Paul cook 68
Paul cook 68 5 годин тому
Nothing runs through the bush that fast! Certainly not a man in a gillie suit! He's haulin ass! However until somebody shoots one! Who knows!?
K M 6 годин тому
No you should leave them alone. They have been very patient with you.
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei 6 годин тому
Lol!! Guess he found the only Sasquatch that doesn’t blink - even when a flashlight is pointed directly at it.
Dev Vaughn
Dev Vaughn 6 годин тому
I believe more than most do I really do, I seen prints myself, and I've heard sounds I cant EXPLAIN, but theres just something about this guy I just cant "BELIEVE AT ALL" idk why i cant even EXPLAIN it... I just dont trust him at all I'm subscribed to his channel, and everything I just dont believe him for some reason, I truly think hes hoaxing all of these videos, I hope I'm wrong I really do......
Monique van Leeuwen
Monique van Leeuwen 6 годин тому
Eyes so far apart, it’s MASSIVE!
Nikon Truth
Nikon Truth 6 годин тому
Great video!
BD 6 годин тому
I find it odd and surprising that(if it was a Sabe being)the sasquatch didnt move its head or eyes. Nor did it even make a sound. Never seen a video that had a human walk up or let a Sabe sit this close to a person while a flashlight is in its face, without even making a peep. No breathing sounds nor Rocks thrown. Nothing. Not sure why he felt not welcome. Eyes shining looked a bit off. On both creatures. The sasquatch sees way too off to be authentic. Then see the second ones eyes dhining like that and just looked off with his recording. When he started it right before he spotted it. Thinking its not authentic for me anyways. I think he should do whatever he thinks is smart. Go back id like to see this "Den". Why not film it upclose?
Deborah Norsworthy
Deborah Norsworthy 6 годин тому
I believe your bigfoot looks like a Dogman with them big ears stuck up like that. If you go back I hope your with someone else and carry a big gun. Prayer, Be Safe💖
John Todd
John Todd 7 годин тому
I would say your not welcome. If someone was walking around my house looking around with a flashlight and shining in my eyes I would be pissed off to. And it was a good idea that he didn’t get any closer because I promise you that creature was getting ready to jump on his shit!!
Sharon McComas
Sharon McComas 7 годин тому
It looked like he had a Sasquatch on the first time but the next day it looked like he was being confronted by a huge dogman. I wouldn't go back they could be waiting on you. But you have a great video.
Christian Matthew
Christian Matthew 7 годин тому
Definitely looks more like a dogman. Whatever it is, it would definitely win at a staring contest or a statue contest. Thing didn't blink once,or move on millimeter. You would think the light shining right in it's face would get it to blink at least once. I don't know about this one....
Kristina Simmons
Kristina Simmons 7 годин тому
Wow, that's actually really Good footage especially at 5m 10s in that looks to me like a giant head and eyes, dogman.. looking at the camera person!!
Shon Barton
Shon Barton 7 годин тому
Not only did it move.. but it also blinked. There is no denying that something is there! Its definitely not a human & its not a fake. Only moneytaker is allowed to use fakery in his videos.. just like hes done his whole career. To all the basement dwellers with keyboards out there.. if its not a Sabe.. what is it then????
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy 8 годин тому
4:38 3 dog man at least
michael burkett
michael burkett 8 годин тому
I'm seeing a dogman not a bigfoot. It truly looks as if there are ears sticking up and just the way it's glaring. I would crap myself if I was walking and seen that deep in the woods! Holy hell good job staying composed🙏
SOS Outdoors
SOS Outdoors 8 годин тому
If you look @ the EARS * it's not a bigfoot. It's a Dogman. Far more dangerous. I recommend a Glock 10mm with Sig V Crown hollowpoints Yah forbid * you need to use it ; aim for the eyes. Stay safe out there. Thanks for sharing .
ToxicSunshine 9 годин тому
Go back but with a better camera. Needs further investigating.
Joey West
Joey West 9 годин тому
You know why it has some kind of vibration it sends so that's why the vision went on that up close look big foot and the werewolf has special powers,
rvntz 9 годин тому
holy cow
Laurie Albert-Cooper
Laurie Albert-Cooper 10 годин тому
I Bo it doesn’t look like no Bigfoot. It looks like a Dogman or like that and I never go back!
Kiwiwarrior420 10 годин тому
Seen this before,Nah bro i don't think you are a wimp,I'd hardout be on edge if i was in the bush at night by myself with glowing eyes staring back lol
Олег Ангел
Олег Ангел 10 годин тому
bigfoot .Yes, they can stand still for a long time without moving.
Gerald Mccarty
Gerald Mccarty 10 годин тому
That thing was surprised at first contact but next time it might be over it's apprehension i don't believe I'd go back.
Si Isaac
Si Isaac 11 годин тому
Nice footage
John Graceland
John Graceland 11 годин тому
I believe personally this is a Dogman I can clearly see the snout when zoomed in.
sherry wells
sherry wells 11 годин тому
That looks like a black wolf
Woody 5326
Woody 5326 11 годин тому
Now from all the stories ive heard, this guy standing there just looking back at you not moving!?!? Look to your sides!! Might be one or two moving to flank you. That was creepy!
Jamie Jessee
Jamie Jessee 11 годин тому
I don't know who you are but this is absolutely a fantastic video of our Forrest Friends 🎯🖤🌳👣🏹 I'm in Flatwoods, VA, Wise County.... I noticed a comment below talking about Flatwoods WV ❌ I have had 2 different Bigfoot in the last 3 years show themselves to me now! 😯
MiamiJules 12 годин тому
This channel as the best f***ing footage ever... AND THEY GOT IT EVERY DAMN DAY!! Wow. P.S. That ain’t no Bigfoot homie.... that’s a dogman or werewolf.... look at its teeth! And those big ass, pointy ears. Amazing footage. I’d bet you all my AMC shares that you ain’t alone either. P.S.S. HELL NO DON’T GO BACK!! UNLESS YOURE RIGHT WITH JESUS AND ARE READY TO HAVE SUPPER WITH ‘EM.... STAY YOUR CRAZY AWAY!
Chuck Chillout
Chuck Chillout 12 годин тому
It nvr blinked.. 4:52 smh when u glanced away and turned back it was gone
Steve Quate
Steve Quate 12 годин тому
I believe it was4:20 there was 1-2 ceding off to the right just as he passed the tree prob was a hunting party. It could hv just as easily snapped him in two and had him for supper instead earned him by throwing a rock or two and fir your dildos w/o batteries(my wife calls that useless) cougars don’t stand on hind paws and wrap a paw around a rock abs acuratly throw a rock, you morons just don’t want to believe your great government has been lying to you do you, but yet you’ll let them fuck the shit out of you go hit the trail to first FEMA camp you idiots. This guy was lucky
Dave Hicks
Dave Hicks 13 годин тому
look close when he zoom in on the den the second time that is a big big dogs head looks like s shepered
David Birmingham
David Birmingham 13 годин тому
It looks huge, but the dog doesn't react at all wich makes me suspicious
vulkan deathgrip
vulkan deathgrip 13 годин тому
@4:45 that’s a werewolf aka dogman. “Wer=Man and Wulf=wolf” in latin… hence “Dogman” that’s what werewolf means so it doesn’t matter what you wanna call em it’s both the same in and of itself lol
Malik James
Malik James 6 годин тому
There’s a difference a werewolf is a human turning into a wolf during a full moon and a dogman would just be a human wolf hybrid being….
Raquel Barron
Raquel Barron 13 годин тому
Yes I would go back.. But with protection and not alone!! Creepy
Chatto Cali
Chatto Cali 13 годин тому
id love to see sometihing like tht
MiamiJules 11 годин тому
Yeah? Out in the fucking woods with the sun coming down.... you’re out like a dipshit.... just having a great time with a couple of friends.... no equipment/no weapons (or, at least, none that these things give a shit about) and BOOM - YOU GOT SOME DEMONIC ASS MONSTER just staring at you?! Come the fuck on....
Chuck Chillout
Chuck Chillout 13 годин тому
This s#it got my heart beating hard late nite watchin this. Ur doing an excellent job very careful. But i hope u got something heavy if they try to jump u. Oh.. And F#ck tha haters. They dont have tha balls.. Me neither.. Js.. i wish there was a way u can have sumone there to watch ur back
Sándor Gróf
Sándor Gróf 13 годин тому
From my Russian ex-girlfriend, I knew stories about this thing (they call them ''Mink'') are so commune like the ones about bears. Side note ''Mink'' is the one who can scare to death a bear only by his smell or voice. Her family members told me at least.
David Birmingham
David Birmingham 13 годин тому
It was something but not a dogman
Ben kam
Ben kam 13 годин тому
That's not a Mountain lion.
White Tiger
White Tiger 13 годин тому
Another 411 case in the making folks, david paulides gonna have enough to write a new book soon!!
Thorne Thistle And Tear
Thorne Thistle And Tear 13 годин тому
Why doesn’t he take a rifle and shot that thing and then go up to it and film the rest of it? It looks like a dog in the bushes. It’s weird!
MiamiJules 11 годин тому
Dude... you don’t shoot at those fucking things... unless you’re dragging a 5 Inch Mark V with a fire control computer and shit.... not a great idea. You might pop one or two (not kill.... but hit) - then - BANG LIGHTS OUT - one behind you just sent your ass flying into a tree.
John Paige
John Paige 13 годин тому
7:55, wherewolf
Harper Rose
Harper Rose 14 годин тому
This guy was genuinely scared!
Mark M
Mark M 14 годин тому
Those so called scientist want proof, they should go to these spots.
Arath Jasso
Arath Jasso 5 годин тому
This is why I don't agree on scientists with cryptozoology and paleontology
Erik Burns
Erik Burns 14 годин тому
Looks very real to me & MASSIVE!
Omega Glitch
Omega Glitch 14 годин тому
It didn’t blink so a little skeptical.
sera ann
sera ann 14 годин тому
Steelhead Truth
Steelhead Truth 14 годин тому
At first couple pics I saw at least 2 or 3 other set of eyes to right quick like all got up and took a look...
Steelhead Truth
Steelhead Truth 14 годин тому
Plus one at end ,looks like pointy ears like anubis or something kinda, or two protruding? But also get just a very big squatch or huge Alpha Man of the woods face silhouette,either way eyes set far apart so ehh they or it gotten a lil supprised but held ground to access u...
John Lenz
John Lenz 14 годин тому
The protruding ears say it’s a dogman. The blunted snout says it’s a gugwe. Ruling out gugwe because they are VERY territorial, think people taste good, and the person lived to send this video in. I wouldn’t go back or even get close to the area. Whatever is there would have your scent. My only question is, why no blinking? Bigfoot, dogmen and especially gugwe are sensitive to white light. That thing didn’t blink once. Unless it blinked at the same time I did every time I went back and watched it?
pink71099 14 годин тому
that thing never blinked what ever it was if it was a living thing it would blink
magna11 12 годин тому
Where is your science backing this up.
TexasRose 14 годин тому
It doesn't look like a den. He took a picture of what maybe a sasquatch, it doesn't look like a den.
Kevin Pittman
Kevin Pittman 14 годин тому
man says he saw it walk on two legs... did bf ever have more than two? and no clip of it walking at all? just some beady marbles stuck to a fake head in the bush.. it doesnt even blink... no movement... doesnt feel alive... leaning toward hoax due to the fishy story and lack of quality .... dont think ur welcome anymore... SMH
Kevin Pittman
Kevin Pittman 14 годин тому
the eye shine is kinda convincing but your story and how when u zoomed in... it never refocussed.. for all i know and anyone else knows u have a mask hangin in the bushs... no movement whatsoever in either clip... then u keep repeating your not welcome... why? did u throw a rock at it? shit near its den? im a firm believer... firm.... but there are too many things with this sighting that makes me think u just stuck a head in the tree line... heck it didnt even grunt to warn u off yet ur thinking ur not welcome? it made no action toward u None. so either your a woman or this story is fake... and when i say woman... u could also be one of those insecure men too... always asking... do u still love me? whats wrong ... ur quiet... are u about to dump me... runs and cries to a friend... I think they are gonna dump me and im not welcome anymore... yet your partner never once hinted they wanted to get rid of you... or that ur not welcome... so yea... u need to go back... come with a bag of apples as a gift... leave them out in the open and keep ur camera steady this time... when they come out into the open... have the balls at least and the calm fortitude to film whatever u got lurking there in the trees. THEN! and only then will i believe its not a mask or a head u made from a balloon and painted paper machet with some convienience store hair extentions glued on for fur. Come on you can produce er i mean film better than this... Go back...
MiamiJules 11 годин тому
Lolol Jezzz Kev, homie we gotta talk about the crazy ass broads you’ve been dating. Lololol not that mines are any better.... I assure you.... those are the real monsters. Hahaha
Marie M
Marie M 14 годин тому
Sexistic much? We've left the Dark ages behind us long time ago. Time to wake up laddie.
David Espinoza Reyes
David Espinoza Reyes 14 годин тому
Go back you have too!! Just don’t go back alone
Christian Contreras
Christian Contreras 14 годин тому
Where there is one there are others.
Dianne Brown
Dianne Brown 14 годин тому
That looked like more than one dogmen. Don't go back..too dangerous.
Jason 15 годин тому
I had one this big charge me in a Florida swamp. They are not natural of this earth because every animal and bird was terrified of it. Everything ran by me like I was not standing there with a rifle. It Sounded like a dam bulldozer coming at me, the way it was knocking trees and brush out of its way yet hearing and then feeling the massive stride of the huge feet impacting the ground is what really scared the shit out of me. I knew I was about to be face to face with it and thinking I had one shot to stop it really had me wishing I had brought my 12 gauge. They can either read minds or they know what a gun is because he stopped in his tracks about ten yards away. We had a Mexican stand off for what seemed like forever, till it started to get dark, then I hauled ass out of there.
Shane Barber.
Shane Barber. 15 годин тому
Dogman .😮👍 Too close for comfort there. He was very lucky to have escaped from it. Possible more was around? Thank you so much for sharing this video. Be safe everyone out there in the wilderness
Johnny Brown
Johnny Brown 15 годин тому
awesome video
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy 15 годин тому
I watched it at 2x the normal speed and it didn't move the slightest bit! And what's with it's giant round "gingerbread man" head??? Looks too goofy!!! This is either staged or it's sumthin' else reflecting the light. I'm gonna go with fake on this one! Most of these videos on UKposts are now.😒 I mean, all of a sudden everyone has a Bigfoot livin' on their property???🙄
Marie M
Marie M 14 годин тому
I agree Paul. It's sad. Our credibility is going down the loo.
Bishopman 2
Bishopman 2 15 годин тому
He felt unwelcomed after shining his flashlight directly into the creatures face. Just to be honest, no human would like that either.
T Ellison
T Ellison 15 годин тому
The eye glow serves a good aiming point for scope on my 45-70
Beast Titan
Beast Titan 8 годин тому
@Grain of Salt They will follow you to the ends of the earth the moment you shoot/kill one. You would be marked for life and they would have your scent. Don’t be a fool of a took.
Grain of Salt
Grain of Salt 14 годин тому
I wish someone would dump a mag into one of these things already
Lisa Eischens
Lisa Eischens 15 годин тому
My only question wine why doesn’t this creature blink! I would say it looks like a Dogman if it’s real. Very compelling except for the non blinking or movement.
MiamiJules 12 годин тому
They often don’t blink (more times than not I would say) - the blinks are rare; probably well adapted to hunting this way
Ryan Bennett
Ryan Bennett 15 годин тому
Looks like a cougar.
Statsmuhstoot Redner
Statsmuhstoot Redner 15 годин тому
It's weird how they can get in the ground like there buried up to there necks or something lol . although they know how to lay down as well . lol so anyways if you or anyone feels like there not welcome you probably are not welcome ? I mean if you felt any other way all should be ok like nothing is wrong and on you go . never second guess your feelings .
nwo 15 годин тому
i would go back there everyday with a gun of course
magna11 12 годин тому
Gun wouldn’t help much with that many you’d be torn to shreds but you do you man.
nwo 15 годин тому
great footage looks huge
James McKinney
James McKinney 15 годин тому
I always use my flashlight during the day. Or when my fake head has reflective eyes that needs a flashlight so they light up for the camera so you can see them.
KH Worker
KH Worker 13 годин тому
The trees block the sun which makes it dark, hence the flashlight. I know you are just a dumb townie but have you heard of night vision? Optics? When was the last time you filmed anything in the back country? When was the last time you got off the couch? Armchair omnipotence. Go get head from your fake head and stop pretending to be an expert.
4113N 5
4113N 5 14 годин тому
Cameras have auto focus and auto correction today, it’s more than likely much darker than what showed up on his recording.
James Mendo
James Mendo 15 годин тому
I'd be freaked out if I came across that while walking in the bush.
D.C JOEY 15 годин тому
1 back in den......look how wide eyes are apart....and a German Shepard look. The head was big!!!! Yall both got good look at ea. Other. Don't push it. Solo or with back up!!!
Lindsay Schilling
Lindsay Schilling 15 годин тому
Plenty of Sasquatch. I also saw a Dogman or two! That fella was in extreme danger.
T Ellison
T Ellison 15 годин тому
Where did you see a dogman?
Pd Tenn
Pd Tenn 15 годин тому
Damn that thing looks evil. Pointy ears and white teeth at 8:44
Pd Tenn
Pd Tenn 15 годин тому
Christine Seidman
Christine Seidman 15 годин тому
Looks like a Dogman to me.
Kathy Collins
Kathy Collins 14 годин тому
I thought the same thing, looks more like a dogman to me....definitely would not go back.
James G.
James G. 15 годин тому
Jeff W.
Jeff W. 15 годин тому
It's head looks like the same shape as the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia!! I like how they don't move their eyes almost like an owl just glaring!
dirk norman
dirk norman 13 годин тому
I used to live in Sutton, West Virginia 73-74-75
Graham Baker
Graham Baker 15 годин тому
I'm not buying it. Animals blink, it doesn't and anyone could simply set a head with reflectors for eyes. I've had my share of rocks thrown at me. Seen two personally and they also didn't move, but they couldn't prevent themselves from slightly swaying and slow blinking like a cat. Doesn't seem alive to me.
Steve Henson
Steve Henson 13 годин тому
Doesn't seem alive cause it's been staged. I could produce the same thing with my cameras and baffle everyone
Andrew Mroczenski
Andrew Mroczenski 14 годин тому
Yea they do sway side to side. Why is that I wonder?
C. Welch
C. Welch 15 годин тому
Holy crap... First NV-TV vid that is potentially viable and credible that I’ve seen. I’ll just shut up and say kudos. Another thing, the tension and fear on the face of the subject early in the vid seems authentic and not manufactured. I’m buying his affect and the nervousness of the cameraman too. The footage is clear also. Ok, I’ll bite on this one. Possibly real.
Pd Tenn
Pd Tenn 15 годин тому
@4:52 we clearly see a Dogman on all 4’s or crouched. You can see you long nose. I would suggest the ears are pulled back. I thought that was a log or branch hanging down next to its face but it’s clearly the body. Amazing capture.
John Surguy
John Surguy 9 годин тому
So why you say we clearly see, then you suggest what we are seeing ?
VIC S 15 годин тому
Don't they blink when you shine a torch in their eyes? Hmmn..............
TheRobinMasters Theory
TheRobinMasters Theory 14 годин тому
I thought that was odd also.
Andrew Mroczenski
Andrew Mroczenski 14 годин тому
Are you suggesting its fake? Or just that it's super creepy?
4113N 5
4113N 5 14 годин тому
Doesn’t seem that they do.