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M B 23 години тому
So Awesome 🤘🤘😁
deloris hart
deloris hart День тому
The house is nice but where is the bathroom?
Spoo Loo
Spoo Loo День тому
I've enjoyed watching this video in its entirety. Congrats to you for all your hard work.
Fast Wig Review with Lisa Bee
Fast Wig Review with Lisa Bee День тому
where is the bathroom?
James Lee
James Lee День тому
Doors and windows should go on last until the framing and sealing is all done...
Leonise Loose
Leonise Loose День тому
Eu adorei....
2L Boethang
2L Boethang День тому
Idk why a hood nigga like me like this kind of shit but I do 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
brady hornback
brady hornback День тому
Great video!!! So much work. It turned out great!!!
Martha Gonzalez
Martha Gonzalez День тому
Awesome cabin. Congratulations.
Deep Dahiya
Deep Dahiya День тому
This is so Wholesome
YunSeok Eom
YunSeok Eom День тому
너무 멋진데 화장실,샤워실 없음 😂
ron dean
ron dean День тому
Not cool! Stop lieing to people!!🤨
ron dean
ron dean День тому
Total misleading video!
ron dean
ron dean День тому
The video should be called the little rich boy builds his man tree house so he can run back home to mom and dads property when life gets rough!
Linda C
Linda C День тому
Great job! You truly did your thing.
Barb Mancino
Barb Mancino День тому
Amazing guy! So talented in all aspects of building and so young. Good going sweetie!
Belle День тому
I want to live there! Wow!
Mau Coe
Mau Coe День тому
Mau Coe
Mau Coe День тому
Rolf Hakenjos 2
Rolf Hakenjos 2 День тому
The two round windows under the roof. Aren't they an invitation for racoons? 🤣
rann s
rann s День тому
Great job!
Daniel MacFarlane
Daniel MacFarlane День тому
great job
What about washroom ?
Ms H
Ms H День тому
Very nice... wished I had these kind of skills
Luis Garsner
Luis Garsner День тому
No shower?
The wisceeeggg
The wisceeeggg День тому
What refreshing sense of humor, "whittling weird little bearded men..."🧙‍♂️
Dilafruz Ulmasova
Dilafruz Ulmasova День тому
Paranormal orbit
Paranormal orbit День тому
Title should have said “ young man and army of friends builds tiny house on rich parents land.
That caint be a house that has to be smallest shed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣or a child's play house
loretta mackey
loretta mackey 2 дні тому
The sloppy distributor remarkably sprout because step-sister prospectively expand apud a like expansion. ultra, plant weapon
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 2 дні тому
I admire those with such skills.
Charity's Ghost
Charity's Ghost 2 дні тому
Nice try, Buddy. But you still have to get a job.
Charlotte Schreffler
Charlotte Schreffler 2 дні тому
I did not see a bathroom. But it was really nice. It was on wheels.
Charlotte Schreffler
Charlotte Schreffler 2 дні тому
Nice little cozy cabin for 1 orv2 people..How did you get gas out there.?
Ира Горбунова
Ира Горбунова 2 дні тому
Здоровья вам и благополучия вашему дому.
chanel 6 nus
chanel 6 nus 2 дні тому
i too build things when i get laid
Сталин 2 дні тому
Alexander Tsigaridas
Alexander Tsigaridas 2 дні тому
Excellent job! I just did not understand how you are supposed to get warm during the cold winters?
Миляуша Сергеева
Миляуша Сергеева 2 дні тому
You superman!!!👍👏👏👏👏
Queendidine C
Queendidine C 2 дні тому
Jacob with another great video, the work ethic is unreal!!!!Keep up the good work!
mmmonkay 2 дні тому
please make more content. this is too good.
Christine Lambert
Christine Lambert 2 дні тому
Very talented man. But my 8 yr old grandson just asked....Where does he 💩? Lol
Chloe Sibilla
Chloe Sibilla 2 дні тому
how was he able to afford all the supplies and stuff if he had no job?
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen 2 дні тому
Where are the toilets and bathrooms?
Юра Гавшин
Юра Гавшин 2 дні тому
Мечта детства
Emanual0607 2 дні тому
Absolutely Fabulous!!!!
Ninfa Rodríguez
Ninfa Rodríguez 2 дні тому
Y... El baño?????
Elrem Guzman
Elrem Guzman 2 дні тому
where is the bathroom/toilet?
mayda duque
mayda duque 2 дні тому
Wowwww hermosa casita y muy bien elaborado me encanta.mis felicitaciones exelente trabajo.
KC Kraze
KC Kraze 2 дні тому
Who else read the Title of the Video as "Young Man Gets Laid, Builds Tiny House." Every time he gets laid he adds a new room! Lmao.
Glen Gabel
Glen Gabel 2 дні тому
Awesome house - but where's the bathroom?
Sid S
Sid S 3 дні тому
I’ve no talent
_crustbuster7447 3 дні тому
10k in materials later... you have a woods hut. Nice.
never liked my old user name 〈3
never liked my old user name 〈3 3 дні тому
Someone please decorate this 💕
Mariano Ramos
Mariano Ramos 3 дні тому
Big man in a van
Big man in a van 3 дні тому
A lot of hard work went into this. Great job!
Rejane Vieira
Rejane Vieira 3 дні тому
First the BATHROOM! Fisrts the BATHROOM! Fisrt the BATHROOM!...................
Melis Doeh
Melis Doeh 3 дні тому
I loved the Chinook detail. 😁
Allison Ehresman Grussenmeyer
Allison Ehresman Grussenmeyer 3 дні тому
Alvin Koh
Alvin Koh 3 дні тому
No bathroom? Where to shit then?
S Hamster
S Hamster 3 дні тому
Does he poo in the sink?
Светлана Шкапенко
Светлана Шкапенко 3 дні тому
Это круто, вау, супер. Ты красавчик. Браво. 🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👏
Matilde Perez
Matilde Perez 3 дні тому
nice and beatiful
Kimmy K
Kimmy K 3 дні тому
This is Awesome!❤
Elaine Gordon
Elaine Gordon 3 дні тому
HUGE respect. ❤️❤️
forabuck380 4 дні тому
Shed large outhouse definitely not a house
Yuli Morlet
Yuli Morlet 4 дні тому
Y el baño?🚽🚿
Svetlana Solonikova
Svetlana Solonikova 4 дні тому
А где душ и туалет?
P.L. Gebo
P.L. Gebo 4 дні тому
Only thing missing is the bathroom lol. Absolutely adorable.
Marisa Knauer
Marisa Knauer 4 дні тому
Preciosa, pero... Y el baño??
Mary Karagiannis
Mary Karagiannis 4 дні тому
so they take a shit in the woods then......
nina wade
nina wade 4 дні тому
Very nice !
David JP
David JP 4 дні тому
Heat supply?
woohoo5473 4 дні тому
Did I miss it? What’s the heat source?
Lenora Diane
Lenora Diane 4 дні тому
I say piss off to the nay sayers and negatorians. And who knows what facilities are around for a dunny? Give the guy credence for christ's sake.
PumpkinMozie 4 дні тому
This guy had probably had this idea in the back of his head for a while. Like “if my career ever gets screwed over, then F it, I’m building a tiny home.” And then when he got laid off he was like “alright imma head out”
ellen balgley
ellen balgley 4 дні тому
Wow 😀looks great !!!
Shelly Cassidy
Shelly Cassidy 4 дні тому
Awesome work I like it
treespirit2000 4 дні тому
Kudos to you, brothe! You rose to the occasion!
Jennifer Bowman
Jennifer Bowman 4 дні тому
Can you please tell us measurements, and hole cost at the end of your build? Very impressed would like to know if you build for extra income on the side or is this little house just it for you my friend? Lol 💞 to see more or get you some business! 💯 Absolutely marvelous, thank you for your time! Great job, Congrats on your new little home!! 💚🎉🥰🌹😉🤗🎈💯💯💯💯💯🎊