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Joni Michalski
Joni Michalski День тому
Hi Angie it been a long time hope you feel better soon will be praying for you love your friend Joni. I remember my slinky amazing maybe you should take pictures I'm going to some one on Instagram ok.
Joanne Ganon
Joanne Ganon 4 дні тому
Hi GF, hope your feeling better soon. It looks like the Little Guy came a callin to your window😎. The connection you have seems to be getting deeper with these Beautiful Beings💪🐦😘. JO JO IN VT 💕😄
Teresa P.
Teresa P. 4 дні тому
Hey Angie great video. I just wanted to let you know I have fibromyalgia very bad and arthritis and was in so much pain I couldn't even go up my steps but one at a time. I am no young spring chicken either and I did hard jobs all my life so tons of body pain before. Anyway I was watching a channel called big family homestead on UKposts and they talked about a tree that grows in India and other warm climates called moringa oliveria and there's a brand they recommended Pura Vida online it cost $20 all in all for A month's supply you take 2 in the morning and two in the evening. It is the most nutritious plant on Earth or one of them and it brings down inflammation and I'm telling you my pain is so much better I can't even believe it. I'm now on my third month of taking it and my energy levels are way better than they used to be and my flares are way less now and I can do so much more than I could be for. I hope you will try it and see if it helps you. By the way Walmart sells a brand called spring valley that I just bought and it looks exactly the same as the pure Aveda brand and smells the same too. I hope you will try it and anyone else who reads this because it will amaze you in about 2 to 3 weeks.
Air Force Retired
Air Force Retired 4 дні тому
Uummm, no such thing as Big Foot
Air Force Retired
Air Force Retired 4 дні тому
@SnowWhiteBigfoot Beg if you must but nobody has ever shown me one. No bones, nothing.
SnowWhiteBigfoot 4 дні тому
I beg to differ
Michelle Mcconnell
Michelle Mcconnell 4 дні тому
linda albano
linda albano 5 днів тому
Couldn’t hear the last half of the video
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson 5 днів тому
Randy Coates
Randy Coates 5 днів тому
🌏🌲🌘. 👍
the daily dan blog
the daily dan blog 5 днів тому
Great video
Susan Hurst
Susan Hurst 5 днів тому
What a great gift. Isn't it amazing that these people who have so little - or nothing at all - are so generous in giving gifts to others.
Lynn Micallef
Lynn Micallef 5 днів тому
Oh wow! That possum was massive ! It looked like a dinky polar bear! Too funny. Lovely walk thank you. BIG LOVE! 💖
Daisy Sunshine
Daisy Sunshine 5 днів тому
Hey there, CSI Snow on the case again. Sneaky little woodboogers!! Stay low, don’t get seen & at the right height to have a sneaky peak in the window to see if there are any interesting tools they might want next 🤣 it’s probably quieter to back up than it is to turn around and risk bumping a chair. ( Total squirrel 🐿 brain moment: Thinking on the tools, I wonder if they have been learning how to use them when they watch you & Jim, then steal them to practice?? ) The spring in the slinky is cool. The flies, not so much. But they did look perfectly placed. Garden is looking gorgeous Feel better my lovely.
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy 5 днів тому
Excellent deductions
Jonathan Turcan
Jonathan Turcan 6 днів тому
I think its awsome they brought the spring as a gift bc Snow was prpbaly right with it reminded them as the slinky... its awsome how they hold onto these gifts without hurting them before they put them on the porch and im not saying they can't ever be gentle but i think its amazing... even when they take stuff from the porch there's times they bring it back a week later like the recorder they took at one point and they didn't break it but like where are they putting/keeping these things so they dont get wet for the recorder or damaged?? And it also shows the respect they have for Snow with not trying to break her stuff... sometimes they do break stuff on accident but they still bring it back with another gift as a sorry i awsome vid as always Snow keep up your great work can't wait till the next video.
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach 6 днів тому
I wonder if the dots may be a sticker, splinter or thorns or scars from previous ones?
Hiker X
Hiker X 6 днів тому
Must be something else having the gifts brought and them interacting with you in these ways. Thanks for continuing the work. 👍❤️
Lysp 6 днів тому
I think I saw little chubby toe prints on that one print. How cute!
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach 6 днів тому
Snow White - you were right about the prints on the porch. They were trying to get in & out without bumping into anything. I think they backed out, to avoid upsetting anything. Awesome catch!
deborah Flello
deborah Flello 6 днів тому
The slinky and the itty bitty slinky shaped spring whoa, fabulous! Wow they are bright as a button! The prints on the deck made me think long and hard about all those witness reports detailing how the Sasquatch frequently are seen going on to all fours and moving very, very quickly. So your discovery did make me wonder whether they were on the deck and heard you or Jim coming out of the house and they were caught out and were forced to vacate the area very quickly. Down on all fours would be a great way to do it because firstly it makes them lower than your windows, secondly it makes them almost lower than your deck, thirdly it makes them lower than a person's general eyeline or line of sight. We humans tend to look ahead of us at a height of approx 4 to 6 feet. I assume the Sasquatch have noticed this about us humans! Very curious! What great catch Angie well done you! May I also send you my warmest regards and hope you are feeling a bit better now. love from Deb
you tubeviewer
you tubeviewer 6 днів тому
You're just gonna ignore the gift of the dead flies? Also is there any odor at all around the muddy prints?
Melody Lyons
Melody Lyons 6 днів тому
@Ross Blueberry I was. Along
david wilson
david wilson 6 днів тому
The slide marks hit me hard! Camping at Mt. St. Helens. The same configuration. But, the knuckle prints were better defined and almost twice the size of my knuckles. The tracks/slide marks were side by side and stopped, one just ahead of the other, leaving defined large knuckle prints. We found at about 100 yards from that location a well defined print about 16 inches long. We stood next to the print and did not sink into the packed volcanic ash at all. The print was pressed down to about 3/4 of an inch. We also came upon a tree laying on the trail. A big tree. 40 feet plus, 8 to 9 inches in diameter, ball root and all, blocking the trail. The tree had been placed there. The huge ball root, dirt and all, did not have a corresponding hole in that area. It was carried in. Spooky place.
SnowWhiteBigfoot 6 днів тому
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach 6 днів тому
Very eerie, to me! Thanks for sharing that!
Floss Blueberry
Floss Blueberry 6 днів тому
I love how your garden changes from season to season. It is so beautiful.
Phyllis Henderson
Phyllis Henderson 6 днів тому
Thanks Snow for sharing this video with us, the Biggies are crawling around your house and yard all the time. They get braver too, so I’m sure you’re in for a lot more shenanigans from this family clan. You just enjoy the ride and take good care. God Bless you 🙏🏻🌸🤙🏼
Stuart Mackenzie
Stuart Mackenzie 6 днів тому
From 18.00 on I can see at least 4 hidding under the leaves.
Rona S
Rona S 6 днів тому
So fascinating! Assuming their dermal ridges are unique, like our fingerprints, they would help identifying who's who in the zoo as well. Like the scars and marks on whales.
CA H 6 днів тому
They will never leave you😊 hope you feel better
Bee Kind
Bee Kind 6 днів тому
That’s really amazing Snow. Hope you’re feeling a little better. ❤️💜💛💚💙
David Birmingham
David Birmingham 6 днів тому
I think your on point with the spring and the slinky
the daily dan blog
the daily dan blog 6 днів тому
Wow very interesting stuff
Annette Newbrough
Annette Newbrough 6 днів тому
So what does the two dead flys mean
SnowWhiteBigfoot 6 днів тому
I don't know
Paula Holland
Paula Holland 6 днів тому
Awesome,good gift ‼️ You are a great detective ‼️😂😂
Sue Mitchell
Sue Mitchell 6 днів тому
Thanks for the update! So hope you are feeling a lot better. Love and Best Wishes!
K. Walker
K. Walker 6 днів тому
You're on the right track. Slow and steady wins the race. As much as we would all miss you...I would not blame you for turning off and enjoying your journey with them. This is ultimately for you.
Melody Lyons
Melody Lyons 6 днів тому
Hates it when you are feeling Puney. But yours sure sound confident in your detective work! Love it! Could you put a little sandy box out with your handprint in it with space for theirs? Amy could be a problem. ;) Love you.
Floss Blueberry
Floss Blueberry 6 днів тому
snow did the sandbox a couple of years back.
Jayne Skidmore
Jayne Skidmore 6 днів тому
I agree with you that it looks like a juvenile or two ducked down to go past the window to the railing. Maybe a quick peek inside for the kitty too? I'm always amazed by how tiny most of the things they bring you are. Without pockets or bags, just how do they not lose them on their way to you?
Betsy Phariss
Betsy Phariss 6 днів тому
I wish they could see you making the slinky go down stairs. The prints are awesome!
Andrea Varisco
Andrea Varisco 6 днів тому
Hi, I suggest you put a low container with more flour, or a plasticine tablet with your handprint inside 😊
Ken M
Ken M 6 днів тому
At 20 seconds am I seeing three little monkies in that bush 🤔
Cindy Waldron
Cindy Waldron 6 днів тому
Wonder if an infant is crawling around? Not walking yet
Jan 6 днів тому
Wow, your BF are so clever. and smart! That spring does resemble the slinky. Great detective work on the hand prints on the porch! Thanks Snow, and I hope you feel better soon 🙏
JP Vielleux
JP Vielleux 6 днів тому
Its cool how the gift was so similar to the slinky which is basically a spring shape. Thanks for the update!
Sharon spurlock
Sharon spurlock 6 днів тому
What an awesome gift.. Just like slinky only Where do they find these gifts...?? And the thought process that goes with the comparison of what facinates them.. So human like..hmmm And yes the mud smudge marks are foot prints and hands.. Like the crouched down by the house! Thanks for the great update!
R 6 днів тому
The only reason that I can think of, for a Young Sasquatch to Crawl on Hands & Feet on your Porch.! Is to enable it to be able to Look into Your Window.! What is the Window that is by the Table on the Porch. Where you found the Prints.? Also I'd like to ask, why don't you get some Security Camera's with Night Vision, and put them up around the Porch.?
you tubeviewer
you tubeviewer 6 днів тому
Cameras make them go away. We like them around.
SnowWhiteBigfoot 6 днів тому
The window looks into the garage and I have put cameras up before
Diane Fowler
Diane Fowler 6 днів тому
They are leaving a lot of prints lately🤷🏼‍♀️👣Stay safe thanks for sharing
Doc 6 днів тому
More questions come up now since it's looking like hand and footprints.... I wonder if the juveniles or both juveniles and adults walk on all 4's? This is a fascinating find! The dermal ridges after the 3 minute mark is spot on just like the great apes!
10ft5x 6 днів тому
Very good 👍 Thankyou Angie.🌲
Impossible Visits
Impossible Visits 6 днів тому
Super duper cool!!!
K. Walker
K. Walker 6 днів тому
Where have you been buddy!
SnowWhiteBigfoot 6 днів тому
John Doe
John Doe 6 днів тому
Most people are like "slinkys". Not very useful, but fun to push down stairs. It's an old joke. Love ya..
Jeff Dunnell
Jeff Dunnell 6 днів тому
Time to pressure wash and paint the floor and porch,your yard looks beautiful,your yard friends are leaving you marks to let you know they were there
SnowWhiteBigfoot 6 днів тому
We're re doing this coming spring
Christopher Hancock
Christopher Hancock 6 днів тому
Holy crap, that reminds me of the sierra sounds so much much.
Ready Cool
Ready Cool 6 днів тому
Very interesting! Is there no sound past 5:29 mark or is it just me?
SnowWhiteBigfoot 6 днів тому
No there's not. I slowed the clips down and didn't figure you wanted to listen to me sounding like a drunken sailor, and the rest were photos
Diana Rolph
Diana Rolph 6 днів тому
Do hope you feel better soon -meanwhile you are accruing more & more evidence.
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 6 днів тому
I even think that the 2 dead flys at each end of the spring inside the slinky might to have some meaning into what their telling you.
Ranjo.k 6 днів тому
They taking care of you anything they find first thing they think about you and they bringing to you,how smart they are thank you very special friendships
Jean Rankin
Jean Rankin 6 днів тому
a very young one putting spring from a pen in the slinky maybe? learning to interact?
Mark Birchette
Mark Birchette 6 днів тому
Hi ma'am, the spring reminds me of one out of a click pen that's been stretched slowly till longer. I would do this when young until they were perfect. Try seeing how an ink tube from a pen with a spring fits. Many different spring sizes to be sure, just an idea. Definitely looks like it backed up to my hunters eyes. Horses, goats, dogs. Most beings can back up. Hope you feel better soon. Please tell Jim I said hi. I'm halfway done with my book, To old too fast. It about my over 30 years down this bottomless rabbit hole with the Sasquatch and has pictures. I'd like to send you and I've told Rick and Marc as well. 🌲👣👣👣🌲
Mark Birchette
Mark Birchette 6 днів тому
@Christene Adams Autospell mess. It's William Jevning as Sasquatch in Utah. It was at least 2 years ago, so search his list.
Christene Adams
Christene Adams 6 днів тому
@Mark Birchette thank you for directing me to where I can hear your encounters. I’m very interested in Bigfoot but hope I never encounter one! Lol👣👀
Mark Birchette
Mark Birchette 6 днів тому
@Christene Adams I do but have never posted about it, but you can hear my first two on William Jenning as Sasquatch in Utah podcast.
Christene Adams
Christene Adams 6 днів тому
Hi Marc, I’m curious but do you have a UKposts channel? I would love to read your book! I hope you don’t mind me asking.🙂
Mark Birchette
Mark Birchette 6 днів тому
@SnowWhiteBigfoot Honor is mine ma'am. I reiterate, I've never seen interactions with them documented as thoroughly as you do.🌲👣👣👣🌲
will mcnaughton
will mcnaughton 6 днів тому
Its just mind blowing, as always. The blue crayon and the magnet on the air conditioning unit, springs to mind. 👣💐
Lee 6 днів тому
Wow awesome!
Rona S
Rona S 7 днів тому
Was that a white rock and moss on the stump beyond the air conditioner?
Jonathan Turcan
Jonathan Turcan 7 днів тому
3:22 is that walking past in the top right corner.
Michael V
Michael V 8 днів тому
What a gorgeous property you have !!!!
Michael V
Michael V 8 днів тому
Those 4 leaves together kinda look like shapes of individual Sasquatch
BLACKBEAR Coachman 8 днів тому
They big people. And mud a lot, You know why ? They run a lot on there hands.
BLACKBEAR Coachman 8 днів тому
Yes. They have big hands.
Daisy Sunshine
Daisy Sunshine 8 днів тому
I remember my nans pampas grass. It’s evil. I was always getting sliced by it when I got too close. But your friends hair most likely protects it better, so crawling into it all probably isn’t an issue for them. I love that Jim got a flower too. Do you think they are accepting his presence now, or did one of your grand babies sit in that chair??? 🕯♥️ to y’all.
your momma youtube
your momma youtube 10 днів тому
He even smiled!
SnowWhiteBigfoot 10 днів тому
Yes, isn't that sweet?
Ogun 10 днів тому
they sound so beautiful :)
Lydia Quinones
Lydia Quinones 10 днів тому
Angie, you highlight two. The first one you point out, however there is one just to the right And another one just behind the first one…. A little bit further/deeper in the grass… Yes!!! Three of them very close to each other. Then you have the second one, which is really the 4 th one. Have another look 👀🦍🦍🦍🦍👣👣👣👣
Kathie Saunders
Kathie Saunders 11 днів тому
That pompous grass again!! Weird.
Jaynie Hamilton
Jaynie Hamilton 11 днів тому
Have you seen you tube channel Diesel in New Jersey? Interested in your comments regarding the bigfoot cloaking themselves in his videos. It is so amazing. Perhaps they are doing this at your place as well?
Tnphoenix Rising
Tnphoenix Rising 11 днів тому
Thank you, I love watching you and your Bigfoot family. Can we have some new/different toys on the back porch for the little Bigfoots Mama Snow?
John Cantu
John Cantu 11 днів тому
thank you for your consideration! too many channels don't have a 'quality control' like you!
Iceblue 52
Iceblue 52 12 днів тому
I thought having a bear open the door and get in my garage was tops. But, You got me beat by a mile Angie! Bears are smart but they can’t spell lol Alaska
Ms.Ross13 12 днів тому
What Mess up? We would have never known! But yay we get more.Thank You Snow
R K 12 днів тому
You need a better camera
Lena Åberg
Lena Åberg 12 днів тому
For me as a foreigner it sounds like amma, meaning mother💕
Rich Nusser
Rich Nusser 12 днів тому
Snow, a few years back you thought they were giving you messages of the Mama foot being gone. Is that the case? Or did that work it’s way out ? Just curious. The little ones are really interested in the pampas grass. Awesome Work young Lady.
SnowWhiteBigfoot 12 днів тому
I still think something happened to her
R K 12 днів тому
That’s definitely an owl. Just an owl
jolly roger
jolly roger 12 днів тому
I hope you leave a gift for them when they leave you their calling cards. I was going to suggest a piece of candy, but then I thought they may think you should take them to the dentist when they start having tooth problems. Taking them to the dentist wouldn't be the problem, the Dentist's shaky hands would be !