A Healing Warrior | Make Me a Hero
Kyo Juvel
Kyo Juvel 15 годин тому
Its not that much complicated hawkeye, you fought with thanos' army for christ sake hahahah :)
Manuel H
Manuel H 15 годин тому
Extraño 2018... :(
CGS 15 годин тому
we need to cancel sam maggs
Dynamite Creations
Dynamite Creations 15 годин тому
Can I Audition For Hulkling, if the young avengers is happening
ณัฎฐ์รัชกร คิดหมาย
ณัฎฐ์รัชกร คิดหมาย 15 годин тому
ณัฎฐ์รัชกร คิดหมาย
ณัฎฐ์รัชกร คิดหมาย 15 годин тому
ณัฎฐ์รัชกร คิดหมาย
ณัฎฐ์รัชกร คิดหมาย 15 годин тому
Justine joju
Justine joju 15 годин тому
S Medrano
S Medrano 15 годин тому
Still have not received an email from Marvel responding to my email. At this point I'll take some made up bullshit. I thought the latest they said it would take was a week. But they were clever they didn't say what week. Maybe it's some week in 2037.
Ahmed Reda
Ahmed Reda 15 годин тому
Man I really hope that the spell broke because of sylvie killing kang causing the multiverse which happened because wanda disrubted the stability of the timeline and not because peter talked during the spell
STRANGEstudio 15 годин тому
I just like how Doctor strange gets a whole portion of the trailer but Nat, Hawkeye and hulk don’t get any credit at all
Sped_news 15 годин тому
Bro remember when people used to give out fake spoilers outside the movie theater
Jacob Garrity
Jacob Garrity 15 годин тому
Dance moves Tobey Star Lord Joker Zemo
CocoNaut 15 годин тому
1:28 Awkwafina: I... have a fanny pack (silence) *ding ding!*
demon in black
demon in black 15 годин тому
At 1:32 you can see the omnitrix logo on the machine
Rick Rocker
Rick Rocker 15 годин тому
Reminds me of Jackie Chan, which is awesome 🤩
RohitGamez 15 годин тому
'''' Someone who had accidentally found this channel and now addicted to this channel'''''''' ❤️❤️❤️
Rei Amuro
Rei Amuro 15 годин тому
Movie- has a very basic, run in the mill, mediocre, kung fu fight.. MCU fans- waaahh. Best thing evah!! This. This is what years of MCU simping could get you. Glad I quit after Infinity War..
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 15 годин тому
What If...? Captain Marvel just didn't exist.
Jacob Herring
Jacob Herring 15 годин тому
I'm excited but a bit nervous it might disappoint. This is only because each spiderman movie has disappointed me for a number of reasons.
Nafisa Sukmana
Nafisa Sukmana 15 годин тому
Anthem for doing groceries 🛒🎶
Fikar 15 годин тому
Liz Reese
Liz Reese 15 годин тому
Happy 1year
Aceng Bocil Ganteng
Aceng Bocil Ganteng 15 годин тому
indo pride
Silver Skater
Silver Skater 15 годин тому
This movie was really good
Yeah I think it's about time to run a Zombie Hero may still try to bite you . Hahaha 😅 😂
Antonia Mendoza
Antonia Mendoza 15 годин тому
Do Marvel zombies tl dr
LemonHead 15 годин тому
Inhumans Among Us
Kevin McInnes
Kevin McInnes 15 годин тому
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner 15 годин тому
One of the greatest comic movies of.sll time
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner 16 годин тому
To think that we had no idea what was coming in this movie
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner 16 годин тому
Most anticipated sequels. I could not wait for it
Wafda S. Dzahabiyya
Wafda S. Dzahabiyya 16 годин тому
Is everywhere include youtube? And how soon will it be?
For the Republic!!!
For the Republic!!! 16 годин тому
If the X-Men make their MCU debut in a comedic style similar to this movie, I will quit the MCU for good.
Blaze Menace
Blaze Menace 16 годин тому
Thanos: literally kills a god which controls the entire universe and more Death: meh
Artisteven Proyects
Artisteven Proyects 16 годин тому
What? XD Spiderman 3 by Sam Raimi, with Venom, Spiderman No way Home, the third movie, possible with Venom, and now, Spiderman 2 PS5 with Venom in 2023? Does Venom have a special connection to the three?
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim 16 годин тому
6 out of 9 is not mid season
Andrea T[a]P Me!! To [S]EX With Me
Andrea T[a]P Me!! To [S]EX With Me 16 годин тому
He’s so underrated, I’m so glad he’s getting a show.
Semih_ Gedik
Semih_ Gedik 16 годин тому
What a movie
Charlotte Tran
Charlotte Tran 16 годин тому
meng’er so cuuuuute
Jigar Punadiya
Jigar Punadiya 16 годин тому
Nova is coming
Patricia Harold
Patricia Harold 16 годин тому
That Thanos head is creepy. I'd freak out too if I saw it move. Love this and how Benedict and Sebastian are in full introvert, puzzle solving mode.
leptonsoup337 16 годин тому
Alright... I gotta say it: I'm legit excited about this.
Dan Watkins
Dan Watkins 16 годин тому
Something's wrong when they make Captain marvel meaning she's a girl
SUB bray
SUB bray 16 годин тому
one day i will be able to play this game
Toua Vue
Toua Vue 16 годин тому
"I dont want any trouble." What Jackie says before beating every guys up lol. What a tribute.
Diego Gorrez Rejos Parasito
Diego Gorrez Rejos Parasito 16 годин тому
Very good trailer
Hamza Barkia
Hamza Barkia 16 годин тому
It's like mortale combat
MIDNIGHTAD4M 16 годин тому
can't believe rich brian has come all this way
slimboy.von 16 годин тому
Christian Oompa Loompa
Christian Oompa Loompa 16 годин тому
I’m a sucker for Christmas action movies. My favorite movie of all time is Die Hard. Cant wait for the show
BoTheJo 16 годин тому
please make more if this!
Doi Kid
Doi Kid 16 годин тому
I like how they edited spidey out for the suprise
Doi Kid
Doi Kid 16 годин тому
I wish a person made a proper reaction mashuo of spidey.
d t
d t 16 годин тому
better than black panthers
Silvestre Estabalon Silvara Aguilar
Silvestre Estabalon Silvara Aguilar 16 годин тому
Increible trailer navideño
Coaster Fusion
Coaster Fusion 16 годин тому
I started vibing to this so hard when it came on in the movie
XI AGM- Kemas M fadli C
XI AGM- Kemas M fadli C 16 годин тому
boom niki oh yeah
Sai Sundar
Sai Sundar 16 годин тому
This fight scenes went HARD. Man I was watching this like daaaaayyum WE’RE TALKING REAL FIGHT SCENES HELL YEAH
Freaks of A Simp
Freaks of A Simp 16 годин тому
Notice the scenes wasnt in the movie. Also hulk wasn't hulk. Because he took a Double L in space.
Shantnu Gupta
Shantnu Gupta 16 годин тому
WHat is the song name of the trailer?
Christian Hirshberg
Christian Hirshberg 16 годин тому
People that see hulk in the thumb nail 👁👄👁
J D 16 годин тому
Nave Nesneros
Nave Nesneros 16 годин тому
I can’t believe it’s been a year…
Carlos 2
Carlos 2 16 годин тому
Such an awesome movie ❤️
zelda Jansen Van Rensburg
zelda Jansen Van Rensburg 16 годин тому
Just love the action. Awesome 😎
zelda Jansen Van Rensburg
zelda Jansen Van Rensburg 17 годин тому
Just love the action. Awesome 😎
Randy Tay
Randy Tay 17 годин тому
People gon sleep on this gem cuz of spiderman
Professor Ken
Professor Ken 17 годин тому
This reminds me of like those cop movies where the older cop "trains" the younger cop.....lol..it looks alright but I won't watch it.
Canderson1989 17 годин тому
Listening to this song on the last full day of Summer. :(
Joffles 17 годин тому
Did anyone see elana in this? Maybe she was snuck in somewhere since she’s definitely the villain after black widows post credit scene
Elina Garcia
Elina Garcia 17 годин тому
A ..m
X-Bolt: The Specter of the Night
X-Bolt: The Specter of the Night 17 годин тому
0:39 for me
Its Adda5
Its Adda5 17 годин тому
dude, i just realized this thing is no longer available, and im sad
Muffin 17 годин тому
Y’all are saying this is going to be Christmas themed for the bow joke. But What If they’re making a Home Alone type scene?
RRG STUDIOS 17 годин тому
DAY 29 of watching this trailer until this movie drops in theaters
louis webtser
louis webtser 17 годин тому
Where’s RedWolf (William TallTrees)!
Thoughtsurfer Zone
Thoughtsurfer Zone 17 годин тому
They're just going to milk that Marvel 🐄 for everything it's worth.
awesome sauce
awesome sauce 17 годин тому
Important details Noah left out. One, Tony "fired" Iron Man halfway through the story. Two, Tony had to fake his death during his first battle with Firepower just to get away from him. Three, when Tony showed up in his new suit he said Tony hired a new guy to wear it.