Teenagers Convert Bus into Tiny Home on Wheels - SKOOLIE TOUR
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Tate and Ben are young, ambitious and ready to take on anything, so they converted this 40 foot skoolie/bus into a tiny home they ...
SCHOOL BUS TOUR - Self Built Skoolie for just $10k
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Leo & Lindsey converted their school bus into a home on wheels by themselves. Together with the bus purchase, this project cost ...
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After waiting patiently for what's next in my life.... An opportunity has presented itself. Which means, my beloved LUCKY, is looking ...
Skoolie Tour: This Gorgeous Crown School Bus is a Multi-Generational Relic
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Crowned in Style is a 1954 Crown School Bus conversion by Josh and Carolyn. This bus has an incredible history, as Josh's ...
From a SKOOLIE into a HOME On Wheels all for 10000$ & 6 months work | Self Converted School Bus Tour
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In today's video, Caleb will give us a tour of his self converted school bus. It took him 6 months of full-time work and he spent ...
SKOOLIE TOURS || 12 Walkthroughs at VanFest 2021 || TaleOfTwoSmittys
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Skoolie Tours || 12 Walkthroughs at VanFest 2021 || TaleOfTwoSmittys This week we went to VanFest an met up with some friends ...
The Best Self-Built Skoolie with $20K Budget - School Bus Tour
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In this video, Kim and Ethan will show us their self-converted school bus where they live in and travel full time, together with their ...
Just a little support is all I need. Skoolie Bus Conversion!!!!
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Just a big guy hoping to live tiny! Follow me on Instagram & Facebook here! IG levithegian.
Family Of 5 & Their Gorgeous DIY School Bus Conversion Off Grid Tiny House
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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This family of five transformed a Thomas Saf-T-Liner school bus into a remarkable tiny home decked out in ...
Skoolie Tour: Family Lives with NO BILLS and NO DEBT in a Beautiful Self-Built School Bus Tiny House
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In this video we tour The Skulley Bus, a diy skoolie/school bus conversion that has allowed this young family of 4 to live ...
Skoolie TOURS at Skoolie Palooza 2020  **LOOK INSIDE 25 Totally Different School Bus Conversions
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Skoolie Palooza TOURS - 25 School Bus Conversions 2020 Walk through and see more than 25 school bus conversions that ...
Solo Female Van Life - DIY Tiny House For Adventure On The Road
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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Courtney was living her dream trekking solo in Southeast Asia when the pandemic hit, sending her back to ...
Architect Builds One Of A Kind Skoolie Bus Conversion
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What happens when an architect gets his hands on a 1980's school bus? Well, see for yourself. Anna and Kyle bought this 1986 ...
Their SCHOOL BUS CONVERSION Cost $41k & It’s Gorgeous!
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Joel and Rachel purchased a school bus conversion that was originally renovated on HGTV, and then they completely redid it.
Skoolie Conversion into Epic Mancave | Full Budget Breakdown
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Business inquires or music submissions: Music: Epidemic Sound Affiliate link: ...
WE BOUGHT A BUS!! Skoolie Family
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#skoolie #buslife #ad.
SKOOLIE TOUR | Fabulous Tree House Bus With Unique Features for FULL-TIME Living
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Meet Kae & Alex, they have been living full-time on the road for two years in their self converted GMC mini-bus. It has a unique ...
Skoolie Tour: He Built Her Dream Tiny House on Wheels!
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viral #skoolie #digitalnomad Mike spent 3 years building the tiny house of Kerry's dreams... inside a 40-foot Bluebird school bus!
FULL SKOOLIE TOUR of the LUCKY BUS! | Conversion layout with tons of storage.
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Welcome back to #BusLifeAdventure folks! Today we have a great tour from Alyssa of the Lucky Bus. This short skoolie has one of ...
My 7 Skoolie Building REGRETS: Watch This Before You Start a Bus Conversion!
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In this video I talk about the 7 things that I may have done differently could I start my bus conversion from scratch again. If you're a ...