Bluetooth le
Ellisys Bluetooth Video 1: Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy
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Ellisys is excited to share a new video series dedicated to developing a better understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
Bluetooth Low Energy - Protocol Stack (Part 1)
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Hello World, I have covered the #BLE protocol stack in this video and have included some interesting history behind Bluetooth ...
Shimano Di2 Wireless Module Installation // EW-WU111 ANT+ Bluetooth LE
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Installing the Shimano Di2 EW-WU111 Wireless Module into the seat tube of my new Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0. It wasn't all ...
Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy
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Bluetooth Low Energy is an ubiquitous technology that provides interoperable wireless connectivity to battery-operated devices.
Ellisys Bluetooth Video 6: Bluetooth LE Power Consumption
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Learn how low energy consumption is vital for Bluetooth Low Energy devices, as well as expectations, parameters and how best ...
Collin's Lab - Bluetooth Low Energy
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Get to know Bluetooth Low Energy - the next generation of Bluetooth. While BLE doesn't fully replace Classic Bluetooth quite yet, ...
Bluetooth Low Energy Tutorial with HM-10 BLE 4.0 & Arduino
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Bluetooth, a simple wireless communication module most popular since the last few decades and easy to use are being used in ...
Bluetooth Low Energy - модуль для работы с Android и iOS. Железки Амперки
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Подружите мобильного робота со смартфоном под Android или iOS. Соберите сеть Bluetooth устройств для работы с ...
Doing Bluetooth Low Energy on Linux
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Doing Bluetooth Low Energy on Linux - Szymon Janc, CODECOUP This presentation will help audience to better understand how ...
What is BLE? (2020) | Bluetooth Low Energy | Learn Technology in 5 Minutes
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Hello and welcome to another episode of “Learn Technology in 5-minutes” from MAKERDEMY. In this episode, we will learn ...
Introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy-Part 1
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Learn about Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), a low-power radio frequency protocol used in newer embedded systems. See what ...
#173 ESP32 Bluetooth BLE with  Arduino IDE (Tutorial) and Polar H7
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So far, we had to use Espressif's tools to use Bluetooth on the ESP32. Today I will try it with the Arduino IDE. I am curious how it ...
Easiest ESP32 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tutorial | Arduino
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Learn how to use BLE with the ESP32 using the Arduino Development Enviornment. Video Sponsor ...
Bluetooth 2.0 VS Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) || Is an Upgrade worth it?
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In this VS episode we will have a closer look at the most common Bluetooth boards for the Arduino. Along the way I will present ...
Bluetooth LE Audio and the LC3 Audio Codec
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Until now, all Bluetooth Audio used Bluetooth Classic from the Bluetooth 2.0 and 3.0 days. Bluetooth 4.0 introduced Bluetooth Low ...
Getting Started with ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Arduino IDE
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The ESP32 comes not only with Wi-Fi but also with Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This post is a quick introduction to ...
Урок 9. ESP-32 Bluetooth LE и Android-приложение
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Теоретическая часть про технологию Bluetooth Low Energy (блютуз с низким энергопотреблением). Внимание! Здесь не ...
Открытая платформа для сборки «умной» квартиры на базе Bluetooth LE. Евгений Савицкий​.
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Евгений расскажет о текущем состоянии концепции «умного» дома, в части решений для «умной» квартиры, а также ...
Swift Heroes Digital 2020 - An Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy for Swift Developers
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Swift Heroes Digital 2020 1-2 October, #directtoyourdevice An Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy for Swift Developers Martin ...
Bluetooth Low Energy Modules, Solutions and Applications - Bluetooth LE, BLE
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In this video we will discuss Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth LE or BLE is a wireless ...