My Bigfoot Sighting Episode 18
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max man
max man День тому
I do not agree feeding them and boundaries must be set for the protection. JMO
chateaumojo День тому
The unbalanced one, that almost fell off the cliff, the preserver of life, who saved him.
Tina S
Tina S День тому
Love this
Everett Menard
Everett Menard День тому
A little sidearm Dan wouldn't do much for you but you know that.
Great channel!
Chris Lester
Chris Lester День тому
If people haven't lived in the cabin for years any flag would be in peaces after 3 years out side ?
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor День тому
The scenery video is beautiful.
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor День тому
They are also responsible for a lot missing people.
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor День тому
Vic, if that is you singing Banjo Music. You sound great. I love the song.
Greg Geer
Greg Geer 2 дні тому
Wow! What great encounters! I'd love to see some of the evidence!
j frey
j frey 2 дні тому
Best first hand account channel by far.
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith 2 дні тому
That detail about the camera/ picture beliefs that they have made so much sense!!!! Thats why they destroy all tge trail cams!
Kevin DiFranco
Kevin DiFranco 2 дні тому
If a scared aunt can blow thru a locked door, lmao, hiding in your house from a Sasquatch or Dogman. If they wanted to they'd be inside asap. Something seems to hold them back.
Keli Stratton
Keli Stratton 2 дні тому
Where is that gorgeous waterfall?
maria randolph
maria randolph 2 дні тому
Loved the story and the music! Blessings and good luck to all.
Theresa Watson
Theresa Watson 2 дні тому
Hello from East Tennessee USA 🇺🇸🐺🐻🌲
june presley
june presley 2 дні тому
I've heard that heavy breathing its scary
Anlushac11 3 дні тому
The videos I have seen from Salt Fork area imply that is a busy area.
Joy Marie
Joy Marie 3 дні тому
Maybe that swaying is like some hypnotize type stuff?
Jeni Duncan
Jeni Duncan 3 дні тому
Great Encounter! Thanks for sharing.
Ramona Nelson
Ramona Nelson 3 дні тому
Great channel! You will do very well 👍🏼👍🏼
Larry Harralson
Larry Harralson 3 дні тому
Heat lightning don't break trees down it's the bad thunderstorms that break the trees down people so he's telling exactly true
Matt J
Matt J 4 дні тому
Is Vic the one singing the intro song? I swear I can hear his voice in the song. I want to hear the rest of the fades out too soon.
Matt J
Matt J 4 дні тому
I listen to stories like this and I have to believe it. The story and tone is just too fluid and consistant to not be true. If it is a fiction...that scares me to think that someone could lie so flawlessly and convincingly. It just has to be true. I heard a woman tell her experience about seeing a dogman outside her was a fancy glass house. But the story was terrifying and the raw emotion in her voice as she relived the experience was so real. We have all been lied to about the reality of our world and what's really in it.
randy beard
randy beard 5 днів тому
The Native Indians called Bigfoot-the Watchers as they Know more about You than You Know about them-they spend Many Hours just Watching Human Behavior thus if you have them on your property, they know everyone in your family and their Habits...
Keli Stratton
Keli Stratton 2 дні тому
Does anyone know why?
Deeanna Williams
Deeanna Williams 5 днів тому
Is that Vic singing?
Starling Swallow
Starling Swallow 5 днів тому
Is that moon footage at 1:35 REAL?! Holy cow!!! I'm here from Vic at DM!
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor 5 днів тому
Wow, that was good. I can't imagine what living with Bigfoot around me would be like. I would love to see her photos.
Elise Albenesius
Elise Albenesius 5 днів тому
🌕 🐺 🐒
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor 5 днів тому
I watch Dan's stuff.
Kristina Simmons
Kristina Simmons 5 днів тому
Wow, I know why she's your EX-wife, I was kind of hoping at one point that hit your wife with a rock sorry but she don't seem quite right
daniel2216 6 днів тому
Great guest - thanks!
Taryn TruthSeeker
Taryn TruthSeeker 6 днів тому
Love this Vic! Right on! Such amazing stories, thank you all for sharing with us. I have had my own experiences and now after coming out of trauma these memories are coming back. Much love ♥️
New Hampshire
New Hampshire 6 днів тому
Who takes the great drone video?
Ramona Nelson
Ramona Nelson 6 днів тому
Thank you very much Robin. I appreciate your sharing your experiences.
Ramona Nelson
Ramona Nelson 6 днів тому
Wow that was great, new the channel and I'm here to stay! 👍🏼👍🏼
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson 7 днів тому
These incidents are exactly why all the major arms makers are making large caliber rifles, handguns previously used for the largest African game...
Jody Bateman
Jody Bateman 7 днів тому
Those Game Roosters on Tie cords, could fight and most had long spurs,and they knew how to use them ,i know they flogged the bigfoots that killed them. The spurs they had if they hit you and it caused you to bleed it could set up sepsis. If untreated. Its illegal to keep them on tie cords now in some state.but game Roosters were beautiful. They did fear much.i saw one called a butcher,hit my ROTTWEILER in face and his head swelled 2x its normal size,took him to the vet. He would have died if he hadnt got treatment. So the Bigfoot that go those Roosters got hit.i know they hurt.
randy beard
randy beard 5 днів тому
After thousands of years living in the woods, Bigfoot are Master of their Domain, they can Kill any animal or bird with a Thump of their hand--they have been seen twisting 5-7 in. trees into and throwing a 400 lb. Boulder over 50 ft..
RuinedTemple 5 днів тому
That sounds like a world of hurt. One summer when I was around 10 yrs old, my family & I were walking down our driveway towards our farmhouse around sunset. As we passed by the barnyard, our big ol' rooster came out of nowhere & attacked my 5 yr old nephew, spurring him down the entire length of his shirtless back. The poor little guy was a screaming bloody mess. Oddly enough, our peacock came bookin' it up out of the barn once he heard or saw the commotion & went after the other bird! A battle royale ensued. I can still remember how epic he looked jumping into the air with his wings & talons outstretched, silhouetted by the setting sun as he beat the tar out of that rooster. And unfortunately for the rooster, my nephew's father dispatched him later that night because he wasn't having any of that. Anyway, I know I've heard a story that said at least some Sasq'ets (Sasquatch) know how to use or prepare a particular plant & apply it to wounds to help stave off infection... I wonder if there's anything to that...
scott2296 7 днів тому
They speak in tongues. Not sure what that means, just thought it sounded good, fit the storytelling occasion.
scott2296 7 днів тому
Forget the apples, they love Habanero peppers and pizza.
zombie blaster
zombie blaster 8 днів тому
Just like the M&M's Santa Clause: "They do exist" I don't know if I'd like to "say hello" to BF in his turf. Not without a mech suit or some proper rocket propelled explosives.
zombie blaster
zombie blaster 8 днів тому
Bigfoot don't run from banjo music
ruth4489 8 днів тому
This guy was a great guest
Bonnie Lucas
Bonnie Lucas 8 днів тому
Great story this guy has! Really interesting.
Brook Craft
Brook Craft 8 днів тому
Thank you Vic for letting me come on the show!!! And thank y’all for your comments!!
Eleanor McHenry
Eleanor McHenry 4 дні тому
Thanks for sharing Brook. I really enjoyed your stories 😊
earl Wright
earl Wright 5 днів тому
I have a niece named Brooke
Ramona Nelson
Ramona Nelson 6 днів тому
Hey that was great, thanks for telling your experiences!
Steady Manos
Steady Manos 7 днів тому
Love your voice, maybe you should start your own channel reading other people stories.
WhatThe? 8 днів тому
Great shares this is my fav types of shows just let the experiencers talk and share till they feel they got all there knowledge out to us! Thank you for taking the time to inform us and stay blessed friends!
Bobbie Younce
Bobbie Younce 9 днів тому
Enjoying listening to the actual person without any interruption. This is a great channel like your others Vic. Keep the encounters coming.
A Martin
A Martin 9 днів тому
What song plays during the intro of your episodes? I cant find it anywhere😳 Please help 🙏
Android Tekashi
Android Tekashi День тому
Banjo music I think. Look in intro
Bonnie Lucas
Bonnie Lucas 8 днів тому
It says on Jack's episode, in the comments.
Jeremy Harrison
Jeremy Harrison 9 днів тому
Great guest.. I've got Gamefowl too. She seems like a goodn. 🙂👍🏻
Claire Snepp
Claire Snepp 9 днів тому
That was so enjoyable - I'm loving the mental image of Kieran going full berserker - no wonder the big guy left him to it!
MrDuffy81 9 днів тому
I want a country girl 💚🍀😘
RuinedTemple 5 днів тому
A country girl, or a Southern (country) girl? Just makin' sure the two aren't getting confused, 'cause there is a difference.
4113N 5
4113N 5 9 днів тому
I’m a South Carolina boy, but I’m a sucker for them Georgia girls. I could listen to them for hours. “ You sleep through everything. How’ya gonna shoot somebody when you’re asleep “ Hahaha XD
Kim R.
Kim R. 9 днів тому
shar martin
shar martin 9 днів тому
Oddly, I actually like the intro usually a gangsta rap kinda gal 😆
Whispers TV
Whispers TV 9 днів тому
❤️ this episode 👌 ☺️wow, That was awesome!
Damon McGuire
Damon McGuire 9 днів тому
Loving this channel, I DONT RUN FROM BANJO MUSIC!!! Sing it Vic!!
Patti Brown
Patti Brown 3 дні тому
I don't run from banjo music; I run to it baby!!
Steel 9 днів тому
I know that area VERY well...Sasquatch are there for sure!
chateaumojo 9 днів тому
This wAS a real good story.
Angela Dellaire
Angela Dellaire 9 днів тому
This is probably the first one that actually had me biting my nails. Especially at the end when he realized that he had been in a missing 411 cluster area. I'm afraid I literally would've had a heart attack from the fear. 😩
Joey Sweet
Joey Sweet 9 днів тому
BIGFOOT don't need to be mess'n round wit dem southern gal's, he might find a new kinda way of getting hurt up she's just acting like she's skeerd to death! Lol
CARLA LAPPIN 10 днів тому
B. Scott Farthingsworth
B. Scott Farthingsworth 10 днів тому
Great stuff Brooke, longest vid here yet
MrDuffy81 9 днів тому
Yeah, this girl can talk! LOL! 👄
Jody Nunley
Jody Nunley 10 днів тому
You've got to love those southern girls!
Romeo Livingston
Romeo Livingston 10 днів тому
Vic dropping some more heat 🔥 can’t wait to listen!
Anyone You Want me to Be
Anyone You Want me to Be 10 днів тому
Oh thank Goodness. I’ve been waiting on another Vic masterpiece. Thank you Sir.
Prepper POV
Prepper POV 10 днів тому
Thanks for another episode! I’m downloading/saving as many of these (& dogman interviews) as I can because of a 10 day camping trip coming up! I can’t wait to listen while in the woods. I’ll still listen to this addicting intro music right now, though!
Carrie Moore
Carrie Moore 10 днів тому
Yes I'm ready🖤 My absolute favorite..Every single episode is fire❤
New Hampshire
New Hampshire 10 днів тому
Hey folks Vic should add Podcruncher app for iOS to his list of podcast apps where you can hear all of his shows now that he’s dropped the premium program.
shar martin
shar martin 11 днів тому
Is Vic okay? It'll be 2 weeks Thursday since he last uploaded on this channel, and I pay for his Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio podcast on his site on LibSyn and it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow since he's posted on there. It's just not like him - he's usually quite prompt. Maybe he's been burning the candle at both ends, trying to make content for 3 podcasts of his own, plus he does interviews for other ppl's podcasts.
pam smith
pam smith 12 днів тому
I’ll never understand people that enjoy taking the life of an innocent unsuspecting animal and if they have babies, what are they suppose to do??.....too sad!
Stage Life LV
Stage Life LV 12 днів тому
Best Bigfoot channel. I love just the people telling their stories. No extra chatter. My favorite channel! Keep em coming!
Dianne Crothers
Dianne Crothers 13 днів тому
Please tell us more I love them I like another branch of our family I'd love to get to know some nice groups
Dianne Crothers
Dianne Crothers 13 днів тому
I would love to spend a week with you and learn more about these people I so badly would love to meet the people it's a dream of mine to meet some of these people before I die
Cindy Solene Carter
Cindy Solene Carter 14 днів тому
great stories and such authenticity!! thank you.
levi ward
levi ward 14 днів тому
Hi Im new to this channel what are grassmen
RuinedTemple 4 дні тому
They're essentially the same thing as "Sasquatch" (Anglicized word from the term Sasq'ets) or the less dignified-sounding "Bigfoot". The word "Grassmen" is largely used in reference to these beings in the state of Ohio. Basically, they're an ancient type of wild people who tend to be large of stature, covered in hair, extremely elusive, fast & strong, very wary/avoidant/adverse to human contact, & have evolved for & are phenomenally well-adapted to a nomadic or semi-nomadic life out in the wilderness that might be explained as somewhere between feral & hunter-gathering (and likely often or perhaps almost always subterranean).
Flower 4 дні тому
I think it's just pretty much a Bigfoot, but Grassman is what they call them in Ohio.
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith 14 днів тому
Came here from Dogman encounters. Subscribed. Good show!
Theresa ZG
Theresa ZG 14 днів тому
Sounds like Bobo, no?
Blake Allen
Blake Allen 14 днів тому
I’ve known Jack for almost 40 years, and I’ve never known him to bear false witness. He has always been straight forward truthful. I have never encountered these beast, but I know from his experience that these creatures exist. No doubt in my mind.
Into The Unknown
Into The Unknown 15 днів тому
I wanna hang out with Matt.
Into The Unknown
Into The Unknown 15 днів тому
The first account was awesome!! Cool channel.