Sacred Blood (FULL MOVIE)
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The Visit (FULL MOVIE)
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The Experience (FULL MOVIE)
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The Aliens (FULL MOVIE)
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Alien Mummies of Peru (FULL MOVIE)
Erik 3 години тому
Who of the commenters owns more than 1 mobile phone ? Nuff said....
Faizel Achmat
Faizel Achmat 3 години тому
Absolutely brilliant. It portrayed a bit of everything an award winning movie should consist of. Impressive acting. The producer should do more movies, fantastic.
Quan Hua
Quan Hua 4 години тому
I'm excited for this movie. Just one ... little things though. Ancient viets didnt dress like that. Way too colorful and opulent. Looks like these people just wore stuff from a dye museum. I'll give credit for creativity though.
Diana Wise
Diana Wise 4 години тому
I love Cary Grant, and I stuck through this whole video, but it's pretty bad.
Shashidhar Shettar
Shashidhar Shettar 4 години тому
Don’t fool the audience with fake title ha
Edith Majzer
Edith Majzer 5 годин тому
RIP Michael Jackson. U r 1 in a billion! ❤❤❤
Aniwayas Song
Aniwayas Song 5 годин тому
Remember folks- Nuclear energy is the *CLEANEST/SAFEST* on Earth! That is, if you don't mind ANY mistake/accident, leaving pollution/contamination that will be lethal/cancerous to all living things, for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Dream well...
Dennis Matellan
Dennis Matellan 6 годин тому
Yo creo en dios todo poderoso! No en un papa comunista, que no le importa lo que hacen sus amigos acesinos comunistas matando niños, mujeres y hombres por pensar diferente. Me da vergüenza lo sinvergüenza que es el diablo disfrazado de oveja. Abajo el papa comunista.
Caridad Vargas Barquero
Caridad Vargas Barquero 6 годин тому
Agradesida con Dios or conoserlo escucharloy tener la misma edad le pido a Diosque me de fortalexa como Eltrabaja incansablemente te pido por su salud amen
janine williams
janine williams 6 годин тому
White supremacists
Danielle 6 годин тому
Much better than I expected
Kersh 6 годин тому
Yuri is such a bs peddler. Always boggles me that folk bother asking his opinion
Allison Ruth Lounes
Allison Ruth Lounes 6 годин тому
if you were my child, i would be disappointed in you too. to denounce G? I have meet many "book smart" dumbasses , who only believe what they can see under a microscope ..thus logic says.. " you can't believe in love, loyalty, hope etc " either.. ur a dumbass..
Ricardo Carrera
Ricardo Carrera 7 годин тому
This CRAP is so FAKE !!! Notice how all the Parking Lots are empty
Lorelyn Betuin
Lorelyn Betuin 7 годин тому
Such a great life story in a movie. Love knows no race and distance...its just sad that one of them died before they met. S and M will meet someday.
Vandalorian Vandalorian
Vandalorian Vandalorian 7 годин тому
I’m one of the millions of musicians/singers who have been inspired by, emulated and covered Led Zeppelin. Thank you, boys.
Kritika Singh Mer
Kritika Singh Mer 7 годин тому
She looked soo modern and traditional at the same time! Her make up was soo elegant and omg! ....she did her makeup by herself! Her dress looked soo beautiful on her perfect body shape. She looked soo polished....I really lack words expressing how formal and beautiful she is looking! She really is the epitome of perfection 😍 💓.
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
paul g is a prat
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
50 concerts in 6 months. was ments to be 25 dates july to september 2009 then a brake to jan to feb march 2010 25 dates so was not 50 dates shows all at once
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
why the tickets in this not hollogram ones ?
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
dan mj was not broke hes full of crap
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
uri geller was no friend he tricked mj to be interviewed by martin bashire mj never talk to geller ever again after that
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
dan is a media reporter nasty dan is
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
history album did very well dan is stupid prat . history album has sold more album copys more than any of todays singers in 2021 fact
richard colton
richard colton 8 годин тому
the Machines are either going to do away with us or let us die off as they will learn that half of us are wonderful and the other half really suck and the logical thing to do with us is not have us around at all, and the metal man don't need us around anyhow
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
dan mj had virtiligo gosh plus dan better look at himself in the mirror, plus lisa has talk a bout mj many times
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
stupid man reporter asking diana ross a stupid question
HalfAnon 8 годин тому
What a cry baby... Never been on a flight before? Hope the info from Peru is worth watching...
jaz morrison
jaz morrison 8 годин тому
that dan is a prat he slag mj off big time over leaveing neverland junk
Theresa Marie
Theresa Marie 8 годин тому
Cute movie. However, I lost track of time watching it and need to pick my hubby up in 22 mins... Im not yet dressed for the day and hes half an hour away... Oops
Tanya Leonguerrero
Tanya Leonguerrero 8 годин тому
They don't tell is. After he died some women committed suicide 💔. I just don't understand?why or what ever the reason? They did it? And the newspaper didn't write about it.
Freddy Flak
Freddy Flak 9 годин тому
I understand the white women wanting to categorize Prince, but were not gonna overlook the fact that he was a BLACK artist. We're NOT just overlooking that. Just like Michael Jackson. They touched many cultures, but there would be no Michael or Prince, without AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE, BLACK PEOPLE! I know they touched everybody, but you guys are PRIVILEGED to partake in what the AFRICAN AMERICAN BLACK CULTURE offered you for your enjoyment. TO BE EXPLOITED BY LABELS WITH EUROPEAN LINEAGE. It may come across aggressive or harsh, but put the shoes on the other foot. Prince and Michael and Whitney lost there life to entertainment. There all from AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE. THEY ALL WERE MILKED DRY OF THERE TALENT, TILL THERE DEATH BED. So we're not just overlooking that Prince was a BLACK ARTIST.
Priakna Paul
Priakna Paul 9 годин тому
What a wonderful movie!!!!!! From Bangladesh ❤️
ejsm12 9 годин тому
De aliens nada pero me gustô es para reflexionar y apreciar muy bonita
Rita Herbst Thorsen
Rita Herbst Thorsen 10 годин тому
I have just seen the movie and I was BrachTaken, it’s such a beautiful picture and so heart warning, I just love this movie.
Var Sha
Var Sha 10 годин тому
DJ NEON 10 годин тому
BOBBY BATES 10 годин тому
I think ETis going to be pissed off at the landing of the chinese moon rover lol
Fco. Javier Hortelano Torralba
Fco. Javier Hortelano Torralba 10 годин тому
Esto si que es esencia
Fco. Javier Hortelano Torralba
Fco. Javier Hortelano Torralba 10 годин тому
Me encanta su puta voz rasgada
Wilbert Vertudez
Wilbert Vertudez 11 годин тому
The best ending
Mary kingdomchanger
Mary kingdomchanger 11 годин тому
The fact that CR has no tattoos that seals it for me😂😂
malcolm mathers
malcolm mathers 11 годин тому
i like a happy ending
Deba Pal
Deba Pal 11 годин тому
খুব ভালো
Scary Lil Star Assassin
Scary Lil Star Assassin 11 годин тому
Take away the allegations whether true or not, or even if I believe them or not, or even take his character out of the question, that man was a genius, an absolute genius. His music transcends time, this music doesn't grow old, his music is amazing, his voice, dancing, everything about his performance, he was the ultimate performer, the fever he created, his love for his fans and their love for him, that's what the top end of talent looks like. I don't think there will ever be anyone like him again, he had more talent in his little finger nail than most artists today.... And I am not even a Michael Jackson fan, I like his music but I would say in a massive fan. his music isn't my genre and even I can tell.. His talent was something special. Like in the Jackson 5, no offence to his brothers, I don't think anyone would of noticed if they were gone, Michael WAS the Jackson 5
Elsa Cruz
Elsa Cruz 11 годин тому
thank you
Ricardo Carrera
Ricardo Carrera 12 годин тому
Sometimes I wonder if this is Fake !!!
Brother Maleus Praetor
Brother Maleus Praetor 12 годин тому
whoaaaaat??? The ending is f**ing stupid!!! SPOILERS, do not read more below this if you are yet to watch this film. I can't believe she slept with him behind her Husband's back. Also, I just don't understand why he all of a sudden decided to f**k her off and leave- I mean I'm glad he went back to her and rescued her but that was only because he had a flat tyre. Just because he had doubts, why would that mean he should suddenly not like her company anymore and ditch her??? She's smoking HOT FFS! The guy is a frickin idiot! But having said that... she's FU***ING MARRIED GHAH! Totally messed up doomed from the start, I just don't know what to say at this point. I'm just not impressed and feel like my time was completely wasted on this whole story, thankfully though there was a nice scene with the old man and his connection with his encounter, albeit a sad one, at least it was nice to hear her angelic, sweet voice interpret the old man's words, that was a nice scene, but the whole thing about her being married and having some kind of fling with the Chinese man... man... that shizs messed up. ANNOYED. JUST F**ING ANNOYED and I don't want to end up ANNOYED by a damn movie. Pi55Ed off now.
Sharon Alderslade
Sharon Alderslade 12 годин тому
And Yes I do believe in life on other Planets and I also truly believe that they are watching our planet and they are waiting for us to become ready to be apart of everything I also believe that when we stop fighting and harming ourselves and other lives they will know that we will be ready to join the rest of our beautiful universe and multi-verse yes I ion our beautiful wonderful Planet then they know that we are ready and that is why they are waiting and watching for us to grow to become the peaceful and catering human’s we were always meant to be, sending love and light and peace to all and anyone who are reading my thoughts!!!🌘🌜🌛🌗🌙🌎🌍🌏⚡️✨🌟⭐️💫☄️💥🔥🌑🌕🌖🌝🌞🥀
Reflection Wave
Reflection Wave 12 годин тому
Copy story ....Cinderella and beauty and the beast.
Azra Maulana
Azra Maulana 12 годин тому
bee gees is always on the list "top 5 band of all time"
Sharon Alderslade
Sharon Alderslade 12 годин тому
As a person who does not know much about space or scientific research I am thinking is it possible to imagine as inside a pregnant woman body of Twins sometimes in such births things can go wrong and 1 child is stillborn and the other child is born healthy alive and beautiful then taking this concept into mind ( I.e. the universe the mother and the Twins the Moon and the Earth could this be a situation as simple as ththis the moon is the stillborn child the earth the healthy vibrant beautiful alive and viability for life on our beautiful wonderful planet very appropriate for life and also considering that they ahem are together in unity always together yet always apart maybe my thinking in this manner is strange but sometimes that what seems strange is also that which is possible and I am just sitting here thinking that which might be possible Thankyou for listening to an old woman‘a hypothetical thought as this is only hypothetical thinking and I Zan definitely no genius but I wish I was!!!🌗🌔🌙🌎🌍🌏⭐️🌟✨⚡️⚡️⚡️
Vera 12 годин тому
Since the beginning, Priscilla was already in high school and 16 years old when met Elvis; after the "fake" death of Elvis, suddenly, Priscilla got younger, 14 years old. Pretty soon she'll be 10 years old. Give me a break.
DI LOO 13 годин тому
Touching heart and soul só beautiful...I love you áll unconditionally Thank you
Marcos Duarte
Marcos Duarte 13 годин тому
Nah, man, I’m crying 😂
Vaibhav Ramdasi
Vaibhav Ramdasi 13 годин тому
Intuition is the sense that reveals true knowledge. Physical senses are there to make you believe in illusions. Otherwise how could the Rishis imagine the Cosmos without Hubble, its cyclical nature without living that long.
Marcos Duarte
Marcos Duarte 14 годин тому
Two facts: 1.Larry’s the coolest guy to ever be on the show! 2. The narrator doing the guetto accent is straight hilarious
Sisira Santha
Sisira Santha 14 годин тому
very nice and im very like it
Renee C
Renee C 14 годин тому
As a black woman , I find it shameful regarding the first case.
YouAbtToLoseYojob 15 годин тому
I don’t like this movie. Too much discrediting going on ew
Georgio Karathanasopoulos
Georgio Karathanasopoulos 15 годин тому
Very toching and beautiful film ...
Lobo Cadena
Lobo Cadena 15 годин тому
The princess 😍😍😍😍😍😍...😍
Steffen Ritter
Steffen Ritter 15 годин тому
I was looking to see a "alien" movie, where they are bad, and have come to destroy the human race, and humans fight back with courage. The movie I saw was much more than that. I'm glad that I watched it.
John A Richards
John A Richards 16 годин тому
I believe that the Moon was positioned by the inter-dimensional planetary transfiguration archangel, for the purpose of creating seasonal changes, tides, and evolutionary disturbances on the scale of tectonic plate movement. God's masterful plan of the ages. Not disregarding a number of minor time re-runs the most recent occurring only thousands of years ago.
Martin Harris
Martin Harris 16 годин тому
I enjoyed the movie, but I have to say the inaccuracies were a bit off-putting. I get sick of correcting people who talk about the moon's "dark side". Just as I get sick of the claim that the moon doesn't rotate on its axis. The reason it only shows one side to the Earth is because of it's period of rotation (which is itself a remarkable thing). Basic physics will tell you that the whole moon gets sunlight and darkness depending on where it is in relation to the Sun. However, I do keep an open mind about the anomalies and mysteries of our unusual satellite and have read the more "out there" literature on the subject.
Susan Godwin
Susan Godwin 17 годин тому
Omg.....maybe I'm in the 27 club....i almost died at 27.....but.....i made it.....💜
Roger Langille
Roger Langille 17 годин тому
I guess someone forgot to tell these people that they all use snowshoes
Svilen Nikolov
Svilen Nikolov 17 годин тому
It will be way beyond your expectations. The restrains of life experience are entirely ripped. It is unseen style of cinematography. The wanders of a human soul seems to be endless.
Jeffrey Dahlen
Jeffrey Dahlen 18 годин тому
Great movie from start to finish ! I loved it.
NICK S. CARTER 18 годин тому
Kristine Middleton
Kristine Middleton 18 годин тому
You are a Weapon , Used At Any Time. Government Property Is What You Become. Not Just Any One Gets Asked, You Must Have A High IQ As Well.
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 18 годин тому
Steven Beenaware
Steven Beenaware 18 годин тому
I am so grateful for this moment.
4Eva Grace78
4Eva Grace78 19 годин тому
Who cares she’s overrated🥴😂
Américo Ramos Samissomar
Américo Ramos Samissomar 20 годин тому
They're really here...they always have been watching over us !...
we wewe
we wewe 20 годин тому
..............feed the poor..............
we wewe
we wewe 20 годин тому food...........