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Greg Rowlan
Greg Rowlan 2 дні тому
Hi you guys are so great with this show keep it up could you draw a stick person in sandbox see what they do with it
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Meg Mc 3 дні тому
Ken, Rachel and Lyle, it looks as though you caught some orbs on video!
alice shively
alice shively 3 дні тому
Really does sound like the woods breathing. Couple little things flying around looked like fairies. I will rewatch few more times and see what else i find. Thank you!
Marie Sheppard
Marie Sheppard 3 дні тому
Hi Ken & Rachel , Marie from South Wales UK Awesome Start , Eerie & Spooky . There's Alot going On out in the Darkness. Your Eyes were drawn into the Tree's. Orbs Large & Small Fascinating. Who or What was playing with the Ravine Camera ? Weird. This was Awesome Day & Night . Thank You Ken , Rachel and of course LYLE . Stay Safe & Well 🌞🌘🌳🌳🌲🌲👣👣👣👣💓💓
Michele Wade
Michele Wade 3 дні тому
Love your videos and I want to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. It's an AMAZING journey ya'll are on, and I just can't get enough. I was wondering if you ever gifted a mirror to the gifting tree.....I bet they would have fun with that, seeing they're own reflection of themselves for the first time. It would be interesting to see how they react.....I would love to spend 1 day with y'all in the Arkansas Woods 🌲👣I live in Houston Texas and I started researching Bigfoot about 6 months ago, I am a firm believer in they're existence and just eager to learn more about these misunderstood beings. Thanks for another Awesome video, look forward to the next one.
Michele Wade
Michele Wade 3 дні тому
Have you ever left a picture of a Sasquatch at the gifting tree?I wonder what they're reaction would be to see they're own reflection of themselves. A mirror secured to gifting tree, I think they would have fun with that. I also wanted to say how much I love your videos and I learn so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with amazing!!!!!
Michele Wade
Michele Wade 3 дні тому
Do you know how long a female Sasquatch is pregnant? . Also what is they're life span? Is it similar to ours?
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Sherry Blanton 3 дні тому
That was Cool! 1st time here...Ill see you guys again🤗
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Pamela Trentham 3 дні тому
Ken & Rachel, another great video. Had me focused in.I even put my ear buds on. I thought I herd some type of talking? I was shock the frogs and cricket's didnt get quite like they usually do. I saw eye shine way up. Interesting light(orb)? Stick orbs! Amazing video. Thank you for sharing.
Norma winton
Norma winton 3 дні тому
Eye shine at the big tree down near the ground
Norma winton
Norma winton 3 дні тому
At 2.55 a rod on the right lifts up and moves away to the right! Also eye shine on the right next too tree
JOSIE aka JOKER FEBO 3 дні тому
2 52 on the right what is that line moving out of the screen?
Keith Rusnak
Keith Rusnak 3 дні тому
interesting entertaining,engaging, but! like it when you're home with the family....miss JR. and his acknowledgement. you two are still Outstanding!
Sharon McComas
Sharon McComas 3 дні тому
This was really awesome Ken and Rachel you guys are totally amazing. Around 19:23 right behind the little tree on the one where camera is still it looks like you can see eyes blinking. Those orbs were cool and that light flash was interesting. Thank you so much for bringing this to us I totally appreciate you
Anthony Messina
Anthony Messina 3 дні тому
I love that pip effect! Two different perspectives is awesome!!! Definitely do more of that in the future!!! Thank you guys so, so very much for what you do!!! Stay safe!!!
Ou kidd
Ou kidd 3 дні тому
Night time can deceive you,keeping the Mind aware of the surroundings understanding thats its real.
Anthony Messina
Anthony Messina 3 дні тому
Is that you making all the racket during the daytime video? I can hear you talking, but you sound like you were quite a distance away. All that noise sounded like it was right next to the camera. ?
Patty Price
Patty Price 3 дні тому
Omg awesome loved ot
Deb Ratimn
Deb Ratimn 3 дні тому
Hello Rachel & Ken. Bravery at it’s finest! Thank you for showing us…I’m very content watching this from the comfort of a cabin near Quebec City, surrounded by nothing but trees 🌲 Stay safe and take good care of yourself.
Debe Ehlers
Debe Ehlers 3 дні тому
I saw the rod on the upper left come out of the tree. The sounds are hypnotizing 🙇‍♀️
Bluefov70 3 дні тому
The woods sure are noisy and alive at night :)
Lena G
Lena G 3 дні тому
Hey all. Around 18:47 in the inset video, what is that moving on the lower left? There was something upright moving thru the tall grass. Did you notice it? Maybe it was light reflecting off of the camera? But it sort of darted behind a tree as you pan to the left.
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 3 дні тому
It was amazing seeing all the fairy's and I love watching it. Thank you both for all you do.
Sharon Guy
Sharon Guy 3 дні тому
Thanks Rachel and Ken great video so much on his property. I saw and heard a lot of movement. In the daylight video to the right and left of the tree looked like some weird movement moving really fast..just wondering what it could be.. Looked kinda like a peeker. Have a wonderful day.. And Thanks..
Alicia R
Alicia R 4 дні тому
The entire time I felt something on the left part of the screen. Occasionally I would think I see something, but not sure about actually seeing physically. Very interesting for sure. Lots of audible captures. Oh and cool visual energies too.
Sheila R
Sheila R 4 дні тому
Hi Ken and Rachel ❤️I’m really late viewing this video, it was awesome!! Heard everything you pointed out. The mind isn’t working well right now, my 84 yr old mother has been in the hospital a week today. She is on tube feeding, has been for a while and she started throwing up again and got aspiration pneumonia and a couple other complications. It’s been an extremely stressful week but she is doing ok right now and is stable. Thank you both so much for all you do, it’s so appreciated and this was a really good distraction for me for 30 min. Hope you and the family are doing well, until the next time, much love and blessings to you both💖💖🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ken King
Ken King 3 дні тому
Sending you both peaceful and healing thoughts. That’s a lot of stress for everyone involved. ❤️
Anthony Messina
Anthony Messina 3 дні тому
Prayers for your mom!!!!
Denise Koons
Denise Koons 4 дні тому
Might be a lil spooky however after the day Ive had was so nice to hear the night sounds. Relaxing thanks all
Donna Peitz
Donna Peitz 4 дні тому
I was in the forest today I ask if they knew Ken sorta I got I ask Rachel yes no question I ask anku yes I ask Sorbe no it was nice I asked about my mushroom hunt if I saw mom yes was it because I said I loved them yes did she have twins yes couldn’t get names
Typical Watch
Typical Watch 4 дні тому
Audrey B
Audrey B 4 дні тому
Amazing stuff! I loved the stick light appear from thin air & float off its incedible! I found the night sounds so eerie!, as a city dweller I am not use to it :-)...alot happening & so interesting thank you all with light & love blessings x
M. P.W.
M. P.W. 4 дні тому
👍❤ AB 🌎
Merry Celeste
Merry Celeste 4 дні тому
I was told it was kids playing( hide&seek?)watched over by mamma.Great audio thanks.
Team Crooks
Team Crooks 4 дні тому
Curious, Ken, any particular reason why the camera was positioned where it was? Thanks for sharing. Stay safe, my Friend!
Ken King
Ken King 3 дні тому
A slight drop off back behind it with a well worn trail running through it. Looked like a good place for it. 👍👍👍
captain blue gill
captain blue gill 4 дні тому
the voice of the forest at night is absolutely mesmerizing.
Central Florida Bigfoot
Central Florida Bigfoot 4 дні тому
Nice. This is a good technique. Just my opinion. Love static camera strategy.
AMSDAVE 4 дні тому
Hi there Ken & Rachel those linear Rods are very active. I've seen them in other videos too, any idea what type Orb they may be? Thanks 👣😊🌳🤗 Eileen
Painless 4 дні тому
I got goosebumps and I'm 2,000 miles away sitting in my recliner😬 Thanks again K & R & Lyle👣👣
Awesome video guys thanks.
joyce eddy
joyce eddy 4 дні тому
hi Rachel and ken thank you both as always enjoyed 🦋🦋🦋🦋
Sally bellamy
Sally bellamy 4 дні тому
What was that long thing that took off right side about 2.59 in? Sounds like forest is heavy breathing x
Ken King
Ken King 3 дні тому
Some people refer to them as Rods. They suspect it’s from some type of inner dimension being,…. A probe of some type so they say. 👍
Margi Maceda
Margi Maceda 4 дні тому
That was lovely. Love the night sounds. At about 2:38 into the video I saw a rod looking thing on far right. Piece of spider web or an elemental, or rod? Have a great weekend guys!!
Kyle Barrett
Kyle Barrett 4 дні тому
Ken King, been watching for a while, just letting you know, I wrote a short novel, called LUNA BUNA MAGIC MOONA THE FALL OF QUEEN ORYANA. It's 2.99$ on Amazon Kindle. There is a sample section you can read, but the story revolves around the Sasquatch!
Sean Regan
Sean Regan 4 дні тому
Hi ken and Rachel, i was wondering the sounds of the woods never stopped during the limb breaking and tapping sounds, is this normal? also during the light anomaly, The object actually projected a small amount of light in to the woods, maybe you saw that too. Anyhow, have a good rest of the summer.
David Elmore
David Elmore 4 дні тому
Hi Ken and Rachel and how are you guys doing on this fine night me I am doing fine and well and I love your biggie creek night hunt love it
Ken King
Ken King 4 дні тому
Good to see you David. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s been way too hot to get out in the daytime lately. Hopefully it cools off soon 👍👍👍
David Elmore
David Elmore 4 дні тому
That's was to read boggy not biggie
wr bruce
wr bruce 4 дні тому
Now I would of been scared if the frogs and crickets had of stopped playing their tune all of a sudden. Lot of things going on in those woods. I would really like to hear the story if you and Rachel have ever been scared of anything in the woods. That Boggy Creek is definitely a Leary place. Good to see you in the woods, take care and stay safe.
so cal forest ninjas
so cal forest ninjas 4 дні тому
That’s pretty energetic place for sure….. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣
Dara Mena
Dara Mena 4 дні тому
It's always nice to see you both The scenery through the woods was beautiful Thank you for sharing and taking me along
Lynda G
Lynda G 4 дні тому
I had a " really old" Choctaw Indian (born late 1800's) tell me when I was little that to see the things-of-the-night that tobacco from a pipe would bring them in. It is like inviting them to visit. I enjoyed the adventure, That Little Fella! ♡♡♡
Wade Richards
Wade Richards 4 дні тому
Elizabeth Rojas
Elizabeth Rojas 4 дні тому
Great video Ken & Rachel 👍💜✌ There's suppose to be a gathering on August 8th,2021 Was wondering if Anku has mentioned anything to you about this. I'm ready,and hope they will be there for this. 💜✌👣🌳
Kathy Mcintire
Kathy Mcintire 4 дні тому
Wow ,wowza so much to see fairy's, lots of movement on the right of screen towards end, but the largest and closest fairy i saw was around 20:00 in ,wowza i kept tring to slow the video down to get a still of her but i just couldn't do it🙃 so frustrating, i saw so many glitches that i believe are the People ,thank you Ken i thoroughly enjoyed this video,more please of the same , Love is the KEY" 🌹🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🦍👣💋
Cynthia Johns
Cynthia Johns 4 дні тому
Great video and love the PIPs but I miss your voices. Would love to see yawl filling the trees with the forest peoples snacks. Please take care ‘cause we love and care for yawl.👍❤️🙏
Shelly Anderson Ballew
Shelly Anderson Ballew 4 дні тому
There was an orb on the right at 2:56
Shelly Anderson Ballew
Shelly Anderson Ballew 4 дні тому
They are talking to each other! Awesome!
Liz Slay
Liz Slay 4 дні тому
Was that you and Rachel mumbling in the background or was it and what was she pointed he or she pointing and on the one Pam close to the end there
Ken King
Ken King 4 дні тому
Rachel was pointing out toes and the upper part of a foot print in the side of the lane. As for the other, I don’t know. The camera was about 50 yards away and pointed the other direction. We’d have to be talking pretty loud for it to come through. 🤔🤔🤔 Thanks 👍👍👍👍👣👣👣
Andy Jones
Andy Jones 4 дні тому
Loved the video and all of the night time sounds!! That is nature's symphony at its finest!! Thank you for taking us along!! God bless and stay safe!! Thank you all!!
Tina Harlow
Tina Harlow 4 дні тому
Good morning. Was that a rod or a floating horizontal stick on the right at 2:55?
Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy 4 дні тому
Good morning Ken & Rachel. Love that Boggy Creek area. Looked like eye shine around 27:25 upper left to the large tree. Looks like it blinked a couple of times. Saw it again approximately 1 minute later same height but closer to the tree just before you eneded the video. With all the bugs flying around, I say it was an Orb with the slow motion part. Disappeared just before it went into the tree line. Around 2:50 to the far right of the screen, strange looking horizontal light bar floating up and out of frame. With the Camera being stationary it's not a reflection. I saw a shadow in the circle you pointed out in the smaller screen and looks like it moved back as you were walking closer and that was the 2nd circled area you pointed out. Definitely need to revisit that area with everything you got. Deploy the MCV Hope the Hot Temps give you guys a break soon. As always its appreciated the time it takes to go through all of this. Its tedious and time consuming for sure. Tell Lyle thank you. God Bless ❤
Ken King
Ken King 4 дні тому
Whatever it was, it was large and hunkered down. When I stepped around to get a clearer visual, it moved that distance within half a second. Shadow form…. We heard a noise to the right and panned over there. When I brought the camera back to the left, I couldn’t find it again. I don’t know 🤔 Thanks again 👍👍👍👣👣👣
Dale P
Dale P 4 дні тому
Wow, I caught myself going into a trance watching all of the things on this video! I'm watching this from a big screen TV and it is very clear. At the first of the video I saw a stick light flying around in front of the Shadows, it appeared to be about 6 or 8 in Long. My gut is telling me, that Sasquatch is able to bend, manipulate light, sound or and vibration. Maybe them having a clear medulla in their hair allows them to manipulate light and they can be invisible or seen at their will? I believe they have to learn these skills as they grow older and the young ones are not able to do this until they learn. I believe we as humans, have special abilities, but our God-given natural abilities have been dumbed down out of us through years of conditioning. Such as fluoride in our water and toothpaste calcifying our pineal gland, that hinders our natural abilities to see things the way they actually are. Oh well, call me crazy, when I unlock one piece of the puzzle to this mystery, it opens the door to another one? Great video and thank you very much for all of yall's hard work and sharing knowledge about the Sasquatch people and other anomalies.
Alice Curtis
Alice Curtis 4 дні тому
15 minutes and 55 seconds to the right hand side behind the Big trees there's another smaller tree and it looks like leaves is a white light flashing on and off
Peg Franklin
Peg Franklin 4 дні тому
2:53 far right side of screen....strange paranormal horizontal cylinder type shape, almost looks as tho it's coming out/off of that tree...just that far into video....awesome video...thank you!
Mary Freer
Mary Freer 4 дні тому
Great!! Glad to see your videos!!
Troy Stafford
Troy Stafford 4 дні тому
Something moved at approximately 5:26 to the left of the screen up towards the center of the big tree. Also on the last of the video if you look at the one that you are moving the flash light, at the middle point you will see something looking at you from the right as you pan the light, its looking from behind the tree to the right at approximately 25:03... Great job Ken and Rachel ☺️
Bob Wallace
Bob Wallace 4 дні тому
Hi there I think you two are very brave to do this .lucking after the bigfoot of the name is Bob I wach you programme each week fined.very both are doing a great job.god.bless you both.and the bigfoot. Live and let live.
Michele Wade
Michele Wade 5 днів тому
Love your videos 😁
Barb Van Alstine
Barb Van Alstine 5 днів тому
I seen you had a old tire out on your walks why don’t you hang it up in a tree so the little guys can play on it.
sandra cline
sandra cline 6 днів тому
Awww the baby woot
LeAnn Newton
LeAnn Newton 7 днів тому
My dog would eat chocolate, but it doesn’t mean it won’t kill her. (She’s a piggy). Just saying. Great video though.
eric monroe
eric monroe 7 днів тому
i laugh at the so called smart people, saying that rods are shutter speed on bugs . if it was , all bugs would look like rods . but i've seen both on same film . so strike one for them ... lol
BooshaX2 7 днів тому
Just a heads up. Next time you're in southern Arkansas, check out Marks Mill Civil War battleground. It's a public place, the old homesite of the Marks family where a battle was fought. Tons of EVPs, elementals and Sasquatch formations. It's breath taking. It's off 97 between Kingsland and New Edinburg.
BooshaX2 7 днів тому
Whose music is this? I LOVE it! 💜
BooshaX2 7 днів тому
Sounds like my back yard 🎋🐟🦌🌳🐺🌾🐗🦌🪔🦉
Marie Sheppard
Marie Sheppard 7 днів тому
Hi Ken & Rachel , Marie from South Wales UK Hi Both & the Jr Clan , Missed You , it's So Great to Hear the Whoops Again . Awesome T - Shirts 👕👌👣👣 Stay Safe Everybody
AMSDAVE 7 днів тому
Hi there, I didn't get a notificat and I missed the T~shirt purchase. if the creator is okay maybe you could have the shirts made to order ~ I would Love to order one 😉 Thanks 👣 Woop!! Eileen
Roger Pinkerton
Roger Pinkerton 7 днів тому
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Lisa Duffy
Lisa Duffy 7 днів тому
I am 3 minutes into this video, literally watching everything i can of yours and then i see this! I needed that laugh oh my goodness!!
Merri Wagner
Merri Wagner 8 днів тому
Ken and Rachel, I do love this respect and interaction you have these BF. Just wondering? Did you all name these BF? Would love to send money for their snacks, do you have a PO Box? Love watching your videos. Thank you form Lodi, California!!!