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AR MY 3 години тому
Algerian army ♡♡ Next : fake love
AR MY 3 години тому
@Doudou Korea fighting ♡
Doudou Korea
Doudou Korea 3 години тому
فايتينغ ارمي ♡
Doudou Korea
Doudou Korea 3 години тому
Algerian army ادمانيييي
Nilvia Rivera
Nilvia Rivera 4 години тому
This is illegal to do this but if you let them go if they are haveing trouble this is fine
Emily Bunn
Emily Bunn 4 години тому
They aged but you can tell they look the same but my gosh Dylan O’Brien looks exactly the same.
banana peel
banana peel 4 години тому
i was litteraly just abt to say ew, and then he said hes trans and i was like-
emery retana
emery retana 4 години тому
Ariel the mermaid be like: SIGN ME UP
Ricardo Fleming
Ricardo Fleming 4 години тому
The burly tent coincidentally amuse because reaction certainly spell outside a ten january. placid, male butcher
Jazzy Will
Jazzy Will 4 години тому
Wow Wow Wow…
Punky Pop
Punky Pop 4 години тому
I follow kita on TikTok and NEVER put two and two together 😂😂😂😂😂
Gregory 4 години тому
Same, Not until she made that tiktok
Lesley Clapp
Lesley Clapp 4 години тому
This Mother hasn't done a good job with Jenelle and she is as she is in my opinion BECAUSE of her Mom, all she does is yell yell yell and then yell some more, its no wonder Jenelle is as she is and I see beyond Janelle's brokenese and see great potential because her heart is in the right place. Oh and all that gelling of the mother in front of those little kids in my opinion is child abuse, wake up Mom and look in the mirror and do some reflecting.
Mcky McObvious
Mcky McObvious 4 години тому
I am shocked. at this behavior. "it's fine, but could you apologize?" my least favorite part was when she was TRYING to take responsibility for blowing off her friend and instead _blamed. the manager???!_ Please, _please_ don't treat people this way. love-bombing is an abusive manipulation tactic and it's not okay, regardless of YOUR mental health. sometimes you have to apologize on behalf of your problems and mental health. so DO IT.
darby kuntz
darby kuntz 4 години тому
The enchanted cauliflower echographically step because doubt rahilly knot absent a legal voice. icky, ignorant fireplace
Tyler 4 години тому
nah cause irl #1 was HOT
AR1GAT0 4 години тому
Taehyung and his soulful voice! I love this song, they all did great
TheShararamosh 4 години тому
Я тоже не могу дышать - верните MTV Россия начала нулевых, сволочи!
Jay Herrera
Jay Herrera 5 годин тому
Who’s here after the Tik Tok video 🤪🤣
Kesia Manuelle YT
Kesia Manuelle YT 5 годин тому
kimmiie_ Mafia
kimmiie_ Mafia 5 годин тому
Hennessey was scared af to tell her secret about that bag😂😂😂😂
Two brothers
Two brothers 5 годин тому
Doesn't Nicki Minaj's rap sound like her side to side rap
Altruisme 5 годин тому
Thirst trap?!?! Here’s the short version: girl in the black is BEYOND jealous of her friend . She’s the ugly friend. Only an ugly jealous friend calls you a hoe while sleeping with your boyfriend behind your back.
Isuru Suranga
Isuru Suranga 5 годин тому
Let's go boi <3
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez 5 годин тому
Who’s here from TikTok? 😂😂
Tyler 5 годин тому
bro it looked straight out a ad how dumb is he
Danika Bennett
Danika Bennett 5 годин тому
why is it that every time i see something like this I imagine myself in that situation, WHICH MAKES IT WAY HARDER FOR ME TO WATCH XD
Did you see my bag?
Did you see my bag? 5 годин тому
This feels like home.
Maria Erdurda
Maria Erdurda 5 годин тому
jocelyn jorden
jocelyn jorden 5 годин тому
Whose here because of tiktok?
Nina Lund Langgaard 5A
Nina Lund Langgaard 5A 5 годин тому
Since uh when👆🏻
Mistianna Williams
Mistianna Williams 5 годин тому
Kira Rose is a 🐐!!!! Love her!!
ta domina
ta domina 5 годин тому
41:56 i said 1:06 as a joke but i was right!
ITS MS BRYAN 2 U 5 годин тому
Barbara needs to stop using jace as a pawn in her games! She intentionally keeps jace away to have something to hold over Janelle’s head.
Alice Lívio Fernandes
Alice Lívio Fernandes 5 годин тому
Now United e a melhor banda do mundo
Mistianna Williams
Mistianna Williams 5 годин тому
TikTok got me here Lmmfao
ohmadamn 5 годин тому
These vocals are unreal. Jimin and JK...speechless. JHope singing vocals are underrated. Definitely caught me off guard 😍😍👌👍
ELEKTRO 5 годин тому
Saw: Writing Notes
Julie Watson
Julie Watson 5 годин тому
Fun fact: Janelle is the daughter of killer Diane Downs. The woman who shot her 3 kids for another man
taissa farmiga supremacy 🛐😩
taissa farmiga supremacy 🛐😩 6 годин тому
Julie Watson
Julie Watson 6 годин тому
Janelle is the daughter of Dianne Downs. The woman who shot her kids to be with another man.
S W 6 годин тому
Impressive performance!
Jaden Tan
Jaden Tan 6 годин тому
these are really dangerous guyssssss, i ate my mom because of thisq
Kristhaly Ann🦋💙
Kristhaly Ann🦋💙 6 годин тому
He’s so cute!
Sailing Ship
Sailing Ship 6 годин тому
Kita rose this you?👀
María Bautista
María Bautista 6 годин тому
Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!
agentfem1964 Yeager
agentfem1964 Yeager 6 годин тому
The dude in the blue shirt is crazy and scary no wonder he can't find a real relationship.
Gracie Booth
Gracie Booth 6 годин тому
Confession:9th time watching today
Gracie Booth
Gracie Booth 6 годин тому
1:35 for my own amusement
Şəhla Fərruxova
Şəhla Fərruxova 6 годин тому
This girl Anne Marie???? Who is this?
super. bunny y su mejor amigo chiqui
super. bunny y su mejor amigo chiqui 6 годин тому
Mateo Alfaro Garcia
Mateo Alfaro Garcia 6 годин тому
Quiero más mucho que Peppa Pig
Xiomara Enciso
Xiomara Enciso 6 годин тому
Xiomara Enciso
Xiomara Enciso 6 годин тому
Spencer gaming and family
Spencer gaming and family 6 годин тому
The guy is from fast and furious
Kay alexander22
Kay alexander22 6 годин тому
That's @kitarose on tiktok
James Banton
James Banton 6 годин тому
I wish I could talk to you tonight I'm a big fan
James Banton
James Banton 6 годин тому
I wish I could talk to you in real life I'm a big fan
Michael M
Michael M 6 годин тому
I would mention Joe Cocker but seems like not many people here would know who I was talking about so....
Tatiana Bastos Dos Santos
Tatiana Bastos Dos Santos 6 годин тому
ToThePoint Gaming
ToThePoint Gaming 6 годин тому
Who is this dude? Who is his dad? He looks zesty af!
Natalie 6 годин тому
2:37 I know olsen was a little turned on by that come ONNN
EliteKlutz 6 годин тому
No it’s not that you never should have done the show. You should have never slept with her man. I don’t approve of her seeping either yours but everything else the tattoo and telling your bf is deserved
Tatiana Bastos Dos Santos
Tatiana Bastos Dos Santos 6 годин тому
(Pre show mtv vmas 2020) 0:10 Jack harlow-what's poppin 2:29 tate mcrae-you broke me first 5:28 chole X halle-ungodly hour 8:47 Lewis capaldi-before you go 12:31 machine gun Kelly,blackbear,travis barker-(medley) my ex's best friend,bloody Valentine (main show) 16:35 the weekend-blingding ligths 19:53 dababy-medley)peephole,blind, rockstar 23:36 Miley Cyrus-midnight Sky 27:38 Maluma: Hawaii 30:37 bts-dyanmite 33:54 lady Gaga and ariana grande (medley)911,rain on me, stupid love choromatica ii 42:58 doja cat-(medley)say so like that 46:47 keke palmer-snack 47:42 cnco-beso beso 50:24 black eyed peas,Nicky Jam Tyga-(medley) vida loca i gotta feeling.
Ameth sall
Ameth sall 6 годин тому
Mariana Lima
Mariana Lima 7 годин тому
April Dawn
April Dawn 7 годин тому
I feel bad for her
Badass Gamer
Badass Gamer 7 годин тому
their lungs succ sorry but they do._.
Gigi Aguilar =)
Gigi Aguilar =) 7 годин тому
No les pasa que Zab mascando chicle se ve tan lindo ♡♡♡♡
Scarlett Dorris
Scarlett Dorris 7 годин тому
Come on as some as she started to suck up the worms I start to eat🤮
Arlene Etheridge
Arlene Etheridge 7 годин тому
If I hear "literally" one more time.........
Bengi Joesph
Bengi Joesph 7 годин тому
Love Scott McCall and stiles
Dahnasia Hill
Dahnasia Hill 7 годин тому
Here from tiktok too see Kita 😂😂
Bengi Joesph
Bengi Joesph 7 годин тому
That was good
Crystal Joiner
Crystal Joiner 7 годин тому
Here from tiktok lol
itiswhatitis 7 годин тому
How come they both have terrible makeup?
MyJer Media xTras
MyJer Media xTras 7 годин тому
A FFTFOMSICHTS 7 годин тому
Here from that tiktok