Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

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Tom MacDonald

3 дні тому

FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Richard 8 хвилин тому
Damn this song is the shit. You make nothing but bangers.
Sir_ Ladykiller1
Sir_ Ladykiller1 12 хвилин тому
People are just jealous and envious. Do whatever you want make good music make bad music fuck it lol trying to make every song a hit is unrealistic it's fine
chad bear
chad bear 13 хвилин тому
Love it! You are a breath of fresh air!!! Keep doing you and being you, lazy asses with no goals will always hate those who fight to be successful and reach their goals!
Mikey Wright
Mikey Wright 16 хвилин тому
Those who call you a sell out are the ones that cant grow up. Ive seen your progression. I watched your style change a bit but you stay true to you. An artist that has a word. Keep on keeping on.
Shannon Hall
Shannon Hall 19 хвилин тому
Listen you're a roll model to the kids and that's something to be proud of.
Shannon Hall
Shannon Hall 23 хвилини тому
Its okay to grow up! Fans will love you as you do. 😀
jason skinkle
jason skinkle 25 хвилин тому
Do you bro.
Victoria Goodman
Victoria Goodman 27 хвилин тому
How is it not still trending??
IKingDaxter 29 хвилин тому
I think you are the most autochthonous rapper in the world. If I see you in the video you had a hard time and now you earn the success. Congratulatio! Keep going TOM. make more good songs😀👍 greetings from Swizerland🇨🇭
Kyle Nolan
Kyle Nolan 41 хвилина тому
Biggest flex was to make these people know they don’t have to change to be great
Flora Cross
Flora Cross 48 хвилин тому
Your right I loke this song as cancer
troy hooper
troy hooper 51 хвилина тому
Just one stack of that cash could change my life .
manbehindthebeard 51 хвилина тому
My man, you are the realest straight up. Eff what anyone says, you do you that's why we all love your music. You are relatable and say what needs to be said. When everyone else is scared to be real and tell the truth, it comes out of your mouth. Never stop! I wont stop listening and supporting you bro. ONE LOVE ! ONE RACE = THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!
Charlie Bottom_Ramen
Charlie Bottom_Ramen 56 хвилин тому
Remember the first lesson you taught us: Fuck the haters. You're getting the sticks and stones that YOU promised came from being an individual, and we're here helping you build your castle from it. We love ya, bro. I hope you see this so you know I've been watching you and that you've been helping me. Much love Tom
Simon Sandtjärn
Simon Sandtjärn 56 хвилин тому
Never be ashamed for your succes! 💪
SP King
SP King 57 хвилин тому
Why is it so hard for us to say...Good for you bro? Just told my wife...he made it babe, nice house by the beach, got a pool, she said “must be nice”...I said “I’m happy for him....good for him”. Don’t hate. Be happy for people...because you can do it too. Gotta work....
XxMIKEOFWAR4xX Годину тому
My most favorite person in the world... so positive and always on fire. Truth of be honesty and doing whats right and not doing it because the world wants it. This man was blessed for being a real man and a real entertainer. Awesome Tom Macdonald 👏 ❤ We need more people like you in this world.
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese Годину тому
You’re a great artist. Nuff said.
Kim Andre Nenningsland
Kim Andre Nenningsland Годину тому
gonna take more then some fancy clothes and house to lose me man, HOG forever. im glad you and nova made it, got a good place and are happy, you still real, you still honest, youre still one of the best man, keep doing what u do man.
Fredvan Fallen
Fredvan Fallen Годину тому
They won't ever allow you to surpass 10million. Meanwhile they (the industry) will boost zillions of views in any Cardi B video or Brazilian Funk video , because those videos are all about bitches and explicit sex, or even some are about murder innocent and pedophilia. Brazilian Funk from Kondzila should be all in jail. They're all talk about underage girls. Dude, we're the REAL RESISTANCE! Your videos are mind blowing. Your crowd is organic. Keep up, don't give up, never stop!
Ralph Harris
Ralph Harris Годину тому
You helped me get through the days just keep on writing songs for everybody
PridexSeba Годину тому
every person changes, isn't bad... its the nature of the human
Scott Jaques
Scott Jaques Годину тому
Always something great. Keep it up man
unicorn lover
unicorn lover Годину тому
When I am down I just listen to your music and it cheers me up
Christian Spall
Christian Spall Годину тому
Sellout my motherfucking ass bro!! Haters gonna talk shit. You and Nova are the truth. Fuck the rest!! Keep doing everything y'all are doing and I'll keep listening!! Love y'all 💪🏼
Austin May
Austin May Годину тому
What are those figurine things he has? I've seen them before
Josh Ciesielski
Josh Ciesielski Годину тому
Best part about Tom MacDonald is he is dropping a new beat every couple weeks !
Nevaeh Harris
Nevaeh Harris Годину тому
This man is spitting facts. And no lies its all truth out of his mouth.
Leeann Mitchell
Leeann Mitchell Годину тому
Erik Hernandez Photography
Erik Hernandez Photography Годину тому
I'm not even a fan of this but I feel it,I've lived it,I could be back there Tomorrow because nothing is given Respect to you,Tom.You're a testament to the genre.Live happy man... ✌
Hayden Maier
Hayden Maier Годину тому
Ur a big inspiration I always listen to u when I'm happy mad sad ur a great fucking rapper and I think u like a young eminem keep it up man 👍
Tina Van Zandt
Tina Van Zandt Годину тому
If this is selling out... then keep it up. JK I am a new fan because you make me think. And for the record - in my opinion - there is a HUGE difference between selling out and growing. You honor yourself, your loved ones and your fans because you choose to grow. Thank you for that.
TheDarkShadowNinja94 Годину тому
This guy has tattoos on his face. Man's like the people bhe hates.
joshua morgan
joshua morgan Годину тому
You ever in one of those moods and just lay back put earphones in and put the volume up and connect to song and feel shit. Hell of a track
Y-Who Годину тому
raw af, grind hard forever
SoR Santa Ana
SoR Santa Ana Годину тому
Great video and great message, again and as usual. Thanks for sharing Tom, and thanks for being true to yourself!
Eric Lawson
Eric Lawson 2 години тому
People don't like seeing people get clean and better themselves brother
Lonnie Skriver
Lonnie Skriver 2 години тому
What kind of person disliked this song. Love it.
Z Dub
Z Dub 2 години тому
Realist rapper ever swear love your tunes bro
DiscountDisrespect 2 години тому
mr mine
mr mine 2 години тому
Man always loved your music since it's been underground to your live q & a on facebook you saved my life a few times.
Orginism X
Orginism X 2 години тому
I like the way how your not scared to say what's on your mind keep up the good work king
Chelsea Eiben
Chelsea Eiben 2 години тому
You seem pretty likeable to me :)
BAD MALI 2 години тому
you did not come out ok you cam out grate like if you love tom
Seventh Seal
Seventh Seal 2 години тому
I wish I was talented so I can be rich.
Johnny Allen
Johnny Allen 2 години тому
Hey bro you got to do what you Gotta do I’m not hating on you I respect you to be able to do what you’re doing and still spit in the Corrupt people spaces your bad ass you’re not a sellout you just wanted to be able to give your girl a good life and help your parents out if anybody hate you for that forget them your bad ass and forget about all the haters thank you for the music
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers 2 години тому
I have yet to hear something that doesn't resonate! Keep up the hard work brother, God bless!
Llew 2 години тому
You spend that dolla brother, you earned every bit. Enjoy the life you have built for you and your girl and keep bringing them hard core tunes.
Heady Cuts
Heady Cuts 2 години тому
"tOm SoLd HiS SoLe" 🥴
Heady Cuts
Heady Cuts 2 години тому
I'll be honest with you bro, when I first started seeing you I didn't like you. I saw your outside appearance and assumed you were just like all these other indie artists trying to sound like the next man... Then I listened. I respect you now. Thank you for you message and your music. Keep doing it your way, it's working.
BAD MALI 2 години тому
nice song
Anthony Siano
Anthony Siano 2 години тому
Thank you.
Jaime 2 години тому
Love you Tom!
Ryan Ryuu
Ryan Ryuu 2 години тому
Damn this guy is amazing
chrystal Jilek
chrystal Jilek 3 години тому
I'm not getting notifications from utube! Subscribed for all .???
Jessica Lane
Jessica Lane 3 години тому
My favourite artist. Amen for speaking the truth and being real. 🙏💙🙏
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 3 години тому
world doesn't deserve you, but we're blessed beyond measure to have you. #HOG4life
Rhiley Jarrett
Rhiley Jarrett 3 години тому
I feel like this song needs people waving candles and flashlights while linking arms. Tom always seems to bring people together.
John D Rocky
John D Rocky 3 години тому
U & Nova crushing it as usual! THANK YOU THANK YOU! THANK YOU BOTH!!! :-)))
hunter 3 години тому
your a legend
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 3 години тому
Tom you killed this as usual! Keep up the great work!
lulu lovesyou
lulu lovesyou 3 години тому
I just talked to my young adult kids about this recently- be happy with your friends who are doing good even if you are in a tough spot at the moment. Celebrate with them. If others cant do the same they aren't good friends. Life changes us! Positive changes are a good thing.
MalkinDirect Tube
MalkinDirect Tube 3 години тому
how old is dude
Avan du Plessis
Avan du Plessis 3 години тому
Fuck em all, keep it up!
Tyler Spears
Tyler Spears 3 години тому
You've put the work in bud, you deserve the reward. Keep killin it man, love both you and Nova for all great music and videos you've given us!
LegendzStudios 3 години тому
People want you to do good. But never better then them.
Jax3030 Ireland
Jax3030 Ireland 3 години тому
i love this song actually i love evey song i listen to you and Nova while im working
Jax3030 Ireland
Jax3030 Ireland 3 години тому
i listen to you both every single day at work
Jax3030 Ireland
Jax3030 Ireland 3 години тому
i would love you see you make a video with your parents that would be awesome
mack the knife
mack the knife 3 години тому
Just be you man keep yourself happy.
Unknown 3 години тому
I think it's time, reach out to NF and see if it works out, what's the worst that can happen? If Eminem and Kid Cudi could make a song... I'm sure Tom and Nate could.
Brent Cool
Brent Cool 3 години тому
Masgerion 3 години тому
You really inspired me Tom.
Software Bear
Software Bear 3 години тому
Here is the truth: There are ALWAYS going to be shitty people who are going to criticize and second guess your every move because their lives are so shit that in order to avoid the anxiety of tackling their own bullshit, they attack other people's lives to delude themselves into thinking they're better. That can come in the form of moral objections, right down to straight up hater shit. They. Don't. Know. Your. Life. Fuck 'em.
Jacob Jordans
Jacob Jordans 3 години тому
I love your music dude
Sherie Klem
Sherie Klem 3 години тому
You are always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰‼
Don Dayter
Don Dayter 4 години тому
Tom you killed this as usual! Keep up the great work!
Sahil Choudhry
Sahil Choudhry 4 години тому
Check Sellout by KR$NA💥 (the second link in youtube below this video)
eric camp
eric camp 4 години тому
Hey Tom MacDonald hey bro. Your not a sell out. I look up to one day. I will be like you come on top. Keep it day I get to meet u and say thank you and your partner for the music that help my life in person.
Ryan Hayes
Ryan Hayes 4 години тому
Tom is definitely not a sell out fuck the haters! keep doing you love the new song!!!
Breanna Huntington
Breanna Huntington 4 години тому
Katie Pearson
Katie Pearson 4 години тому
Wow... just wow! Hit it and get!
Hruaia Renthlei
Hruaia Renthlei 4 години тому
Love you from India Mizoram 😍😍😍
Greg Stevens
Greg Stevens 4 години тому
I said it before but I really thought when I seen him he would be corny rapping about xanex🤣 like all new artist( I say artist for lack of better word) but I can admitt when I'm wrong tom Is fire and so is his lil crew. Killing it with real music not this " xanex xanex xanex I'll suck a dic* for some xanex" songs so called artist put out now. Keep it up straight 🔥🔥🔥
VsM_Fatality Gaming
VsM_Fatality Gaming 4 години тому
Anyone who thinks he's a sellout don't know shit
Debra Foster
Debra Foster 4 години тому
You're amazing Tom!!! I truly love and appreciate you and the fabulous music ( magic) you create!! Every song has a meaning and is completely necessary for EVERYONE to hear. I only wish they all knew how badly they need to hear you. Love u FAM forever
John Andrews
John Andrews 4 години тому
I love the message of this song. Please keep 'em coming. Newest fan, right here!
Glenda Thompson
Glenda Thompson 4 години тому
Some people can't stand it if you get out of life what you want!! And isn't why we work so we can have things that we want and need??🤔 I think so..Tom go on and keep doing all the things you want to and deserve to..and the true ones will stay and cheer you on and the others..well we will just keep faith that they too will find what they need so they will find happiness! Love your music man and I THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY AND JOURNEY!! another good always..😁👍🤩
Jayson Wellman
Jayson Wellman 4 години тому
Tom, My name is Jayson and I have to admit that I do not like rap and hip hop because of what is portrayed and sung about. BUT, I happened onto your music, specifically the song SOBER, which I related to a lot with my own life. Since then I have listened to all your songs and for whatever this is worth to you, you are the ONLY RAP/HIP HOP artist I listen to. I apologize if you don't consider your music hip hop or rap am not meaning to insult you. Your music is amazing, and inspiring and talks about real life, real things, and there needs to be more of that. So thank you for doing what you do Tom, and also to your girlfriend. I'll never know the pressure you feel to keep doing what you do, and to sell out to the major labels, but my prayers are with you and yours that you keep doing what your doing. Thanks again Tom. Look forward to more of your music.
Savanah Dahlsten
Savanah Dahlsten 4 години тому
You're fucking awesome
Home chefbbq
Home chefbbq 4 години тому
Don't listen to them bro. Do you 💯
Zach Beaumia
Zach Beaumia 4 години тому
Tom your amazing i love you so much bro i been with you since wisky wars and dream people keep doing you im proud of who you became you stayed true to yourself and im glad i listened to you have a great day man keep it up
Ricky Reaves
Ricky Reaves 4 години тому
This dude is the MC right now. Keep blowing Tom up. Well deserved
Wang DangDoodle
Wang DangDoodle 4 години тому
You keep doing you Tom😀 I'm so happy for you both 😊
Ryan Brussell
Ryan Brussell 4 години тому
Yeah guys start listening
Carly Anderson
Carly Anderson 4 години тому
Keep doing what your doing Tom, you're music isn't like anything I've ever heard before and I love it! Keep it up and I can't wait to hear more!! 🤑👏🙌🤘
PLAY NICE 5 годин тому
This music video is lit money money money
big dicc company Breadmaker
big dicc company Breadmaker 5 годин тому
Nice song
Tree Void
Tree Void 5 годин тому
Everything you do man just hits me a different way. I’ve got my own struggles and feel lost, but seeing you fight through yours helps give me a little strength to keep moving a little more forward
George Shkreli
George Shkreli 5 годин тому
I just discovered you a few hours ago and already listened to almost everything you put out. You just became my favorite artist. Wish artists like you weren't the minority. Keep doing what your doing you got a fan for life!
IcehawkLB 5 годин тому
Love it bro. Keep it move. You're a voice for a lot of us right now.
XDranzer000 5 годин тому
There's one thing I don't get about his videos... why does he censor the swear words but show the middle finger ???
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