TheTexasRanger 25
TheTexasRanger 25 16 годин тому
As a Wilder fan, all I feel is P A I N... Major props to Fury tho, pure world-class
BX24 16 годин тому
I know it's hard being a wilder fan so I've done you a favour and listed some of the excuses that were used so that you have an option of what you want to run with today. It was the corner's fault for throwing in the towel. His leg was injured coming into the fight. The suit was too heavy. The ref was corrupt. Furys gloves had no padding. Fury had his fist halfway down the glove. Fury had egg weights in his gloves. Fury was on steroids. Mark Breland spiked the water. Anthony Dirrell made mark Breland throw in the towel.
Big Doughy
Big Doughy 16 годин тому
1. Costume 2. Coach Spiked Water 3. Tampered Gloves
Charlie Flowers
Charlie Flowers 16 годин тому
AB Won that fight robbery SMH
Truthseeker1963 16 годин тому
Fury is not in impeccable shape! Flubbery!
babs awal
babs awal 16 годин тому
If you've watched the first match you will know that fury is on a special mission to fuck wilder up,talk and do
Padro Gonzo
Padro Gonzo 16 годин тому
Tyson Was in his grove . 273 lbs and bouncing like he's a light weight . Now tell me that isn't his grove . Like. wow
The Jester
The Jester 16 годин тому
big Wilder fan here..but massive beat down. Better man won
Gaitchecker 16 годин тому
What kind of highlight video is this?
Gabriel 16 годин тому
He has a hammer in his glove no cap
newcastle mad
newcastle mad 17 годин тому
Load of shit brokers lost that fight robbery that
JaQues Bostick
JaQues Bostick 17 годин тому
Deontay Wilder legs begin to go with no major damage 2nd round 1:25, something was wrong
BONAYOG KENNETH M. 17 годин тому
The problem needs some W , so they give him A nobody opponent
Joseph Togami
Joseph Togami 17 годин тому
Robert Easter should fight teofimo in my opinion teo would actually be put to the test in an all out brawl
King Page
King Page 17 годин тому
They uploaded this? Quick somebody check on Wilder
Jon Mack
Jon Mack 17 годин тому
Wilder fan, but he got his ass whooped badly. But honestly that might’ve been the best thing for him Bc that defense was horrendous. You have no choice but to address the skills you lack
Julian Davis
Julian Davis 16 годин тому
It’s to bad he fired the one man in his corner who could actually help him with that defense
Jesse 17 годин тому
Duuude Fury has to be active if he's going to be remembered in the history books. He's had no reign as champion and his only names are Chisora, Klitschko, and Wilder. I WANT TO SEE HIM FIGHT AGAIN! WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG?
KINGROSE 17 годин тому
He cheated that’s crazy they did him like that
Mr Shelton
Mr Shelton 17 годин тому
Wilder fangirls still crying 1 year later 🤣🙈
KINGROSE 17 годин тому
@Wilder IsAbum he cheated bro it’s okay we all know fury is a bum
Wilder IsAbum
Wilder IsAbum 17 годин тому
You wish wilder was cheated....if fury cheated then why didnt wilder take him to court for it and get his ONE belt back huh? Its because he knows fury didnt cheat otherwise he would have taken it to court
G 140
G 140 17 годин тому
They fought 21rds total & Wilder literally won 2. And people want to see a third fight, for what? There’s only oneeee ☝️ Tyson Fury
G 140
G 140 17 годин тому
@Wilder IsAbum Shit you’re right, I can’t count...or read or write...if I could I wouldn’t be trying to be a fighter 😆
Wilder IsAbum
Wilder IsAbum 17 годин тому
They actually fought 19 rounds. But you're right wilder only won 2
SpaceMan Films
SpaceMan Films 17 годин тому
The commentary with Lennox Lewis is so much better
tbe 17 годин тому
Sanchez couldn’t handle tanks pressure and power
Cal Tube T.V
Cal Tube T.V 17 годин тому
Jaw dropped.. Wow Mikey got power like that 😰 16:00
Jalen V
Jalen V 17 годин тому
David Silva
David Silva 17 годин тому
Favorite part of the whole fight at 16 seconds thank me later
Z1PPO MuK 17 годин тому
*Tyson Fury will forever be a legend for this!* 3 years out, losing 150lbs and overcoming depression! The first match he won a defensive masterclass, the second; he battered Wilder so badly he accused his coach of drugging him, of Fury having egg weights in his gloves (despite wilder’s coach watching the gloves being put on) and even fired his coach who saved his life, Mark. Wilder is nothing but a vile racist who can’t accept the fact that he got destroyed by a white man.
wynn10 17 годин тому
Man idk...fury definitely looked sharp in this fight But I strongly don’t believe wilder was at 100% during this fight...whatever it was effected him a lot...even before fury started putting it on him you can tell his legs weren’t there and he looked fatigued in just the 2nd’s just weird to me cuz wilder doesn’t have stamina issues
goojgty 17 годин тому
He should’ve never moved up to 147. He was a animal @ lightweight
bee vee
bee vee 17 годин тому
I came here to watch Danny Garcia, but ended up watching most of this fight again.
Mutt 17 годин тому
If I can give Wilder any credit, he didn’t quit? He had zero chance of winning but he wasn’t going to quit. The is THE ONE thing I can give him in this fight. It was too easy for Fury. Hopefully boxing will give us more of the best vs the best fights, it’s not looking good though . . .
astrol4b 17 годин тому
It's been a year, it seems yesterday, this never get old.
Romanjiii 17 годин тому
even though wilder got his ass beat. you can't say he don't have heart. true warrior so i respect it
Mike 17 годин тому
To be fair wilder legs did look unsteady from the 2nd round on. And not from a punch but just in general. He got hurt later on but yeah he had no power in his punches and his legs were like noodles.
Wilder IsAbum
Wilder IsAbum 17 годин тому
Its officially been one whole year since wilder got embarrassed in his own country infront of his own family, one whole year hearing that bums excuses
RANN’S REPAIRS 17 годин тому
Wilder was clearly drugged and Fury was clearly cheating (Again)
This Guy
This Guy 17 годин тому
Thought someone got knocked out in the first with this short ass highlight.
areteees 17 годин тому
Long live the Gypsy King.
Arsenal K
Arsenal K 17 годин тому
Wilder’s lost reminds me of Conor McTapout, Loma Runner Chenko and Ronda Rousey. Congratulations to Tyson Fury !
El Debtor
El Debtor 17 годин тому
Why have female commentator? Can they not afford Roy Jones Jr or someone else?
CJ Coons
CJ Coons 17 годин тому
I love how this was released exactly one year later.
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski 17 годин тому
the commentators had the cheek to say broner threw a punch after the bell first. santiago threw a late one, then broner threw a late one, then santiago threw a ridiculously late one
Jesse 17 годин тому
Does anyone have any proof of Wilder saying it was the suit out of his own mouth in an interview?
Mr Shelton
Mr Shelton 17 годин тому
Yep. Wilder got caught lying.... again 🙈💯
Wilder IsAbum
Wilder IsAbum 17 годин тому
Yes there is literally leakes audio that came out last week....a simple youtube search will show you
Bj Coon
Bj Coon 17 годин тому
Ive waited ten years for this
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski 17 годин тому
broner is so much better than santiago, but actually nearly lost the fight because his punch rate is so low. needs to throw more punches otherwise he just wont beat the top guys
m b
m b 17 годин тому
Al Jackson, Jr.
Al Jackson, Jr. 16 годин тому
You know damn well thats not all the evidence. Are you that perplexed?
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski 17 годин тому
commentators were awful, clearly had something against broner and were trying to discredit him inside and outside the ring the entire fight
king shark
king shark 17 годин тому
Still cant believe how this guy turned on the only person in that place looking out for his safety. .... no wonder.
Roy Doucet
Roy Doucet 18 годин тому
Broker lost without a doubt.
ThatsNot Damxz
ThatsNot Damxz 18 годин тому
Good sportsmanship. The Real king will reign again very soon
Moe Fawkah
Moe Fawkah 18 годин тому
Eye of the Liar
Eye of the Liar 18 годин тому
[email protected]:03 seen his face? Haha dude look so scared of them punches coming he nearly hopped out ring till he remembered people were watching 😆
yung Trell
yung Trell 18 годин тому
Why y’all act like Santiago wasn’t hurt
marie bowdell
marie bowdell 18 годин тому
Wilder fan boys look away now! lmfao
Biigg Reggie
Biigg Reggie 18 годин тому
Posted it on the anniversary 👌🏾
Chapo x ABK
Chapo x ABK 18 годин тому
He ain’t underperform
Chapo x ABK
Chapo x ABK 18 годин тому
Southwest Southside
B.J. Freeman
B.J. Freeman 18 годин тому
The very first knockdown was behind the head. That also messed Wilder equilibrium up and he never recovered from it.
Dre Dre
Dre Dre 18 годин тому
I think Tyson seen wilder wasn’t himself you can look at wilder he was off balance every round even the commentaries see it
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 16 годин тому
Balance have you ever seen him fight before I've seen him fall down trying to throw a punch remember the Spilka fight 😂
Dre Dre
Dre Dre 17 годин тому
@WhyNot You? part of boxing it’s no white and black thing but as long as you seen the truth as well let’s me know they seen it
WhyNot You?
WhyNot You? 17 годин тому
Yea. I’m seeing it to. But these folks don’t want to acknowledge anything because the white knight won the fight
Zippy Doo
Zippy Doo 18 годин тому
I think after seeing what Fury did other fighters are going to go after Wilder and won't be as respectful of his power. Ortiz is probably wishing he would have stepped on the gas and put pressure on Wilder. Fury never gave Wilder a chance to get set but Ortiz did and that was his mistake
Al Jackson, Jr.
Al Jackson, Jr. 16 годин тому
They better keep respecting that mans power lol fury always gave wilder issues because of his height and reach combined with that insane movement. Wilder wasnt used to throwing that right hand against a head that high up.. Its usually 6 -8 inches below that which makes a huge difference. Fury is very unorthodox. But, to your point, plenty men have walked wilder down, and were whooping him, check the spzilka fight. He was whooping deontay post to post but wilder had something for him. Same with ortiz.
Adam Evert
Adam Evert 18 годин тому
Wilder got exhausted because these back ass commentators wore his name out
BallisticaMetal 18 годин тому
15:36 CLICK HERE if you wanna see Michael Jackson
Dan Josef
Dan Josef 18 годин тому
clear robbery
Olujimi Michael
Olujimi Michael 18 годин тому
1 year wow posted on the day of the match this time last year ....
Marsbonfire 18 годин тому
Not the same without a crowd.
Clapafool 18 годин тому
BOMBZQUAD💣💣💣 Wilder is the man
Mr Shelton
Mr Shelton 17 годин тому
Wilder is a coward 👍🏿💯
Wilder IsAbum
Wilder IsAbum 17 годин тому
Did you not watch the video? 7 pure rounds of least wilder can go back to beating up women and getting arrested for that and drugs charges
TS 18 годин тому
Wow viciously to the back of the head, not intentional but changed the fight.
Mario Yañez
Mario Yañez 18 годин тому
Dumbass highlights
THATwasLIT 18 годин тому
Broner won... Me: Did he?
Riko1991 18 годин тому
The best around