Hozier - Swan Upon Leda (Acoustic Video)
Hozier - Swan Upon Leda (Official Audio)
Hozier - Jackboot Jump (Live)
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Hozier - Be (Audio)
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Hozier - Would That I (Audio)
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Hozier - Wasteland, Baby! (Audio)
Colin Brown
Colin Brown 2 хвилини тому
This is THE best song I’ve heard in a few years. It has everything!! Absolutely beautiful and a stunning piece of work ❤️
Mary Lisbon’s undigested sleeping pills
Mary Lisbon’s undigested sleeping pills 13 хвилин тому
from a latina bisexual, this goes hard, Honestly my family are VERY strict of religion, I will most likely never tell a soul in my family about my sexuality, It never really haunted me until a few weeks ago, I began develop feelings to one of my friends and they also go through the same shit with their parents, to the point her granddad rant about how gay people are terrible. I truly began to learn the awful reality of being a closeted person in a strict Christian house. Almost every other Sunday, I have to hear my pastor talk awful about gay people which I think is slowly making me have guilt, normally I don’t have any guilt about my sexuality but I think my pastor’s speeches about gay people is making me feel so much shame. The girl and I went on a secret date to my friends sweet 16 party and we were all up on each other and even stargazed with her. Unfortunately our date ended when her grandfather came 2 hours early and I was aware as soon as we went outside, we stopped holding hands and I met him and when we said our goodbyes, I expected to not hug her for him to think we are platonic but she hugged me and I was shocked when she did, I was like “wow”. I’m scared of her grandfather and honestly I felt like I could never have an opportunity to hang out with for both of out caretakers to think “oh there just friends”, She really makes me happy, I like her a lot and really wanna be her girlfriend but yet there’s a part of me where I’m like “God will hate you forever” I’ve been guilty and I feel like the more time goes by and by I feel more and more ashamed about myself. I keep telling myself “hey, god will love you no matter what” I even thought to think if I ever died, my final confession would be about my sexuality. This girl really makes me truly happy and I wanna get to know her, I want her to be my girlfriend really. I love everything about her, her voice, her smile, her beauty, her mellowness, her vibes, her artistic talent, her love for anime and dragons. I have dreams about her a lot and god this girl has my heart skipping beats, I love it when she hugs me from behind and hold hands when we are walking each other to class, when she wraps her arms around my waist and when we poke fun at each other.I’ve been thinking how I can hang out with her but also ignore our parents saying “how are they more then friends?” I wanna ask her for another date but I’m scared that she will say no and along if she does say yes then we gotta keep it low.
brideofthewind 22 хвилини тому
Hozier knows how to incorporate and quote/cite the classics in his songs. The way this song is stacked with song titles but Iit never sounds like they've been clumsily added on. The lyrics make perfect sense, the song is gorgeous, and if you get the references, that only compounds the emotional weight of it.
GW 27 хвилин тому
Jessica Harbor
Jessica Harbor 47 хвилин тому
Heard this song right after ANOTHER mass shooting at an elementary school in Tennessee, and that line "putting food on the table selling bombs and guns, skinnin' the children for a war drum" has been whirling around in my head ever since! What an amazing song, absolutely amazing.
brideofthewind 50 хвилин тому
I can't wait to see him live in July, bringing his incredible music and presence to a breathtaking venue
Julio Sanderson
Julio Sanderson Годину тому
rejectedbychloe Годину тому
am i the only one to relate to this masterpeice
nunua bizzznus
nunua bizzznus Годину тому
gabriella 2 години тому
A wonderful Nikolai & Alina tribute brought me here. Anyone else? By the way I can't express how awesome this song is. <3
Ulrich Spengemann
Ulrich Spengemann 2 години тому
Jonas ❤
Squiddles wooooshes jokes
Squiddles wooooshes jokes 3 години тому
Is that Ryan from Supermega?
slawa 3 години тому
still remember when this song was new and I was 8 years old but liked it so much but now I can understand lyrics and I have chills, it also reminds me of my father who passed away because he was alive when it was a hit…
Lisa Thwaites
Lisa Thwaites 4 години тому
What's in the box? I am obsessed with the song 😢 I'm thinking personal pictures ,money who knows ??
Corinna E.
Corinna E. 4 години тому
Oh how I wish to write like that. We had to pick a song to analyse the lyrics in school, the desire of picking that one were big.
Krisi Bell Pepper
Krisi Bell Pepper 4 години тому
Amazing song,thank you for bringing the truth!!! 👏👏👏
crazypapu 5 годин тому
que gay
K a b a L 1776
K a b a L 1776 5 годин тому
Я не могу сказать, что лгбт это хорошо, если мне это не пропагандируют, то все ок, мне все равно кто кого любит, но когда лгбт идёт из каждой рекламы, фильма, клипа, книги - это меня раздражает, а в особенности трансы и политика США в отношении детей, которым говорят, что менять пол это хорошо. Я скажу так, вы можете любить кого хотите, но вы не можете стать мужчиной, если вы девушка и вы не можете стать девушкой, если вы мужчина, вы просто не можете. Невозможно ощущать себя кем то другим, а если вы все таки ощущаете себя кем то другим, то вам нужно к психиатру
Study Buddy
Study Buddy 5 годин тому
This is the kind of song that makes me happy despite being a closet. I know that I can't come out in the society I live in, but this song helped me build a resolution over the years that I won't marry a girl just because our parents arranged it. I will not let my (and that girl's) life be hell, I will stay single. There are many things to do in life other than marrying. I like playing the piano. I love programming. Ain't no girl gonna ruin that for me. I won't let it be. And who knows what's gonna happen 10 years from now. I hope for the best.
FLIP RESGO FF 5 годин тому
A Lloyd
A Lloyd 5 годин тому
STUNNING!!!!!!!Hits my SOUL like a bullet😘(+ without taking anything away from the AMAZING message in this track.....it's an EXTREMELY SEXY performance 🔥😍🔥)!
A Lloyd
A Lloyd 6 годин тому
STUNNING both lyrically and the performance!!! Not just an AMAZING voice but, the perfectly placed emphasised crescendos!!!! Straight to my SOUL👍😘👍😘👍😘👍!!! TRUE TALENT!!
The Gazette 2.0
The Gazette 2.0 6 годин тому
The greatest song of all time! 🎶
Sandra Powell
Sandra Powell 8 годин тому
Just she the stupidity and hatred of ignorance
Sandra Powell
Sandra Powell 8 годин тому
No one should be punished for love between adults
Sandra Powell
Sandra Powell 8 годин тому
No one has the right to judge another
ᴀʟᴊᴜɪᴄᴇツ 9 годин тому
Ogier the Dane
Ogier the Dane 9 годин тому
Catchy song but gay propaganda. Disliked
Gregory Hyde
Gregory Hyde 10 годин тому
It has a great message, I am Christian I'm not affected, nor offended it's freedom of speech and has a close emotional reaction while I was going through a horrific divorce ... God bless,
Peter ඞ
Peter ඞ 4 години тому
Modern Christians are so disgusting
Cloudy 10 годин тому
Christians Are Gonna Be Happy About This.
Elias Ortiz
Elias Ortiz 10 годин тому
It’s hard once you’ve been in this, you still love them, it’s just hard to accept them like this because you see their best in your heart even though you don’t get why they’re doing it. Blessings and prayers to all those going through anything like this in any way, find your outlet, find your friends, and find your self worth…then, find your way out. Love y’all
Axel. nordenswan
Axel. nordenswan 11 годин тому
Love it!
Fang Gamer
Fang Gamer 12 годин тому
Cant believe found this masterpiece after 9 years
Ishan Joshi
Ishan Joshi 12 годин тому
This song can hit 1 billion views before 2024 .Nice song bro
Chrisss Rv
Chrisss Rv 12 годин тому
Me In 2014 “ take me to church 👦🏼” me now in 2023 “take me to church 🧔🏻”
AL DIPP 14 годин тому
Nice music
Maximiliano Casella
Maximiliano Casella 14 годин тому
Aguante el Kun Agüero y su gol que le dio el campeonato al manchester city de julian Alvarez... Yeah baby! Aguante River Plate!!!
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly 15 годин тому
Come back to this just for Sergei’s dancing
Blossom_Gracie 16 годин тому
Ngl I cried watching this
Yaqin Malul
Yaqin Malul 16 годин тому
Cass Ruth
Cass Ruth 16 годин тому
damn she’s getting good at acting out eating while looking at people burning
ST 17 годин тому
хуйня. сенс де?
Егор Шипилин
Егор Шипилин 15 годин тому
Ты из какой страны?
ST 17 годин тому
їбашили б русню! що нема інших дивних????
Adam 17 годин тому
I’m a LGBTQ Christian and yeah this song rocks
James.P Годину тому
@Adam Verses are interpreted by the Orthodox Church. The Church is run by the Councils as is shown in the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15. No scripture is of private interpretation. Plus you can't read Greek in fact you probably haven't heard of God's energies, (energeia) of the doctrine of theosis and other things which are only explicit if you have an understanding of Greek and Hebrew culture which lens the New Testament was written and interpreted through via the Councils.
Adam 3 години тому
@James.P lol already debunked that verse
Adam 3 години тому
@Peter ඞ yes you can 😂
Peter ඞ
Peter ඞ 4 години тому
You can't be both 😭
James.P 11 годин тому
1 Cor 6:9
JohnJD832 18 годин тому
This is anti Christ, avoid at all cost!
Peter ඞ
Peter ඞ 4 години тому
I see Christians in the comment section praising this song i even see gay Christians 💀
Wayne Essien
Wayne Essien 18 годин тому
I can’t believe this guy what he wants to tell the world. Crazy dude 🤦🏿‍♀️
Magdalena Pejas
Magdalena Pejas 18 годин тому
może i ja spłonę...
Magdalena Pejas
Magdalena Pejas 18 годин тому
moja miłość płonie żywcem przez nienawiść
ILoveBees 🐝
ILoveBees 🐝 19 годин тому
I don’t know if anybody else noticed or thinks this but some of the music sounds like it’s from and old American Western and I don’t know if that was intentional but either way the implications of that with the lyrics is simply brilliant.
Odd Little Me
Odd Little Me 19 годин тому
i love it when you can hear his accent slip through
DudeMan4000 8 годин тому
Yeah you can definitely hear the scottish