean 20 годин тому
The clone can't drink or smoke
32poppa savage
32poppa savage 20 годин тому
This why you lost. Focused on dissin. Bring that heat! Why you didn't do Julius Irvin or everybody looking? nigga wouldn't even play songs with brick squad on it. This is what I do, Jack Boys.
32poppa savage
32poppa savage 20 годин тому
@M4.M L everybody know Jeezy won
M4.M 20 годин тому
Never lost, Gucci been winning from way back stop 🧢Ing
Demarcus Cousins 3rd Cousin
Demarcus Cousins 3rd Cousin 20 годин тому
This is what eternal BEEF looks like
All About The Williams
All About The Williams 20 годин тому
Short Bus Pull Up
Short Bus Pull Up 20 годин тому
The truth
Pillsbury Doughboy
Pillsbury Doughboy 20 годин тому
Erry screet nikka in every city bout to remix the sh%# outta dis all over again smh 😭🤦🏾‍♂️
GEE DA DON 20 годин тому
fye fye
Jariel Vazquez
Jariel Vazquez 20 годин тому
“I feel like I’m Gucci mane in 2006”🤣, I see why YoungBoy said that
Mohamed Omar
Mohamed Omar 20 годин тому
Well damn
Freasy Deluxe
Freasy Deluxe 20 годин тому
ThatWizGuy Jones
ThatWizGuy Jones 20 годин тому
This the Gucci we all want back Bro. I hope you somehow see this comment.
Sammy Rigby
Sammy Rigby 20 годин тому
Lmao gucci drop this again tss
6ZONE6 20 годин тому
Pple saying Guwop hit below the belt with “truth”,but pple forget jezzy really put money on his head & tried to take him out game & away from his folks! Everytime I see you it’s gone be 💨 I could never forgive that, Gucci was the bigger man by even being in the same room with him I would’ve played truth twice..💯🤷🏾‍♂️ #smokeonsite
꧁VexingEarth꧂ 20 годин тому
This song coulda done without Kodak tbh
XxLiLxX 20 годин тому
This should of been ya intro on the vs battle 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kd Steven
Kd Steven 20 годин тому
The Truth Hurts
jimbo hustles
jimbo hustles 20 годин тому
Them boys dont want guwap to get the fucking strap babey belive me.. " go dig yo partner up..if you looking I'll be in zone 6"
NBA Beats
NBA Beats 20 годин тому
beat is hella crazy
lurnnn 20 годин тому
360p squad 👀
Sizzal Speakin'
Sizzal Speakin' 20 годин тому
Bring back fat Gucci ha guwap was and still is tha shit
BinkyBandz7 20 годин тому
Zoran Basanovic
Zoran Basanovic 20 годин тому
The bass tho
Taylor Mcalmon
Taylor Mcalmon 20 годин тому
I stay here
rdje19 20 годин тому
When WorldStar was in its prime lol
justin k
justin k 20 годин тому
He re uploaded it? Damn.
nocapmalik x3
nocapmalik x3 20 годин тому
Next he gonna make a song call first day out Tha Quarantine