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Imagination Hobbies
Imagination Hobbies 20 годин тому
Dude is way to calm for that to be real
Imagination Hobbies
Imagination Hobbies 20 годин тому
The first clip shows the human shoe footprint is the same size as the "big foot" ones.
Afshin Sooferian
Afshin Sooferian День тому
Why don't you move to CA. It's warm here
Benew Gillian
Benew Gillian День тому
8:28 What else in in the nature apart from a Bigfoot could it be honestly ... I have seen Orangutans in the jungles of Indonesia , and it remind me of their howl , in that clip much much louder though..Definitely a giant size ape we have here ..
Michael Andrew Ouellette
Michael Andrew Ouellette 2 дні тому
AWESOME, UKposts Site !!! 😃
Michelle Jeanotte
Michelle Jeanotte 2 дні тому
That last scream 😱 had me ready to “RUN”..
KK AND JJ Evans 2 дні тому
jdv32003 3 дні тому
Man thats some other creatures home you have improached upon, I would never go back there! PERIOD! Want to come up missing because you didn't learn.
John Baker
John Baker 3 дні тому
Wow. Please be careful. You may wanna consider taking something much more powerful than a pistol.😳
Andrew Luo 罗明浩
Andrew Luo 罗明浩 4 дні тому
1:07 thank me later
Repeat again
Repeat again 4 дні тому
Waste of time nothing at all sorry Charley
H bomb
H bomb 5 днів тому
When doctors are on drugs, scary,
Jon Strickland
Jon Strickland 5 днів тому
Why didn’t you investigate the wooded hut dwelling or what appeared to be?
Andre Luiz
Andre Luiz 5 днів тому
02:18 broken tree like on "survivorman" and a crooked tree.
Ace Blackerbie
Ace Blackerbie 5 днів тому
Hey Pal..Just watched the vid..My brother lives up that way and goes on adventures like you do. I wonder if you have a FLIRs monocular or something like it in your travels bag...might help identify questionable things when you pull out a weapon in the dark.
Greg Skrivanek
Greg Skrivanek 5 днів тому
In the picture of the hut at 5:34 on the bottom right of the hut going about 5ft towards the center it looks likes there's a bear head on stick and directly under it there's a creature standing behind the stick hunched over looking back at you with white glowing eyes and it looks like it has a dog in its right hand Look likes faces all over with the different layers of trees. Real interesting. One must have been near by if you were that close and see a bunch of prints. Also there looked like smaller prints to the left of the one your grandson found when you were mountain biking through the mud
Sovereignmind 1969
Sovereignmind 1969 5 днів тому
No way a bigfoot hut would be 20ft off a trail, lol
Mason Rice
Mason Rice 6 днів тому
That footprint looked real fresh man you guys got a sack on yas to go out there without a rifle
DavisUpNorth 6 днів тому
Not where you want to be after dark, especially with noises like that.._
Diggersden Tysonfury
Diggersden Tysonfury 6 днів тому
Allways nice to see the young ones injoying are hobby cool finds guys
MICHAEL NAVEN 6 днів тому
Have you ever had that sound look at professionally? The sound could be isolated and analyzed.
Bobby Bianco
Bobby Bianco 6 днів тому
I love these videos
s mckee
s mckee 6 днів тому
Having fun with grandsons is always a good post.
Sublunary Studios
Sublunary Studios 6 днів тому
Great to hear the vocalizations, I've heard the same thing before and had large stones thrown at me at the same time in the heart of the Appalachian Mts. I've been looking for a long time for something similar to feel familiar
TJREESE Joyner 6 днів тому
Good video. Continue on your road on getting the silver play button
Cynthia Swearingen
Cynthia Swearingen 6 днів тому
Make those memories, Keithie! You and the boys had a blast! Your garden looks amazing!❤️
David Wiseman
David Wiseman 6 днів тому
Looks like you guys had a great time
Da_40_yr_old_drummer Holbrook
Da_40_yr_old_drummer Holbrook 6 днів тому
Guys at 5:38, just to the right of the hut, is a Bigfoot! You can dang near see through him. That’s why you can’t spot them they blend in so well, it’s sometimes impossible to see them, but right there he is being completely still and watching you! This is real. This video is real!
Randolph Relic Recovery
Randolph Relic Recovery 7 днів тому
Fun just being out with family!
Greetings from LONDON
meMiner 7 днів тому
Getting out metal detecting with your grandsons is a perfect activity.
Kenneth Chappell
Kenneth Chappell 7 днів тому
Did anyone else see the three upright bipeds walking swiftly to the right at 7:58-8:00? Kinda like a light brown colored
TheCornstalker 7 днів тому
I had to chuckle when i heard the stick hit the water and your voice went up a few Octaves 🦍
Cognitive Dissident
Cognitive Dissident 8 днів тому
That last howl certainly sounds like it's way outside a human's capabilities. Would be interesting to have those analyized by an animal vocalization expert.
Bobby Bianco
Bobby Bianco 8 днів тому
Hi I'm a huge fan of your videos. Idk if you will ever see this message but I absolutely love that Carlton Fisk can...Any chance you still have it? I'm a huge baseball fan and that quote "go fair" is in reference to Carlton Fisk's game winning home run in the 1975 World Series, he waved it fair after he hit it. It's iconic in the baseball world
Eugenia Skelley
Eugenia Skelley 8 днів тому
I Just found your channel. I assume you are a MD? You would the person to have around if you ever ran into an injured bigfoot that actually let you help him/her.
Michael Halstead
Michael Halstead 9 днів тому
Its amazing how many one legged bigfoot are running around..
IndianBeauty02 9 днів тому
Born n raised in Miami. I love this its 91 degrees here
Ruth Cisneros
Ruth Cisneros 9 днів тому
You have guts cause after hearing that howling and something being thrown that would been a wrap for me. No more metal detecting ever! Stay safe
avi mae
avi mae 9 днів тому
The bent trees are a giveaway.
John Iniguez
John Iniguez 10 днів тому
Attitude of gratitude for all you share on the big foot 🦶 phenomenon.
Let's act like We have some sense
Let's act like We have some sense 10 днів тому
8:40 Natives?
Gwendy R.
Gwendy R. 10 днів тому
Nice family 🙂
Erik Wilson
Erik Wilson 11 днів тому
I actually have a Bigfoot story. Happened around '75 or '76. The area I lived in had had a bunch of Bigfoot Sightings. I was in High School and went bow hunting (alone, of course!!). I spotted a bear, and made a stalk, I made several attempts, but could never get close enough for a shot. I finally caught up with him, missed my shot, the bear just ambled off. AS I continued to pursue, In the area the bear went, came out the scariest, loudest, raise the hair on your neck animal scream. While still a teen, I'd already spent many hours out in the woods, this freaked me the hell out, and I scrambled out of there as fast as I could. Now, the CRAZY part. After a couple of days I thought nothing of it. Since I lived in a small community and everyone knew everyone, me and some buddies were shooting pool in a local watering hole. In walks the county sheriff, and county coroner, who happened to study bigfoot sightings, cattle mutations. They sat at the end of the bar having a cup of joe, when I hear the SAME SCREAM I heard in the woods. The Coroner had a tape player, I asked him what the hell it was, he told me, supposed to be a recording of Bigfoot! Sorry, still don't believe.
Kelly R.Tourigny
Kelly R.Tourigny 11 днів тому
Thankyou for sharing. Great prints and dam impressive audio 👍.
Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch 11 днів тому
Incredible...You showed some Grit by staying after the first rock hit the water. some would say how do you know it was a rock ? I don't. could have been an old mans boot or a ufo hit the water. Go back and listen to the sound again that was the sound of a rock. Sorry don't to be rude or come off Arrogant but it really gets me that no matter what credible people put out there as it relates to Sasquatch they wont believe it for nothing.
T Wood
T Wood 11 днів тому
Nice to see Joe getting all growed up
JOHN DORAZIO SR 11 днів тому
Doe Harris
Doe Harris 11 днів тому
Excellent video. That was scary sounded as though there was more than one or two. That is the best video of Bigfoot ever. 😊😊😊😊🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Sammy Holloway
Sammy Holloway 12 днів тому
Incredible, how people just keep posting garbage. The thing to do,, is show somthing. If you got Bigfoot on film,,show it Forget,,everything else.
Kathmandu15 12 днів тому
This is actually the most CONVINCING physical evidence of Sasquatch I've ever seen. It literally convinced me without a doubt. Who the hell is walking in Alaska with 17" bare feet?
Imagination Hobbies
Imagination Hobbies 20 годин тому
Air Force Retired
Air Force Retired 12 днів тому
Uummm, no such thing as Big Foot. Stop lying to yourself.
Jim Bigboystoys
Jim Bigboystoys 12 днів тому
I always wondered how the indigenous Native Americans dealt with mosquitoes back in the primitive days. There had to have been a way.
B dubb
B dubb 12 днів тому
This guys faking content. A foot print then the hut on 2 different outings. Nahhhh!!
Missy Citty
Missy Citty 13 днів тому
Wow. Great stuff!! New subscriber !!!
A British Person On The Moon
A British Person On The Moon 13 днів тому
I love the way it just becomes snow
Zach Arnold
Zach Arnold 13 днів тому
On the last howl, you can hear the audio sounds like it's coming from a megaphone or speaker.
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 13 днів тому
Yeah I know those house made my hair stand up and I'm sitting in my living room. If I was out there and it was getting dark and I heard that and something was throwing stuff in the water next to me I'd be thinking I do not want to be out here after dark. And look how many people go missing in Alaska every year man.
thesun collective147
thesun collective147 13 днів тому
Webelos slide..In the UK we call them woggles and they are made of plastic. Great Vid I enjoyed it..Well done Grandson!
Mike D
Mike D 13 днів тому
Y'all didn't do bad. With all the ring finds, I'm hoping one day y'all will hit the jackpot! Joe sounds worn out in the background. Lol
David Wiseman
David Wiseman 13 днів тому
Wtg guys quality time at its best
Erin gemini
Erin gemini 13 днів тому
Aloha Keithie6 & Joe! You are my kind of metal detectorists, as you look for the owner(s) of the jewelry you find! 😊You know whomever lost that ring may have shed some tears! I still think about a gorgeous vintage diamond ring that I lost in High School, (and I think we may be close in age), so, that was a couple years back.😉 its hard losing any Jewelry especially for the memories tied up in it! Great video!!😊
ww1942digger 13 днів тому
Nice finds but ehh bars of gold on a children's playground 😁 ultimate optimistic. I'm living in Holland and like you we find rings and stuff on children's playgrounds too. Recreation feelds we empty first the trash out and deeper located lays silver and gold rings. First we have( 2persons) searching about 300 pull rings and other silver foils. We had one place 6 rings and when we left there was not one metal hit left. Completely searched. Nice you took you grandson with you. Cheers
Dirty South
Dirty South 13 днів тому
maybe there are bigfoots out there and all but cmon at 3:45 only one footprint?
Margaret Creighton
Margaret Creighton 13 днів тому
Gooner At 8 28 u cn just see some thing walks past in front him if u look very carefully when he pans the can to the right he sez o gezz watch from 8 m 20 sec u can jus make some thing ot walking past
TJREESE Joyner 13 днів тому
Good video. Continue on your road on getting the silver play button
Mike Ernzen
Mike Ernzen 13 днів тому
You still liking?
Bee Charming
Bee Charming 13 днів тому
Had a great time. Thank you and Joseph ! Rare please! 🙏🏼✌🏻❤️🐝😎
viren shah
viren shah 13 днів тому
Hi there, all the way from Singapore. Very exciting video. Hope to see more of such content. Thank you
Nine Finger Mining
Nine Finger Mining 13 днів тому
Wow that was a lot of cool finds 👍🏻👍🏻
Ben Daly
Ben Daly 13 днів тому
Great video, love the motorcycle. Thanks and be safe up there ✌️❤️🙏🏻
Don Celoso
Don Celoso 14 днів тому
Thanks for the review of the holster. Just ordered one for my S&W 500 mag.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 14 днів тому
they're talking to each other and maybe you too
operationNOBO 14 днів тому
The prints and howls were incredible. I had an experience, camping in a fairly remote area along a river. For 15 minutes, around 100 large rocks were thrown into the water at around midnight. It sounded insane at times. You could hear them picking up rocks along the bank. One ran upstream and the sound of it moving that fast in the current was terrifying. We ended up hearing a third one about 100 yards below us do the same, then it just ended like nothing had happened.
Brian B
Brian B 14 днів тому
Anything under 30 will keep me inside. This is insane. It is fascinating people are able survive in such conditions. Beautiful, but not fit for humans year-round.
B G 14 днів тому
That scream at 8.28 sent chills up and down my spine... that was an unnatural sound😱😱😱
TerminusHostilia 14 днів тому
Good stuff. Some of the best hard evidence I've seen and heard. That last part where you had your pistol ready though...I doubt it would be effective enough in the short time it takes them to get to you and rip you apart. They can move scarily fast when they want to. I saw one run across an empty 10 acre bean field in about 4 or 5 strides.
MMMMMMMMTTYYY 15 днів тому
geat edits man!
Frank Leicht
Frank Leicht 16 днів тому
Gosh, I always carry my .44 magnum in these woods. I wouldn't shoot at one as I wouldn't want to hurt some guy in a gorrilla suit.
Brent Man
Brent Man 16 днів тому
Loved the video thank you