New Item - Armored Wall
День тому
Chapter 2 Season 7 FNCS Finals Recap
Cratos 17 годин тому
Fortnite please make the season longer and make the xp easier and thank you
Nitrix Vel0cityYT
Nitrix Vel0cityYT 17 годин тому
Also when she says “gather what’s left of your army” when they are in the slip stream is that a Roblox sword sound?
Thegdprman Thegdprman
Thegdprman Thegdprman 17 годин тому
This season is insane and I played with my friends
Thegdprman Thegdprman
Thegdprman Thegdprman 17 годин тому
This season is insane and I played with my friends
crazy_peanutYT 231
crazy_peanutYT 231 17 годин тому
now listen guys isnt the squad supposed to be 4 but they were 5 people
Ultra Instinct Goku
Ultra Instinct Goku 17 годин тому
Did anyone see siren head at 0:46
rooziiee 18 годин тому
benjys mum: i love listening to him play my family: SHUT THE HELL UP YOU IDIOT HOW LOUD CAN YOU BE HOLYYY
amogus 18 годин тому
Now we have carnage venom and slone:(
Pulse 18 годин тому
time goes fast...
ExtremeSteak 18 годин тому
1:49 this part gave me halo vibes.
RileyRadez 18 годин тому
imma tell my kids and grandkids that cubes can reproduce
Superbum 18 годин тому
Do they do epic trailers like this?
Arnim Gupta
Arnim Gupta 19 годин тому
Didn't know Calfreezy was working with Epic for commentating videos
Mikeyboy 19 годин тому
why the long face
Kanatsız Kuş
Kanatsız Kuş 19 годин тому
özlüyorum en beğendiğim sezonlardan
Stonogiasz 19 годин тому
28:24 I love 2019 Fortnite Competitive so much man
Brother B
Brother B 19 годин тому
Bring this back plssssssssss
Toe Pick
Toe Pick 19 годин тому
The Knight Squad
The Knight Squad 20 годин тому
Can't wait for more info on the Foundation.
wtf Gorb
wtf Gorb 20 годин тому
they making this game for little kids
cozmo Gaming cc vice clan leader 2
cozmo Gaming cc vice clan leader 2 20 годин тому
Please bring back superhero skins not Marvel
erik godoy
erik godoy 20 годин тому
o fortnite o vcs são uns BAh nem vou falar porque estou triste vcs nem pra compartilhar a season do naruto nós jogadores de fre fire nos espera muito tempo por que dia que ia vim a parceria com o naruto no fre fire tô muito triste eu jogo fortnite mais vou desistir valeu por estragar meus sonhos
Ruben  Jan
Ruben Jan 20 годин тому
Can this game mode come back?
Md.Sadman Sahil
Md.Sadman Sahil 20 годин тому
Best season for me❤️
Donald Jombwe
Donald Jombwe 20 годин тому
This has always been on the PlayStation console I use it every time with my nephew
MrCoolz_28 20 годин тому
Lmao yall just strengthened your sbmm system 😂 u just killed you game
Nojus Vaser
Nojus Vaser 20 годин тому
Can fortnite do 200vibucks skin
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 20 годин тому
if it wall this chill i would still play this game, its just really sad that everyone just sweats so hard on this game .
Ryan Healy
Ryan Healy 20 годин тому
Dis not know bugha lived by steam stacks
Luwurail 20 годин тому
Memers after seeing the theme of this season: Get cubed lol
Viktor 21 годину тому
🥺🥺🥺 I Mis this season yo
tiffany ramos
tiffany ramos 21 годину тому
noam edri
noam edri 21 годину тому
why there is no pet in the buttle pass ?????
ParallelExecutioner26 21 годину тому
THIS NEEDS TO BE A MUSIC PACK NOW *Perhaps It Shall be Called “Cubed”*
ObsidianIsOk 21 годину тому
they missed an opportunity for the prisoner and the ice king to duke it out in the live event, sadly we will probably never see these mofos
Варвар ЛЁША
Варвар ЛЁША 22 години тому
Epic Games Please make it so that you can give the Battle Pass for Warbucks.
ck gamer PA
ck gamer PA 22 години тому
Wow can’t wait for season 5!
Raven 19 годин тому
Derp 22 години тому
Why is fortnite like warzone get one win your automatically in the pro lobbies
Eloise Cliett
Eloise Cliett 22 години тому
FA games let the spider man skin come out please
Jasmin McDonald
Jasmin McDonald 22 години тому
Lox Cars
Lox Cars 22 години тому
Epic can you please bring back the ferraris and add bugattis
Aayan Khan
Aayan Khan 22 години тому
Come on fortnite everyone wants grotto back and even TFUE! TFUE said that he will come back to fortnite if grotto comes back and ik I'm not the only one who wants grotto back come on!
JxstContent 22 години тому
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 23 години тому
O melhor passe do capítulo 2!! Com certeza!
Progamer27 23 години тому
Mr Cheesy515
Mr Cheesy515 23 години тому
Why does fish stick sound like he’s been smoking for 30 years
Dave B.
Dave B. 23 години тому
Welcome back Agent, I know damn well this isn't your 1st time here.
saturnbear1 23 години тому
Give monke gold monke will give item
Optical 23 години тому
I want the grotto back, that’s my only request
LF Go Play
LF Go Play 23 години тому
00:35 Who this actor?
asdwz458 23 години тому
Literally 1984
Nighthawk10 День тому
Fortnite in my opinion I think you should get rid of the character pictures so people can see the WHOLE screen
Carson Blackburn
Carson Blackburn День тому
Fortnite should get rid of stars say you level 50 and the monkey is level 50 then you will still be on page 3 like I hate stars
Carson Blackburn
Carson Blackburn День тому
This is the best gear it would be better if you made a skin where you can customize if fully like make a name for it or make it look like how ever you whant and choose if it is a girl or boy maybe 😉😏
Danny Pk
Danny Pk День тому
ye sir
Jack B
Jack B День тому
Why is the Chinese version of Torin in the trailer -0:30
SweatyBrody День тому
i want tilted back :(
areej alghamdi
areej alghamdi День тому
Fortnite, please, remove the star-buy feature, go back to the time, please
Bry День тому
Trevor Doyle
Trevor Doyle День тому
FUC* Epic games and everything they do(respectfully)
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 23 години тому
ツdirewollf День тому
Fortnite trailers be like average players from season 2 Reality: 90s 90s 90s
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 20 годин тому
EPIC my bear hug emote is gone from when I had it last season and it has disappeared from my locker my user is KDAcrew please give it back
Mrbeast fan
Mrbeast fan День тому
Bruh why did y’all do something dum to get mobile off fortnight and when are you bringing it back?
Aisha Leaven
Aisha Leaven День тому
It’s very good but please take away the dinosaurs they kill me every time I look at them
nogz. День тому
Jackson Colón
Jackson Colón День тому
fortnite put alot of efort to this so like the video for them
Nmckboss23 День тому
Remove the raptors I had a easy dub I lost because I GOT THIRD PARTY
Romeo Bacani
Romeo Bacani День тому
ty james2006
ty james2006 День тому
Ok outa every season this season was my all time favorite, epic can we just please have another season like this again 😩
Brady Burtenshaw
Brady Burtenshaw День тому
Noice season 🤠👍😥😊
Jeffrey F150
Jeffrey F150 День тому
We all know that one guy...
MIDXXX День тому
you guys need to fix the login error that is happening on fortnite mobile is preventing me from playing and also other people I hope you read
Isamar Sanchez
Isamar Sanchez День тому
I spend it on do you skin
Kim Cowsill
Kim Cowsill День тому
dear fortnite can you pls gift me the whole dino guard set i only have one dino guard skin
Parks День тому
Damn it's really been that long ago huh?
Isamar Sanchez
Isamar Sanchez День тому
Hey fortnight can I get my return tickets back because I literally spend my Vbox on accident
vibe День тому
Epic games if you guys see this it would be nice if you added a mod where you could choose to play the og map in fortnite because manu people want to feel the same feeling they used to feel just hopping in with the boys and play fortnite a winter morning with youre blancket on you and your full squad just having fun.
Pizza time
Pizza time День тому
Epic pls keep camy in the item shop because on September 28 it’s my birthday and I want Cammy please keep her
Dr Slone test
Dr Slone test День тому
Could you please allow eddie brock to use old venom pickaxe and old venom use new eddie pickaxe cause everyone is trying to glitch the game into letting them use the old venom pickaxe so please reply thank you
Nolan Tapiatic
Nolan Tapiatic День тому
Bring back marshmallow Island shop