SPENCER Official Trailer (2021)
toju sote
toju sote 14 годин тому
She was flirting with him Thanks
oggylh1986 14 годин тому
This whole thing is so cringe
kbrrr3 14 годин тому
If she really held her children interest at heart then she would properly co parent in shared custody.
Me Here
Me Here 14 годин тому
Royalty in America? Have y'all forgotten the war was won back in 1776? What real importance do these two have? Prince Harry is the court jester and Markle's claim to fame is sleeping her way up. None of them have talents, merits yet they walk around with an undeserved sense of importance. Have Americans become so gullible that they're willing to entertain these two clows? Yo...wake up...
Oscar Macintosh
Oscar Macintosh 14 годин тому
its going to kill me when she goes
Yari 14 годин тому
💜🙏🏻God Bless!
xltoday 14 годин тому
dog gonna re dye his hair for the show?
lesile barber
lesile barber 14 годин тому
Yr awesome Rey thing u touch 🔥🌷😎✌️
Putri Sarifudin
Putri Sarifudin 14 годин тому
Rihanna change the game, it's like watching a huge concert but the main attraction is the models
lily91 14 годин тому
Why would all the fans of Harry snd Meghan not commenting here? Giving the entire platform to the trolls & haters is somehow strange. I scroll down and all I see is the most bitter and toxic people bullying them. Guys, we need to overcome evil with good.
Yuh 14 годин тому
Inna Gavrylyshyna
Inna Gavrylyshyna 14 годин тому
Ahh do you have to say " girl" "sis" and all that slang. 🙄 Annoying
Towelie Durden
Towelie Durden 14 годин тому
It looks very healthy & happy, it sure does...
Brien Lim
Brien Lim 14 годин тому
Bruh I stopped watching at season 12. It's become wayyy too woke. It's not even about the story anymore.
Dumisile Ngomane
Dumisile Ngomane 14 годин тому
She has always been beautiful ❤️☺️
Augusto Pinochet
Augusto Pinochet 14 годин тому
brought to you by the same losers who complain of social inequality
Play Made
Play Made 14 годин тому
I didn't know who Coldplay was but now you have my full support, thanks for being nice to BTS and Army, we really appreciate it, we hope it's not the only collaboration.
Angie Metcalfe
Angie Metcalfe 14 годин тому
I'm not a fan of Dog but I don't believe he cheated 'many times' on Beth. He's too well known for someone not to kiss and tell
teemo matt
teemo matt 14 годин тому
They making it look so bad
vitalyziggy1982 14 годин тому
“The crown broke, but I’m holding it with my f**king finger” - “isn’t it a perfect metaphor of your amazing career?” 😂
GerardoGoliz 14 годин тому
Who is Debra ?
my music
my music 14 годин тому
Black american face with white skin
S Wild
S Wild 14 годин тому
Bonnie is an attention seeking loser. And there’s no such thing as moving on too fast. Life doesn’t go on forever. Knowone owes anyone anything. Live life while you have it.
A HistoryPerson
A HistoryPerson 14 годин тому
Doing their royal 👑 duties but in the USA
S_mr 14 годин тому
I hope it ends they missed up this show for a quite enough time :).
Chris mitsos
Chris mitsos 14 годин тому
She's officially kookoo but still Madonna and still entertaining
Blablabla 14 годин тому
I hope no one ever took advantage of her for her to be where she was/is now.
Teresa Ungar
Teresa Ungar 14 годин тому
To be honest, I never was a fan of Stewart, HOWEVER! This looks absolutely amazing!
I Just Changed My Name
I Just Changed My Name 14 годин тому
That hair is atrocious. Switch hairstylist ASAP.
pete gonad
pete gonad 14 годин тому
Who plays Harry's real father?
Belić 14 годин тому
Who else is here just for the memes
Farah Wagner
Farah Wagner 15 годин тому
Bella poarch ❤️😍
TJ Williams
TJ Williams 15 годин тому
That was so sweet 🍭
liv 24
liv 24 15 годин тому
Another crazy illuminati member🤣😂🤣
Zah M
Zah M 15 годин тому
One thing Im so sure about this puppet is that he is disgusting to the core. He wants attention with his silly evil stunts and people are giving him. I wish people can stop commenting on his evil stunts coz its what magnifying evil. Just ignore him, don't give him the stage, he will stop coz people like him their ego shuts down if nobody pay attention to them. Im disgusted way far from South Africa. A disgrace of black man.
Blin Ring
Blin Ring 15 годин тому
Who is Beyonce and why is she famous I honestly don't know who she is
Desree Dempster
Desree Dempster 15 годин тому
liv 24
liv 24 15 годин тому
Crazy Attention seeker😂😂😂🤣STFO!!!
Cyndi Mininni
Cyndi Mininni 15 годин тому
Conveniently tested positive, my ass! (Funny how they were both retested negative). What an easy way to get rid of opposing views. Looks like Harris didn’t want any REAL questions 🤦🏻‍♀️ #setup
Focus Now
Focus Now 15 годин тому
Otis and Ruby endgame in season 4.
Lekhanyane Maboa
Lekhanyane Maboa 15 годин тому
A Western idiom
Amy 15 годин тому
It was all a big publicity stunt. Bet they were all in on it.
Lali Karra
Lali Karra 15 годин тому
Why is this news???????
Srijita Majumder
Srijita Majumder 15 годин тому
He is THE ICON....❤️❤️❤️❤️
Linique Apollis
Linique Apollis 15 годин тому
It is fike
Jacqueline Schneider
Jacqueline Schneider 15 годин тому
Spoiled don't know what you have
59jlopez70 15 годин тому
Many of the royal members passed away and are forgotten very quickly but Princess Diana we will never forget our People’s Princess.
David Sousa Almeida
David Sousa Almeida 15 годин тому
Vais ganhar o Oscar, hein, querida!! É ÓBVIO!!😍❤
scott mcadams
scott mcadams 15 годин тому
I am calling bullshit
59jlopez70 15 годин тому
Christine Redel
Christine Redel 15 годин тому
When did COVID become a disease, Joy Reid??
Wan 2021
Wan 2021 15 годин тому
Not watching it especially samantha jones isn’t on it
directioner AF
directioner AF 15 годин тому
Not that blouse is only for girls anyone can wear anything he is not gay just because he wears something he wants to wear he is just Harry
Mr Faceless
Mr Faceless 15 годин тому
ANANYA thosar
ANANYA thosar 15 годин тому
I love her so much
Serendipity OK
Serendipity OK 15 годин тому
This generation has outdone Satan, Lucifer and the Devil altogether. I mean, Anton LaVey is feeling bad in his grave for not this bad for his master Satan.
Daniel Godoy
Daniel Godoy 15 годин тому
Nobody using masks, but we have to...
Tris Tris
Tris Tris 15 годин тому
Madonna has had a partial face lift her ears look funny…she moves like she has been stitched too tight. Why did she do that to her teeth? Oh Madonna…The commentators comment about madonnas broken Teaira being a metaphor for her career. I’m surprised Madonna didn’t pick that up as an insult.😑😑😑😑
Laverne Edwards
Laverne Edwards 15 годин тому
George Brady
George Brady 15 годин тому
why is she talking to him as if he was a little kid lol
directioner AF
directioner AF 15 годин тому
Let him wear what he wants stop judgeing him ... If you're a true fan you wouldn't be so much intrested in his sexuality .... instead focus on his talent , character and songs
Shitikanth Patel
Shitikanth Patel 15 годин тому
Kristen.... (me searching for words which can define her lol)
BeFreeAll 15 годин тому
Creepy how she has similar clothes and hair as Beth. He didn’t waste much time did he it was only July 2019 he said he’d never replace Beth.
Ariel Enriquez
Ariel Enriquez 15 годин тому
So", this is the guy", that my Most favorite female artist" wants to marry"..
Luffy44 15 годин тому
I have a question, Lil Nas is Gay or super Gay
Yash Fofaria
Yash Fofaria 15 годин тому
Fighting cancer is a tough almost impossible battle. It may have taken him but he never did yield.
princetonscholar 15 годин тому
Love this profile 💯
Natasha Berry
Natasha Berry 15 годин тому
I was diagnosed infertile at 19, told was never gonna have kids never had a regular period, pretty much checked off all the symptoms of PCOS BUT last 2 months we celebrated my daughters first birthday conceived naturally with herbs remedies
Ariel Enriquez
Ariel Enriquez 15 годин тому
All i can say" for Britney my idol" is i"., i", i, . Ha! Ha! Ha!"... im from the Philippines!"... i wish",, i wish".. Oh" i dont know what to say".. May the guy", be" thruth to himself".
Lexington Montgomery
Lexington Montgomery 15 годин тому
Sinister sky omega on UKposts
Dilcia Enid
Dilcia Enid 15 годин тому
Lol, 1st movie? 🧐
Monae Dawson
Monae Dawson 15 годин тому
God bless you NeNe 🙏😘 may the peace of God be with you
Meklit Dereje
Meklit Dereje 15 годин тому
maze: i am banging Chloe's dad me: i am not even surprised
navigate48 15 годин тому
Wow they look deathly ill... hope they recover 🤣🤣🤣
DillXGAME 15 годин тому
Mrs. Inc
Mrs. Inc 15 годин тому
They were vaccinated and got corona. What exactly is the purpose of the vaccine?