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PurpleSugar56 3 години тому
I still use my S10e and iPhone 7. I like my phones compact.
Md Noyon Hassan
Md Noyon Hassan 3 години тому
Need a review of Poco F3 GT
Leevi Multanen
Leevi Multanen 3 години тому
i don't know if i should choose poco x3 nfc or pro
GenericSneeze55 3 години тому
i think the pixel 4a should be on this list, it is now almost a generation old but still great bang for your buck.
Fiq 4 години тому
6.4" still big for me, as the chin at the bottom is thick.
R. jt
R. jt 5 годин тому
JM D 5 годин тому
The only phone here that i will buy is the galaxy a42 5g.
AKIB 5 годин тому
You are beautiful.
Tracy Owusu Bempah
Tracy Owusu Bempah 5 годин тому
Watching this video with the same product I mean Samsung galaxy a12 🥰I really like my phone
Syed Joynul Abedin
Syed Joynul Abedin 5 годин тому
Y u guis domt get high screen militarily edition's devices.. Cam...procs.... Enery thin r awesome whatever...ehh😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Syed Joynul Abedin
Syed Joynul Abedin 6 годин тому
My favourite type of voice n i wont buy any of them, cause i have tha jarveeeees AI lol
Shaima Jaafar
Shaima Jaafar 6 годин тому
How much is poco X3 pro plz ? I have F1 till now 🥺🥺.
Metallica Fan!
Metallica Fan! 7 годин тому
Getting it over the S21 Plus.
Kesateria Matahari
Kesateria Matahari 7 годин тому
Trying to find a budget small phone under 200$ and under 6 inch is rare nowadays. You either have to fork out for the high ends, settle for crap phone, buy used old flagship phone or buy iphones.
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed 8 годин тому
It's a plastic frame dude
Orjo_YT 8 годин тому
How many fps in pubg?
spider fisher
spider fisher 8 годин тому
low price ok
Eng Sun
Eng Sun 9 годин тому
U are so beautiful girl
depresso 9 годин тому
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ a 720p screen on a 2021 phone, wtf moto?!
Robert Pintarić
Robert Pintarić 9 годин тому
Can it be conected to tv and thru what?
Jamilur Rahman
Jamilur Rahman 9 годин тому
6.5 inch and compact?!!!!
gagan chauhan
gagan chauhan 9 годин тому
This phone looks awesome!
John Keelty
John Keelty 9 годин тому
Compact 6.5 inch screens!!! 🤔
Rahul Jayachandran
Rahul Jayachandran 10 годин тому
have ordered the phone after watching your review.Thank you so much for the upload will and the whole gsmarena team.😊😍😊😊😊
Vasanthan 10 годин тому
6'4 inch display phone is not a compact one.
Sudhakar (sudhakar35gm)
Sudhakar (sudhakar35gm) 10 годин тому
Even Nokia N8 was a superhit phone.
Hans Catz
Hans Catz 10 годин тому
somewhat of travesty that iphone or Apple are so tight fisted when it comes the their cameras , 12 mega pixels ??????? really ? 16 at least by now ... 24 at least ..
Maren 11 годин тому
How is this phone midrange lol?
Alwin Benjamin
Alwin Benjamin 11 годин тому
Bless you sir.
Vidyut R. Viswanath
Vidyut R. Viswanath 11 годин тому
What was that snowboarding game you were playing? Looks fun!
Panos P.
Panos P. 11 годин тому
How could me fail fail to mention the integrated advertisements in every Poco phone? This is a deal breaker for me.
Sadik Ahmed
Sadik Ahmed 12 годин тому
Watching A42 5G review on the same one 😍😄😃
Kern Boris TV
Kern Boris TV 12 годин тому
Hey could you remember when Nokia also Motorola what's the biggest phones in the world no no one do not really want to buy that phones look how time change I wonder if that will go on to Apple Oso Samsung do y'all feel they do end up like Motorola and Nokia in the future
Talha Ahmad
Talha Ahmad 12 годин тому
You missed mi 11 lite I am using "design and light weight" i am sure it must be priority of many people
Nil Desperandum
Nil Desperandum 12 годин тому
J P 13 годин тому
I lpve to have that redmi note 10 pro ❤️
Jeth Mercer
Jeth Mercer 13 годин тому
Try Sony Ericsson Live (W19i).. 😊😊😊
Pavol Čunderlík
Pavol Čunderlík 13 годин тому
is zoom on poco f3 better than on iphone 7? I use my phone as a magnifier sometimes when I need to read tiny text when outside without glasses so I am wondering if poco f3 has zoom as good/better than iPhone 7
Mark Saint
Mark Saint 14 годин тому
What about realme x7 5g
Shayan Yan
Shayan Yan 14 годин тому
Darrel Tiu
Darrel Tiu 14 годин тому
Yux.T N.
Yux.T N. 14 годин тому
the only phone i am considering on that list is the xperia 5 ii
Fian Tech
Fian Tech 14 годин тому
Cause most phones now hit 6.9" screen, the 6.4" or 6.5" are considered compact (?)
mdaamer sohail
mdaamer sohail 15 годин тому
Moto g series is always great 👌
Denis Thomas
Denis Thomas 15 годин тому
Thanks for the review Angie! You guys were always my top dogs in reviews and such. The phone is phenomenal for those who don't mind the lack of stereo sound, but unfortunately not for me. I know that it's out of my league by miles anyway, but stereo sound should be standard by now.
kntwing.23 15 годин тому
Phone 📱garbage 🗑 Get an I phones 📱12. Or Sam sung 📱. Even get a Google 📱.. 🤔👎🥵🤬💩
A Peenoy named Eric
A Peenoy named Eric 15 годин тому
i have big hands too but im sure these more than 6 inch phones arent as compact as the 4a. tho considering that phone has an outdated chipset, i still think it deserved a mention here...
mdaamer sohail
mdaamer sohail 16 годин тому
Asus ZenFone 8 🔥
san Reza
san Reza 16 годин тому
Rikesh Shrestha
Rikesh Shrestha 16 годин тому
one plus nord 2
Mithrandir 16 годин тому
Just because the phones chosen have smaller screen then others does not make them compact! The iPhone 12 mini is the only one I consider as compact!
EnNombreDeLaCiencia !
EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! 16 годин тому
dianaatef21 16 годин тому
My dad just got me this phone today and I'm loving it so far 😁😄
T Ellison
T Ellison 17 годин тому
My next phone
Petri Salonen
Petri Salonen 18 годин тому
Amazing phone maybe the best buy of the year? Poco F3 only contender to OnePlus Nord 2.
Dom Larry
Dom Larry 18 годин тому
The iphone 12 mini would be ok without notch city 🏙️
Petri Salonen
Petri Salonen 18 годин тому
Moto G50 5G costs only 149 Euros now in Finland. It's more than a decent phone at that price! Same SD480 chip is on Nokia X20 which costs 399 Euros without a charger. And new Nokia XR20 with same SD480 chip costs 529 Euros (4/64gb) or 599e (6/128gb) without a charger. In that respect Moto G50 is a real bargain and a great phone at that price. Main camera and night shots looked good to me. A charger will add about 30e extra to Nokia buyers but Motorola has it available in the box 👍
dante san diego
dante san diego 19 годин тому
Very serious review. I love it!
Jose Nino
Jose Nino 19 годин тому
Basically turning night into day...haha
Bader Almutawa
Bader Almutawa 20 годин тому
Can I download widows on it ?
Yu Producciones
Yu Producciones 21 годину тому
i would take no 5g for a better nits on the better-1080p-screen, and 4k video recording camera. Moto drop the ball in this one
Ramesh Ahir
Ramesh Ahir 21 годину тому
I think I loved you more than huawei 😀😂
AndyG1714 21 годину тому
Actually, the 25W charger box is using Qualcomm Quick Charge, not Power Delivery (PD).
Stefan Stoilovic
Stefan Stoilovic 21 годину тому
Overpriced sony is better then pixel 4a,pixel 5 or huawei p40..
MITsolar 22 години тому
...6.5" screen on the A52 is "compact"?
Giovanny Gutierrez
Giovanny Gutierrez 22 години тому
Does it have the feature where you go to contacts and just swipe right on the name to immediately make a call?
ChocyMilkk 22 години тому
I hate your voice, quit youtube pls
lucutes 22 години тому
Ban exynos
Emmanuel Sarpong-Adu
Emmanuel Sarpong-Adu 22 години тому
What game was that on the A52?
Siju 22 години тому
I will wait for I phone 14 if i can afford it.
Reknilador 22 години тому
Galaxy S10E Iphone 12 mini, Pixel 3A/4A , Sony XZ2 Compact, these are the only sub 6 inch phones you'll find that are one handed phones, if i wanted a tablet id have bought one... all the phones are extremely tall and uncomfortable these days... it's extremely irritating
mario098mario 23 години тому
Hun Olen
Hun Olen 23 години тому
is that built in camera app sony or android 11 BS? Useless thing. I need real camera app with real functions.
SKU - The Great
SKU - The Great 23 години тому
I see angie ..i click ❤️❤️😘😘
NILM4X VLG 23 години тому
redmi note 10 pro very impressive! 👌
Marti77e День тому
4 compact phones to choose from asus zenfone 8 , pixel4a , apple 12 mini and apple SE everyone else are big phones or outdated. So if you want compact phones its not much to consider from and in my country you cant even buy pixel phones because google dont support my language. I hope that samsung coming out with s22e version so i can put my s10e to rest.