Hozier - Eat Your Young (Official Lyric Video)

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16 днів тому

Official lyric video for “Eat Your Young” by Hozier
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I’m starving, Darling
Let me put my lips to something
Let me wrap my teeth around the world
Start carving, Darling
I want to smell the dinner cooking
I want to feel the edges start to burn
Honey, I
Want to race you to the table
If you hesitate
The getting is gone
I won’t lie
If there’s something to be gained
There’s money to be made
Whatever's still to come
Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinning the children for a war-drum
Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
It's quicker and easier to eat your young
You can’t buy this fineness
Let me see the heat get to it
Let me watch the dressing start to peel
It’s a kindness, Highness
Crumbs enough for everyone
Old and young are welcome to the meal
Honey, I'm
Making sure the table’s made
We can celebrate
The good that we’ve done
I won’t lie
If there’s something still to take
There is ground to break
Whatever's still to come
Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinning the children for a war-drum
Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
It's quicker and easier to eat your young
#Hozier #EatYourYoung

Zachary Peruch
Zachary Peruch 14 днів тому
Hozier releasing a song that sounds like the sexiest thing on the planet and it actually being about older generations exploiting the younger generation is so perfectly on brand. Fucking obsessed
ヤナギネコ День тому
Royalvlogs 101
Royalvlogs 101 6 днів тому
@Mazie bb bb bb t b b b
Ayo Olukoga
Ayo Olukoga 6 днів тому
@Glinda H You Could be Right, But I'll Take 44 Likes.
Gato Preto
Gato Preto 6 днів тому
@Who Cares can't get pregnant but still can get illnesses 😃
SK Summergirl
SK Summergirl 12 днів тому
The marketing of this song, the one clip we were all obsessed with before this released, draws us in under this false pretense of sexuality and heat. Only for Hozier to hit us with yet another moral and political narrative. Drawing people in with the lure of sex (one of the 7 sins referenced in the song ;) ) to send them home with a message about exploitation and the abuse of power is genius. Hozier never ceases to be not only a musical mastermind, but an incredible representative of the people.
M Wilson
M Wilson 3 дні тому
Lust, not sex.
Alba Carone
Alba Carone 3 дні тому
BlackKoshka23 6 днів тому
That part of the song could very much represent the fact that some men are getting older and older, but their partner's ages remain the same (around their twenties), which leads to relationships with a huge power imbalance, and it can be another form of depredation, or "eating your young".
pecy 7 днів тому
make me known as him
Isabela Consolim
Isabela Consolim 12 днів тому
Hozier is the only person alive that can make gluttony sound like lust
Lkon99 День тому
What is lust, if not gluttony for sex? What is greed, if not gluttony for money? 🤦‍♀️
Lkon99 2 дні тому
​@ZoretaBrilliant! Thank you for this explanation!
madi 4 дні тому
​@Pasha Righton best way to put it
Sug Omna
Sug Omna 5 днів тому
@Pasha Righton lyrics are sorta about exploitation, not gluttony
Congrate 14 днів тому
You don't see too many artists stepping out of the classic love ballads and writing what is just pure form of art and poetry! Hozier has done it again! Much love from Bangladesh
Emily Burton
Emily Burton 14 днів тому
38 mins straight of just this song over and over as I drove to work. Started with: omg how he says darling, “get some” frick that’s hot. Then on the third time I really listened to the lyrics and was like “oh….OH” of course Hozier makes a song about for profit war and my animal brain thinks it’s hot. I’ve now listened to it like 15 times and it’s so powerful. Why spend time raising your kids just to let them die in a war for money when you can just eat your young.
Matthew Burckardt
Matthew Burckardt 4 дні тому
Ah, yes. The classic Hozier "I'll turn you on, babe, but also, let's recall the horrific implications of unchecked late stage capitalism. All my love to you. Back to being sexy." You know, that Hozier.
pecy 7 днів тому
I will be everywhere you go
Jocelyn Lopez
Jocelyn Lopez 13 днів тому
Hozier never disappoints. The timing and message of this song are impeccable. Reminds me of A Modest Proposal essay too
WeAreAirborne 4 дні тому
It's intentional. The song is literally about A Modest Proposal, which was written specifically to call out the English government on its horrific treatment of the Irish. Hozier is Irish and is making the exact same points. As for "seven new ways that you can eat your young," Jonathan Swift recommends that Irish children can be prepared in six ways: "...[W]hether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricasie, or a ragoust." It's not an accident.
obliviouscandybar 10 днів тому
The reference is intentional, Hozier is Irish.
sevenoftheoceanvariety 11 днів тому
​@Ava Combs my english teacher assigned it right before Thanksgiving Break and swore us to not speak about it until after school on that Friday It's got such a good message and it's a shame that such similar methods need to be used in order to showcase the relevance it still holds
Ava Combs
Ava Combs 12 днів тому
I had to read a modest proposal for my English class a few days before this song came out and it was the first thing I thought of when I heard this song. It’s sad how relevant that piece of literature remains today
Zel Bernil
Zel Bernil 13 днів тому
It's a Provocative Proposal now modest goes unheard these days
angel smith
angel smith 14 днів тому
This man doesn't have one bad song. Every single song of his is absolutely amazing
Benjamin VanWinkle
Benjamin VanWinkle 8 днів тому
On god
M 8 днів тому
​@mel Y
M 8 днів тому
​@mel y
M 8 днів тому
​@mel y
Greg LeJacques
Greg LeJacques 10 днів тому
i queef now.
Karishma M.
Karishma M. 13 днів тому
How can a song be both chill and chilling? Wow.
lola lolita
lola lolita 4 дні тому
It leaves you an opening, welcoming feeling so that you listen but then slams you with chilling truth of your actions or what can be better if we stopped somethin
Sherry Bentz
Sherry Bentz 12 днів тому
Because it simply dares to speak the truth like a prayer from the depths of a gentle soul…..
asmr kat
asmr kat 13 днів тому
Lyrics are so grotesque yet so poignant, while the music behind is so groovy - I LOVE IT
Hinrinn 14 днів тому
"It's quicker and easier to eat your young" is *incredible*
Amy Gray
Amy Gray 4 дні тому
As mentioned I also think it could be in reference to Swift's satire (which I had to read in English when I didn't know what satire was, so believed Swift was being completely genuine) But (and this could be complete coincidence, and have nothing to do with the song) many animals will actually eat their young when under attack. I remember learning that hedgehogs will eat their own babies because in their minds their children will be eaten anyway by the creature attacking them, and the hedgehog doesn't want to waste a free meal. Lots of other species, like harpy eagles, will abandon their young if they can't fend for themselves, because it's easier to just start from scratch and raise a new chick. So what Swift was (satirically) suggesting, and what humans do (shift responsibilities onto the younger generations, or try to essentially trivialise their input and views on society) can be found in the natural world I'm sorry. This was a very long reply, but I love learning about the natural world.
Bryn McClennan
Bryn McClennan 7 днів тому
It's a reference to the satirical article "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift which was written during the Irish Famine (genocide) explaining numerous ways to resolve famine by eating your children.
NGraceW 7 днів тому
@Luis Manuel Reséndiz Olvera I propose you read "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift
Hinrinn 13 днів тому
@Luis Manuel Reséndiz Olvera I've been interpreting it as children, or just the younger generation. The actions of the older generations which are inspired by greed and gluttony are causing the destruction of the younger generation, so it would be "quicker and easier" to just eat them.
Luis Manuel Reséndiz Olvera
Luis Manuel Reséndiz Olvera 14 днів тому
what that does mean? His youth or his children?
Sethame Derat
Sethame Derat 11 днів тому
i dunno what crack this man puts in his music but *god damn* ive been unable to stop listening on loop since they released, im afraid its my new personality now
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser 14 днів тому
My God that chorus might actually be his best yet as far a catchy-ness goes. Combine that with the absolutely chilling lyrics and we have a contender for his best work yet!
Kyle O
Kyle O 10 днів тому
@Chris Fraser I understand, and you're right. I hold the same view. There's a saying between Christians that a church isn't a lounge for saints but a hospital for sinners.
Kyle O
Kyle O 10 днів тому
@Princess Leah oh no im melting
Princess Leah
Princess Leah 10 днів тому
@Kyle O god, g o d, gOd
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser 13 днів тому
@Kyle O The Bible is a beautiful Book indeed. The Church, in it’s humanity, is a force of both good and bad in different iterations and reasonings. That is, in my opinion
Kyle O
Kyle O 13 днів тому
@Chris Fraser hypocrisy - i am against it as well. It makes for a bad case and doesn't align with what the bible teaches. Many of the atrocities/controversies you might know are also condemned in the bible.
L. 14 днів тому
“Come and get some, skinning the children for a war drum” is so horrifying and poignant these lyrics are incredible
Avery Riley
Avery Riley День тому
@3dsmax rocks Is they had the same right as everyone else there wouldn’t be hundreds of anti-trans laws all throughout the US. They don’t want special treatment they just wanted to be treated like human beings.
Zer0Sympathy 12 днів тому
This sounds so corny but I think I genuinely felt a shiver up my spine when the implications of these lyrics hit me. I am a young queer man who grew up in America and this hit home. Beautifully written and executed, much love Hozier! Thank you for writing for those who can't or don't know how.
Tim ;)
Tim ;) 8 днів тому
Aw same mate I'm a young queer transmasc who's currently unable to get out of America, and y e a h
The Law System
The Law System 12 днів тому
this hits different when you've just started therapy for all the generational trauma your family's had, and subsequently put you through. such an amazing song, could not have come at a better time. love hozier so much
Majestic Heart Productions
Majestic Heart Productions 14 днів тому
It was released an hour ago, I think I’m on my 100th listen? We are witnessing greatness in the making with every new Hozier song. Congratulations Mr Andrew Hozier Burns, he’s done it again👌
Mani 13 днів тому
@Riddhi Thakkar I know, I was joking.
Riddhi Thakkar
Riddhi Thakkar 13 днів тому
@Mani They were using exaggeration to make their point. wasn't meaning literally.
Mani 14 днів тому
@Rebecca he put it on 6.7x speed.
Majestic Heart Productions
Majestic Heart Productions 14 днів тому
@Rebecca great job. You completely misunderstood my comment and point, but there’s always one🙄
Lizzisfruity 13 днів тому
He's a genius for releasing the thirsty part of the song forst to get people engaged with the song and then it has such a heavy message
Rouaa Guesmi
Rouaa Guesmi 14 днів тому
I'm starving, darling Let me put my lips to something Let me wrap my teeth around the world Start carving, darling I wanna smell the dinner cooking I wanna feel the edges start to burn Honey, I wanna race you to the table If you hesitate, the getting is gone I won't lie, if there's something to be gained There's money to be made, whatever's still to come Get some Pull up the ladder when the flood comes Throw enough rope until the legs have swung Seven new ways that you can eat your young Come and get some Skinning the children for a war drum Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns It's quicker and easier to eat your young You can't buy this fineness Let me see the heat get to it Let me watch the dressing start to peel It's a kindness, Highness Crumbs enough for everyone Old and young are welcome to the meal Honey, I'm making sure the table's made We can celebrate the good that we've done I won't lie, if there's something still to take There is ground to break, whatever's still to come Get some Pull up the ladder when the flood comes Throw enough rope until the legs have swung Seven new ways that you can eat your young Come and get some Skinning the children for a war drum Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns It's quicker and easier to eat your young
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole 14 днів тому
this man’s ability to conjure up such bewitching lyrics and vocally transmit each emotion is a feat not only of masterful musicianship, but also of magic.
No, I'm not a nice person
No, I'm not a nice person 9 днів тому
Hozier was made by a woman bc God is a woman 💁‍♀️
GhostEye31 11 днів тому
Well the man is Irish, he might very well be a bit Fae.
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole 13 днів тому
@Peter period
Peter 14 днів тому
Ayo Olukoga
Ayo Olukoga 14 днів тому
The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their own children: they were their meat in the destruction of the daughter of my people. Lamentations 4:10
Z3R0 14 днів тому
“It’s a kindness, Highness” actually took my breath away
Lerad 9 днів тому
Something that I adore about this is the use of the phrase "Come and Get Some" because based on tone and context it can mean either an invitation to dinner or a promise of violence
Kristin Raap
Kristin Raap 14 днів тому
What a modest proposal this is. Amazingly talented as always!
brideofthewind 2 години тому
We see what you did there...
mike is dumb
mike is dumb 6 днів тому
Hozier's lyricis are unbeatable. They almost always have a melody that sounds sound like you could dance the bed-tango to it but the words in it are nothing to do with that, it's something deeper, darker. And I love him for that.
Orange Ozelot
Orange Ozelot 14 днів тому
Happy birthday Andrew! Thank you for bringing these wonderful songs into our lives ❤ I’ve been obsessed with Hozier’s music since 2019 and waited for new songs to come … it was definitely worth the wait !
Ash and Gold
Ash and Gold 14 днів тому
A masterful reflection on generational trauma. I've been listening to Hozier since Take Me to Church when I was young, and he's only been getting better since - Eat Your Young is nothing short of continuing that trend.
Nolia Pastel Stelate
Nolia Pastel Stelate 11 днів тому
@Ayo Olukoga the script goes on repeat, and the word ,,siege,, has very much similarities with what happened while ago and what's coming again. but majority of people are totally blind by the magic and surface level, but you definitely see ,pal
Chiffy Monroe
Chiffy Monroe 11 днів тому
Wamenya bho
Shahrul Nazri
Shahrul Nazri 11 днів тому
​@Cassie ksn
Ayo Olukoga
Ayo Olukoga 14 днів тому
And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the Lord thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee. Deuteronomy 28:53
thefiretailedweasel 14 днів тому
Emmsies День тому
Hozier neve fails to impress! Amazing musical performance and a pertinent, shrewd message.
Subverziv 14 днів тому
First time I'm hearing this artist...dope AF! Props to anyone that uses their platform to make thought provoking music. ❤
Subverziv 5 днів тому
You were all right, his other stuff is awesome!
estelle 12 днів тому
Oh you gotta listen to more of him
He Screm
He Screm 13 днів тому
You gotta listen to more of his stuff, i promise you it’ll be worth it!
Miss Madness
Miss Madness 13 днів тому
If you like this you'll love his other music
Dawn Murray
Dawn Murray 12 днів тому
Very powerful lyrics once again...this guy just seems to understand what's happening in the world & writes a song about it in a way that is catchy but also eye-opening 10/10
CaroLia 8 днів тому
Amazing song as usual😌😍
BlairDoesntNotCare 13 днів тому
Good bluesy disco vibe. I love how you treat the artistry of guitar as a black art first and every beautiful breath you take is in homage to those beautiful bones of rock and roll. Keep the blues in ya hozier. I love your art. Also Thank you for keeping trans rights in your heart. These days people seem utterly complicit in our destruction, be it blind eye, arrogance, or ignorance all seems lost most days. Your voice is honey to the sore soul these days.
Hailey Thomas
Hailey Thomas 14 днів тому
He never fails to amaze me. In such a unique way, he talks about how the choices we make are harming and killing our children, that it would simply be easier to eat them than to have them suffer through the world
Lala Mc Greenlight
Lala Mc Greenlight 11 днів тому
No he's talking about the children that pUtin saved in Youkraine and they were being harvested for their blood organs etc and adreNo chrome
Prince Polestar
Prince Polestar 12 днів тому
@meepmoopmeep1 I think your interpretation makes more sense than this being a pro-child-eating song lmao
alicia 12 днів тому
I don't think he necessarily means it's better to eat them, rather he's saying that by doing all these things, you may as well be eating them. Meaning all these bad choices are equivalent to the horror of eating your young.
Loretto McCartney
Loretto McCartney 12 днів тому
I have felt we are guilty of these for decades.
Brenda Milene
Brenda Milene 7 днів тому
Já tinha lágrimas em meus olhos apenas com a parte instrumental.. aí, aí Hozier e a sua capacidade de fazer arte
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 6 днів тому
Song’s incredible - love everything about it! 💚🖤🫶🏻
Ekayani Performs
Ekayani Performs 9 днів тому
Well stated understated as always peeling back the layers ❤
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson 14 днів тому
I've had the same favorite song for years!!! It was bumped to second place once I heard this masterpiece. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes the entire song. It has been on repeat for the last 45 minutes!
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson 12 днів тому
@A Swanson Happy Man by Jungle!
A Swanson
A Swanson 13 днів тому
What's the other song?
Apeiron 14 днів тому
I've been having this on repeat since the first seconds on TikTok appeared and I CAN'T AND WON'T stop listening to this. Wonderful writing and vocal's are so on point.
Don Pasquale
Don Pasquale 14 днів тому
All 3 songs are genuinely incredible. If the rest of the album is this good, it's gonna easily be the best one yet
cil uoduod
cil uoduod 4 дні тому
@Emma Hatcher thanks 🙏
Emma Hatcher
Emma Hatcher 5 днів тому
@cil uoduod through me (the flood) and all things end
cil uoduod
cil uoduod 10 днів тому
what are the other 2
Atlas 12 днів тому
@korbaisblessed how do you mean? Wasteland, Baby! Is out and is a masterpiece. Edit: I get what you mean now I just misunderstood the phrasing. Apologies.
Emma Hatcher
Emma Hatcher 12 днів тому
@Deezy unreal earth!!!!! Later this year!!!
Jamie Hughes
Jamie Hughes 5 днів тому
Amazing. Love Hozier’s writing
Cosmic Wanderer
Cosmic Wanderer 10 днів тому
When the world needed him most, he came back.🤧
Blitzwolf 6 днів тому
recién la termino de esuchar y puedo asegurar que es mi canciójn favorita
Jeanette Peterse
Jeanette Peterse 8 днів тому
Amazing song as always gó hálainn ❤
namida 11 днів тому
Perfect. So powerful with such a deep yet morbid meaning. I passed my dance examination with this song . My choreography got 82 / 100
fernanda cabral
fernanda cabral 14 днів тому
hozier can never do ANYTHING wrong. the man’s an absolute gem
Timothy Westfall
Timothy Westfall 9 днів тому
I am the 800th like
Nino Akhaladze
Nino Akhaladze 14 днів тому
Hozier simply does not have an ability to create bad music
Ovina Fernandez
Ovina Fernandez 14 днів тому
Oh my goodness, that meal was an absolute delight! Every bite was bursting with flavor and my taste buds were dancing with joy. From the appetizer to the dessert, I was in a state of pure culinary bliss. I couldn't help but savor every morsel and even closed my eyes to fully immerse myself in the experience. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dining experience!***** ****** I always enjoy your true meaningful songs. *******
Sophia Hannah Sobrepeña
Sophia Hannah Sobrepeña 14 днів тому
Hozier's style of music and how he wrote his lyrics make me want to write an entire book about it
KJ Lucky
KJ Lucky 13 днів тому
My favorite artist ever. Hozier’s music has got me through a LOT. When I felt like I had nobody, I found comfort and belonging in his music and I will always be grateful for how much it has helped me over the years. I’ve been waiting all day to put my headphones on and sit back for my first listen and while I expected it to be amazing, I’m still blown away at how he just can’t miss. Thank you, Hozier, for blessing us with more of your beautiful music❤
November 14 днів тому
Listening to this song makes me feel like I've just drank water after 10 years of thirst
Iris Iris
Iris Iris 9 днів тому
That probably means you can relate to the song, which is really sad in this case 😦😦
jade 10 днів тому
Ironically, this song makes me so thirsty i crave anything to quench it
Alan B
Alan B 13 днів тому
I’m picturing a wet skeleton
локатока 13 днів тому
I am in love with those lyrics, Hozier is as poetic as always, but can we also take a moment to appreciate that chorus? the only singer who can make me jam to a song about eating children
Michael Sheridan
Michael Sheridan 12 днів тому
You are literally the mouthpiece for the world through your lyrics man! The world would stop in the wake of your silence so please keep speaking for it 💚💚
MO MARIE 14 днів тому
Happy Birthday Andrew! Thank you for your music. The songs are incredibly beautiful, deep and always on repeat ❤
Zach Matousek
Zach Matousek 6 днів тому
This song is effing 🔥 I listen to this on repeat !
Ruby 9 днів тому
Lyrics gave me goosebumps
I’ve been so unbelievably excited for this song since I first heard the clip and god this mans music could never let me down
Freyja Skye
Freyja Skye 14 днів тому
Nick 14 днів тому
I literally can't get over what an incredible fucking privilege it is to listen to this album, I am so deeply thankful. To create and share it, to contribute to the eternal transcendence that is art and what it does to us, and how that spirals into infinity, just, im gonna eat my shoe
Petar Keyu01
Petar Keyu01 14 днів тому
New favourite song! Thank you so much Hozier! I feel blessed to be able to listen to your heavenly music! As an English language student, I honestly bealive that the lyrics of your songs should be analyized in literature courses!
Mimir 14 днів тому
Albums gonna be the death of me 3 songs already took me to the edge of existence
Carolina van der Lande
Carolina van der Lande 14 днів тому
Buckle up! I just heard him say the album will consist of 17 or 18 songs, including this one.
adarklana 11 днів тому
I love that in almost every song Hozier sweetly invites you to dine together
Krisi Bell Pepper
Krisi Bell Pepper 6 годин тому
Amazing song,thank you for bringing the truth!!! 👏👏👏
Tamya Waiters
Tamya Waiters 14 днів тому
How he’s able to evolve his sound and his voice fits always is amazing
Karah Jo
Karah Jo 4 дні тому
This song is insanely good.😮❤
May Silversi
May Silversi 13 днів тому
“skinning the children for a war drum” made my jaws drop omg Hozier I love you
Joana Ymeraj
Joana Ymeraj 10 днів тому
Thank you for this masterpiece
Kate Kray
Kate Kray 12 днів тому
i adore this song
Zach Moser
Zach Moser 14 днів тому
Wow this is incredible, there's a sureal quality hoizers music has, I don't think any artist has ever replicated it for me, I think that really speaks to how unique his music is
Цвета Иванова
Цвета Иванова 14 днів тому
Never waited more impatiently for a song to come out. I love it.
cal fynn
cal fynn 6 днів тому
took me a couple listens love it now eat your young is a great song. Lyrics perfect as always. Hozier proves that music can be great again and mean something.
Marina Hullings
Marina Hullings 14 днів тому
As always, exceeds my expectations 😭🥹💜
Andrea Santamaría
Andrea Santamaría 14 днів тому
Nada, todo lo que hace este tío es arte desde el principio hasta el final y no lo para de demostrar. Enamorada de esta canción como de las demás.
Dominko 7 днів тому
Mr. Al Paco
Mr. Al Paco 14 днів тому
The very first Hozier songs I’ll listen to on time (discovered him a year ago) 💚 I’ll cherish this moment forever
The Gazette 2.0
The Gazette 2.0 7 годин тому
The greatest song of all time! 🎶
Aa'ishah Isaacs
Aa'ishah Isaacs 11 днів тому
My mind and my body are at war over how to react to this masterpiece.
Celine M.
Celine M. 13 днів тому
Ginger Countryman
Ginger Countryman 11 днів тому
You, my love, are one deep ocean!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPLAIN!!! ❤ SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Norie_Door 14 днів тому
In Hozier we Trust 🙏🏼
Maggie mastro
Maggie mastro 14 днів тому
Nicola Mcvicar
Nicola Mcvicar 7 днів тому
This song has been stuck in my head since I heard it so damn catchy. I love it ❤❤
Elanya Coleman
Elanya Coleman 14 днів тому
Whew! Hozier you've done it for me again! Thank you always and forever ❣️!
Lina Veter
Lina Veter 12 днів тому
I'm in love with this song 😍❤️ Masterpiece!
la Loba
la Loba 5 днів тому
His lyrics are like some silver tongued devil, come to temp me to just accept fate and roll with it. I'm terrified and he sounds cruel, but he's probably right and the comfort of his voice is so seductive because I'm tired of fighting.
Danny Boylan
Danny Boylan 13 днів тому
And yet another masterpiece.
Micaela Osorio
Micaela Osorio 14 днів тому
Hozier never disappoints me ❤
fiona _re
fiona _re 13 днів тому
This is a fucking masterpiece! You never seize to amaze me. The way you write and compose is just different and I love it! Would love to chat with you some day about how you get the ideas for such incredible lyrics.. thank you for your art Andrew and have a lovely Birthday! 🧡
Robson Noia
Robson Noia 14 днів тому
Hozier, vc que faz aniversário e nós que ganhamos o presente! I love you!
Sweet Phoenix
Sweet Phoenix 9 днів тому
Love this song❤️ so true
Aline 2 дні тому
He does it every time. Amazing AMAZING
M Wilson
M Wilson 14 днів тому
When the last bombs strike and the missiles are a flare, I want to be listening to my Hozier. 💚
Octavia 14 днів тому
I fall in love with this man a little more every time he released a new song 💛
nati tzemou
nati tzemou 11 днів тому
Omg ive been waiting so long for this song!!!! This is amazing, im so excited😭💖
Bipolar Person
Bipolar Person 14 днів тому
So grateful to all the artists that have taken me away from the pain of life that gets me so often. Hearing songs like this makes me want to continue to live! ❤❤❤❤
Hannah Scates Kettler
Hannah Scates Kettler 7 днів тому
This makes me want to move my body in a way that is in complete conflict to the words I’m hearing. The meaning I take and take from this song filling a dark void that I hold separate from the hope, optimism and love for humanity. Beautiful and conflicting. What to do with these feelings, I wonder.
Danna G
Danna G 12 днів тому
His lyrics are always so poetic!!! 😩💖💖💖
Mariam Manukyan
Mariam Manukyan 14 днів тому
As always, YOU ARE THE BEST❤️!!!
Bill Nye
Bill Nye 14 днів тому
I can't express how ready I am for this EP
Dania Barajas
Dania Barajas 14 днів тому
I didn't know that Bill Nye was such a big Hozier fan 😂
Marie 11 днів тому
Lyrics are genius
Nakul Gavali
Nakul Gavali 4 дні тому
💫💫hozier never disappoints
Aster Temple
Aster Temple 13 днів тому
Honestly jamming out to a banger about how the past two generations have been absolutely sold out by our forefathers is like several types of poetry, good job everyone, hit the showers.🥲 Love the R&B sound this time- so excited for the full release. Thank you, Andrew 💜
Krizia 10 днів тому
Hozier did it again…This is fire !
F. B.
F. B. 14 днів тому
He never disappoints, and I'm so happy that I have the chance to listen to his songs.This is already on repeat. I love it so much❤❤❤
Alison Mulholland
Alison Mulholland 14 днів тому
Two perfect entities - relevant topical poetry, and beautiful music combined! How feckin cool is Hozier?!!! ❤️🥰
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