Hermitcraft S8 Episode 2: Waxing The Hermits!

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Hermitcraft season 8 episode 2! We start out Ep 2 of Hermitcraft S8 in the caves looking for copper and diamonds. Once we are out of the caves we start a new service in the Boatem village for waxing copper and meet up with Mumbo, Impulse, and Grian. Also, we build the interior of our Minecraft starter base wagon with everything you could want in a base. I hope you like episode 2 of Hermitcraft 8 and see you in the next episode!

hermitcraft season 8 playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Hermitcraft SMP - season 8 info:

We have 2 new Hermitcraft members for the new season:
*GeminiTay: www.youtube.com/user/GeminiTard
*PearlescentMoon: www.youtube.com/c/Pearlescent...

We are all playing and building on one big Hermit island together with proximity voice mod.

Seed: -7381235180058670651

For more information and links to all things Hermitcraft, follow the link to the Hermitcraft website: hermitcraft.com/


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Alfred Talkin
Alfred Talkin 25 днів тому
6 26 днів тому
is that music in the background from luigi's mansion? it sounds like it
Calvin F
Calvin F Місяць тому
I think that the shopping district should have a steampunk theme sort of like the rest of the village. Also, are you mining at Y5, or Y11?
Dalton Matlow
Dalton Matlow Місяць тому
Name the diamond petricof William the millionth
TRIGUN°°° Місяць тому
Sacr i have a sadgeashion .the haguarts whit the interior?
Kenneth Stermer
Kenneth Stermer 18 хвилин тому
You can use ho yeah comb to keep the copper in any form you want just wax it with your axe and put the honey comb on the copper
Syberyah День тому
TIPS FOR FINDING DIAMONDS: 1. Caving is actually the best way to find diamonds!! And 2. If you find any lapis, mine 4 blocks north of it and mine straight down until you reach diamonds. And if you don't find diamonds from that, try mining south instead and then down, because it may be at the edge of the chunk. But yeah, diamonds really do spawn less frequently in 1.17, unfortunately! Not sure if it's a bug or not. :(
Maggie Dochterman
Maggie Dochterman 2 дні тому
Is it just me or is Scar’s time lapse music the best?
Realatlafan 3 дні тому
I’m a KitKat
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan 3 дні тому
the diamond ore has lost its shine
ZLD Smogless
ZLD Smogless 3 дні тому
Scar, may i volunteer for your waxing service?
Woofiya 5 днів тому
I've finally started watching hermitcraft, and it's all thanks to you ❤️ Great work 🔥
Heather Joseph
Heather Joseph 5 днів тому
:Scar Yes There We Can Get Some End Rods :Me You Are In The Nether That Is Not A End Rod :Me Screaming Saying Its Blaze Rod
Nikolaj Slente
Nikolaj Slente 6 днів тому
Kinda wish they changed the stone tools so they fit with the various types of stone you make them with Regular stone tools = Cobblestone Blackstone tools = Blackstone Deepslate stone tools = Cobbled deepslate they wouldn't even have to change the stats and durability of the tools
Robert Kamminga
Robert Kamminga 7 днів тому
Call it: Second Diamond
Iri Mac
Iri Mac 9 днів тому
I am just one minute in and already yelling at scar cause he didnt turn the copper ores and coals into blocks to save space xD Love you little ditz :3
Moo Pop
Moo Pop 10 днів тому
“I’m having a moment with copper here” - Scar 2021
Moo Pop
Moo Pop 10 днів тому
Basketofkisses 10 днів тому
Little hat
Basketofkisses 10 днів тому
You know what they say, the littler the hat... The bigger the personality! Go get em, tiger
Butterfly Bitch
Butterfly Bitch 10 днів тому
That spider when you found that HUGE copper vein scared me so much I jumped LOLL!!
Geezer 11 днів тому
21:55 just like the hat ;D
RidingPig 11 днів тому
Scar: it looks supper flamtastik Me: hahaha the puns😂😂😂
Connor Coetser
Connor Coetser 11 днів тому
Deepslate furnaces???
Maddy Mandarin
Maddy Mandarin 11 днів тому
anyone else notice that when Scar was talking to Mumbo about waxing, um in the corner it said Mumbo left the game. -_- SUS
Quin Hansen
Quin Hansen 11 днів тому
I really love watching the Hermits play, mostly when they've been playing for soooo long and keep calling items by different names. But at the same time there are so many items so it makes sense
Dekotah Chappell
Dekotah Chappell 11 днів тому
i like the bottom floor
Abigail Yatzeck
Abigail Yatzeck 12 днів тому
dibby dibby Dimond
iedneved 12 днів тому
Could you link the music you use in your timelapses? I wonder who's the artist.
Jayna Seraph
Jayna Seraph 12 днів тому
i am here again. Hello :D I subed
Bejiben YT
Bejiben YT 13 днів тому
Impulse on the railway circus track makes him look like a land shark half buried
Nuttyknight 42
Nuttyknight 42 13 днів тому
I'm trying to watch all the hermits this seasons!
MythicalRock 13 днів тому
the upgrade table thing is called a smithing table
Lucy H
Lucy H 13 днів тому
small dimond
Jonathan Schroeder
Jonathan Schroeder 14 днів тому
"we may have been embarrassed by being killed by a magma cube" Last episode GoodTimesWithScar was slain by a trading llama
Jonathan Schroeder
Jonathan Schroeder 14 днів тому
Scar: I had a diamond but I lost it Also scar: gets the advancments "diamonds!" after saying that
Shade Russell
Shade Russell 15 днів тому
Hold up did anyone else hear him say "we put feel in this chest..." instead of say fuel or am I hearing things. (Says it around 16:50)
Clover Arcondas
Clover Arcondas 15 днів тому
I gotta say I love all the random blocks in the nether fortress from countless hermits panicking. Makes me feel better that even professionals have trouble with the nether
MuddyCape 15 днів тому
Name the dimomand timmy
KiwiiTsuki 16 днів тому
Anyone else see the other diamonds when scar was in the cave at the start of the video?
Henydabomb 16 днів тому
i literally coughed irl at the same time as the disc in the vibe room
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 16 днів тому
I can't explain it, but Scar sounds like a music teacher.
Nathan Mosier
Nathan Mosier 17 днів тому
Build a flying wagon
Knights of the Bedrock
Knights of the Bedrock 17 днів тому
You should bring a crafting table into the mines. Use it to make raw material blocks, giving you 9X inventory space
Sweettooth J
Sweettooth J 18 днів тому
I don't think anyone realised goats jump, scream and give milk lol
Gabe K.
Gabe K. 18 днів тому
I learned of scar from grian's videos, and I am really liking scar
Wise Owl
Wise Owl 18 днів тому
Scar: Im poor Also Scar: -owns a ginormous boat house
Janella Ortiz
Janella Ortiz 18 днів тому
Maddox Parsons
Maddox Parsons 18 днів тому
Harold the shiny diamond
SilakkaSamu 19 днів тому
tbh scars timelapse music is epic
Alox Folfy
Alox Folfy 19 днів тому
Scar:makes the floor out of upgrading tables Also scar: puts an upgrading table just to use it not for decoration
James Franksain
James Franksain 19 днів тому
Scar's Moving Crastle.lol
YouCube 20 днів тому
You should call the diamond Stefán Karl Stefánsson, because it is number one
Amanda Morris
Amanda Morris 20 днів тому
I should ask smallishbeans to join
Fox Tron
Fox Tron 20 днів тому
When he said Land Boat, I thought he said Lambo 😂
Sliverwalker 20 днів тому
Sorry for being so late to the diamond christening but the first diamond should always be named "No 1 Dime", imo...
Salem Witch
Salem Witch 22 дні тому
10:14 Grian is so soft
Corpsey 404
Corpsey 404 23 дні тому
Scars time lapse music just makes me so incredibly happy
WildGamZZ 23 дні тому
Dino for the diamonds name.
Darth Avarath
Darth Avarath 23 дні тому
What is that door made of? The one that won't close.
Eileen Rowland
Eileen Rowland 24 дні тому
Do you live in a trash can 1 dimand man
Rebecca Hurowitz
Rebecca Hurowitz 24 дні тому
He should name the diamond ms. Dia mond
Mistyswirl 25 днів тому
Scar don’t forget that you can condense the raw copper and iron into bean blocks to save inventory space!
wyatat 25 днів тому
i dream to be as good at building as scar one day
Miles LeSueur
Miles LeSueur 25 днів тому
Scar forgot that he had a Gast hunting business last season with that first shot 12:10
Ranger Danger
Ranger Danger 26 днів тому
Bigger tiny hat?
Luke Swetnam
Luke Swetnam 26 днів тому
smithing tables mate
chunky velocitaptor
chunky velocitaptor 26 днів тому
You really should craft all the stuff into blocks it saves a lot of inventory space i.e. copper ore blocks, iron ore blocks, and coal blocks
kew eyz
kew eyz 26 днів тому
kew eyz
kew eyz 26 днів тому
The new ore textures are gross because they are faded and nasty lmao.
Stark Dude
Stark Dude 26 днів тому
Every single time he says land boat I think he says lambo
Jayce Dubose
Jayce Dubose 27 днів тому
Grian : im truly flattered he thinks im mumbo that was so awesome
Locke2381 27 днів тому
What is the song played with the pig Minecraft ride?
Minecraft Master
Minecraft Master 27 днів тому
Call the diamond "Diamond von Doodle"
Tobias Kotulic
Tobias Kotulic 27 днів тому
this base is awesome!
Joshua 2345
Joshua 2345 27 днів тому
Name it first did not diemond
Ethan Rodgers Vargo
Ethan Rodgers Vargo 27 днів тому
I thought the infinite lava was real and then felt very stupid
TheTalkingMime 25 днів тому
@Ethan Rodgers Vargo all versions
Ethan Rodgers Vargo
Ethan Rodgers Vargo 26 днів тому
@TheTalkingMime no way! Is that on all versions or just java edition?
TheTalkingMime 27 днів тому
It is when a pointed drip stone has a block on top then lava and a cauldron underneath it is infinite
mapolio 27 днів тому
Name the diamond dinnerbone and put it upside down
mapolio 27 днів тому
Bexause with the prank and stuff
Phil Angelo
Phil Angelo 27 днів тому
We should keep track of every time Scar calls a block by the wrong name.
Flamey 27 днів тому
It should be a portable type shop, this whole theme has been reminding me of Mortal Engines
Loifey 27 днів тому
It’s too late now
Somebody_Else 27 днів тому
Diamond name suggestion: "Wilberfloss." It just sounds so tycoonish.
CheeseBoy 28 днів тому
he does realise that hes actually dewaxing the copper right?
K. Nylen
K. Nylen 22 дні тому
hes new to the industry, cut him some slack hes still learning lol
Jo53f 28 днів тому
Name your first Diamond, jeff
Axel_Gaming 28 днів тому
Rebecca. Name the diamond Rebecca
trickyred 28 днів тому
“The ghoul in the attic” Love the subtle Harry Potter reference
mishell128 28 днів тому
No wax, just an axe! That's your slogan! You're welcome! _Thank you!_ *_Buh-bye!_* [circus music]
Noah Bottrell
Noah Bottrell 29 днів тому
Joel, just Joel
Fjolle peter
Fjolle peter 29 днів тому
First diamond Should be called Rupert
William BOEHRINGER 29 днів тому
They are
zebeslayer 29 днів тому
1st diamond name : "Birth of the Empire"
John Noir Smith
John Noir Smith 29 днів тому
It's not called an "Upgrade Gear Table"! It's a SMITHing Table!!!
Loifey 27 днів тому
That’s two different things
John Noir Smith
John Noir Smith 29 днів тому
Name suggestion for First Diamond: Bert
Brandon Portier
Brandon Portier 29 днів тому
did anyone else see the Mumbo left the game as mumbo jumbo was still there?
CheeseyIEat Місяць тому
i think the texture is slightly different but not much of a change
RFrenchy Місяць тому
The diamond should be named copper
Sulaiman Rahman
Sulaiman Rahman Місяць тому
Mojong changed the diamond ore
Wolf_kylar Місяць тому
What is this song for super speed building?
Fabian Chelba
Fabian Chelba Місяць тому
Here's a name for the diamond: Jonny Diamond Mind
DarkKnightYT79 Місяць тому
Scar: there’s no green copper in this village! Also scar: ignoring blue copper and does not care about blue copper if it’s not his roof.
ur my frontier hermit
Corrupted Soul
Corrupted Soul Місяць тому
isnt sownpiercer on netflix? cause i know there is a movie, and a tv show and the tv show is on netflix. maybe its just a mistake and im sticking to little details. if so then sorry.
Marina Sastre
Marina Sastre Місяць тому
The shrill antelope intralysosomally knot because cereal phylogenitically branch following a cut engineering. cool, capricious gear
Alex Rusu
Alex Rusu Місяць тому
What is the broken thing in your inventory at 0:59?
Robert Holder
Robert Holder Місяць тому
Scar idk if you will see this but you can save inventory space by turning the ore into ore blocks you can get even more copper if you consolidate
Party_ Pizza
Party_ Pizza Місяць тому
i'm sorry but I think you should change your intro it's really cringy also no they didn't change the texture
Hugo Dlcr
Hugo Dlcr Місяць тому
14:27 what da dog doin ?
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