SEC Shorts - Top teams speed date the Playoff
SEC Shorts - Teams get a medical check up
[foxy fuego]
[foxy fuego] 2 години тому
I feel like his answer should've been "I know my team is losing....but I'm still gonna be there" like any other team when we play Alabama
Jacob Trujillo
Jacob Trujillo 2 години тому
Sec shorts are some of the best comedy on Utube. So well done. Love the girl from Its a Southern Thing. She is a great actress. Recommend those clips if never seen them.
Donnie J Rio
Donnie J Rio 3 години тому
Colt hadn’t gotten hurt. Dayum. Cold.
Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler 3 години тому
Texas now Texas A&M Texas is now Arkansas south west
Stanley Harrell
Stanley Harrell 4 години тому
Hannah, you are great. Hope is a cold hearted b!/*h that will wait for the perfect time. Then, she rips your heart out, throws it in the blender and hits the purée button. Been there, done that since 1980. Getting too old for this crap.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez 4 години тому
That’s how it feels to be an LSU fan and a Michigan fan
Mathew McKenna
Mathew McKenna 4 години тому
They were at it again against Georgia State.
Brian T
Brian T 6 годин тому
So Kirby smart is hiring failed coaches now too, just like lord Saban?
Alex Westberry
Alex Westberry 2 години тому
Muschamp is a failed Head Coach. There's never been any question of his defensive coaching abilities....and Kirby hired him for a steal at $300k a year as an analyst.
jmac0643 6 годин тому
Georgia were we do less with more talent somehow.
Shirley Wallace
Shirley Wallace 7 годин тому
Sitting losing my mind waiting on the next masterpiece
Danny 8 годин тому
Looks like Sam Pittman did turn everything around!
Danny 8 годин тому
Looks like Sam Pittman did turn everything around!
Danny 8 годин тому
Who's here after Texas lost to Arkansas?
Danny 8 годин тому
Who's here after both these teams lost to Arkansas?
Danny 8 годин тому
Who's here after the refs saved Auburn again?
Shane W
Shane W 9 годин тому
after I saw the auburn/ga state game this girl would do a better job
Andrew Deick
Andrew Deick 9 годин тому
I need a sequel
Ernie H
Ernie H 9 годин тому
pig suey
Ricksanity 10 годин тому
I'm a Colorado fan and not even the cupcakes are guaranteed ☹️
Chili Dogg
Chili Dogg 10 годин тому
The SEC officials struck again yesterday, September 25th. They bailed out - who else - Aubarn, which was losing to mighty Georgia State. Yes, Georgia STATE. Without that bogus pass completion (after the bogus review), it would likely have ended up a pretty ugly day down in that village on the plains. The villagers would not have been happy.
Ed Lawn
Ed Lawn 11 годин тому
Ok, A&M, your turn now.
Nick Sojka
Nick Sojka 12 годин тому
Well, about Clemson...
Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler 14 годин тому
Well A&M won’t have to worry about making the playoffs this year
Matthew Worthington
Matthew Worthington 14 годин тому
Meaghan Thomas is now on WKRN Channel 2 in Nashville, Tennessee as the morning meteorologist Monday through Friday.
RamenDash2 14 годин тому
Hope: “Look, you’ve even beaten a #3 Clemson! How could you not trust me!?” Georgia Fan: “Oh, you mean that Clemson?” *Clemson comes in, frantically running towards the bench* Clemson: “Whew! Good glory, did you see that NC State team? Who knew North Carolina could play football?” *Clemson rests by the bench, knowing the rest of his schedule will be as soft as their Offence* Georgia Fan: *Raises pepper spray* Hope: B-b-but they lost Will Shipley Georgia Fan: They had Justyn Ross. . . *Sprays Hope*
Stanley Harrell
Stanley Harrell 4 години тому
😂😂😂That was good.
Rock girl
Rock girl 14 годин тому
Even as a Penn State fan this made me laugh. Great Job SEC Shorts
Parkes Tesler
Parkes Tesler 14 годин тому
Happened again yesterday...
Jeremy 15 годин тому
James Arnold
James Arnold 15 годин тому
Hogs are 4-0 so far in 2021. Look who’s laughing now 😂
Braised in
Braised in 15 годин тому
Well Clemson isn't gonna make it this year, 2 loses by week 4. They are done
Ashley Meggan
Ashley Meggan 18 годин тому
Ashley Meggan
Ashley Meggan 19 годин тому
Arkansas is going to have a VERY fun season.and they deserve it. They have some incredibly loyal fans and they’re playing some lovely, physical football.
Ashley Meggan
Ashley Meggan 10 годин тому
@Ed Lawn I’m LSU all day, every day, but it’s hard to hate Arkansas with the same vitriol as I have for other SEC Teams. And yeah, you can’t hate on the guy who got his first head coaching job and is doing really well. You just can’t.
Ed Lawn
Ed Lawn 11 годин тому
If I wasn't a Gator, I'd be all over that Arkansas bandwagon, they are a fun team to watch. And how can you not love Pittman?
logandnl 21 годину тому
We won 7 in a row to end that season.
Jon Riley
Jon Riley 21 годину тому
Not this year. Hogs are rolling.
J. T.
J. T. 22 години тому
As an Aggie, this video was a lot funnier before the 10-20 final score today against the Razorbacks.
MaxxisWolf 22 години тому
Keep spraying her... I got way too much hope after that Clemson win....waiting for Arkansas this week to become some crazy good mess...
dawg Nation
dawg Nation 23 години тому
🤣 now that Arkansas has beaten A&M the state of Texas is their bitch 🤣
Will Shack
Will Shack 7 годин тому
The big thing will be the jump in recruiting in Texas. That’ll be real nice. I expect the Hogs recruiting to be top-10 to top-15 this year
Ed Lawn
Ed Lawn 11 годин тому
Although they don't really count all that much, they also beat Rice, but then again, who doesn't beat Rice?
Ed Lawn
Ed Lawn 11 годин тому
Now THAT'S a "Texas Two-Step"!
The Well Rounded Warrior
The Well Rounded Warrior День тому
Listen here. I’ll tolerate your abuse of Tennessee, but Nebraska didn’t deserve that. Nice folks. Slow, and lacking talent, but nice.
aias1996 День тому
After the Auburn GA state game you can’t just redo this one with slight changes
Doug3 День тому
Everyone complains about refs but couldn't do 1/4th as good as them.
Erin Stanger
Erin Stanger День тому
So is there going be a SEC short about the hogs spanking A&M?
Ed Lawn
Ed Lawn 11 годин тому
You know it!
Bama 2 Da Bone
Bama 2 Da Bone 22 години тому
mmmmm we will see
Eric Harrison
Eric Harrison День тому
Everyone beat LSU. And auburn ….and Texas A&M. Honestly they shouldn’t have top 25 rankings until they can figure out how to do it correctly.
Brett Frost
Brett Frost День тому
Now they have beaten both Texas and Texas a and m successfully completing the Texas 2 step
singe101 День тому
11 am in Oklahoma
M Lott Webs
M Lott Webs День тому
Today was another ride.
jockellis День тому
Only school that has its mascot die before before it’s title hopes.
John Cho
John Cho День тому
Is this also because Georgia fans are also Falcon and Braves fans?
G B День тому
2021 ... on a Zoom ...
Loyd Gravitt
Loyd Gravitt День тому
Hey, as. Tennessee Fan I have to complain. Who is giving away our trade secrets like this 😂😂😬
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray День тому
How is Notre Dame on here they’re consistently good and have mad to New Years six bowls 7 times in the 2010’s
9gagerofl День тому
Hookem! Missed out on Tennessee, USC, Miami lol
Sam День тому
This is true
Nissa H
Nissa H День тому
These never get old! 🤣
Nissa H
Nissa H День тому
I adore SEC Shorts!!
Nissa H
Nissa H День тому
Oh man! That was good! I love how SEC shorts keeps it real! War Eagle! ? !
Afterburner7910 День тому
This is 100% facts as a UGA fan I have experienced nothing but pain my entire life
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones День тому
I was expecting LSU and Texas [email protected] lol
Mike King
Mike King День тому
Robert Davenport
Robert Davenport День тому
Seems like all of the youtube links have nothing to do with the SEC shorts video or discussions of it
Rock girl
Rock girl 14 годин тому
involved conference. Like how it is done in soccer
THE MILKMAN1984 День тому
SEC 😂.
Ron King
Ron King День тому
Gonna break ribs wearing seatbelt like that!
And the SEC is scared to play Iowa ask Missouri about the bowl game they pulled out of not Iowa.
Picker Jim
Picker Jim День тому
Perfect….go ‘bama
MaeveTheFox День тому
Knoxville: "Peyton, you will forever be the greatest QB to wear Volunteer orange" Peyton: "Why does that sound weirdly like a threat?" Knoxville: "forever......"
cheezybuns47 День тому
Are u not teaching them to screw arkansas cmon man
Bryan Neal
Bryan Neal День тому
Alabama should join the pac 10, troll tide
Scott Landrum
Scott Landrum День тому
SEC refs are banned for life from entering PA...but their daughters are welcomed because they feel sorry for them...that was hilarious..a dark comedy..
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui День тому
sports. Looks over at professional soccer...<weeps>.
Michael Stutts
Michael Stutts День тому
As a lifelong Gamecocks fan and student since 2018, this hits wayyy too close to home haha
Deplorable B.R.
Deplorable B.R. День тому
We all know how USC won. Pete Carroll got the hell out of Dodge before the NCAA started sniffing around.
DJF_62 День тому
Tennessee was kicked out of the battalion because they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a BB gun
aCycloneSteve День тому
That was so mean! 😃
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones День тому
As a Bama fan. If there's anything to remember about 2019. It's him
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 2 дні тому
You know what they say. There's always next year.
RedHeadRedemption 2 дні тому
I've never understood why Oklahoma doesn't catch more flak for always rolling over in the semis
Daniel W
Daniel W 2 дні тому
We are use to the disappointment. It's Georgia sports in general.
mongonius 2 дні тому
Placing the ball on the wrong 45 yard-line was pretty bad. 😳😁
Destiny Chavious
Destiny Chavious 2 дні тому
You tried your best
Gregory Adkins
Gregory Adkins 2 дні тому
Take you’re daughter,to how to become an incompetent official day.Just ask Mike Leach!!!!
IGA inconsistent golf association
IGA inconsistent golf association 2 дні тому
I always say my season as a Georgia fan doesn't start until the 4th quarter of the sec championship game if we make it